If You Wish Upon a Star Pt. 04

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After Alexis parked the car in her family’s long driveway, she gently nudged Kayla to wake her up. They were arriving back home after a long day of trying to figure out who Kayla actually was. The doctor had said that her memory loss was not due to a physical injury, and the police had no missing person records of her. The girl didn’t even know what her name was. Just before the girl fell asleep, she had agreed to call herself Kayla.

A light groan came out of Kayla as she began to sit up and rub her eyes. She looked around and recognized the house they had left earlier that morning.

It was now late afternoon, and also the longest and most exhausting Sunday Alexis could remember. However, it was also the happiest for her as well. Ever since Kayla had shown up naked in her bed this morning, Alexis was not feeling lonely for the first time in… forever.

As the two exited the car, Alexis said, “Let’s get dinner ready. I’m sure we will be hungry by the time it’s done.”

“Mhm…” Kayla replied.

As they walked inside, Alexis noticed that Kayla didn’t seem to care much about the fact that they couldn’t find any information about her past. If anything, Kayla now seemed happier than before. Her blank expression now changed to a bit more cheerful as a slight smile replaced the straight face from before.

“I’m thinking of making pasta.” Alexis said as Kayla sat at the kitchen table. “Do you know what type you like?”

“No, but do any have marshmallows?”

Alexis laughed, “No, but if you like sweet things I’ll make sure to use a sweet tomato sauce.”

As she prepared dinner, Alexis continued to think. It was strange for Kayla to be acting this way. Why wasn’t Kayla upset? Wouldn’t she want to be with her family and friends?

Since they met, Kayla had only smiled once. This happened when Alexis told Kayla that she could stay with her family until they found out who she really is.

While the water was heating up, Alexis noticed that Kayla began to fidget slightly in her seat.

“What’s wrong?” Alexis asked.

“I’m… not sure. There’s pressure right here.” Kayla began to point to her lower abdomen.

“I think you have to use the bathroom.” Alexis chuckled to herself. Maybe this girl really lost all of her memories if she doesn’t know when to use the bathroom. “Do you remember where it is?”

“Yes I do.”

Alexis blushed as she remembered that Kayla walked in the bathroom and caught her masturbating this morning. Kayla seemed to have forgotten casino oyna about the whole thing.

30 seconds went by and suddenly a wave of panic rushed over Alexis. What if Kayla thought that what Alexis was doing earlier was using the bathroom?

Alexis turned off the stove and ran to the bathroom. She turned the corner to see the door wide open, revealing Kayla naked on the ground. Her legs were spread facing the doorway giving Alexis an entire view of her pussy. She was on the ground rubbing her clit, just like Alexis was earlier that day. Since Alexis accidently left the door open a crack that morning, Kayla had not even bothered to close the door at all.

Alexis’ face turned bright red as she stood frozen at the sight. Kayla’s face was equally red as she continued to rub herself as if Alexis wasn’t there. This continued for about fifteen seconds until Alexis finally snapped out of it.

All Alexis could muster to say was, “Kayla!”

When Kayla looked up she asked, “Am I doing it right? I still feel pressure, but this feels really good.”

“No Kayla… I can’t believe I have to show you how to use the bathroom.”

“I’m sorry.” Kayla quit rubbing herself and looked down sadly.

“No don’t be sorry! I just never thought I’d have to teach somebody.”

Kayla looked up again. “Well, can you teach me?”

“Yes, all you have to do is sit on the toilet and try to release the pressure, I guess.” Alexis’ face was burning red. This situation was so embarrassing.

During this whole event, Alexis’ panties had begun to get damp. It was as Kayla was sitting down that Alexis noticed how damp they actually were. Since Friday, she had been so horny and had no idea why. It was like a switch was flipped inside her brain.

Alexis didn’t even have time to leave before a trickling noise filled the bathroom. She instinctively looked towards the noise to see Kayla releasing a stream into the toilet.

Kayla was not embarrassed by this at all. In fact, after watching herself pee for a moment, she looked up to smile at Alexis. She looked back down and watched the stream turn into a trickle. Alexis was now staring up at the ceiling, trying not to spectate.

“Thanks Alexis! I feel so much better!”

“It’s no problem. Now don’t forget to wipe!”

Alexis rolled a bit of toilet paper for Kayla and ripped off a piece.

“This much should do.”

Kayla wiped herself and Alexis flushed the toilet.

“Good job! Now you have to do this if you’re feeling canlı casino pressure towards your lower back as well.”

“Okay!” Kayla was very happy about her accomplishment.

Alexis showed Kayla how to wash her hands. When Kayla bent over to reach the soap, Alexis noticed that Kayla was still naked. She had become oblivious to the fact for a brief period of time and was reminded as she was greeted with Kayla’s ass.

After drying her hands, Kayla asked, “So now I get on the ground right?”

Alexis froze again. The topic of masturbation was something brand new to her, and she never dreamed of discussing it with anyone, ever.

“That… is something different. I just figured out how to do it and it’s something to do in private.”

“Private? So… by yourself?” Kayla asked.

“I guess so. I mean I don’t know very much about it. All I know is it feels good.”

“Well I want to do it! It felt really good, and I don’t mind you watching. It makes me happy knowing you’re with me.”

Alexis was taken aback by these words. Even though it was about something as embarrassing as masturbation, nobody had ever said anything that nice to her before.

She began to tear up with happiness. Maybe she had finally found a new friend.

Throwing everything she had been taught away, Alexis smiled and said, “Yes! I’ll show you Kayla!”

The two ran to Alexis’ bedroom. When they got there, Kayla sat on the bed as Alexis took off all her clothes, revealing a pair of drenched panties. She was so wet, that her juices had begun to run down her leg. After noticing, she jumped onto the bed with Kayla.

“Alright, so the first thing you’ve got to do is get your pussy all nice and wet. Mine is already like that because…”

Alexis’ face had been beet red for the past ten minutes now, but it would have turned redder at this moment if it could have. She had no idea why she was so turned on by this girl. Maybe the reason she had no luck with boys was because she actually liked girls, but never had a way of discovering this fact.

“I don’t know, but I already am. See?”

Kayla moved her head close to Alexis’ crotch. Other than the doctor and her parents while she was young, no one had ever seen Alexis naked before. Kayla staring at her privates was making the entire situation even more erotic.

“Wow that is a lot wetter than mine!” Kayla turned around and bent over, revealing her asshole and pussy at point-blank view to Alexis.

Alexis moved back from Kayla as she kaçak casino was greeted with a new aroma. She had forgotten for a moment how Kayla never seemed to be embarrassed by anything. Kayla did have a point though, she was not as wet, but that smell was… good.

“How do I get as wet as you?” Kayla asked, staring at Alexis between her legs.

Alexis was now mesmerized by the smell and sight of Kayla’s pussy. So mesmerized, she didn’t respond to Kayla’s question.

“Alexis how do y-“

Kayla jumped forward as she felt something touch her clit. Looking back, she saw Alexis with her tongue out, which she must have used to lick it.

“What… was that?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Alexis didn’t even know what she just did. She was so embarrassed she began to cry into her hands.

Kayla stared for a moment confused, and then said to Alexis’ surprise, “Do it again!”

“What?” Alexis asked picking her head up from her hands.

“That felt amazing! Do it again!”

“Um… are you sure?”

“Yes!” Kayla said as she bent over again.

Alexis leaned her head slowly towards Kayla’s pussy, and began to lick slowly. The taste was sweet. She liked it.

Kayla began to moan, and then more liquid began to come out of Kayla’s hole. Alexis motioned for Kayla to lie on her back. Once there, Alexis spread open Kayla’s legs and dived between. She began to lick everywhere around Kayla’s crotch, even kissing the small patch of hair above Kayla’s clit. Then, she proceeded to stick her tongue into the hole of Kayla’s pussy.

After a few minutes of this, Kayla tensed up, screamed, and squirted juices all over Alexis’ face. After about 20 seconds, Kayla collapsed against the bed, breathing heavily.

Alexis moved up next to Kayla and kissed her on the cheek.

“What was that?” Kayla asked, still panting.

“A kiss,” Alexis responded, “It is what two people do when they love each other.”

“Well I love you Alexis. Even if my memories do return, I know I will love you anyway.”

Kayla then kissed Alexis on the lips and hugged her tightly. Alexis followed suit and hugged her back, this time kissing Kayla on the lips.

The rest of the night the two girls talked about how awesome living together was going to be. Alexis also taught Kayla how to act around her parents, including bathroom and clothing etiquette. They ended their evening by planning on going to the mall to get Kayla some clothes the next day.

As they began to fall asleep together, Alexis couldn’t help but wonder if this girl was the answer to her wish. She looked out the window to be greeted with another shooting star, and then closed her eyes, holding not only her new best friend, but lover as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20