House Rules Ch. 06

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I fixed breakfast the morning for the both of us.

I was wearing pink hipster panties with the word SASSY across the seat and a white cami with pink trim which showed my flat belly. The material was lightweight and tight against my lean torso. You could clearly see my nipples which were as pointy as gumdrops. My nipples were almost always erect now.

Blame it on the sensation of my silky underthings against my smooth skin.

Blame it on Daddy’s hands playfully spanking my ass as I walked past him.

Blame it on the memories of his big, black cock stroking my insides or sliding past my soft, pouty lips.

Or simply blame it on the fact I was a sissy and sissy nipples were always hard.

Mr. Clemons, I mean, Daddy…I had a daddy now.

I was going to have to get used to that.

DADDY looked over his coffee at me and smiled. I smiled back. I flirted a little with him as he sipped silently.

I think we were both remembering the previous night activities.

I know I was.

My bottom was still buzzing.

I drank my protein smoothie through a straw. He watched me and I naughtily slid my lips up and down on the straw.

“Sassy indeed,” he said with a grin.

I just smiled back with a I-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about-Daddy look in my eyes.

Daddy put his coffee down. There was a look in his eyes.

Then he said, “We’ve got some work to do, Kitten.”

“Work?” I asked.

“We need to continue your transformation into the sissy you were born to be.”

“Continue?” I thought to myself, “Continue? You’ve stripped away everything that was masculine about me. What else could you possibly do to make me even more a sissy than I am at this very moment as I sit in here in a girlish cami, my nipples poking out, wearing SASSY panties, with my ass still vibrating from you fucking me to the moon and back?”

I smiled, pulling the straw from my mouth, and asked, “Like what, Daddy?”

“Just some little things to help you along. You’re a butterfly, Kitten. You’re just beginning to emerge your cocoon. I know someone who can help you.”

I was a butterfly, a sissy butterfly.

I walked over to Daddy to refill his coffee and give him butterfly kisses.

Then I gave him an Eskimo kiss. Then, as he turned his chair, I sat on his lap, my legs wrapping around him, his hands feeling how my panties stretched across my round ass, and I gave him a long, wet sissy kiss.

He put his hand on my bottom and continued, “I’m going to take you somewhere tomorrow.”

I loved surprises and adventures.

“The people there are going to help you spread your beautiful wings.”

He kissed me.

“How does that sound?’

“Like fun,” I said, wiggling my bottom down on him.

He patted my bottom with both hands like he was playing the bongos.

“How will they help me?” I said in my little girl voice.

“They’re going to style your hair, for one. Some of the things they’re going to do are meant to be surprises.”

I loved surprises too.

“Nonetheless, when they’re done with you, you’ll be a little sissy dream. So put that cute little bottom lip of yours back into neutral.”

I must have been pouting again.

I mustered a smile for him and reached the rest of my smoothie. I finished sucking the last of it through my pink straw.

“You’re going to spend the whole morning being waited on hand and foot and being pampered.”

“Pampered?” I said, slightly confused.

He laughed a hearty, belly laugh.

“Oh no, Baby. You’re such a silly, little sissy. Not pampered in Pampers!”

He shook his head.

“Daddy doesn’t want you in diapers. I’ve told you that. He’s not into that…kind of game.”

Then he looked at me.

“You keep bringing it up though and I wonder if my little Kitten wants to play baby for his Daddy.”

I did not want to be put into diapers. No Sir. Thank you.


I folded my arms like a four year old standing their ground.

When I was 7 I had accidentally wet the bed while staying at a friend’s house. His mother’s reaction was extreme, to say the least, and I ended up in nothing but a t-shirt and one of my friend’s little sister’a disposable diapers. It was pink and had Disney princesses on it. I remember sitting in the den with them, watching TV, my baby diaper crinkling under me. I remembered feeling humiliated and trying to pull down my short t-shirt and cover myself.

Diapers? No thank you. No thank you, Sir.


Daddy stood, put his hands under my arms and easily lifted me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt his strong hands on my butt. He carried me into the den as I kissed his cheek.

In the den, Daddy laid me on the couch. He lifted my ankles and I found myself flat on my back, feet in the air, with him staring down at me.

“Is this what you want, Baby? To be in this position? To have Daddy powder your little bottom?”

He dropped one hand to my exposed butt. He rubbed my cheeks like he was rubbing powder casino oyna onto it.

His other hand held both ankles high in the air in a tight grip.

“Mmmmm,” he said, “Does that baby powder smell sweet, Baby?”

I stared up at him.

“Does Baby want to feel a nice, soft diaper…or maybe a crinkly plastic one…under your bottom? Do you want Daddy to pull your thick diaper up between your cute little legs…nice and snug?”

I shook my head ‘no.”

“Do you want to feel swaddled and secure as Daddy pins your diaper around you? Do you want to crawl on the floor and show Daddy what a cute little baby you are?”

“Oh no, Daddy. I don’t want to be a baby,” I said reaching up and circling my pointer finger on his belly.

I pleaded with my eyes.

I wanted to be his sissy. I did not want to be his sissy baby.

“Are you sure?” he asked, “Because you’ve mentioned diapers a few times now.”

A few times?

“I’m not saying you wouldn’t look adorable in diapers but that’s just not a game Daddy plays. Understand? That’s not what this…what you and I are about.”

He spanked my butt and lowered my legs.

I was now flat on the couch feeling so conflicted.

“So get that thought out of your silly little sissy head. Yes?”

I was lost in my thoughts, remembering walking around my friends house, being teased and having my diaper checked. I remember the sound of my plastic diaper crinkling, those little elastic gathers around my legs, the way my thickly padded butt looked…the Disney princesses…”

“Understand, Kitten?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, Daddy. I understand.”

I sighed a sigh of relief and so did Daddy.

We…I…would never mention diapers again.

“I’m your sissy, Daddy,” I said, reaching out to touch his semi-hard erection, “Not your sissy baby.”

He sat down and I squirmed up onto his lap.

He continued, “We’ll get up early and maybe grab some breakfast at the diner. Then we’ll drive across town.”

I listened, my head on his chest.

I could feel his heart beating.

“You’ll meet a woman named Marguerite tomorrow. I’ve known her for years. She’s amazing. She’s going to just love you and spoil you and treat you like the sissy princess you are.”

That sounded wonderful and I wiggled my butt a little.

“She’s going to work her magic on you and when she’s done, from that moment on, whenever you look into a mirror, you will see the Kitten I see.”

My heart fluttered.

“When you step out of her salon, you will be Kitten. Ozzie will be gone forever. How does that sound?”

I answered by sliding my hand into his lap and rubbing his cock through the front of his pants.

“You’re going to make Daddy late for work, aren’t you, Kitten?”

I bit my bottom lip coyly, batted my eyes and nodded.

“I guess those breakfast dishes can wait,” he said sliding his hand into my wet panties.

Chapter Twelve STYLED

The next morning I woke up snuggled up to Daddy, his beard tickling my face.

I kissed him good morning and then ran to the bathroom to pee.

I’m sorry. To tinkle. I ran to the bathroom to TINKLE.

I was sissy. This is how sissies started their days.

Sitting there tinkling, with my panties around my ankles, my bottom still a little sore from the previous night’s activities, I realized just how happy and complete I was feeling.

I was so content.

The best part was nothing I was doing or was being done to me, felt weird. Everything felt natural, as if a journey I’d been all my life was coming to an end. Or maybe it was just beginning? Maybe I’d been in PARK all my life and I was finally moving forward.

As we snuggled in bed, Daddy said he changed his mind and we’d have breakfast at home.

Fine with me.

I went to my room to get my slippers and he went downstairs. I watched the way his powerful filled his pajama shorts and moved when he walked.


The smell of bacon soon filled the house.

When I padded into the kitchen, in my pink bunny slippers, I saw Daddy laying out my vitamins for the day. My smoothie was already made and waiting for me in my glittery, pink tumbler. A pink straw was sticking out of it.

Daddy was wearing a his faded pajama shorts and nothing else.

He looked particularly handsome this morning. The waistband of his tight grey and blue plaid bottoms were pulled low and I could see just a hint of his thick, black pubic hair. When he turned around I could see a little bit of crack.

I giggled.

He asked, “What?”

I said nothing and sipped my smoothie.

I was wearing a pair of white shortie bloomer bottoms and a matching babydoll top. The hem of the top cut across my little nipples and then flared out.

I looked particularly adorable this morning.

At least that’s what Daddy said.

When we finished and I had done the dishes, Daddy told me to dress and come back downstairs.

I washed up, brushed my teeth and then walked into my sissy sanctuary.

There was just so much to choose from!

I finally canlı casino decided on some yellow bikini panties. There were little bumblebees on them. The waistband and leg openings were lacy.

I loved how they looked on me. They hugged me in all the right places and made my butt look round, cute and girlish. I wish I had worn panties every day growing up. I thought about all the fun I’d missed.

Then I put on some loose Victoria Secret sweatpants. They were black and had the words: THINK PINK across the butt. The lettering was pink and I think the type used was called ‘collegiate.’ It was the same lettering you’d see on college sweatshirts and Jerseys.

I put on some little socks and my pink and grey trainers.

It wasn’t an overly girly outfit and I did that for a reason. I purposely dialed down the ‘sissy’ for the day that was ahead of me.

See I couldn’t go full sissy girly on this first outing.

I wasn’t ready for the world to meet Kitten. Not that morning. Not so soon.

Greeting the mailman or a pizza delivery driver in my little outfits was one thing. I had the home field advantage. Going out into the big, wide world, dressed as a pretty little sissy, however. The thought made my tummy do flip flops.

Ozzie, the boring, plain boy would have to make at least one last appearance.

I could tell Daddy wasn’t thrilled with my outfit when he saw me come downstairs, but he didn’t say a word. He just flashed me a knowing smile. He knew things were about to change. He knew I was about to change.

We climbed into his truck.

I had to lift my butt off the seat and pull my panties out of my crack.

Ugh! Panty wedgies! Am I right, girls?

We drove to the other side of town.

I felt like I was off to see The Wizard.

After about twenty minutes, we pulled up in front of a salon called THE BEAUTY MARK.

Daddy took my hand and told me I was going to have the best morning ever!

I don’t know how that was possible since my idea of ‘the best morning ever’ would be waking up with his cock in my mouth or in my sissy pussy.

We stepped inside the salon and I found myself reaching back and pulling my panties out of my butt. Again.

Daddy just laughed.

We were greeted by a large, black woman who Daddy had known since high school. Her hair, in thick dreads, was piled on top her head.

As she walked from around the front counter, Daddy pushed me towards her, presenting me in a way. She stood in front of me and I had to put my head back to look up at her.

Marguerite was almost as tall as Daddy.

I felt like a little kid standing there in front of her.

Marguerite had a thick accent. When I offered her my hand to shake, she pulled me to her and hugged me tightly. I disappeared into her heavy bosom.

She introduced herself to me as Marguerite. I was told I could call her Miss Marguerite.

Miss Marguerite looked me over from head to toe. She turned me slowly. She pulled my sweatpants open and peeked inside. She fussed with my hair and pinched the skin around my bellybutton.

Miss Marguerite told Daddy there was indeed some work to do.

Daddy nodded in agreement.

My heart fell a little.

“Oh, my, Baby Gurl. That pout!”

I was doing it again.

She laughed and told me she didn’t mean to suggest I wasn’t pretty.

“You are an absolute doll, Baby Gurl,” she said, putting a finger under my chin, raising my face so our eyes met.

Daddy beamed.

So did I.

An absolute doll. Hmmmmm.

“But…Baby Gurl…we HAVE GOT to do something with this hair,” she said running her large fingers through my mousey mess.

“And these clothes. Oh my. Baby Child. Did you just wake up? Are these your pajamas? Tsk tsk tsk. Not how a proper little sissy dresses to step out into the world.”

“Yeah, but, see,” I thought to myself.

“Baby Gurl, we’ve got a lot of work to do,” she said taking my hand.

She told Daddy to leave and come back in a few hours.

A few hours?

I looked at Daddy and he told me I was in good hands.

Miss Marguerite took my hand and then led me through her salon.

Some older women, sitting under dryers, put their magazines down and followed us with their eyes.

I immediately thought back to all those times my mother had dragged me to the beauty parlor with her. I thought about how the other women would fuss over me and tease me by saying, “Are you here with your mommy to get your hair done pretty just like her?” or “My, what a pretty little boy! Just look at those lashes!” I’d sit in the lobby waiting for her and fidget, my feet swinging over the floor, feeling their eyes on me and I would hide behind some beauty magazine.

And now I had eyes following me again as a large women led me, by my hand, like a child, through a salon.

I knew I must have still looked like a boy, or a sissy boy or a tomboyish girl.

One of the women peered at me over her garden magazine and smiled knowingly at me. I think she knew what I was.

Then I wondered if all these women knew. Were they all taking kaçak casino ‘before shots’ in their minds? Were they all just dying to see the little sissy transformed into a pretty, little butterfly?

I wondered if I wasn’t the only sissy to have ever been transformed here at The Beauty Mark.

Whatever these women were thinking, I was sure they knew if Miss Marguerite was about to work her magic on me, I wasn’t going to look the same when I walked out.

I was led to a room at the back of the salon.

Miss Marguerite told me to undress.

When I hesitated she said I had nothing she hadn’t seen before and in less than a minute, I was standing in front of a total stranger in just my panties.

Marguerite didn’t seem at all surprised to see my girlish panties. In fact she acted as though it was something she saw every day.

She told me my panties were very cute. She asked if I had picked them out myself. I told her Daddy had bought them, all of my panties in fact, but I had selected them to wear today.

She said I had good very taste.

She had me turn for her and she said I had a lovely little bottom.

Miss Marguerite handed a short terry cloth robe. I put it on quickly lest someone walk in and see me in just my dainty undies.

Miss Marguerite told me that Daddy had instructed her to treat me like a sissy princess and he’d paid for a full day of primping and pampering.

Then she laughed and told me Daddy had told her what I said about the ‘pampering’ part. I was so embarrassed.

“He doesn’t play those games, Baby Gurl, but if it’d make you feel more comfortable, I have some sissy pull-ups and plastic panties in the back. They’re for another little doll just like you. Won’t take me but a second to get you powdered and diapered.”

“No THANK YOU, Miss Marguerite,” I said, my bottom lip sticking out and my arms folded.

“I’m just playing wit you, Angel,” she said, hugging me to her again,” Miss Marguerite is just havin’ herself some fun.”

Miss Marguerite went on to explain that Daddy had paid for the ‘whole treatment’ and it was going to a busy but fun morning.

I wondered what the ‘whole treatment’ would include.

She said she was going to transform me into the sissy butterfly she saw just below the surface.

I was very excited and a little nervous.

True to her words, Miss Marguerite treated me like a movie star.

The first thing was a sensuous massage administered by a very handsome young man who looked like the actor who played Thor. He wore tight white pants and a tight white t-shirt. His blonde hair rested on his broad shoulders.

I got a little flustered when he took my robe off.

He didn’t even blink. He just said I looked good in yellow, especially with my tan.

I got up on the table and lay on my stomach. I felt his strong hands begin to do wonderful things to me.

Thor asked me if I laid out and I said I did. I told him we had a pool and I swam every day. He said he could telll and then, as his strong hands massaged my lower back and slowly drifted across my butt, added he bet I looked amazing in my bikini bottoms.

I blushed.

I felt so relaxed I didn’t even care anymore that I was wearing only panties in front of another total stranger.

Thor rubbed me with oils and his strong hands and gentle fingers massaged every inch of my body. Every inch. Front and back.

I was in heaven.

I prayed I didn’t wet my panties…or…worse.

After my massage, I soaked in a sensuous tub of sweet smelling oils, lotions and potions. Marguerite applied a mask to my face made from some sort of clay. It had minerals in it, she said, and was meant to soften and moisturize my skin.

It felt really nice.

I liked being pampered.

Shut up.

I soaked in the tub until my skin felt like silk. My face mask was pealed off and my skin felt tingling. Marguerite was there to help me out and was holding a towel for me. My whole body felt baby soft and smelled wonderful.

If this is what it felt like to be a sissy, I didn’t ever want to feel like my old self again.

I put my robe back on and was taken to another part of the spa where I received my first ever mani-pedi.


I did feel like a princess!

Gwen, a petite Asian girl with the most beautiful eyes, did my nails. She trimmed and shaped them and I watched everything she did carefully.

Then she started working on my feet.


Why did I wait so long to have something so wonderful like this done to me?

I sipped the smoothie Miss Marguerite handed me and watched as Gwen transformed my ugly boy feet into delicate girl feet with pretty nails.

Then she applied a soft bubblegum pink polish to both my toenails and fingernails and finished with a clear coat. She put little spacers between each toe and gave me some cheap little open-toed sandals to wear while the polish dried.

My hands and feet looked so girlish!

I hugged Gwen and thanked her.

Finally I went back to Miss Marguerite who had me lay back on a padded table.

She slid down my panties and applied some wax to my pubic area. Although I was keeping myself shaved clean, I was shocked to see, when she pulled the adhesive strip back, speckles of black hairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20