Holly’s Story – Day 08

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Holly was on her way to Chemistry when Miss Barton pulled her into an empty classroom. The woman was clearly upset about something.

“What’s the matter? I have to get to class.” She also had to think about how to tell Emma she loved her. That was the bigger concern.

“I can’t handle it. All the freedom you gave me yesterday. And now today, I’m still free. I can’t be free that long. It isn’t right. It’s too much. Make me your pet again. Your submissive.” She had her arms wrapped around her chest.

Holly was only 18. Miss Burton had been her submissive for less than 48 hours. She had no idea how to deal with something like this.

“You’re still my pet. That hasn’t changed. You need to calm down.” Holly turned to leave. She didn’t need this crap right now.

Miss Burton grabbed her arm. “It was too much. I got to pick a man to have sex with. I never get to pick. I couldn’t find my collar this morning. Don’t make me go without my collar. Please, please, I need a master.” The teacher was pleading, almost begging.

Holly was about to say “Deal with it” when she looked more carefully. Miss Burton was terrified, panic stricken. The woman was trembling all over.

“Shhh. It will be okay. Calm down. Remember you choose me to be your master. I choose you to be my pet. Nothing has changed.” It wasn’t working.

Holly remembered she was still carrying the purse from yesterday. The purse with the collar and leash. Holly locked both classroom doors and moved her teacher close to the wall where they couldn’t be seen.

She put the collar on Miss Burton. She attached the leash. The woman instantly relaxed. Pet was back.

“Who am I? Who are you?”

“You are Mistress Honey, my master. I am your submissive and pet.”

“Lie down.” The teacher got on her back, arms and legs in the air like a puppy. Her new modest panties showed through her pantyhose.

Holly was annoyed with Pet’s neediness. She really needed to think about what to say to Emma. Holly dug in her book bag for scissors, cut a wide swath out of the pantyhose from front to back. She pulled the panties away from the skin and cut them off. The remnants went into her purse.

“Your punishment for losing control is no panties for the rest of the day. Maybe somebody will see your bare ass.” Holly knew the teacher hated public displays, especially at school. “Plus I want you to play with yourself at least twice before leaving school.”

“Yes, Mistress Honey.” The teacher wiggled her ‘paws’ in happiness. Holly softened and felt sorry for Pet.

“I’m sorry I let you run free for too long. I’ll do better in the future.” The girl had an idea. It was half punishment and half reward. “Put your ass up on the wall.”

Pet scooted over and lay on her shoulders to lift her ass. Holly wiggled her fingers. “Where do you want my fingers? Tell me.”

“Mistress Honey, please put your fingers in my ass.”

“How many fingers do you want in your ass?”

“Mistress Honey, please put all your fingers in my ass.”

“No. I’m only going to put three fingers in your ass.”

Pet managed to look thrilled and disappointed at the same time. She pushed her ass higher. “Yes, Mistress Honey. I’ve been a bad Pet.”

Holly held out one finger and slowly pushed into her teacher’s ass. She moved it slowly for a few seconds. The girl put a second finger in. Pet sighed with happiness. The third finger went in. Pet bit her lip. Holly drove her fingers in deep and thrust quickly in and out. She kept it up until she saw the teacher’s pussy get wet. She continued until the teacher started to moan.

“That’s enough. You will have to wait until you get home to satisfy your ass.” The girl held her fingers down for Pet to clean.

The girl squatted. “Lick my pussy and make me cum. Then write me a note for Chemistry. You made me late.”

At last they were ready to leave. Holly held her pet’s face and kissed her. “You are a good Pet. Remember, play with yourself at least twice. More if you feel like it. When you get home, you can ask Master Honey to fuck your ass.”

Just before they parted, Holly thought of something. “Tomorrow wear the necklace with the three hearts. It will be your collar from now on when you are at work. One heart for Mistress Honey, one for Mistress Honey Emma, and one for Master Honey.”

Holly glanced around, reached under the teacher’s skirt, and patted her bare ass. “You do have a nice ass.”

In fourth period, Miss Burton gave the homework assignment and stood by Holly’s desk as usual. The other students were unusually alert. Holly was only able to rub the teacher’s calf for a few moments and didn’t dare try for her thigh or pussy. “Sorry,” she casino oyna whispered.

At the end of the day, Holly got on the afternoon bus for the ride home. It seemed like weeks since she had ridden the bus but really it was only last Friday. So much had changed.

An 8th grader sat next to Emma in what was known as the ‘Holly and Emma Seat’. As Holly neared, the young girl started to get up. Emma grabbed the girl and plopped her on her own lap. She barely looked at Holly. In the back of the bus, the other 8th grade girls noticed and began to gossip about what was wrong.

Holly didn’t get off the bus at her usual stop. The bus driver pointedly stared at her in the rearview mirror. The girl just shook her head and remained seated. Holly felt like a spotlight was shining on her. She almost gave up the idea of talking to Emma but steeled herself. “Now or never.”

When Emma’s stop arrived, Holly got off with her. “I need to talk with you,” Holly said. Emma shrugged and power walked inside and up to her room. Holly chased behind. Upstairs Emma sat at her makeup table, back turned, watching Holly in the mirror.

Emma was angry. Holly had been ignoring her. Yesterday Holly practically made a date with the saleslady to get her pussy licked. Last night, Holly abandoned her on the couch and cuddled with Miss Burton.

Holly began. “I’m sorry things have gotten so screwed up. We started something Saturday. Something I liked a lot. Something I want to explore. Then it got messed up with Jade and Pet and shopping and me not paying attention.”

“What about Saturday?” Emma’s voice was icy.

Holly stood behind Emma, hands massaging her friend’s shoulders. “Well, maybe Saturday was two best friends having some great sex.” Her hands drifted onto her BFF’s breasts.

“Maybe Saturday was about more than that.” Holly unbuttoned the blouse, exposing Emma’s bra.

“More how?” Emma’s tone was softer, with a spark of interest.

Holly pulled the shirttails out and undid the last couple of buttons. “Maybe it was about two best friends who maybe started getting romantic feelings for each other. Feelings they hid for a long time.”

She eased the blouse over Emma’s shoulders. The girl leaned forward and the blouse fell on the seat behind her. Holly put her hands on Emma’s bra, kneading her breasts.

“I’d like to explore those feelings. See where they lead. With my best friend.” She unhooked the bar, dropped in her friend’s lap, and caressed the bare flesh.

The door burst open and Emma’s father walked in. “Your mother wants to know what you’d like for dinner.” Holly froze with her hands on his daughter’s tits.

“We’re not hungry. Eat what you want. We’re busy right now. We’ll eat later.” Her father nodded and left, closing the door. “Airhead. You know he didn’t even notice I’m half naked and you’re playing with my tits.”

Emma got up and laid on the bed. “Tell me more about what you’re thinking.”

Holly grabbed Emma’s skirt and panties by their waistbands, slid them off, and dropped them on the floor. Emma was now nude, lying on her side, head supported by one hand.

Holly was nervous. She played with a button on her blouse. This was it – she’d either win Emma or lose her. She took a deep breath.

“I think I have romantic feelings for you, Emma Sue. Serious romantic feelings. Like ‘in sickness and in health’ serious. I think you have romantic feelings for me too. I want to explore those feelings with you.”

Holly didn’t know what to do next so she pulled her blouse over her head and let it fall to the floor. Her skirt followed. She kicked off her shoes and climbed onto the bed. She edged forward until her bare body was on all fours above her friend. The silence was deafening.

Emma shoved Holly off, onto the other side of the bed. She sat up exasperated. “Holly Jane, I love you, serious love you, ‘in sickness and in health’ love you. I’ve known it for quite a while. And I know you love me even if you aren’t so sure, you dope. But that isn’t the problem.”

“What’s the problem? I love you. You love me.” Holly was genuinely puzzled.

“The problem is you are an impetuous slut, Holly Jane. A fuck bunny. And a dope. You’ve always been impetuous and a dope. But now you are an impetuous slut fuck bunny dope.” Holly almost laughed.

Emma continued. “Last week you were a virgin, this week you fucked a couple guys, several women, and got a pet named Miss Burton. You still haven’t told me all about it and for the last three days, you’ve barely touched me.”

“Oh” Holly looked crushed.

Emma scooted closer and absently played with Holly’s tit. “I don’t mind the sex. You are who you are. But I want to be first. I want to be canlı casino the one you cuddle with and talk to and come home to. I want our home to be me and you and our children.”

Emma looked sternly at Holly. “Without a whole collection of fuck buddies traipsing in and out of our bedroom.”

Holly’s eyes lit up. “You want children? How many? You know I’m going to have to fuck somebody to get pregnant. Maybe more than one somebody.”

“Calm down Mistress Fuck Bunny. See you’re doing it again. Chasing after a shiny new sex adventure that doesn’t even exist yet.”

Holly rolled on her back. “That’s where I mess up. I get so excited about the shiny new adventure I forget about you.”

She rolled on her side and put her hand on Emma’s hip.

“I know I can do better than that. I know I want to do better than that. That’s why I wanted to talk with you today. So we can start being ‘us’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘me’.” She hugged Emma tight.

“I’d be okay if I lost Pet and the others and even Uncle Jack. But I don’t want to lose you. Can we try?”

Emma kissed her. “We can try. Pet is moving to Jack’s house soon which will help. But you have some serious making up to do. And not just in the sex department.”

Holly nuzzled her new lover’s neck. “I know. But I’m so much better in the sex department.” She stroked her lover’s ass. “You do remember Pet belongs to you too? You’re Mistress Honey Emma.”

Emma perked up. “Maybe if you don’t pay attention to me, I’ll just have Pet do me every night. You can sleep on the damn couch.”

Holly slapped the big tit in front of her. “Don’t you dare.” She laughed and kissed the tit. “So maybe I can be a little jealous.”

Holly sat up. “How about we do something different. Let’s go to the park and play on the swings like we used to. We can talk some more.”

They got up. “But first I got something for you. Just in case you really did love me. And you do.” Holly gave Emma a quick kiss and rooted around in her book bag. She came out with two jewelry boxes and handed one to Emma.

Her best friend and lover opened the box. Inside was something like an ID bracelet but smaller and with clips on the ends of the chain. There was a small engraved tag. One side said ‘Holly hearts Emma’ and the other side had two red rubies in the shape of hearts.

“It’s lovely,” Emma said a little dubiously. She couldn’t figure out how she would wear it.

Holly was grinning from ear to ear and bursting to tell. “It’s pussy jewelry. You clip it on your pussy lips. Here let me show you.” She pushed Emma down on the bed and got between her legs.

“You’ve got such nice long delicious pussy lips to clip it on.” She licked a little and sucked a little and licked a little more. Emma whacked her on the head.

“Put it on for god’s sake. Dope.”

Holly attached the clips and adjusted the chains. The tag rested just above Emma’s clit. “There’s a bunch of ways to wear it but I like that the best. Put mine on.”

She pulled the second bracelet out of the box. Emma looked at it. One side said ‘Emma’ next to a ruby heart. Emma read the other side out loud. ” ‘Don’t be such a dope’ Seriously? That’s what reminds you of me?”

Holly laughed. “You’ve said that to me since second grade. Every time I try to do something really stupid. Which means you say it a lot.” She paused and held Emma’s hand.

“Every time you say ‘don’t be such a dope’, I know you love me.” She grinned, flopped back on the bed, and spread her legs. “Besides I probably need a regular reminder now that we’re a couple.”

Pussy jewelry in place, Emma reached for her bra. Holly snatched it away. “Don’t wear that. I like the way your tits bounce without it. And don’t wear panties either. Maybe we can do more than talk.” They put on their school skirts and blouses and headed for the park.

They held hands and stole bashful glances at each other. They began to skip. “God I love your tits.”

Emma stopped. “More than you love me?” she demanded.

Holly took Emma’s face in her hands. Their foreheads touched. “I love you – all of you – more than I love anything else.” Emma smiled.

Holly turned and ran into the park laughing. She flipped her skirt up showing her ass. “But your tits are a close second!”

Emma was first string on the field hockey and lacrosse teams. She easily ran down her friend and gave her a shove in the back. Holy went tumbling, ending up on her back, laughing. Emma came and stood over her.

“I see England. I see France. I see Emma with no underpants.”

“And now you get to feel the wrath of Emma with no underpants.” Emma squatted down and peed on her girlfriend’s chest until Holly’s small pale tits showed through kaçak casino the blouse. Emma picked up some dirt and smeared it on the wet blouse.

“I hear piss mud pies make your tits grow,” she said.

“That was just mean.” Holly was still laughing.

Emma moved and put her wet pussy over Holly’s mouth. “Lick me if you love me.” The girl in the dirt grabbed Emma’s hips to hold her steady. Her tongue went all over the dark haired pussy, licking the hair, the slit, the clit, probing in the hole. Holly licked Emma’s ass hole and sucked on her butt cheeks and then started all over.

Holly released Emma. “I thought I had to choose. Between you and Uncle Jack. I couldn’t bear to do that. Then he said I didn’t have to choose. I could love you both, just differently.”

She pulled Emma down into the dirt beside her. “I wasn’t sure if it was love or a fantasy until just now when I said ‘I love you’ out loud. When I said it, it felt true in my gut. No doubts. I meant what I said before. Losing my uncle would be hard. Losing you would be unbearable.”

Emma almost cried. “That pretty much makes up for everything. That’s about the most wonderful thing I’ve ever been told.” She pulled Holly on top of her. They kissed and nuzzled and kissed some more.

Emma looked up at her lover with a wicked glint in her eye. She undid a couple buttons on Holly’s blouse and pulled it over her head.

“Right here? In the park?” Emma unzipped Holly’s skirt and began tugging it down. “What happened to Miss Never in Public?” Holly teased.

“You’re a bad influence, Holly Jane. A very bad influence.” Holly undid the buttons on Emma’s blouse and soon all the clothes were scattered around. Holly was kissing Emma’s body from head to foot.

“I haven’t touched you in three days. That’s what you said. I have to make up for that.” She was sucking hard on a nipple while her hand slid over her lover’s inner thigh, teasing but not touching her pussy.

“Did I ever tell you I love the way you smell?” She was sucking on the other nipple and exploring her lover’s butt. “It makes me really horny.”

“And I love the way you taste.” She shifted her head upward and licked Emma’s armpit. Emma shivered and said “Stop it. I must smell like a dirty little pig.”

“You remember that lacrosse game you won a couple years ago? The double overtime. We hugged and you said the same thing, ‘I must smell like a dirty little pig.’ I said I thought you smelled wonderful.”

She nuzzled the armpit some more. “You still smell wonderful. And you taste wonderful.” She scooted up to kiss Emma on the mouth.

“And best of all you’re my smelly, tasty, delicious, scrumptious dirty little pig.” With each word, Holly kissed lower on Emma’s body.

Emma never thought being called a smelly pig could make her so happy.

Holly spread Emma’s legs wide and kissed the inside of the thighs on both sides. Emma was moaning. Holly lay in the dirt, slid her arms under Emma’s legs to reach the girl’s breasts, and finally began licking inside Emma’s slit.

The anticipation had been so great, being naked in the park so charged, that Emma immediately began thrusting and twisting her hips.

Holly’s tongue went up and down the slit. In and out. Her mouth sucked on the whole pussy. She finally put two fingers inside the hole and massaged the clit with her thumb. Emma bucked and groaned and grabbed at the dirt.

She came and Holly sucked the cum out of her pussy. Emma came again. Holy swallowed more cum.

Emma lay relaxed and happy in the dirt in the park. Holly lay next to her caressing her body. They were both filthy.

Holly lazily said “You know what I’m thinking. Uncle Jack has that big tub at his house. We could go over there and take a bubble bath. We could play with each other in the tub while we took a long bubble bath.” She started to toy with Emma’s tangled pubic hair.

Emma added “We could have Pet wash us all over. Nice and slow with a big soft sponge. While we played with each other in the tub.”

“Pet could dry us off. With those big fluffy towels.” Holly pressed her thigh against Emma’s pussy. She could feel the wetness.

“We could make love while Pet makes dinner. It’s nice to have a Pet.”

“After dinner … if it’s okay with you … maybe Pet could join us in the tub and we could wash her all over.” Holly was squeezing Emma’s breast and rolling the nipple between her fingers.

“It only seems fair,” Emma said. She could feel wetness leaking from her pussy.

“And you and I and Pet could make love. If that’s okay with you. My love.” Emma nodded.

Holly sat up. “I know a short cut to the house. We don’t even have to get dressed.” The girls grabbed their clothes and ran for a small trail at the back of the park. They held hands and giggled as they ran.

Out of the corner of her eye, Holly watched her girlfriend’s breasts bounce. “I do love big tits.” she thought.

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