Just Beachy

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Laying on the sand, the towel underneath Natalie was warm from the sun. Kate’s towel was the same, as they had decided to go on a brisk walk around the beach to see if they found anything interesting. When they didn’t, they decided to go back and lay on the towels for some sun. The towels were right next to the other, forming a larger blanketing surface fit for two sunning women to lay their fronts on. As the sound of the sea and calming tones were heard, it became apparent they were utterly alone, the time they had been gone had apparently given enough time to allow everyone to leave this section of the beach. As Kate realized this she formed a dastardly plan to tease her partner.

She scooted over and saw Natalie was asleep, resting peacefully and adorably, her breasts pressed against the towel she laid on. Neither of them had large boobs, but they had always thought they were sufficient and amazing to feel or simply to tease the other with, though this time they weren’t the object of Kate’s planned teasing. Kate sat up gently, then leaned back down to lick the neck of her partner softly, then took her head back to see her reaction, hoping to get a little laugh. Natalie didn’t awake, but simply laid there. Seeing this, Kate licked her neck casino oyna again, and nibbled her neck this time, adding more teasing to let her react, but to no avail again. She tried once more, but now nibbled her ear, knowing it was a weak spot for her partner. Natalie groaned a bit, feeling that, and shuffled a bit in her rest, then woke up to face her sleep-interrupting teaser. She sat up softly, blushing and looking at Kate, her bra wasn’t attached so she wouldn’t get tan lines, and she was fine with Kate seeing her boobs by now.

“W-why are you teasing me with my weak spot when I want to tan?” She spoke groggily, but sensibly. Kate noticed her nipples were actually perking and hardening now, and blushed at this, becoming a little wanting for Natalie.

After the silence of staring at Natalie’s hard nipples, Kate spoke: “Because… this.” Kate leaned forward and swiped Natalie’s tit with her tounge, evoking a gasp from Natalie, and a coo at the end. Kate didn’t know, but Natalie had been getting really horny from the walk, the beach bringing out her lust strongly.

“O-Oh… Well, if you can handle yourself long enough, I have a surprise for you at the beach house.” Natalie shyly said to Kate, this only got both of their engines going more, canlı casino and they soon gathered up their things and walked slowly back to their house, Kate being the dominant one she was and nibbling on Natalie’s neck during the walk, eliciting more and more small gasps from her.

They got home after a bit, their loins burning for the other now, and as soon as they closed the door, Kate pounced on Natalie and led her to the sofa, a trail of clothes behind them. Laying her out on the couch, Kate put one leg between Natalie’s and she moved her hand to touch her hot moist genitals. Natalie hissed in pleasure, feeling her spot touched finally, and her hips contracted to push harder for the hand.

“P-please… ” Natalie pleaded, feeling Kate lean forward to nibble her ear, her hand rubbing on her clitoris to stimulate her, Natalie moaned. Their nipples were touching the other, the hard skin rubbing across the soft skin.

“Alright you naughty little girl” Kate said in a sultry voice, and began to rub harder on her pleasure spot. Natalie moaned more, her pleasure being given to her, and she took her hand to rub Kate’s now dripping pussy. They both let out a simultaneous moan and shivered, each rubbing to match the others stimulation. They rubbed kaçak casino harder, and both were effectively humping the others hand now, feeling their pleasure growing and shrinking in waves of pure bliss. Occasionally Kate would lean down to pinch one of Natalie’s breasts to give her a pleasurable nip with her mouth, making Natalie get more excited. They both kissed now, moaning into it and going at it passionately, their pent-up beach hormones being released. Natalie let out a faster moan, they were now going fast and hard at it, both their hands covered in warm sticky substances of pure arousal.

“K-Kate… I-I’m close!” Natalie managed to speak, feeling her clitoris quiver in her partners hands.

“M-Me too!” Kate nearly screamed back, and they both rubbed the others hands with thrusting movements forward, helping them please the other more. They both moaned loudly, feeling themselves be pushed over the edge, Natalie cumming first, and quivered deeply underneath her. Kate felt this, and humped her hand faster, pushing herself over the edge faster and cumming, dripping a little from the bliss, they moaned loud, blushing, and shivered, holding each other.

As their orgasms subsided, Kate nibbled Natalie’s neck and giggled softly, “That… was awesome” Kate gently said.

“Y-yeah,” Natalie whispered softly. After that, they both soon fell asleep, their bodies drained and their pussies still lightly glistening as they slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20