Hotel Californication Ch. 02

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Check in was at two o’clock. The resort was indeed rustic, situated in lush green foothills with breathtaking views. We were again given a handout of daily events and activities, dining hours and informed that there would be an initial welcoming party that evening at six. Interestingly, our thumb prints were then taken and would serve as the keys to our room, along with our authorized signature for room service if we desired that, or any other special needs or desires outside of the many already included in the price of our stay.

Even the two hour drive up to the resort had been interesting. Something about not taking any luggage to speak of. Aside from a small overnight bag filled mostly with toiletries, a few toys, and the one and only outfit allowed while there. On the second nights stay, there would be what was being called a “lingerie” ball. Carol had brought a sexy black outfit, with the only one rule being…everything had to be accessible. For myself, all I was required and allowed to wear was a black bow tie. So even that would no doubt prove to be interesting.

Driving up, just thinking about all the possibilities had the two of us extremely aroused and horny. We’d been fondling one another most of the way there, talking about the “what if’s” and if we were indeed as open-minded, uninhibited as we believed ourselves to be. After that night with Diane, I believed we were, though there were still several boundaries neither one of us had crossed yet. So the question remained, would we? And after once again reviewing all the various activities that would be available to us, we likewise spoke of them at length, questioning one another, and just shortly before arriving, agreeing to simply plunge in, see how it went. It would either prove to be the most amazing experience of our life, or at the very least, show the two of us where our personal limitations really were.

After checking in, we were asked to immediately undress, leaving the clothes we had come in, in a large community locker room. We had approximately two hours to wander around and familiarize ourselves with the grounds, prior to attending what was no doubt an orientation, get to know everyone cock-tail hour, followed by dinner, and then free after that to attend any one of the various scheduled activities. Escorted up to our room by a very attractive looking couple, likewise naked, we stepped into the elevator. Almost immediately the slim blonde had reached over clasping my dick and began fondling it. It was obviously a taste of what could be expected and should be as she did that, though I was still a bit startled with the guy who was with her reached out and did the same briefly, as she then turned to Carol, running a finger gingerly up and through my wife’s legs just as the elevator reached the third floor where our room was.

“Would either one of you care for a hand-job, blow-job, oral? Or anything else?” The couple asked. “And as you’ll see on the in-room menu of available services and amenities, you can ask for anything like that anytime day or night. Someone will always be willing and available to come to your room. All you have to do is state your preferences, and what you’d like, and we’ll see to it that your needs are met.”

Admittedly, I was in a bit of a devilish mood here. The ride up leaving me very horny, not to mention finally being here, walking around with a nice hard firm erection in front of everyone, just as we’d seen ourselves as other couples wandered about going to and from the lobby area.

“You know…what I would like, is for the two of you to rub my cock against my wife’s pussy until she cums, and until I squirt on the outside of it. I’d enjoy feeling and seeing that,” I told the two of them, much to Carol’s surprise and delight, though by the look on he face, she was all for it.

It was such a beautiful day, that we actually decided to step out onto the deck outside our room, though when we did, we quickly realized it was more than a deck or balcony really. It was more like a long walkway, connecting the entire floor. Passing by everyone else’s rooms, again another reminder to us that an open door, either from the hallway, or walkway, was an open invitation. Stepping out, there was one other couple sitting outside in deck chairs a few rooms down, immediately taking interest, watching us as Carol walked over, now leaning against the railing, spreading herself. Her wantonness in doing so, so totally and completely uninhibited as she did, just like that in front of total and complete strangers in a sense, was thrilling to me. Sally, the slim sexy blonde immediately began working my cock as I stood there, though there wasn’t a great deal of effort in getting me all nice and hard, I already was. Though Ted, the guy with her, was ensuring that Carol too was all nice and wet as he toyed with her hard firm clit momentarily, before the two of them then placed their hands around my hard stiff cock together, and began working it together up and down my wife’s juicy split, just the way casino oyna I’d asked them to do.

As we began doing that, I noticed the older looking couple down the way finally stand, and then nonchalantly began walking over towards us. Curious, I was wondering what they’d do, say…or want to do. Obviously, this would be the norm around here going forward, so it was something we’d best hurry up and get used to. And though they were obviously an older couple, they both looked very attractive for their age. Sally and Ted standing there with their hands around my prick, teasing my wife’s slit with it, acknowledging the couple as they sauntered over, just standing there watching us before introducing themselves, asking.

“You two mind if we watch?” The man asked, already reaching down to begin fondling his own cock, that though flaccid at the moment, already showed signs that it wouldn’t be for very long. “We’re Steven and Marsha by the way,” he added. “And this will be our second time coming here,” he grinned charmingly. Marsha stood cupping one of her rather large, somewhat floppy looking breasts, though I found that quite alluring as she stood there doing that. She had amazing nipples, larger and fatter than any I had ever seen as she pulled and pinched on one of them twisting it as she looked on, running her tongue over her lips, keeping a firm eye on Ted and Sally’s hands as they continued running my cock up and down my wife’s spit, teasing her with it.

“That looks fucking hot, bet it feels hot too doesn’t it?” Marsha asked, obviously well aroused. “I wouldn’t mind having them do that for us as well,” she added after they’re finished here.”

“More than happy too,” Sally quickly agreed, though it was then that Carol once again surprised the hell out of me, with her comment.

“Or…we could!” She spoke hotly, obviously teetering on the edge already by the look on her face. I turned towards her, surprise at her suggestion clearly etched in my face, but smiling at her, nodding my head in agreement. Ted and Sally too, smiling, obviously well pleased, and no doubt already making notes that would no doubt be included in our overall “performance” review during our stay here.

Steven and Marsha continued to watch, playing with themselves, looking on as I rapidly reached the point of no return here.

“Does he cum a lot when he squirts?” Marsha asked curiously, the tone of her voice quivering with lust and desire as she almost cruelly now, pulled and again pinched on those thick fat nipples of hers, simultaneously sliding a very wet, slippery sounding finger in and out of her cunt as she asked that question.

“Usually, yes…” Carol moaned. “Especially when he’s really horny, and hasn’t cum for a while, like now,” she groaned deeply again, which was more than enough for me as I felt my legs buckle at the knees, nodding my head which is more than I do beyond passing out from the sheer pleasurable release I now felt as Ted and Sally’s hand really went to work on my cock, now milking out one enormous streamer after another as I began spurting copious jettison’s of spunk against my wife’s pussy.

“Oh yes! Yes! Look at that fucker spray!” Marsha cried out in delighted glee, Steven too chuckling with enjoyment at the sight of that. “Oh honey, I’m so looking forward to this now myself,” she added to that as Sally finished milking out the last final drop from my prick, smearing it carefully, and teasingly against Carol’s cum-drenched quim. She was an erotic sticky mess, looking obscene, delightfully so, as she reached down now, smearing all that white hot spunk of mine even further into, and against herself.

“Well, we’ll leave the four of you to get better acquainted then, and see you for cocktails a bit later.” Sally and Ted moved off, leaving the four of us to stand there alone now, as Marsha took up much the same position against the railing that Carol had, likewise spreading herself as Steven stepped up, standing between his wife’s legs, Carol and I now standing on either side of him. She looked at me, wondering…waiting to see if I was still willing and curious enough to actually do this, but I found surprise in myself without any real hesitation, reaching down to now clasp the man’s rock-hard cock, taking it in hand, just as Carol’s hand now joined me, the two of us holding on to it, as we began rubbing, and running it up and down his wife’s sweet juicy split.

It sure didn’t take long for Carol and I to get Steven off, as worked up as he was. Within moments after actually doing this, we soon had his cock lurching, spurting and spraying his wife’s cunt every bit as much as I had done to Carol’s.

“Oh! Oh! That’s fucking hot!” Marsha cried out enjoying a nice little orgasm as she did, feeling her husband’s hot spunk spurting against her, looking down at it as he did, as Carol and I continued manipulating the man’s cock together, rubbing…still milking it until we’d managed to again secure each and every last drop from it that we could. Now like Carol had canlı casino been, she too was a sticky mess, but had one other request before parting here. “There’s something else I’d enjoy doing…if you’d let me,” she asked my wife.

“Name it,” Carol grinned excitedly. Obviously not even knowing what it was yet, she was all for it.

“I’d like to grind this messy cum covered pussy of mine against yours for a moment, see how that feels,” she asked. Just the thought of that was getting me all hard again as Carol stepped up between the woman’s legs, lifting one, placing it on the railing for a better angle and fit as the two women now came together, cunt to cunt, kissing cunt…cum-covered slippery hot cunt, which then now gently ground, mashing and pushing against one another with.

“I love watching her do that,” Steve commented, his dick too, surprisingly firming up again, though looking more than content to merely stand there and watch the two of them, just as I was.

“I’m beginning to like it myself,” I agreed, now listening to the rather decadent, slick sounds we could so easily hear as the two woman stood there, humping one another so tenderly against the railing.

“I think I’m going to cum,” Carol spoke. “I might even squirt a bit, that ok?” She asked.

“Oh my god! I hope you do! I would love to feel you do that,” Marsha told her. “Only wish I knew how, and I would for you too!”

“Maybe another time, I can teach you. Most women can learn how with a little practice and patience, but in the meantime, you can at least feel me squirting against you while I do.”

Carol did indeed squirt, just a little bit, but it was enough that Marsha once again climaxed feeling my wife doing that against her. We soon after parted ways, Steven and Marsha heading back the opposite way to their room, though we had actually agreed to perhaps hook up again a bit later. I hadn’t really expected to become this familiar, or this friendly with anyone so soon, especially a much older couple. But it had been easy with both of them, far more than either one of us could have ever realized.

Carol and I strolled off along the walkway in the other direction, taking in the grounds from above, passing by other rooms as we went, each one with their sliding doors open…invitations, which so far, no one else seemed to be denying anyone. And the place was obviously filling up fast by the looks of it, with most of the other guests having also arrived. And though most, like us…were just settling in, it was interesting to pass by a couple of rooms where the occupants inside were already going at it in one way or another. To have that freedom and access to stop, look in, or even walk in if we wanted to, added yet again another interesting piece of erotic sensuality to all this. And we’d barely even gotten started here.

I think that when you factor in the added spice of exhibitionistic, or voyeuristic eroticism, that it simply intensifies, magnifies, everything else. At least for Carol and I, in certainly did. Wandering along, we had stopped to peer out over the balcony, stopping where another couple now stood looking below. Nodding heads cordially in greeting at one another, looking over. Below, there on the grass just below us, two couples had spread out a rather large blanket, and even now lay side by side, playing and fucking one another so openly as others milled about, some standing close-by watching for a moment before moving off. Others, openly masturbating or fondling themselves looking on, as was the other couple standing at the railing along side us.

“Hey, look at this!” Carol said as we slowly strolled by yet again another open doorway. Inside on the bed, a rather large, somewhat plumpish woman lay on the bed, sharing what was obviously a very large, wicked looking double-dildo with another woman. The two connected there in the middle of the bed together, four men, standing around the bed looking on, either jerking themselves off, or one another as they stood watching. “Come on, let’s go in…I’d like to see this.”


“Yes…really, and so would you by the looks of it,” Carol said reaching down, leading me inside the room by my now very hard stiff cock.

“Maybe so,” I grinned back, allowing her as we entered in, no one even really paying much attention to us as we came into the room, the girls obviously enjoying one another, along with the attention of the audience just standing there looking on.

It was a rather interesting display. The somewhat large plump looking middle-aged woman with large pendulous breasts, sharing the dildo with a much younger, very slim petite woman, with hardly any breasts at all, and again, all four men standing around, though one of them soon moved forward, stroking his cock, obviously preparing to unleash a torrent of semen anytime now.

“Where would you like it?” He asked.

“Anywhere but on the face,” the older woman said. “I want to wear all this cum to the party, but…I don’t want my face all sticky kaçak casino when I do either, so wherever else you’d like, though I’d especially like it mostly on my tits.”

“I can do that,” he leered, and then knelt next to her on the bed, aiming and pointing his cock squarely at her. Sure enough, he was soon tossing several ribbons of cream across both of her breasts, moving off and away as another guy soon came over, taking his place, and almost identically doing the same thing as well.

“You’re welcome to do so too if you’d like,” she said looking over towards me, though I had already decided to start saving it up again for later. It was still way too early for me to be moving quite this fast a pace, though I wasn’t really too worried about it. I had a feeling, I’d be cumming more during this stay than I ever had in my entire life.

We soon after left, heading back towards our own room again to shower and freshen up before the formal cocktail hour, but not before watching the last two guys jerking one another off, likewise spraying a fairly liberal amount of their semen onto the woman’s already cum-soaked tits. Obviously, she quite enjoyed that, and as we would learn much later, had a real fetish for having as many men as possible, saturate her boobs throughout the night whenever the opportunity presented itself.

It was indeed promising to be a very interesting weekend, and things weren’t even really getting started yet.


By the time we got back to the room, there was a very elegant looking folder laying on the bed waiting for us. As it turned out, it was a brief itinerary of the evening ahead, along with seating assignments for lunch and dinner, that would change each and every meal, ensuring that we always sat with a new group of people each time. No surprise there, something we had pretty much already expected. There was also of course a list of recommended, suggested activities we could look into if we so wanted to. Some of which again, would be interesting to say the least, and far beyond anything that Carol and I had even considered doing so far. But then again, so far…we had accomplished that much all on our own.

We had showered, gotten cleaned up, and ready to head downstairs. It was still a bit strange, preparing to leave without wearing a single stitch of clothing, entering into the hallway, just as other couples began doing, everyone heading down the hall towards the elevators. It was an interesting mix from what we could see, some younger, some older, no one really perfect, nor had we expected, or even wanted that. It was far more interesting, exotic, and erotic to see the average everyday kind of person just openly expressing their sensuality in whatever way that might be. One woman in fact, leading two men who were collared, around their dicks, by a simple gold chain which she held in her hand as she lead them inside the elevator behind us. We stepped inside, the doors closing, and no sooner had they done so, I looked over just in time to see that same woman’s hands reach around, cupping one of my wife’s breasts, giving it a gentle, friendly little feel.

“Nice tits, hope you’ll let me suck on them later,” she told my wife.

“Feel free, any time,” Carol responded pleasantly enough.

“Thank you, I will. And I wouldn’t mind sampling your husband’s cock either. We’re planning on going to the black light party later, so that’s where you’ll find us if you’re interested,” she stated.

I remembered seeing something about that as one of the listed room activities. I wasn’t sure I’d find that as interesting as a few others, though it was at least worth another look if nothing else. According to what I had read, the party/orgy room was in a total black light, people entering were then sprayed down with various wild psychedelic colors. A bit of a throwback perhaps to more interesting times. Though the thought of what something like that might actually look like, a group of people all painted and decorated up beneath black-lights, cavorting about, might indeed prove interesting as well as entertaining. It was at least something to think about…for later.

We soon entered the large formal dining room, a podium set up on the stage. It was nice to see Diane, along with several others sitting there, proudly displaying the fact that she…was indeed a true shemale, along with another just as equally attractive looking woman sitting next to her. So she obviously wasn’t alone in this either. Quickly finding our assigned table, we were actually pleased to see that for this evening at least, Steven and Marsha would be sitting with us, so at least we had some small advantage having already met someone, though we quickly made introductions to the other two couples who had joined us. A waitress came by, took our drink orders and returned with them a short time later. We sat sipping our drinks, chatting with our new table guests, getting to know a little more about everyone when one of the gentlemen on stage stood up approaching the podium. And though currently flaccid at least, he had a very long cock that seemed to swing freely to and froe as he walked across the stage towards the podium. I had to laugh as Marsha openly gasped, gawking at him as he did.

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