Hotel Theme Park

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My name is Kevin and I am 22 years old. This is the story of a lucky surprise which I had few months ago. Few months ago, it was my birthday and I was away from my home and friends and it ought to be a boring affair in a new location among new people. Actually, after my graduation from the college, I got a job but far from home. Due to career considerations, I had to move; but it was a new, exciting experience for me. But birthdays don’t come everyday and we all wish to have a blast on the special day. But, for me it would have been another normal day. On the eve of my birthday, right at the stroke of midnight when I was sleeping, I got a call from my best pal from college, Jason. He wished me and I was happy that people still remember. But, more happier thing than my birthday was the news he broke to me. He told me that he too was in the same city as mine due to some project and was accompanied by his girlfriend Alicia. That made me happy. At last I had some people to celebrate with. We had graduated college a few months ago but the time seemed long enough. We have been the best trio in whole of our batch and people always praised our bonding and friendship. Alicia and Jason had been in a relationship since 2 years and were a happy couple. Jason and I being best pals, Alicia automatically transcended into our friendship and since then things have been great.

Alicia too was speaking in the background and wishing me on top of her voice. We talked for a bit and I offered a small party. We also decided to take a day off and meet early in the morning and head for a partiful day. I was elated. I woke up and mailed my boss my leave application in the midnight itself. In the morning I got ready to find another surprise. Although we have decided to meet at some other place, Jason and Alicia have already arrived at my place. I thanked them and soon we left. Enroute, we discussed some hopeful destinations for my birthday party. Alicia suggested,

“I know a hotel just few miles from the city centre. It is a theme based hotel and it has different themes on different days. It is a great place as many strangers too turn good friends during their stay in the place. My friend who had visited there last summer told me about that. She told that there were many exciting themes at days like she had been there on a cartoon day theme, where all the people are made cartoon creatures for 12 hours and are involved in various activities. The whole thing is pretty exciting. Besides they have small competitions and winners get rewards too.”

After listening to her rant we both laughed as to how she managed to speak so much in a single breath. It displayed her excitement to visit the place and after few discussions and leg-pulling, we decided to get there. Alicia instantly called her friend and noted the address of the said place. It was a hour ling drive from the city and the hotel was named as ‘HOTEL THEME PARK – you won’t return the same.’

The tagline was a little awkward but on enquiring, the staff told us that it varied daily on the basis of theme. Entry in the hotel was till 12 noon and we were in just by 11:30 a.m. There were quite a many people inspite of the fact of its strange timing rules. The infrastructure was great and we had to pay entry fee which was genuine enough. I paid as I was the host and we settled at a table besides the pool. The hotel complex was soon filled with a no. of people mostly young ones of our age. The no. of males and females looked equal. This hotel had rules; according to the theme played on the given day the customers were allowed to stay and anyone wanting to stay longer had to get a very costly membership and those guests stayed in another building away from the central theme park. But inspite of its odd rules, the people visiting the place were quite large in number. Maybe the themes were adrenaline pumping and exciting. We ordered the drinks and were enjoying ourselves. Soon at 12 noon the entry was closed and in 15 minutes the manger came and greeted all the guests.

“Good afternoon to all the gentlemen and ladies out here..” he spoke in the mic at the central dias.

” I welcome all of you to our place which provides a new experience everyday in form of new themes. We, through our thematic efforts try to build a good relation between many of the people coming here, who come here as strangers but leave as friends. So, in continuation of our efforts I am going to announce today’s theme. Today’s theme will be more exciting and different from others as it marks the 500th theme of our new concept. “

His formal speech was followed by a round of applause from all the guests who were eager to participate.

“This has been a strange co-incidence that we have 400 guests today and the ratio of males and females is 1:1 which is a perfect setting for today’s theme. But before announcing the theme, I would advise to all the couples here that it might not be a good day to participate today and they can leave if they wanted, Such guests would be served in another illegal bahis complex away from theme playing area. The singles would be perfect contenders for today’s theme and believe me it would be a lifetime experience for all of you….”

The couples advisory created a rift amongst the people and Jason too said that it may be something fishy but Alicia was too excited to be budged. She said, ” You have always been like this. There must be something really exciting in this. For once we can afford to behave like singles. I don’t think it would be killing some couples.” Her remarks shut down the little resistance Jason put up. But inside, he too was thinking about some greater prospects about the theme. I too was eager to know the theme and participate in that.

The manager continued, “…..Anyone willing not to participate can leave and join the party on the other side because once we announce the theme, no one is allowed to leave and if someone wishes not to participate, than he would be paying $2000 for the same, which is quite less as compared to the reward of the theme.”

Still no one budged. Probably, the fascination for the unknown is the most dangerous one and the most exciting too. Human psychology was working at its best and the manger showed adeptness in controlling the masses’ minds. He was luring them into the game by making the fine look tame.

After waiting for few minutes when no one opted out he resumed, ” I take it as an affirmation from all you people and now onwards you all are liable to pay the fine in case you pull out. So today’s theme is ‘STRANGER LOCK’…..”

This caused gossips in the crowd as none of them understood the theme clearly.

” Before you all get your own conclusions, I tell you that it is a very simple game. As we have an equal number of males and females here the game becomes more simpler. All the people will be blindfolded with males and females standing in separate lines. Then each blindfolded lady will go through the gent’s line and choose a man from the line by pulling him outside the line. No one is allowed to speak his/her name or give any hint of his identity. Defaulters would be liable to be fined. The couple made in this way will then be taken to one of our rooms while blindfolded and locked inside the room for the next 12 hours. They have to then remain in the room and food, water, snacks and TV would be provided inside. They are not allowed to use telephones and the lines would be disabled. The mobiles won’t work due to signal jammers and the only option left will be the two of you in the room. The two people can have multiple activities based on their interests. They can even doze off for the 12 hours and for that we will provide all the rooms with our special exquisite range of wine bottles to help you with that too. You have to assemble here at 2 in the midnight and then we proceed to announce the winners of the theme. If u all are wondering that we have installed any hidden cams, be assured that there is no such thing in the rooms so be at peace. And yes don’t consume too much of wine at once. Because it is just one bottle and too much may result into many of you may come limping or not make it in time and be devoid of the prize.”

The last sentence was accompanied by a grin on the face of the manager with I-know-something-of-you smile on his lips. It instigated a doubt in me but who cared. I will be getting a complete strange women and the place was beaming with beautiful girls. I was happy as I may get lucky on my birthday. It was going great. The time was 12:45 p.m. and the blindfolding started and we were made to stand in line. I didn’t look at Alicia or Jason but it would have been real fun if I looked at their faces. Who knows they might get together and get lucky. There were numerous possibilities. Our mouths too were taped so we could not say something and our eyes were blindfolded. Hearts were throbbing hard as ‘who gets who’ moment started. I felt numerous girly hands on my hands and arms and none of them pulled me out.

Finally a girl lay her hands on me and pulled me out. My heart was pounding harder. None of us could speak because of the tapes. The adrenaline was throbbing and testosterone levels were higher. Then, we were handcuffed to each other and led into a place, most probably a room by a helper. After sometime he stopped and told us that we have reached the allotted room. He kept the bottle of wine on the table and unlocked the handcuff and quickly went out shutting the door behind him and locking it. I managed to open my tape and the blindfolds to see my partner. I was pretty much excited to see the woman with whom I’ll be spending the night but a surprise awaited me. The girl too freed herself of tapes and blindfold and opened her eyes to see her partner i.e. me. As soon as I opened my eyes, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped. The reaction was the same from the other side. The girl with which I was locked in a room was none other than ALICIA. All I could blurt out was, ‘ YOU!!’

Now illegal bahis siteleri the initial expressions were common but later, she was more relaxed and I was cursing myself. I could have got any of the girls out there but landed with the girlfriend of my friend. I could not touch her let alone getting lucky. My birthday was ruined. I expected a nicer surprise, a casual sex and what not. But fate had other things in its kitty. I cursed lady luck numerous times. My curses added on the thought that Jason had got a stranger to spend a night with. How lucky the chap was. He had Alicia, one of the hottest girls of the college to screw and now another one. And there was I, who was stuck with a hot girl but could do little just because the friendship was at stake, the bro code was at stake. Alicia on the other hand went from anxious to relaxed and said,

“Thank God, it is you Kevin. I was dreadful after the theme was told but couldn’t pull out. I thought I would land with some stranger and potential rape was all over my mind. I secretly hoped that I would get Jason but…. I am happy I unintentionally chose you. Atleast I don’t have to worry about getting raped.”

“Yeah” I said dejectedly.

“So, as we know each other quite for some time and don’t have any new things to ask for I presume sleep is the only way out of these 12 hours. And we have a bottle of wine to assist in this. And I don’t mind sharing the bed with you unless you are not in a habit of kicking people out of your bed.” She said chuckling and holding the bottle of wine as a trophy in her hand.

“Let me get the glasses.” I volunteered.

She pour in the wine and we had 3-3 glasses each. I knew wine was the only option out. It soon took over my senses and I retired to bed. She too came over and slept on the other side maintaining a healthy distance. We were friends and had faith in each other that none of us would take any advantage of the situation. She slept comfortably and I too fell asleep while cursing my fate and thinking about the good things that would have been possible if it was not Alicia but someone else.

It had been almost an hour since we slept I was woken up by heavy breathing voices. Since the surroundings were calm and silent I could clearly hear the heavy breathing. And the noise was coming from the bathroom. Alicia was not in the bed. The heavy breathing picked up pace and ended with grunts characterized by pleasure. Alicia was masturbating!!

My thoughts wandered into unchartered territories and numerous thoughts sprang up. After few moments, she came out and was startled. Sweat was present on her forehead. I asked her,

“Are you okay? What were you doing in there?”

“I’m fine. And its none of your business. By the way when did you wake up?” she countered.

“I just got up on hearing the flushing sound.” I attempted to mask of the conversation and not embarrass her by asking such questions.

As I was answering, her gaze shifted to my crotch area and her eyes widened. I followed her eyes to my crotch to see a tent popping out of the boxers.

Geez..!! I had a hard-on in front of my friend’s girlfriend. What would she think of me that I was feeling horny with her alone in a room. But the erection was unnatural. It felt like have been fueled by some chemical rather than by natural instincts. It was growing and it hurted. I thought that it would pass but it didn’t. Alicia after a brief examination of the popping tent turned to other side with a mischevious smile on her face and said,

“I think you might have an important business to attend.”

I could not say anything. I felt like burying my face into the pillow. But the hard on was growing and at lst I decided to relieve myself. I quickly went to the bathroom and masturbated. A thick and heavy load of cum I ejaculated. I felt very light after that but to my surprise, the hard on didn’t subside totally. Usually after such a huge load, my cock would turn flaccid. I came out, Alicia was sitting staring at the clock.

“This shall not pass easily.” I said in an attempt to initiate a conversation.


” The time. It would not pass that easy unless we do something interesting.”

“I wish you were some stranger so I could ask some interesting stuff about his life. I know almost all of you.” She said in a low, demotivated tone.

“Unfortunately this is very true. So, I guess the only option is we sleep.” I chuckled. But in reality I was not feeling asleep. I was thinking as how Jason would be doing amazing things with his partner and maybe Alicia’s mind was on the same thought. She poured some wine in two glasses and handed over one to me. We drank together. After few minutes the sensation returned. My cock began to grow again. But this time I managed to hide it under covers. But Alicia was breathing heavy similar to what I had observed few minutes ago. Her breasts went up and down, her mouth was open and she was in ecstasy while her eyes were closed. Her hand was canlı bahis siteleri near her pussy and slowly she was moving it around the treasure hole. I thought she was oblivious to the fact that I goo shared the same room. In order to save her from embarrassment once she wakes up and finds me staring at her, I decided to intervene.

“Alicia…Alicia…. What are you up to? What is happening? Is everything alright?”

“Hmmm…” she was still in transcendence. I went near her adjusting my flag mast which had risen aloft. She sat in the chair . I went close and shook her up.

“OH!!” she exclaimed, ” What was that? What happened?”

“You were lost somewhere. I asked but you breathed heavy and didn’t reply. Is everything OK?”

She seemed to have noticed my hard-on again and told ,” I think we have been drugged Kevin.”

I was shocked but she followed, ” I think the wine has something in it. I had not felt such sensations building in my body since ages but this is different. I masturbated a few minutes ago but the urge is returning again. I have not been a nympho and this is just innatural. Besides, it seems that you too are in a similar problem. See, another one of those inside few minutes. Actually it never went. I have been observing it since you came out from the washroom” she said pointing towards my cock.

This was very embarrassing. But there was a problem much bigger than the erection.

“So, we won’t drink more wine and masturbate off the urge.” I suggested quite lamely as my mind was not working in complete sync after the unfolding of events out here.

“No, masturbation wouldn’t help. We already have gulped down more than half of the bottle and we will need something more intense.”

“like what?” I asked like a very curious child.


“But how will we get our partners. The goddamn door is closed for another 9-10 hours and we can’t call for escorts.”

“We will do it.” She said assertively.

“What..!! No…No..No.. This can’t happen. You are my friend’s girlfriend and our friendship will be affected. I am not into this.” I was surprised at first but later denied the proposal.

“Oh..C’mon. This is an emergency. We too are friends and we should help each other. Besides that motherfucking cunt Jason will be screwing another in his room. Moreover we won’t tell him and he would never suspect anything out of us.” She said pleadingly.

My armor was downed. I was going through the various consequences in my mind but still my conscience was not allowing it. However the chemicals from the wine began taking control,

“But still,……. I don’t feel it right…This would be immoral……”

I was standing beside the chair she was sitting in and before I could complete the sentence Alicia took off my boxers and my cock felt the fresh air. It was burning hot and the head was purple. My cock stood firm 8” in an angle more than 90 degrees to my body. Her hands encircled my glans and pulled the skin back. Her forefinger encircled the tip of my dick and it sent shivers through my body.

” But the little champ down there doesn’t seems in agreement to you.” She said in a very very seductive tone, licking her lips with her tongue whilst playing with my member. She stood up a little and kissed me hard on the lips. By this time I have given up against all the inhibitions about having sex with my friend’s girlfriend. Now she was just a woman who was craving for my cock and I was due to reciprocate. I returned back the kiss with great vigor. I lifted her up from the chair and put her down on the bed. We still kissed hard, exploring the length and breadth of each other’s mouth with our tongues. Our hearts were racing and the breathing rate was shooting high. She was now jerking hard my cock while my hands were exploring her juicy breasts. I shifted my hands to her amazing butt and alternated between the boobs and butt.

Alicia was truly endowed in both the sections with her 34C firm breasts and a bubble butt capable of driving men nuts. She was horny, busty and sexy as hell. Adjectives fell short describing her well carved body. She was standing on her knees on the bed while I was still on the floor, standing and kissing her hard. We broke the kiss just to rip the clothes off each other. I took off her top and she took care of my T-shirt. I kicked out the boxers and was naked now. She however had a tight fit pant on. She flung open her bra reveling to me one of the nicest tits ever. They were firm, soft and perfect in shape. The nipples were pinkish and erect. It was a paradise.

“Wow!!” I could say this much while adoring her assets.

She took my both the hands and kept them on her tits. It was ecstatic. I kneaded them, gobbled them up like a hungry child and played with the nipples. While my mouth was doing the job on one of them, my hands played with the other. I stimulated her by biting the nipples and twisting them between my thumb and finger. I licked them, sucked and buried my face into them. She was on cloud 9. We were drenched into overdose of sex hormones and were enjoying the very best. I continued to suck, tease, lick the nipples for few more minutes before I shifted upwards again kissing her neck, her earlobes and again her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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