Just a Dream…?

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It was unusually warm for this time of year in North Carolina. It was late in the winter and heading into early spring, yet it was incredibly stuffy in every room. Fans were useless and it was too early for air conditioning. It was quite late evening and the sun had been set for some time, however the stifling warmth hung in the darkness.

Kitty laid awake as she had many other nights, seemingly unable to go to sleep as always, though she didn’t know why. Sleep was never an easy thing for her and the heat that surrounded her was doing her no favors. She was on her back partially covered by her sheet as she looked up toward the ceiling. She paid no attention to the dark as her mind began to wander into thoughts about the things that always kept her awake. All of the meaningless tasks that were entirely mundane but always drove her mad every day, such as her anxieties, worries and the like. At some points, she just watched the clock pass minute by minute into the middle of the night, driving her even further into madness as she got further away from the night and closer to the morning. The thoughts of it making her mind-numbingly ill. As she thought more and more about when she’d finally get to sleep, it got harder to convince herself that she would. The depressing thoughts and strange feelings from some of the incomplete dreams persisted but were rarely remembered other than just one or two small details. All she knew was that they were unsettling and enough to cause her to wake abruptly, usually in a heavy sweat.

A large sigh came from her chest and out her mouth with a large breath being expelled audibly. Kitty rolled to her side and picked up her phone. She opened facebook and began perusing what was there, though she had no hopes for anything new; at least not new enough to keep her attention.

As she scrolled mindlessly for what seemed to be hours (solely in hopes that it would cause her enough boredom to go to sleep, though no matter how many times she attempted it, it always failed.) She finally realized that it was futile and put her phone down and rolled back onto her back and again stared toward the ceiling. Her skin was warm but finally not sticky from the humid air that had persisted since late yesterday morning. Her hand was warm – warmer than her skin on her chest – and actually felt comforting. Smoothly she caressed across it from side to side, actually providing an unexpected but very welcomed relaxed sensation inside her in the process. Feeling the relief, she moved her hand over her stomach where the area was much larger to cover in hopes that the larger area would provide more comfort. Starting from her waistline to the bottoms of her breasts and back, the feelings continued to build for several minutes and she finally began to feel her body become less aware of the millions of things that kept her awake and stimulated. The feelings of being uptight she had originally felt seemed to melt away as the pleasant increase in entire sensations built within her. Smiling slightly to herself, Kitty placed her hand further up her body again, stopping short of her chest. Her hand now rested on her right breast which casino oyna caused her body to tingle at the touch in every way possible. Closing her eyes, Kitty began to caress her breast and carefully stroke and pull at her tender nipple.

Kitty maintained the massage on her tender skin. Keeping her eyes closed, she contemplated her body. Her breasts were proportionate to her strong frame and her hips were wide, giving an impressive view of physical appearance; both of which had caused some complex as to her appearance as she moved through adolescence into adulthood. She still compared herself to other women in an attempt to gain perspective on what seem to be perceived as less feminine in school, which she actually was, but rather at this point in her life it was used as a comparison to how other bodies of women her age had changed as they aged. These comparisons were encouraging to her, as she was maintaining a healthy perspective and appearance to her body based on that comparison. Almost all of the women who she had been associated with on the fringe of her adolescence had seemingly added weight, their heavier breasts had started to sag (which was visible even if the woman was wearing a bra, which normally occurs when having children. She was delighted that even after having two girls earlier in life that this had not happened to her) and allowed her to think boldly to herself that she certainly looked good in respect to others.

Almost unintentionally, her hand had moved to her lower belly and to the top of her mound above her very smooth and freshly shaved pussy, tended to just prior to getting in bed a few hours prior. Kitty thought for a moment and with a slight grin on her face, slid her fingers down over her pussy lips, which were very swollen and slippery, something she didn’t realize the magnitude of until this point. As ran her fingers parted her tight folds, a sudden change in her feelings and thoughts came to mind, however it was one very potent thought she had focused on in particular – the one particular dream that always seemed to come back to her over and over, but never completed. Slowly sliding her finger further into her tight pussy lips, stimulating the outside while being extremely careful to not touch her engorged clit that was screaming for attention. Consciously she knew she wasn’t ready for this and pushed further down between her folds, two fingers now addressing the wet pussy she had prepared for the last ten minutes as she had caressed her body.

Kitty began to visualize the beginning of the dream. She could see herself in an opening outside just as the dream always began; one that was on the edge of a river as the evening set in and the sun started to make a slow descent. The sky was full of oranges and yellows; the kind you see just before dusk. The thing that confused her most was the fact that this was definitely not anything like she knew in the area around her, but a place far from there as it bordered a lush wooded area opposite the river. She was familiar with the scene in some way as it seemed familiar, almost as if she had seen it somewhere before but couldn’t put a finger on just where it was. canlı casino It was quiet and she felt nearly alone thought. There was a man on the edge of a path to her left, perhaps fifty feet or so from where she was standing. He seemed to be working on starting a fire with the previously collected sticks that were already built up. There were early wisps of smoke and slight flames that had just started in the middle. The sun seemed to be setting quickly with the orange flames lighting up the area with an accepting glow. The glow sent incredible warmth through her. Lifting his head, the man looked over toward Kitty but didn’t speak.

Instead of fleeing from his glance, knowing she had been caught, she took a minute to study him instead. He wasn’t very large at maybe 5’7″ or so, had an average build and dark hair that was cut very short. He was dressed in a red t-shirt and dark colored shorts and had narrow rimmed glasses on. A mustache and goatee adorned his face to round out his appearance. Intrigued, she found comfort as his appearance seemed relaxed.

“Kitty? Are you coming over here or not?” The man smiled widely. “I can’t believe it, but I left the chairs back at my house, so I set up the blanket from my car in the grass so our asses don’t get beat up by the rocks off from the riverbank!” A slight chuckle escaped as finished his sentence.

Kitty felt a sudden urge to run again but couldn’t seem to make herself do it. For some reason, this complete stranger knew her even though she had no idea who he was. Once the sudden urge passed however, she almost immediately relaxed and felt comforted. Instead of wanting to flee now, she was compelled to walk to the man and had unknowingly reached the blanket next to him.

The man extended his arm invitingly. “Come on babe, come sit next to me. It’s nice to be alone. It’s a warm evening, we really need to make the most of this.” It now felt that she really belonged here. Sitting down, she reached the edge of the blanket; tipping her head on his shoulder and up toward his chin, which was very unusual for her, as she tended to be the aggressor in this type of situation but accepted the situation subconsciously but still didn’t speak. She didn’t know why but it appeared almost as if she didn’t have to. That her body language was doing all of the speaking though she didn’t know it was more for his sake or hers.

“I can’t believe it took this long for us to just get away and enjoy an evening together, but the fact that you were able to escape with an empty house certainly has worked in our favor,” the man said. “It’s completely an unlikely time to share with each other, but now we’re here and are going to make the most of it.” Both Kitty and the man laughed, knowing exactly what he meant.

A content but devious smile crossed Kitty’s lips, her eyes appeared to be full of expectant thoughts that indicated her mine was thinking very wickedly sexual thoughts. She was oddly feeling the same things the man had said, her pussy fully soaked and practically running down her ass cheeks. She lifted her head up to look at him again, trying to examine his face in hopes to recognize kaçak casino him, though the thoughts of still not knowing the man fueled even more thoughts of lust of anonymous sex and even more tingling between her legs. She lifted her head up to look at him again but instead was interrupted by his lips as they pressed against hers. His lips were as welcoming as what was pressing against hers; soft and unusually tender for what is normally expected by a man, more than any man she had kissed in her entire life.

Kitty surrendered her entire self to him during this kiss, but only for the kiss. This is where they were meant to be that night, with an open area that allowed so much time and space to explore their naughty intentions. Kitty allowed the man to push her onto her back somewhat aggressively, something she had never let anyone do before and then watched him get on his knees and reach up to the button on the fly of her shorts. Maintaining this moment, his hand ran down her side and stopped at her hip.

Every nerve in her body was alive. She was full of aggressive passion and excitement and couldn’t believe what was happening. The cool air had enveloped them since the sun had gone down, which made his hand feel extra warm as it moved under her shirt and touched her soft skin. Her pussy was surged with blood flow as this continued, her body was taken over by her lustful arousal entirely. She didn’t understand what was happening but had no second thoughts as he moved his hand back downward. She was his for the taking -for now – for anything he wanted.

The man lifted her shirt to just below her braless breasts under her pajama top and kissed along her belly, down to the waist of her shorts. The kisses felt like heaven to her as she felt him unbutton and unzip her shorts. Pulling them down just a short way, he exposed her hips which transitioned smoothly across her pelvis. His kisses spread widely across her lower belly, from hip to hip and the tingling had built to a point that she was giddy as if it was a reflex reaction, probably because her body didn’t know how to handle it. Her shorts moved another small amount as her bare mound was obviously visible, the near reveal of her entire pussy was almost entirely accessible to him. Seeing the creases that led into her legs, he kissed them as well. Kitty had never experienced heaven before, but was sure this had to be as close to it as she could get.

“I’m going to fuck the hell out of your pussy and you had better be ready. I’m going to fuck you so hard, make you cum more times than you thought possible and fill your pussy so full of cum that it’ll never be able to hold it.”

An evil grin crossed his face. Still unable to speak, returned the same grin to him. Smiling widely with intense knowledge that he had her entire permission to fuck her and make her cum just as he said, the man grabbed the waist of her shorts and carefully but aggressively pulled them down.

This is where the dream always stopped. She wasn’t sure at this point though if it was really her dream or her imagination, but it had her at the exact same point it always did when she had this dream – wet until her sheets were soaked with cum and sweat, whether she knew if it was real or not. She wanted to find out so badly which one it was, but didn’t know if she could; because, after all, it might be just a dream…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20