His Wife was out of Town

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Last Saturday night I finally took my lover’s week-long load deep in my ass. And now I feel like a complete woman, like I’m finally being used properly.

Few Sundays ago I was at church and thinking about my usual dichotomy of why-am-I-such-a-bad-person and how can I be a good wife, a good person, attend Church faithfully and simultaneously be someone’s whore on the side, and I kept thinking that God gave me this body, that He made me love getting fucked in the ass, getting throat-fucked, sodomized both ways and here I was with both a penchant and talent for it and it was being squandered on my husband who cared about neither. It was a punishment.

And I was feeling miserable because of a rejection. All I was good for to my married lover lately was sucking his dick in a parking lot late at night. Our affair started steadily enough. Neither of us was employed and we fucked at their house while his wife was at work. But then I had a pregnancy scare and over time you could tell he was getting more paranoid about it.

He didn’t invite me over to his place very often anymore because he was scared of his wife walking in on us, he said. So we didn’t fuck as much anymore until he really craved it, which was exceedingly rare. And in a different kind of rejection, his cock was too big to fit in my ass, we discovered a few times, and it made me feel like I was worthless.

So lately we’d been meeting at the back of a Home Depot parking lot late at night. He’d text me a single “.” and that was him yanking my leash. I’d make up some kind of an excuse, like secretly spill out all of our milk and then pretend to go to the store to get some more. But instead, I’d drive over and get into his car and his dick would be already out and I’d get to work. Before Saturday, I must have drank gallons of sperm that way since we last fucked.

So I suspected the real reason why we were meeting there for blowjobs was because he hated condoms, which we stopped using very early on, but he was also too scared of getting me pregnant. So he didn’t want to fuck my pussy anymore and that made me feel miserable, like I was useless. Two out of three holes weren’t being put to work.

So that day at church I decided to make it work and over the next weeks went through a dozen increasingly sized cucumbers and an entire bottle of water lube and a few water heaters worth of showering. Was hoping he might get in the mood to try it again one of these days and I should be ready just in case. Even though I was anxious that practicing would’t be enough and it just wouldn’t work again, it made me feel horny now that I was actively doing something about it.

Late last Saturday night I got a text like usual and my pussy twitched immediately when I realized that I was overdue for my parking lot suckoff. The message was different this time. I creamed my panties because turned out his wife was out of town so that meant I was going to get fucked. I stashed a nice sexy whore outfit into my gym bag atop of my 6″ hooker heels and headed over there nervous and excited, legs trembling a bit and my husband entirely güvenilir bahis puzzled as to why I was abandoning our movie and wine date night in favor of going to a 24 hour gym, especially because I never work out that late. But I didn’t care, I was so horny.

It was difficult and distracting driving a minivan and changing from sweatpants into a respectable-looking whore. Once I was almost pulling up to his house, I belatedly realized his wife’s car was parked out front. My stomach sank. Did she come back home early? I freaked out and kept driving, parked a street away and texted him. Feeling subdued, I was starting to think that I won’t need to put on my slutty red lipstick after all.

There was no reply.

So while I waited the entire time I was just getting wetter thinking what would she do if I knocked on the door anyway? Tall chubby black woman opens the door, thin white trash whore on the other side of it, nylons hanging down under my miniskirt hooked to a loose garter belt. Hand on a hip, me asking “Is Reggie there?” Would she grimace? Would the grimace turn into a scream? But a few minutes later he replied and woke me from my reverie. Turns out he dropped her off at the airport, and my nylon panties were entirely soaked by then thinking about sliding up and down on that big cock.

The door didn’t even open all the way, I was already on my knees trying to unzip him and thanking him for letting me suck his cock. He was holding a beer and couldn’t close the door with my leg in the way but I didn’t care, I was already getting him hard and telling him how much I missed his big dick, rubbing it over my forehead as I sucked on his balls. He was enjoying it but the door was a problem because even though it was dark, his neighbors might see. He hesitated since I was doing such a good job. But even though I was sucking it nice and deep, he started walking away from me.

So there I was with a big black cock stuck in my mouth walking on my knees trying to keep up with him so that it didn’t slip out when he finally managed to close the door. With him now finally still I started fucking my mouth with his hard cock and definitely moaning like a whore by now, especially knowing he could do anything to me behind closed doors. He dry coughed a few times and I could feel it pulse in my mouth as he did it. I looked him in the eyes and wondered what he was seeing, if I was sucking it good enough. His wife never did this for him.

Eventually he finished his beer and needed another so I got up and got him a new one, finding him on the couch with his pants pulled down. I sat on his left and leaned over and got right back to work. He started reaching under to feel my pussy and it was so wet and slippery he couldn’t exactly find my slit. He told me he was getting close and I was so horny I just wanted to sit on it and have him cum in my pussy. With my mouth still glued to his cock I got off the couch slowly and positioned myself on the floor in front of him, on my knees.

But as I was in middle of turning with my mouth swirling in that half circle and sliding up türkçe bahis and down on it in a frantic but unorchestrated fashion I thought, shit, why didn’t I try stuffing his cock in my ass at an angle? We only tried it one way before.

So I told him what I wanted but he couldn’t understand me because his thick cock was deep in my mouth and it just sounded like I was moaning, so I started getting up standing unsteadily in my hooker heels. My ankles were trying to balance, slipping this way and that, pronating like I was going to fall over but I managed to peel my panties down to my ankles.

I was still desperately trying to blow him without an interruption but I couldn’t coordinate all that well and his cock slipped out of my mouth. He told me again he was going to cum soon and asked where did I want it. What I really wanted was to swallow it, but I didn’t tell him that because I could get that in the parking lot any other night so I straddled him passionately, practically jumping him, and ripped my panties because I forgot to kick them off. My pussy was just on top of his cock sliding along its length when I told him that I wanted his cum in my ass.

He made me repeat it, and I said it again like a good little slut and I was thinking oh my god, I want it so bad, I want his cock to slip into my horny asshole and fuck it, and all that wishing and desire made me forget all the discomfort and pain that came with it, I couldn’t even imagine the stage of it hurting at that point, I was so blind to it. So I rubbed his cock into my pussy to get it nice and wet and then guided it right against my asshole.

Feeling excited about this nasty development, I just wanted it to slip in and I couldn’t even think about the pedestrian details. But just like past times, it didn’t slip in, it couldn’t fit. He held me by the hips so I raised my right leg and let him stabilize me and I started kind of hovering pressing myself against it, moving my whole body up and down hoping it’ll slip in one of the times, and my juices got it so nice and lubed up earlier but it was drying out a little. All of a sudden his head popped in and I squealed in surprise and pain, wide-eyed.

He was saying “oh shit, oh shit” over and over again and he was obviously close but his cock wasn’t even all the way in yet and just like before I couldn’t seem to slide down on it without being in downright agony. As per my earlier thought, I started twisting my body to turn it at an angle, and explored how that worked. Clockwise didn’t work so I tried counter and counterclockwise was the ticket after all. It slipped in a few inches and I felt painfully stretched in a place I didn’t expect, but it didn’t hurt as bad as before. My sick mind was racing. I was finally in heaven, his big black cock was in a white woman’s shitter and it was going to spew seed in it, so I started riding it up and down slowly and realized it was still only able to go in a few inches without making me cry. He obviously wanted it deeper, but my ass was drying up and I couldn’t keep it there for long. The pain was receding slightly, but was güvenilir bahis siteleri very much still there.

Best I could do was to get his cock out of my ass and rub it off my pussy to get it wetter. Fucking him a little I was thinking Christ I might cum like this for the first time ever and why doesn’t my ass stretch as well as my pussy does when it occurred to me that if I turned around 180 degrees oriented from where I was earlier, it might land differently. After getting it really wet I got up and tried part-sitting in his lap at an angle and part-hovering on my heels, and that time the head slipped in more easily and oh my god, I managed to get half of it in, half of his big cock.

It hurt and I wanted it to stop, to get it out, but I realized I was finally getting my ass fucked, and that I’m not a worthless little cunt anymore destined for parking lot blowjobs. He’ll want to fuck me more now that I can’t get pregnant that way and I was so happy that I managed to get my asshole loosened enough for him to fuck. So clenched my teeth and didn’t quit yet, I kept going.

Next thing you know he got up off the couch behind me and I was on my fours getting fucked in the ass at his pace. He was close but despite his warning he wasn’t cumming yet. He started fucking my ass slow and deep and deeper and then faster, changing speed as he liked. Oh my god, when he bottomed out I felt my insides spread out and heard a camera click. Jesus, I felt so well-used.

I couldn’t touch my clit because I would have come right away if I did so I bit my tongue and held my teeth clenched and his hands felt so good on my hips. He was pulling me toward him and made me fuck myself with his cock and the discomfort subsided and eventually the pain went away. As time went on I didn’t even feel it sliding anymore, even though he was fucking it even faster. I had to peek under and watch it.

He was grunting and I was begging him to cum in my ass. His wife never dressed up for him, and I was thinking how I was finally happy with my whore outfit being pretty enough for him, hoping it would make him cum hard. However, he bought himself more time.

He pulled out of my hole and put his thick meat over my ass cheeks, then started sliding it over them, telling me he didn’t want to cum yet. He dry humped my ass until his cock was literally dry, then slipped it back inside my pussy, and oh my god I almost came for the first time in my life while being fucked. He made me moan slipping it back into my ass. It didn’t hurt anymore, it felt good to feel it slip in.

He kept doing this for half an hour, fucking my holes as he saw fit and then pulling out and sliding it over my ass crack to prolong it. It’s weird, I get it, but I felt complete as a woman. All of my holes were finally stuffed after my struggle to be useful, and I was so happy to have his cock finally fit in my ass. The rejection was undone with his warm seed spurting deep inside my ass.

Days later it hurt, the cracked skin hurt, the stretched tissue hurt, and I couldn’t think about it in any pleasurable way. But soon after it healed, I wanted to get my ass stuffed again and the cucumbers and lube came out. With them doing their business, I rubbed my clit and started thinking if Reggie had any friends he wanted to share me with, and how I might plant that earworm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20