Intimate Encounters Ch. 01

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The ground rumbles as the approaching subway reaches the station. Underground, the rusted breaks of the train screech in protest as the anxious commuters wait for the subway to come to a complete stop. The double doors of the crowded car open with a gust of hot air, and out steps Matt onto the platform.

Matt stands taller than most of the passengers, with a wild head of curly brown locks and brilliant hazel eyes that quickly scan the crowd around him. A light denim jacket rests over his broad shoulders, paired with black jeans with a tear in the knees, and even fully clothed you can see his muscles bulge as he makes his way to the exit of the subway. He emerges onto the streets of New York, and picks up his phone to a new message from me. He is here visiting just for the night, but is excited to see me since it’s been months since our last encounter.

I feel my phone vibrate in the pocket of my light skinny jeans, and I pick up the pace as I approach the subway to meet him. I’m nervous, and can feel my heart pounding with every step closer to him.

“Where are you?” I ask him as I pick up the phone.

“I’m by some trees I think, but honestly I’m not sure” he responds.

“Just stop moving! I’ll come find you.”

I arrive at the station, and spot Matt from afar. Even from this distance, I can tell he’s gotten bigger since the last time I saw him. It has begun to rain, and the previously crisp white of his undershirt develops a skin-colored tint as it begins to cling to his broad chest. I can start to see the curves of his abs on his tanned stomach, and the cold has made his nipples form two sharp points on either side of the thin shirt.

Matt finally spots me, and runs and gives me a bear hug. His corse beard brushes against my face, and I immediately feel at home in his arms.

“You’re soaking wet! Why didn’t you bring your umbrella?” I said, but not too upset with the unexpected exposure of his torso.

“It’s no big deal, Kyle, and aren’t we stopping by your apartment to drop my things off anyways? I can always just borrow one of yours!”

It’s true; we were going back to my apartment first, and the thought immediately elevated my heart rate. The thought of his lips pressed onto mine and feeling his body against casino siteleri me was so exciting, but I knew we would have to wait. My roommate was home, and was not expected to leave till the night time. Even still, the anticipation was almost too much to handle.

We make small talk as we journey back to my apartment, which was about a ten minute walk from the train station. During this time, I can’t help but stare at the man next to me in awe.

Although I am just as fit as he is, he has almost half a foot on me, and am dwarfed by his size. I have to look up to speak to him, and practically gawk at how lucky I am that Matt was able to come in visit me. Quickly, I glance down at the top of his jeans, and see his large bulge shift back and forth with every step. I can’t help the subsequent rush of blood heading towards my own, and quickly look back at him as he describes his day to me.

“We’re here”, I declare matter of factly, as we walk through the double doors of the apartment building. I take him to the steps and begin to head up, and feel his eyes on my butt as we make our way up the three flights towards the apartment.

I let Matt into the space, as he casually walks around, inspecting everything from the furniture to the neat array of glasses positioned on the counter.

“Where’s your roommate?” He asks.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. He said he would be home but I guess not.”

“That works for me!” Matt says with a smirk. He has a mischievous look in his eyes that could only mean one thing.

“Not right now!” I respond, “You only have a short time in the city and I want to make sure you see as much of it as you can.”

“I have all I need to see right here” He says, coming towards me and wrapping his hands around my waist.

“Ha. Ha. Very corny.” I say, pushing him away, “My roommate could be home any minute.”

At this point it’s taking all of my self control not to fall right into his arms and let his strong biceps envelop me. We stare into each other’s eyes for a long moment, and I knew I couldn’t help myself any longer.

Matt grabs me by the waist again, and slowly leans towards me, and presses his soft lips against mine. I loose all self control, and our kissing gets more and more passionate canlı casino as I am pushed up against the wall of the apartment. He grabs my legs and picks me up, still pushed up against the wall, and I can feel his bulge growing with every kiss.

Still lifting me, Matt carries me to my room and places me on the bed. At this point, I am fully hard, and I can feel my cock throbbing as he takes off his shirt and continues to kiss me. Matt then takes off mine, and I can feel the smooth, warm touch of his skin against mine, and feel his muscles ripple as he moves.

I flip him onto the bed, and I passionately kiss him, moving down from his head to his hairy chest and abs. I slowly unzip his pants, and reveal his big cock from his underwear. Its size is impressive, with a large head and thick veins running down the side. His balls, large and slightly hairy, hang between his legs as i fully pull down his pants.

I take his cock with both hands as I slowly lick his dick down to the base of the shaft. He moans slightly, and grabs my hair as I start to suck it, going down as far as I can. He leans back, fully immersed in pleasure, unable to move from my mouth on his cock.

He lightly grabs my head and pulls me up to face him, and he kisses me as he unbuttons my pants. My cock springs back up as my underwear drops to my ankles, and immediately he begins sucking it, cupping my balls as he goes all the way to the base of it.

“Fuck” is all I could reply to him, and I run my hands down his muscular arms as he continues to suck my cock.

I feel almost ready to burst when Matt stops sucking me, and he lifts me back up onto the bed and I go back to sucking him. My ass is facing him now, and he grabs it and begins eating me out, his tongue moving in circles around my tight hole. I can barely handle the sensations, and let out a sharp moan when he inserts a finger into my hole.

I stopped sucking him then, and flip onto my back to face him. He looks at me with lust-filled eyes, and at that point all I wanted was to feel his throbbing cock inside of me, thrusting and stretching my tight hole. Matt grabs the lube, and wets his cock and my ass. He kisses me one more time, and slowly pushes his dick into my hole.

I let out a gasp, as feel his kaçak casino cock slowly pushing deeper and deeper inside me. I pull him closer and wrap my legs around him, and he slowly starts pumping his cock in and out. His eyes closed in pleasure and his arms positioned by my head, he begins fucking me harder, his slick cock stretching my whole with every thrust. Already I can feel my cock about to burst, and moan as my hole tightens around his dick.

“I’m going to cum” I moan under my breath, and my eyes close as my cock shoots white steams of cum all over my chest. The feeling was euphoric, with my whole body almost vibrating with pleasure. I barely open my eyes to see Matt pumping harder, and know he is about to explode. He kisses me hard, and I feel the desperation in his thrusts as he tries to stop himself from releasing.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He barely gets the word out as his cock releases into my ass, with waves of cum shooting up inside me. He kisses me and collapses on top of me from the power of the orgasm. We lay there in silence, passionately kissing, with his cock still inside me. He finally pulls out, and my hole is gaping, dripping with his seed from his giant load.


Lying back, chests still heaving, Matt eventually pulls away from me. He stares at me for a moment, his gorgeous hazel eyes reflecting the afternoon light, and gently pushes my hair out of my face. He stares intently at me again, and I crack a smile.

“What are you looking at?” I ask him with a mischievous look on my face.

“I can’t stop looking at you. I’m sorry, I know it’s weird but I just really can’t get enough of that face.”

My heart jumps in my chest. Although we met only a little while ago, there was a connection I felt between us that was indescribable. The way he looks at me, and the way I now feel in his arms is something I’ve never felt before, as if a warm feeling traveled deep from my chest and down my spine.

Yawning, I flip around and face away from him. Matt reaches down and wraps his hands around my waist, and I instinctively arch my back, fitting his soft cock perfectly between my ass cheeks. Matt chuckles, and says softly into my ear, “I’ll wake you up in a little bit.”

I was exhausted, truth be told. I hadn’t slept much the night before, and needed some rest if I wanted to spend the rest of the day actively engaged with Matt. I shut my eyes, and almost immediately drift off in his arms, dreaming of one of our first encounters…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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