Home Sweet Home

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I never thought it would happen like this.

Not when I first saw her step through the door on that rainy autumn day 5 years ago.

Not when I looked on in agonizing silence as John proposed to her.

Not when she left him, and took the first flight out to Chicago.

Not even when, against all odds, she miraculously appeared on my doorstep, laughing as always, with a smile on her lips.

I had tried to forget her, move on, put her out of my mind. And after all this time, I’d never dared to hope it would happen like this.

Jolie Martin had come home.

And what’s more, I was the first person out of all our friends who she had come to see.

I never expected to fall for her, but fall for her I did; and hard.

I knew she was bi, but she had been, for so long, John’s girlfriend.

And even if she had been single, I would never have expected her to show the slightest interest in me, at least, not in that way. We had been close for years now, but not as close as I would have wanted. I never thought someone as smart, funny, and sexy as Jolie could ever want me. So we stayed friends, even though it hurt to see her with John, and I caught myself, on more than one occasion, letting my gaze linger a bit too long on her.

I thought she hadn’t noticed how I looked at her, how I blushed when she complimented me, how I lit up whenever she entered a room.

But now I thought…had she?

She sat perched on the stool at the kitchen island, a glass of wine in her hand and a hint of that playful laughter in her eyes. From where I was, leaning against the back of the sofa, I could see the warm lights of the kitchen lamps touch her strawberry blonde hair, and bathe her in a golden luminance. She smiled at me, and in that moment, she seemed to me a divine being composed entirely of starlight.

My heart beat faster as I felt a warmth creep up my chest and flood my face. Why did she have this strange power over me? All it took was the slightest action on her part: a smile, a compliment, the subtle brush of her fingertips on my skin, and I was spellbound.

I came towards her, and sat on the stool beside her. I could count every freckle on her radiant face, I remembered how she’d always hated them, and I could never understand why; she was so beautiful it hurt. A strand of her hair had fallen in front of her face, and I slowly, gently, reached out and tucked it tenderly behind her ear.

Her breath hitched, and her cheeks flushed red as she looked up at me. I gazed into her eyes; how many times had I imagined this? I wanted to fix every detail in my mind forever, because this was it, I had wanted this so long, we’d been through so much, and now, for better or for worse, everything was going to change.

I leaned forward, and kissed her.

It was as if my entire body was filled with a glorious and resounding chorus. I was enveloped in an embrace of light and sound and color, and I felt as if there existed nothing else in all the world but she and I and this moment. Her lips were soft and warm, and each kiss sent a fresh jolt of electricity throughout my body. She pulled back, gasping for air, and said, with a little laugh,

“Well Haley, you took long enough.”

We both laughed, and I kissed her again, and because I couldn’t help myself, I took her face in my hands and breathed, “God, you’re beautiful”

I kissed her forehead, her cheeks, the tip of her nose, and her soft inviting lips again, parting them with my tongue, exploring her mouth with my own. I wound one of my hands into her tresses, and with the other, I reached around to the small of her back, my fingers flirting around the edge of her shirt, barely touching the bare skin underneath.

She had reached up, and was slowly undoing the buttons on my blouse. I pulled away just slightly, and looked at her again. I wanted her more than I’ve ever wanted anything, and I’m sure it was written all over my face. We didn’t need words now, as we both got up, I took her hand, and led her into my bedroom.

I shut the door, and turned to face her. In the muted glow of the lamplight, I could see her perched on the canlı bahis foot of the bed, looking up at me. Again I was overwhelmed by her beauty and I thought to myself, “Is this real? Is this really happening?!”

As if she could tell exactly what I was thinking, she smiled, reached up, grasped the front of my blouse and pulled me down to her, popping open another button. Her lips met mine, and just like that, my body was on fire. I ran my fingers through her silken hair, and parted her lips with my tongue. She went to work on my blouse again, undoing button after button, and then sliding it down my shoulders and off my arms. She began a trail of kisses slowly down my neck to bury her face in my cleavage. I held her close to me, and sighed; I was completely overcome. Every kiss burned through me so that I could hardly breathe.

I eased her down onto the bed, and straddled her hips. My heart was hammering in my chest, and my hands were trembling, as I grasped the bottom of her shirt. She sat up a little and helped me as I lifted it up, up, over her head, ruffling her hair slightly.

I could see her soft pink bra, trimmed in delicate lace, just barely containing her round, full breasts. I kissed her again, and she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer. She reached around, and quickly unhooked my bra.

She was breathing faster now too, as she slipped my bra off, letting my own ample breasts tumble out. She gently caressed them at first, then began to tease my nipples, rolling them and pinching them between her fingers. I moaned with pleasure; she was driving me crazy.

She could tell I wanted more, and she started to kiss one of my breasts, while still teasing the other with her hand. She took my nipple into her mouth and began to suck, harder and harder, moaning as if she couldn’t get enough of me. Her tongue danced around my nipple, twirling, flicking, driving me insane. I knew my panties were soaking wet at this point. I started to push the straps of her bra down her shoulders, but she stopped me and hurriedly removed it herself.

My God. Her breasts were gorgeous: perfectly round and firm, with nickle-sized areolas and tiny pink nipples. I had seen them a handful of times by chance, but I’d tried not to allow my gaze to linger. Now, I drank them in with my eyes, and she looked at me with a devilish smile. I caressed them gently at first. They were just a bit larger than my hands, and I began to kneed them softly. I flicked her nipples lightly, and she let out a soft moan. I flicked them again, harder, and again she moaned. The sounds she made turned me on so much, and made me want to keep pleasuring her even more. I buried my face in her breasts; God! It was like burying myself in heaven.

I started kissing my way over to her right nipple, and began to suck, while using my hand to tease her other nipple. I wanted to drive her crazy. With my hand, I pinched and rolled her nipple, and with my mouth, I licked and sucked and flicked her other nipple. She tasted so good; I loved the feeling of filling my mouth with her breast, and I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure.

I kissed my way over to her other breast, and took her nipple into my mouth, while my hand went to her other nipple, which was now gloriously wet and slippery. I flicked and teased it with my fingertips, while I rolled her other nipple round and round with my tongue, here and there giving it a light nip with my teeth. Jolie let out at long moan and gasped, “Oh God! Haley, I’m so fucking wet!”

With a light sucking sound, I released her breast and looked up at her. Her face was very flushed, and she was breathing fast and heavy. My heart was pounding, and my breathing was fast too now. I ran my fingers up the outside of her thigh, and then danced along the edge of her mini-skirt, teasing her.

I slipped my hand under her skirt, and she parted her legs eagerly for me. My fingers brushed her thin lace panties, but I could tell they were completely soaked through. I pressed my hand against her mound, then slowly pulled her panties to one side, and ran one finger up her soaking wet slit. She shivered with pleasure. I teased her like that bahis siteleri once more, but this time I swirled my finger around her clit. She gasped, but I wasn’t ready to make her cum just yet. I had wanted this so long, I wanted to take my time and enjoy it.

I slipped one finger into her warm, wet pussy. She was so tight, and I felt her clench herself around my finger. I slipped another one in, and she let out long low moan of pleasure. I started to slowly work my fingers in and out, with a gentle “come hither” motion. She moaned louder, and grasped the sheets in her hands. With my other hand, I started to gently massage her clit. Her juices were running down my fingers and she was moaning, “Oh God Oh God Oh God!” She begged me, “Oh God Haley, make me cum!”, but I couldn’t; not yet.

I slipped my fingers out of her pussy; she gasped again, and gazed at me. “Please…” she moaned. I only smiled at her and brought my fingers to her lips. She eagerly took them in her mouth, and sucked and licked all her juices from them, and then whispered, “Oh God, please Haley.” I couldn’t help myself then.

I reached down and pushed her skirt down over her hip bones. She shimmied it down her legs and kicked it off onto the floor. She was now before me almost completely naked, except for her delicate lace panties. I wanted so badly to please her, but I had to take my time. I kissed my way down her neck onto her collarbone, then to her breasts once more. I suckled each of them just enough so that they were slippery and glistening, and when I started to kiss my way down her toned stomach, she began to play with her own breasts; caressing and cupping them, then rolling and pulling her nipples. I got caught up just watching her for a moment, she was so hot, and she was making me so wet.

But I couldn’t wait any longer; I wanted to taste her.

I pulled her panties down, down her legs and off. She was beyond beautiful, all clean shaven but for a narrow landing strip. I kissed my way up her right thigh, hovered above her slit, then kissed back down her left thigh; she was so wet, her inner thighs were slick and glistening with her juices, and I couldn’t help but taste them. Then, I ran my tongue slowly up the middle of her slit. She moaned with pleasure. I parted her lips with my fingers, and lightly flicked her clit with my tongue; she shivered.

She tasted so sweet, I wanted to devour her. I explored her with my tongue, moving up and down her slit, and coming back to tease her clit. I pushed my tongue into her tight pussy, and tongue fucked her as she wound her hand into my hair and pulled lightly. I moaned into her pussy, and she breathed, “Oh God Haley, you feel so fucking good!”

I worked my way up to her clit now, I wanted to make her cum so badly. I swirled my tongue around her clit, and flicked it up and down lightly. She raised her hips, and I grabbed her tight little ass and squeezed, determined to stay right where I was. She was moaning louder and louder and then cried, “Harder! Faster!” I pressed harder and licked her faster and faster; I swear I was so fucking hot I could have almost came right there.

Her hips were bucking wildly, but I held on, and kept licking and sucking her clit, her juices running down my face, until I heard her cry, “Oh God, Oh God! I’m going to cum! Oh God Oh God Ohhhh Goooooooddddd!!” She came hard all over my face, a fresh wave of her sweet juices washing over me.

She sighed as she came down from her climax, and she looked down at me and smiled. She pulled me up on top of her, and kissed me, tasting herself from my lips.

It was then that I felt her start to unbutton my jeans, and slip her hand down my panties. “Ooohh, you’re sooooo wet Haley,” she murmured. I shivered; honestly, so far, tonight had already been more than I had dared to dream; I was beyond blissful just to be able to be with her, be close to her, pleasure her. The fact that she could possibly derive as much joy from pleasing me as I from her was almost unfathomable. She nibbled my earlobe, then whispered, “Haley, I want to make you cum.”

I melted.

In an instant, she had wrapped her arms around me, and had bahis şirketleri tucked me underneath her. I was completely at her mercy now. She kissed me, long and hard and deep, as her breasts rubbed against mine. I started to kiss her neck, nibbling here and there, as my hands glided over her smooth, soft shoulders, up and down her back.

I kissed my way down to her full round breasts, which now hung over me. I took her right breast in my hand, marveling at the size; then began to fondle her stiff, perky nipple. her other breast, I took into my mouth and began to suck, letting her breast fill my mouth, swirling my tongue around her areola and teasing her nipple. Her hair had fallen down, and hung like golden curtains around my face. I was drowning in her, and I knew I could die at this moment and be blissfully happy.

But she pulled away from me then, laughing lightly, and she knelt by my legs at the foot of the bed. She began to pull my jeans off, and I arched my hips as she tugged them down over my ass, down my legs and tossed them to the floor, leaving me in nothing but my light blue lace panties. I was a little self conscious then; she was just so beautiful, how could I ever compare to her?

And yet, the way she was gazing at me, the way she smiled; it erased all doubt from my mind. She slipped my now completely soaked panties off, revealing my perfectly clean shaven pussy, and knelt between my legs. I was so wet, she slipped one finger into my pussy with ease. I gasped at her touch, and as she slowly drew her finger in and out, I let out a soft moan. She slipped another finger inside me, and I groaned with pleasure. She moved faster now, finger fucking me harder; she was driving me crazy; I wanted more.

I began to fondle my own breasts; cupping them, running my hands over them, feeling how smooth and round they were, then rolling and pulling my nipples. She watched me, and I knew she liked what she saw, because she raised her other hand to her lips, inserted two of her fingers into her mouth, and started to lick and suck them. Once they were nice and wet, she brought them to her own pussy and began rubbing her clit, all the while finger fucking me harder and harder.

My God, she was so sexy when she touched herself. Her hair rippled over her shoulders , just barely covering her breasts. They jiggled as she pleasured herself. I could feel my orgasm building, like a slow smoldering flame burning up inside me. She was moaning softly, and I thought I might get to watch her cum again, but she stopped, and to my surprise, brought her lips to my pussy. She continued to finger fuck me, as she used her tongue to tease my clit. “Oh God, that feels so fucking good!” I moaned.

Intense pleasure was building inside me; her fingers filled me and her tongue worked my clit faster and faster until she pushed me over the edge. “Oh God Jolie, you’re making me cum! Oh God Oh Gooooooddddd!” Wave after wave of hot, red pleasure washed over me, and I cried out in ecstasy as I came hard; my pussy gushing all over her hand and face.

I lay gasping as the waves slowly rolled away, barely able to move, and then there she was, on top of me, and her face took up my whole universe, and I could only gasp in awe, “Jolie.”

And then she was kissing me, and I could taste myself on her lips, and in between kisses I couldn’t keep myself from murmuring her name “Jolie Jolie Jolie” over and over, like a prayer. And she was whispering my name too, “Haley Haley Haley,” and it was like all the pent up fear and joy and doubt and expectations of the past years was pouring out of us.

I slipped my finger into her mouth then, and she greedily sucked and licked it, and then I drew it out, and I reached down between her legs to part her lips, and gently stroke her clit. I wanted to see her cum again. I wanted to watch her face as she was consumed with pleasure; pleasure that I was the cause of.

She was still warm and wet from playing with herself before, and it didn’t take long before she was moaning and calling my name. I whispered to her, “Cum for me baby, I want you to cum for me”, and that sent her over the edge. She shattered around me, crying out with pleasure, before collapsing completely on top of me, gasping for air.

I held her then, and gently stroked her hair, and then, both completely spent and satisfied, we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20