Jenna the Sub Ch. 09

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Several weeks had passed now and Jenna had settled into a routine of working her days, busy with the inner runnings of the several different outlets of Golding’s. With her background and training she had been the perfect fit and not a day had passed where Janice hadn’t been impressed.

Three Fridays had gone by now, and tomorrow would bring the one month anniversary of their ‘union’ and it was a date that Janice wasn’t going to let slip without recognition because now, as this time had passed and Jenna had proven herself in all aspects, be it in business or otherwise – Janice was prepared to take things to a higher level, one that would see great changes in both… But more so in Jenna as the case always seemed to be.

During their last Friday-night-after work -review – as they were still referring to Jenna’s out-right submission where she was at first ‘plugged’ and then put through whatever paces her Momma saw fit, last week being another long, slow and painful session of having her ass spanked for not making a bank drop on her way home one evening – and it was also the night she had introduction Jenna to her brand new 8-inch and very life-like strap-on dildo to which she was completely and thorough fucked by her Momma in just about every conceivable position in what became hours of non-stop lesbian sex.

Tonight however, Janice had some special things in mind, tonight was going to different, tonight was going to be about moving ahead, accepting the future and what it holds for the pair. Janice, as cold as she could be at times was in fact developing real feelings for the girl. So willing and co-operative with everything she had tossed at the girl and now, it was time to make her yet another offer that she simply could not refuse.

“It’s getting near closing Jenna, why don’t you get finished up out here and I’ll get my bag, meet me outside when you’re ready and don’t dawdle, I have something that I want to show you before we head off for your… review…” Janice explained dragging out the word ‘review’ in knowing kind of way as Jenna looked up from her place at the front desk, smiling, understanding the innuendo.

The past month had been a trying one for the girl, but she had persevered, even becoming excited as each Friday approached. Up until now her Momma (Ma’am when working) hadn’t let her spend more than one night with her in the loft and tonight being Friday meant that she would – hopefully- be invited to stay after they had both been exhausted, tired out and left quite satisfied, but usually for different reasons.

Janice was left spent from having her pussy and ass licked and tongue fucked while ‘Queening’ her little submissive lover – and for Jenna, she seemed to be left rather contented after being either spanked, cropped or strap-on fucked until she could stand no more. Her limits being pushed each week, it was both a terror and a pleasure that she was finding it all the more difficult to live without.

With butterflies in her stomach Jenna stepped outside to where she believed she would find her Momma waiting either in her big expensive foreign car or leaning on it, looking powerful-alluring and just down-right sexy in her polished, mature way.

Stepping out she did find her new boss, her Momma, but what she was leaning against, well it was a far cry from the big black touring sedan she had become accustomed to riding in each Friday of late, no this was no luxury car this was… Well – she wasn’t sure.

Stepping closer she looked at the older woman in confusion, watching her raise her arm up above her head, she smiled and said “Surprise..!” in a loud, cheery voice, the effect of which leaving Jenna just that… Surprised… Or confused, along with the car, she wasn’t sure of this either, in fact at that moment, she wasn’t too sure about anything.

“W-What…? I… I don’t under – I don’t understand Ma’am..?” She stammered really having no clue as to what was going on…

“Look..! It’s a car..! I bought it as a rolling advertisement, just like you said I should…” Janice chirped still sounding way more excited than Jenna could comprehend why.

Looking closer, Jenna could see that the small, compact car was in fact wrapped in a colourful representation of the Golding’s logo, just as she had seen on buses and other cars owned by businesses. Where the woman had come up with the idea of buying a car, Jenna had thought of the advertising idea, this part about a car, the connection she still hadn’t made in her head.

The car itself, turning out to be a brand new-compact, Fiat 500, Janice had purchased and had custom wrapped in the Golding’s Gym logo and colours of gold, black and silver. It was in actuality her own idea, what Jenna had credit for was in finding out that the company could save a bundle on taxes if she were to start advertising more, like on park benches, bus shelter and billboards, never had she mentioned anything like, like whole car – but still, the deductions were there, casino oyna and with a car, it was going to be a lot bigger of a savings come the end of her fiscal year.

Janice was proud of the girl’s progress and ability to see things that other who she had paid to do the same – couldn’t. No one as of yet had lived up to what she was seeing in her young, new apprentice. In thinking about it over the last couple of weeks, she had decided that if she was going to lay out some cash for advertising, and at the same time wanting to do something for the girl who had helped to make it all possible, Janice thought a car would be the perfect solution. Not only would the girl be able to get from each of the gym-spa outlets across the town with greater ease, thus bringing more value to her time, she would also have the benefit of being the companies sharp – and very cool looking rolling billboard.

It was a win-win situation for the two of them and as soon as Jenna was clued into what was going on, she nearly fainted with this amazing gift, she was simply amazed with the woman’s generosity. It was in fact too much and as she stood there on the street, taking in this smart looking little car, all decked out in the Golding’s colours, with sharp looking tires and tinted glass, it looked like a little race car that she knew she was just going to love bombing around the town in, shooting from location to location, becoming a part of the Golding’s world as the CEO’s personal assistant.

For the first time in her life she felt like some sort of big-shot, she was one of the people she had always admired and wished to be like on the outside, while on the inside, things were completely different.

“Oh my God… You -You can’t be serious… For me..? This? This car is for… Is for me..?” Jenna bleated astounded and thinking someone was going to pull this rug from under her feet, there was no way… It couldn’t be true… Could it..?

“Yes it is… Now what do you think..? Isn’t it gorgeous..? its so cute and I love the logo I had the guy put on, it’s this whole thing where they can put any picture you want on a car with this big vinyl wrap stuff… Isn’t it amazing..?” Janice gushed loving this surprise just as much as the Jenna was, even though she was still trying to get her head around it all. “Why?” she pondered to herself… Why was she so lucky..?

“I… I can’t… I just don’t know what to say… M-Ma’am… It’s – it’s too much… Oh my God..! Th-Thank you… I mean Oh God..! A- A car! I don’t know what else to say..?” Jenna continued babble, her amazement as genuine as her gratitude.

“Well, it’s technically not really ‘your’ car darling, but it is absolutely for you to use…” Janice began, her statement taking a little to no air out of Jenna’s joyous moment.

“I’m going to need more from you in the coming weeks like driving from each location, doing errands and other work stuff. I think it will be a real eye catcher sitting outside of any one of my gyms…” Janice explained, pointing out that it was a ‘company car’ yet still it was hers to use at any time.

“Oh and I have also taken the liberty of reserving a second parking space for you at the loft so you won’t end up being ticketed or towed – and well…” Janice added then paused. “Well you know I’d have to punish you for something like that…” she finished then, smiling through her mild threat.

It was a bit of a joke, this much she understood, but along with this, she was still leery and made aware that she had better take good care of this wonderful gift. She had better not ding a bumper in a parking lot or like her Momma had said – Sh had better not end up being towed away for parking in the wrong place – or even just being ticketed.

She was going to love this car, take good care of it, that much was true and as the woman handed her the keys, nothing could wipe the smile off from Jenna’s face right then, not even a long session spent over her Momma’s knee, or even worse, her most dreaded and feared punishment as of yet – having her bare pussy spanked and slapped with the woman’s evil little leather tipped riding crop.

Yet with all of this a million miles away from her mind at that moment, Jenna sat happily behind the wheel of her new car, following her Momma’s big black sedan back to the loft where she was sure she would be thanking the woman, her Momma, in any way the older woman should choose.


Looking back into her rear-view mirror, Janice couldn’t help but smile thinking of how she was going to use this gift as a means to have the girl sign a contract she had drawn up one night in the past week. It started as a lark really, more like a list of the things she had found of most interest during her ‘research’ on the internet. Yet as she looked at her list she began to formulate this ‘contract’ based on some of the stories she had read where the ‘slave’ in the fantasy signed away all of their worldly possessions. The stories were rather farfetched because canlı casino in reality, none of these signed documents would ever stand up in the real world, or a real courtroom for that matter.

It was all just a fun idea she had happened upon and wanted to give it a shot, figuring that what the girl didn’t know wouldn’t really hurt her – all that much.

Reaching the parking garage and pulling into the vacant spot beside the woman’s big black land-yacht, Jenna didn’t so much as step out of her new car but rather she bounced in excitement, much the same way a kid would opening when coming down on Christmas morning to open presents.

“I take it you like the car..?” Janice asked in a joking, sarcastic tone of voice after seeing the girl all but bound out of the vehicle and over to her Momma’s side.

“Oh my God Yes..!” I love it and – and Oh God how… Oh I just don’t know… I don’t how on earth I’ll be able to thank you..!” Jenna beamed, not realizing what she had just said.

“Oh I’m sure we’ll find a way my pet… Yes, we’ll find a way…” Janice answered, again sounding cryptic and giving the girl a knowing ‘wink’ of the eye leaving Jenna to blush as the pair walked towards the elevator.



The elevator opened and as they stepped in Jenna suddenly feeling brave with all of this giving and being made to feel special, she silently reached out and took the older woman’s hand in hers, leaned in close and whispered “Thank you Momma…” then up her toes to kiss the woman’s cheek.

Janice, thinking the gesture was sweet, she turned and smiled into the girl’s big brown eyes and thinking of how much she had come to mean to her in the past few weeks. For what had started as just a naughty idea – it was now becoming something more, and quite frankly, she couldn’t have imagined a better outcome.

Mean while Jenna was feeling like she was on air, she was so comfortable, she thought she must be doing something right because as they rode up towards the lobby, she couldn’t help but recall her last trip in this very space where after being ordered to strip from the waist down, she had been forced to ride this elevator, walk the lobby (thankfully empty) and again ride the second elevator up to the loft and do so while bare-ass naked from the waist down – scared to death.

Yet this time was different and while she was feeling so good, she thought of something else she would like to do for her Momma, something she was certain would put a smile on the woman’s face.


The lower elevator chimed announcing their arrival to the main lobby where they would walk across the foyer and into Janice’s waiting, private elevator, the one that rode directly into the loft. However and again, unlike last time, something different happened as they stepped out.

Jenna, thinking it would be best to let go of the woman’s hand as they walked the public lobby, fearing the raising of any suspicions from anyone who might see the pair, she tried to let go but then much to her surprise and delight, the elder woman hung on to her smaller hand. When Jenna tried to let go, Janice wouldn’t let her and from there they both walked heads high, proudly holding hands across the lobby and into the second waiting elevator.

Happier than she could remember being in that moment, Jenna waited until the door had closed before she once again let go of the woman’s hand and in doing so Janice looked down in question but was soon to understand why now, why the girl had let go of her hand once the elevator had closed them in, sealing them in as the small elevator car began its climb.

Smiling and saying nothing, and like it was the most natural thing in the world, Jenna kicked off her shoes first and then in a rapid form, she unceremoniously began taking all of her clothes off. Starting with her top and the lacy, half-cup bra that she had recently purchased along with several bra’s she hoped the older, stylishly sexy woman would find more appealing after commenting about her less sexy but favoured – sports bras. She doffed them both, this time leaving her topless in opposite of her last, bottomless journey up to the loft.

Smiling still, she then hooked her thumbs into the tight black leggings – that were according to Janice – a mandatory part of her uniform – as she had stated on the girl’s second day of work. She pushed them to the floor leaving her for the moment in the tiny, pink thong she had chosen to wear (also recently purchased with her Momma in mind) knowing the woman would more than likely be seeing her undressing at some point in the evening.

Still saying nothing and leaving her clothes where they lay in a pile at her feet, Jenna once more stepped back into place and took up the woman’s hand in hers – acting as if her stripping down like this was an everyday thing as they rode the woman’s private elevator.

Saying nothing herself, Janice although quite surprised, yet pleased none the less, she too smiled kaçak casino and acted like this was completely natural if not mandatory.


The elevator sounded off its last stop coming to a rest, the rear door opening into the loft and Jenna, knowing her place stepped aside to let her Momma step out as she then turned to retrieve her discarded clothing before following her elder out and into the living area.

“Fold your clothes nicely Jenna, then I’d like you to run us a bath, I feel like a good soak and some pampering… Oh and while you’re at it Jenna, bring up my satchel and place it beside the tub but ‘do not’ open the bag and no peeking either… Do I make myself clear..?” Janice directed as Jenna stood folding her clothing, listening as Janice doled out her instructions watching as her dominant lover stepped into the smaller lift, the one that takes her up to her second level bedroom and bath.


With her tiny pile of clothing in her one hand and the heavy, toy laden black satchel in the other, Jenna made her way through the kitchen and up the long stairway leading to the second floor. Reaching the bathroom and not being sure what she should do with her clothes, she chose to stow they away in one of cupboards figuring she probably wouldn’t be in the need of them until the morning at least.

Moving next to the bath she ran the water, leaving it to warm up as she placed the satchel at the foot where it was easily reached as her Momma had requested. Checking the bathwater, Jenna pulled the plunger closing the drain allowing the huge bath to start filling. How many gallons of water it would take to fill, she couldn’t even hazard a guess. Yet knowing this would take some time she then moved to the large walk-in shower for a quick wet-down and to give herself a once over before her Momma returned.

While showering, smoothing her hands over her wet skin, she reached back and felt her own ass, dragging a finger up through her deep crevasse she began to think of what might come this evening, and if she were to guess – she would assume that tonight would not be unlike the past few “Friday-night -reviews” where she would have her butt-plug inserted at some point, probably right away if any of their prior meetings had proven since this toys introduction into their lives (and Jenna’s ass).

She had feared her plug at first but after having to endure the big black cone-shaped plug’s rather ‘uncomfortable’ insertion and again, later at its removal, however as she had lived through the experience a few times now, leaving her to feel a twinge in her pussy as the suggestion filled her with an angst of naughty, taboo filled arousal.

She was beginning to like doing these unexpected and sexually strange, if not down-right perverted things for the woman, her Momma. It was something that to this day she still wasn’t completely sure about, the ‘why’ of what she was allowing this woman to have her do, with little to no resistance. It was something she wasn’t sure she would ever understand but when she was with this woman, she felt this compelling need to satisfy her every whim, want or desire – and to do so without question.

Stepping out of the shower and partially drying herself off with a towel Jenna was suddenly frightened at hearing her name being called out, echoing from across the room.

“Jenna… Would come here please..?” Janice said at volume knowing it would gain the girls attention.

“Ahh..!” Jenna yelped, dropping her towel and turning to see her Momma standing over near the partition wall where the toilet lay hidden from view. Noticing that she too was naked, Jenna wondered what the woman may want.

“Yes… Yes Momma, right away…” She replied, quickly making her way to the far corner of the room.

Closer now, she watched with surprise as her Momma turned and sat down on the toilet. Feeling embarrassed Jenna turned away and apologised.

“Oh, I’m sorry… Here I’ll leave you t-“

“No Jenna… Come… Come kneel here – here in front of me… I have a new task for you…” Janice interrupted.

Turning back with a puzzled look, Jenna chose not to question and slowly sank down to her knees atop the cold, hard and uncomfortable marble tile, hoping that whatever this task was she wouldn’t be left here like this for too long.

Looking the girl in the eye, Janice let her own eyes quickly flick down to her parting legs, giving Jenna the indications that she too should look down, and doing so, Jenna’s eyes widen to see the woman being to pee, breaking her seal right there – right in front of her, not one foot away.

Jenna was agog, flabbergasted – stymied in shocked amazement, as her Momma let go allowing her thick stream to jet forward into the toilet bowl below – right there in front of her, Jenna didn’t know where to look.

Feeling compelled to watch, yet while trying not to, Jenna soon became fascinated and quite unable to look anywhere else. The spectacle was just too much to understand as she stared into the woman’s gaping legs, her, dark black pubic bush trimmed into a neat ‘V’ leading the girl’s gaze down to see her waters streaming down, splashing into the waters beneath her.

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