Hot Missouri Summer Ch. 04

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It was hot in Missouri that summer in the 60s after we graduated from a small town High School. The crowd I hung around with was making it hotter, and since they have written about it in this series I think it is my turn.

The summer was our last big fling before heading off to colleges all over. There had been a round of parties as one after another we turned 18, with a lot of groping and rubbing and making out but nothing hotter, in public at least. I was liking the idea of going farther, even though I was still a virgin.

Several of the other girls laughed at me, but a few of them, especially Linda and Karen, declared their intention to help me take care of that situation. Linda was a brunette, medium height maybe a bit chunky but she needed it to carry those huge boobs. She was going steady with Gary and they went at it hot and heavy all the time. Karen was a tall slender redhead, not all that good looking, but with a reputation as the biggest cock tease in the Senior Class. I doubted that either one of them was a virgin, and I figured that there wasn’t much one or the other couldn’t teach me.

My name is Kathy. If I do say so myself, I am a cute little brunette with small but perky tits and what I honestly consider the best ass in the group. I didn’t have a steady boyfriend, but I would find my pussy getting wet when I thought about my date with Mike where Linda and Gary gave us lessons, so I hoped he would ask me out again. Maybe he would be the lucky guy to pop my cherry. His tongue had certainly done a good job on my clit last time.

It was Linda who told me about the party. Gary was working that summer as a lifeguard at Sunshine Acres, the local outdoor pool. He had the keys, and planned to open the place up Saturday night for a party. I thought I could figure out what was going to happen at that party as the night went on.

Linda continued, “You know, Mike asked Gary if he thought you would go out with him again…”

“Oh, God, yes!” I said. Linda chuckled knowingly. “I mean … well… maybe you can tell Gary that you think I might , possibly, just maybe go with him again?”

“That’s the girl!” said Linda. “Always keep em guessing! I will see that Mike gets the word.”

Now I was getting nervous. What was I getting into? Was I ready for this? That night in my room I got undressed for bed, and took a good look at myself in the mirror. “Well,” I thought, “you don’t look too bad, girl.” Even this early in the summer I had the start of a tan. I had been daring enough to wear a two piece suit in my own backyard, so I was tan all over except for my breasts and the area the bottom covered. In those days that meant everything from my belly button to the top of my thighs was pale, and all my boobs but just a tiny bit of cleavage. I had heard that guys found the white tits and ass against the tan sexy.

I turned this way and that and watched my boobs move as I stretched. Then I spread my legs a bit to see how much of my pussy showed when I did that. I was disappointed to see that my black bush was about all that could be seen. I knew from gym class that some of the girls trimmed their hair down there. A couple even had what was not yet, way back then, known as a “landing strip”. The idea of shaving it bald did not even occur to us.

I decided that I at least needed a little trim. I got out my manicure scissors and my makeup mirror. Putting the mirror on the bed and straddling it gave me a fairly good view of my pussy lips surrounded with hair. Very carefully I clipped and snipped until the lips themselves were bare, and then I trimmed the bush above into a fairly neat triangle of short hairs. I got out my Lady Remington shaver and finished the job so it was smooth. The shaver vibrated my pussy as it moved and I felt myself getting a little bit wet. I went back to the full length mirror and saw that my pussy lips were now fairly prominent when I parted my legs slightly. I thought about Mike staring at it and felt my nipples harden. I started to get wetter down there as I let my mind play with the idea of showing off my pussy.

Soon I was lying on the bed, one hand stroking my hard nipples and the other rubbing my wet pussy. I was imagining a hard cock (Mike’s?) pressing against me and throbbing while lips sucked my nipples. I rubbed harder and found the hard little button of my clit. My hips jerked as I rolled it around. Then my finger probed the swelling lips and slipped into the opening of my slit. Just inside, it was stopped and I felt a bit of pressure. I knew that was my hymen and was careful not to press too hard on it. I wondered how much it would hurt to feel that hard rod tear through it. I was a little scared, but more anxious to do it.

I kept rubbing and felt my pussy throb as I came close to my climax. Just then the phone rang. My folks had given me a Princess phone with my own number on my 18 t h birthday so I knew it was for me. I reached out for the phone with one hand and kept the other one rubbing my clit.

“Hello?” I said, trying not to pant or moan into the phone.

“Uh, Hi, Kathy.” casino oyna It was Mike on the phone.

I thought about the party coming up and rubbed my clit in little circles, trying to keep the feeling without going over the edge. I couldn’t help a little moaning tone in my voice as I said, “Hi, Mike. (oooh).” I hoped he didn’t hear it.

I don’t think he did. Guys are so nervous when they call for a date. They should know that most of the time the girl has been hoping they would call. In this case, I definitely had been thinking of him – or his cock, anyhow.

“Listen, uh, Gary is giving this party,” he said. I rubbed in circles harder and held the phone away from my mouth so he wouldn’t hear my heavy breathing. “And I wondered …” he went on. I felt my climax building and clenched the phone hard. “If you would go with me?” Oh God, I was coming right there!

“Give – give me – ohh – give me a minute,” I gasped. I didn’t have time to wonder what he thought as a huge climax shook my body. I dropped the phobe on the bed, and one hand squeezed my tit as if he was doing it while the finger on the other hand rubbed my clit like his hard cock. I rolled on top of the phone so hopefully he would not hear me gasping, “Yes, yes, yesssss!”

I lay there shaking for a minute, breathing hard and softly caressing my clit in a gentle way as I came down from the climax. I felt around for the phone and softly said into it, “Yes, Mike. Yes, I would love to go to the party with you.”

“Oh, good,” he stammered. ” I was afraid for a minute there …”

“Oh, I had to sneeze,” I improvised. What a sneeze. I was still shaking.

“Oh,” he said. “Well, good. I’ll pick you up tomorrow night at 9. You know we are going to the swimming pool?”

I decided to tease him. “Yes, I heard. I have a new bikini, but it is so tiny. I wonder if I dare wear it?”

I could almost feel him staring at me through the phone. If things went right he would be seeing more than that bikini, and I had a hunch that was the guys’ plan all along.

“Oh, yeah, I have a new suit too. We should both wear them,” he replied. Guys are so transparent. I knew exactly what he was thinking.

I kept teasing. “Oh, I don’t know. It really shows a lot.”

“Come on,” he said. “This is our big summer for fun.”

“Well, I’ll see,” I said. Of course I planned to wear that bikini, showing as much as possible. But let him wait and think about it til tomorrow. He should be properly worked up then. “Bye, now,” I breathed into the phone, my hand still idly rubbing my clit. Yes, I was looking forward to my plans for tomorrow.

I got dressed early for the big night. When I put on the bikini the soft fabric of the suit clung to me tightly, giving a faint outline of my nipples up above and my pussy lips down below. I realized that it was a good idea that I had trimmed my “bikini line.” I sat on my bed in front of the mirror and arranged my legs different ways to see the effect. I found that pulling one leg up and letting the other lie on the bed resulted in pulling the fabric tight and putting my pussy, covered with the cloth, on pretty good display. I resolved to remember that position.

I also bent forward in front of the mirror and was happy to see that I could show off a whole lot of boobs that way without revealing my nipples. I figured that was the way to start out, at least. By the time Mike arrived, I was already feeling wet from anticipating teasing the guys, and especially him. I wrapped a cover up over my bikini and went out to meet him.

The cover up left my legs bare, and I a rather proud of them. I could see Mike taking them in as I greeted him. When we got to the car, I turned around and opened my cover up briefly. “See my new bikini, Mike? Like it?”

He took it all in and stammered some sort of reply. I pulled the cover up back around me, but made sure it pulled up enough that I flashed my crotch at him as I got in the car. He was staring so hard he almost forgot to shut the car door.

As he got in the driver’s seat, I immediately slid over and pressed my bare leg up against his. Then I put my hand on his bare thigh lightly. I looked straight ahead and didn’t say a word. He put the car in gear and drove off, but soon his hand came off the wheel and rested on my thigh. Before long he lifted it and put it around my shoulders. I thought I should encourage him so I turned toward him a bit until my tit was rubbing against him. I felt his grip tighten on my shoulder. Oh, yes, he was noticing all my female body parts, just as I wanted him to.

We got to the pool just as the sun was setting on that hot summer night. Gary was at the gate, keys in hand, and waved us in, locking the gate behind us. I knew our little group was going to be nice and private.

We went to the grassy picnic area. Several blankets were spread on the ground with a couple on each one. The guys wore t-shirts and swim trunks, the girls had on various types of cover ups. Gary sat down next to Linda and she leaned back into his arms. I saw Joe there with Charlotte. She was one of the beauties canlı casino of our crowd, with a pretty face and big boobs, but legs that were way too skinny, in my opinion. Maybe the boys never looked down that far. The last couple was Ken with Karen the notorious tease. I could see her hand was already on the top of his thigh and his arm over her shoulder with the hand dropping down onto her tit. All of these people had pretty fast reputations. Mike and I were probably the least talked about of the bunch.

“Let’s hit the water,” yelled Gary. The guys jumped up and stripped off their shirts. Frankly they were all still looking like high school boys, Mike and Ken sort of gangly and Gary slightly chubby. Joe had a medium build but was nothing special in that department. However, seeing them strip down to their boxer swim trunks was still putting thoughts in my mind.

The girls dropped their coverups. I let mine slide to the ground and looked at the other girls. Charlotte and Linda, the big boobed ones, both had on one piece suits with under wire bras built in. They each showed a deep valley of cleavage at the top of the suit. Linda’s butt and naked legs were substantial, and Charlotte’s seemed a bit puny in comparison. Charlotte had a big smile enhanced with bright red lipstick, though, which made her very attractive. Karen was in a bikini tinier than mine which let the top of her boobs peek out. She gave me a bit wink when she saw me which I knew meant, “Tonight’s the night!”

We all jumped in the water and were soon goofing around, splashing each other, trying to dunk and so on. Gary was doing his famous back flips off the high board and daring the other guys to do it, and they were dumb enough to try because the girls were watching. But mostly they just wanted to keep fooling around with the girls. I noticed that when Mike grabbed me and his hands were under the water they were groping a bit.

Somebody yelled, “Chicken fights!” That meant the girls rode on the guys shoulders, and tried to pull each other off. Mike ducked down so I could climb on. Of course, this put me straddling his neck, my bare legs pressing against him and my pussy rubbing the back of his neck. Then he grabbed my thighs and held on tight as we charged the other teams. I grabbed Charlotte and dunked her fast but Linda was behind me and pulled me down. I pressed my thighs hard against Mike as I went down and I could see he was enjoying it.

After a few minutes of this, Gary grabbed his lifeguard whistle and blew it loudly. We all stopped and looked at him.

“OK,” he yelled. “Enough fooling around. We are going to have a Chicken Fight Tournament. But to make it more fun, it is going to be the Strip Chicken Fight Championships!”

We all giggled at that. Gary went on to explain the rules.

“We will go evens and odds for matches. The rule is this: If you win your match, you get to strip the losers. The winning guy gets the losing girl’s top, and the winning girl gets the losing guy’s trunks!”

There was a sort of a pause as we all absorbed that. I realized I could soon be showing my tits to everybody, but on the other hand I could be getting some guy down to his jock strap. I knew in theory that guys wore jocks under their suits but had never actually seen one. Both thoughts, my tits bare and a guy in his jock, were a bit exciting. I yelled, “Let’s do it!” and motioned to Mike to let me mount up.

The other girls got in position too. Mike reached up to adjust my weight on his shoulders and gave my ass a good push as he did, then grabbed my thighs quite a bit higher up then he had before. I could tell he was excited too.

We threw out odd and even fingers. The match ups turned out to be Linda against Charlotte and Karen against me. Mike said, “Linda and Charlotte first. We are guaranteed some spectacular views whoever wins!” I don’t know why guys are so in love with big tits I have heard them saying that everything over a mouthful is wasted anyhow.

So Joe and Gary moved into position and the girls went at it. They were a lot more careful then they had been before as neither wanted to lose. First one and the the other would almost be dismounted when their guy would save them. But finally Linda pushed Charlotte into the water and threw up her arms in victory.

Charlotte came out of the water sputtering, and the realized the penalty she would have to pay. Somebody started chanting, “Top down, top down!” and she crossed her arms over her breasts protectively and looked down.

Joe decided to be a gentleman. “I will go first,” he said. “Go ahead, Linda.”

“Oh, no,” Linda replied. “Not in the water. Out on the deck where we can all get a good view,.” It was pretty dark by this time but a bright summer moon would let us see enough.

Joe hopped out of the water. Linda walked up to him and grabbed the band of his trunks. Then she slowly worked them down. Sure enough he was wearing a jock strap under them. His cock and balls were in a tight elastic sort of sack, but I could see the outline clearly and figured that was a hard on trying to kaçak casino press the fabric. Linda dropped his trunks to the ground and he stepped out of them.

“Turn around, Joe!” yelled Karen. “Let us see that pretty butt.” Joe did a slow turn and I could see that the jock just had two straps across his behind, leaving his nice white ass showing between them. I joined the other girls in cheering!

“Now your turn, Charlotte!” said Gary. He walked over to her. I could see her bracing up her courage. She threw her shoulders back and stuck those big tits out proudly. Gary pushed the straps of her suit down and then went behind her to work the zipper. As the top of the suit opened her boobs popped out, and Gary pulled it down around her waist to show those big round ones. Their dark nipples stood up hard. I heard Mike suck in his breath and saw the other guys’ stunned looks. Charlotte realized what an effect she was having and smiled a bit. She even gave them a little shake, Then she and Joe both jumped back in the pool and she ducked down so they were under the water. The guys’ still followed her with their eyes,

“Round 2,” announced Gary. “Kathy and Karen!”

“Well,” I thought, “this is it, girl. Somebody is about to put on a show, and it might be you, Oh, well, I want Mike turned on. I just didn’t plan on turning on three other guys too.” I could feel my nipples harden inside the bra of my bikini. That wasn’t just from the cold water.

Mike ducked down and I hopped on his shoulders. I pressed my pussy against his neck and felt a pleasurable rubbing. He gripped my thighs hard, farther up then he had before so his thumbs were almost in my crotch. Karen was mounted on Ken the same way. Ken was grinning and I supposed Mike was too.

The guys charged at each other right away. Karen and I almost bumped together. I grabbed her around her waist and almost threw her off but I had to let go when she got hold of my shoulders and twisted. The guys kept pressing forward forcing us girls to grapple. I got a good hold on Karen and leaned toward her.

Just then I felt Mike’s hand sliding up my thighs until it was actually rubbing my pussy. “Oh, no!” I thought. “Don’t start groping until this is over.” But yes, he was really copping a feel right in the middle of the chicken fight!

I was both annoyed and amused. It inspired me to fight harder. At least Mike still had his mind on the game. He stepped forward so I could grab Karen’s arm, and then quickly jerked back. I pulled at the same time and Karen went in the water with a splash!

I raised my hands in victory and Mike give my bare thighs a squeeze. Karen popped out of the water laughing and we all climbed out on the deck.

Charlotte yelled, “Get his trunks, Kathy. We want a show!”

I decided to give them a show. I went behind Kenny, put my arms around his chest and slowly ran them down over the front of his trunks. Then I brought my hands to the waistband and started working it down exposing his jock strap. I knew the crowd in front of him would see his package in the stretchy pouch, but I had a nice view of his round ass as the trunks dropped. I patted it gently as the trunks dropped to the ground. I picked them up and waved then over my head while Ken posed for the girls, slapping his bare butt with both hands He was one of the most egotistical guys in our class.

Then Mike, with that cute lopsided grin he has, went up to Karen. She was ready for this, and raised her hands over her head and sort of undulated, moving her tits back and forth. Mike reached behind her neck and untied the string. He pulled it toward him pulling the fabric almost down to her nipples. Then he went behind her and undid the clasp. Slowly he pulled the bikini top down, showing off her perky tits with pointy nipples, hard and erect. Had she actually touched them with a lipstick to get that red color, or was it just part of being a redhead?

She gave them a shake, and the turned around, grabbed Mike and pulled him into her until her tits were rubbing his bare chest, and gave him a big kiss!

“Hey,” I yelled, “kiss your own guy.” Karen turned and winked at me, and then grabbed Kenny. Not only her bare tits pressed his bare chest, but her pussy ground against his jock strap and one hand was on his naked butt pressing it against her. They shared a long kiss with Karen grinding into him.

Now not only Ken and Mike sported obvious hardons but I could see that all the guys did. This evening was shaping up into even more than I anticipated. Linda leaned forward and whispered to me, “Tonight’s the night, girlfriend.” I could feel my female juices flowing as I thought ahead.

Joe yelled, “Now the finals! Linda against Kathy!”

I shivered with anticipation. Losing now meant joining the bare boobs group. My nipples were already hard and sensitive. If I dropped my top they I would get so horny everybody would know. And based on the behavior of the guys who were half naked already Mike was really going to react. I took a deep breath and hopped on his shoulders, gripping his neck with my bare thighs and pressing my pussy against it. Through the fabric of my suit I rubbed it around a bit. Mike tensed his hands on my thighs so I knew he felt it. I was pretty sure he was getting the message.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20