Just Out of the Service Ch. 02

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Paul’s background is extensively laid out in Chapter 01. I recommend you read that before checking out this chapter.


For Paul, that week in class seemed to drag on for an eternity. He forced himself to pay attention nonetheless. He had no idea how much of this would help him get started in his new career and how much was totally useless bullshit. He was afraid most of it would land in the latter category. Besides, concentrating on what the instructor was spouting helped keep his mind off this coming Wednesday evening and his rendezvous with Joannie.

On Wednesday, at 4:30, the dissertation on the importance of understanding bond yield-to-maturity mercifully ended. In late May Manhattan’s subways can become like a steam bath, and Paul was sweltering in his business suit. A shower before his meeting would definitely be in order. Also, Joannie had not mentioned food when he called her to confirm their meeting. He popped into the pizzeria next to the hotel, bought a couple slices, and washed them down with a cold beer. He suspected he would need his energy for what lay ahead. Then it was up to his room for a quick shower and change of clothes.

At 5:59, his hand poised to knock on Joannie’s door, he wondered if she minded him being early. It was a couple minutes before she swung the door open for him. “Sorry,” she stammered, “I am so not used to men being on time for me.” Paul allowed that he was not some men. “Isn’t that ever the truth,” thought Joannie. She pulled him through the door into her arms. There was no hesitation in this meeting; both of them knew what they were there for. Paul’s lips were hard on Joannie’s and his tongue slid into her mouth. She did her best to wrap her tongue around his as Paul’s tongue explored all the corners of her mouth. Her knees began to buckle, and they broke the kiss. Keeping eye contact as they held each other at arm’s length.

Only then did Paul look down and take in Joannie’s attire. The demure clothes she wore Saturday had taken a decidedly erotic turn. She was wearing a semi-sheer silky blouse, with the top four buttons undone. Looking down, it was obvious that if less was more in the underwear department, then none was most. Her breasts were loose and her beautiful long, curved nipples brushed the fabric creating moving mounds on the outer surface. Continuing the visual reconnaissance, Paul looked down to see electric blue, skin-tight, spandex pants. Her prominent lips formed a delightful and very visible camel-toe. Joannie stepped back and asked, “You like?” Joannie asked.

“I much more than like,” he replied, and he brought his face up and made direct eye contact with her.

“Holy shit,” thought Joannie when she saw the look on his face. His eyes seemed to bore straight into her mind, and there was no doubt what he was thinking, what he wanted, right now. It hit her that what she was feeling was what the lamb feels when she looks up into the eyes of the wolf standing a few feet in front of her. Except when she considered how this wolf might eat her, a powerful signal shot directly from her eyes to her cunt. “Oooh,” sighed Joannie. Paul looked down again, and this time saw a small dark spot spreading from those lips he had so recently admired through the clinging fabric.

He looked back at her face, grinned broadly, and said, “Joannie, I am so happy to see you again too.”

She reached down and ran her fingers over the rapidly swelling shaft in Paul’s jeans. He was definitely happy to be back. She sat on the edge of her bed and patted next to her for him to sit. “Would you like to smoke before we begin?” she asked.

“Another new wrinkle,” thought Paul, and he said, “Sure.” Joannie produced a baggie with some intriguingly strong-smelling leaf, along with a small pipe. “Is this Colombian?” Paul asked.

“I don’t know,” she answered. “The guy on the second floor I buy from just said it was the best he has smoked in a while.” They loaded up the pipe and had a couple hefty tokes each. “How about a drink? Didn’t you mention Jack Daniels being your favorite?” she inquired.

“Joannie, you sure know how to spoil me. Yes, please, with a little ice,” he said. She excused herself, to return in few minutes with a glass full of ice and a familiar deep amber liquid. She had brought a glass of red wine for herself.

The pot began to have its effect, and the whiskey warmed him as it glided down his throat. It was clear Joannie had planned to make him as relaxed as possible, and it was working. Unlike at the door, this time when their lips met, there was a quiet purposefulness, without the frantic urgency they had both felt earlier. Their lips pressed together, and their tongues danced. Paul unbuttoned Joannie’s blouse as they kissed and began to fondle one of her breasts, slowly increasing the pressure of his grip. Joannie sat up, pulled off her blouse, and tossed it on the floor. As she did this, Paul put his hands on her shoulders and turned her so when she reclined güvenilir bahis against him, her back was resting on his hairy chest. This allowed Paul to reach under her arms and cup both her breasts. He slid his hands along their bottom until he reached the nipples, which he grasped between his thumbs and forefingers. He kept the touch light, just a slight tug. While he repeated this motion, he lowered his lips to Joannie’s neck and kissed up and down. She turned her head to give him more access. He began to suck her skin into his mouth, pulling it between his teeth. Then the tip of his tongue touched behind her ear and traced the hollow there. His teeth nipped her ear lobe and gently tugged. Finally, his tongue snaked into her ear, around the ridges and into the hole, as if her ear was a proxy for her pussy. All the while Paul maintained the massaging of her breasts and the delicate attention to her nipples.

The result of all this attention was not lost on Joannie. She was characteristically quiet, but her hips began to writhe around, trying to find some way to get attention. Unconsciously, Joannie’s hands began to move down, but Paul released her breasts, grasped her wrists and guided them back to her side. “All in good time, love,” he whispered. Then he returned to his manual labor. After many minutes of this, he slid from behind Joannie so they were lying side by side on the bed. He rolled toward her, his lips replaced his hands on her nipples. Giving due attention to each breast, he sucked her long nipples through his lips then flicked them back and forth with the tip of his tongue. As he did this he had positioned his body over hers, his left leg resting between her open thighs. Joannie pushed her hips up against the hard muscle of his thigh. He pushed back against her. She rocked her hips up and down, pressing harder and harder. Paul began kissing her deeply while continuing his attention to her breasts with his fingers. Driving her crotch against his leg, she increased her pace. “Damn,” thought Paul, “this is taking me back to high school. But I like it.” Joannie’s body started to buck under him. He broke the kiss and saw her eyes roll back in her head. Her body shook and shuddered then collapsed. Suddenly it was if a plug had been pulled and her body went limp. The pressure eased on Paul’s thigh, and he felt something hot and wet seeping through his jeans. He looked down and Joannie’s crotch and saw her spandex had a growing dark blotch where her fluids had leaked out.

“I don’t know where I am,” Joannie gasped, “I don’t know where you took me. I am not sure it is in this universe.”

“You’re right here on 34th Street. I think you scored some really good dope,” said Paul, seeking to reassure her.

“No, no, no, that’s not it. It is a long time since I came that strongly. Jeez, my pants are a mess. I came all over us. That has never happened to me before.” They lay next to each other for a long time. Joannie’s breathing gradually evened out. She got up and stripped off her spandex and tossed the garment across the room.

“Look at you. You still have your jeans on, and your thigh doesn’t look a whole lot drier than my pants,” Joannie told him. Then she unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned the fly of his 501’s. He lifted his hips, and she worked them down over his hips. She then stepped back, grabbed the cuffs, and pulled them off. “Oh, my,” she exclaimed when his stiff cock sprang up as the restraint of the jeans was released. “You have been so good to me. Just lie back now, and let me be good to you.” This was music to Paul’s ears.

Paul pulled a pillow up under his head and relaxed. Joannie lay on top of him and began kissing him. He remained largely passive, wanting to see where she would take this. Her tongue prodded and swirled against his until at last, he was caught up in the action. Joannie slid off to one side, extended her hand down, and grasped Paul’s shaft. She continued to dominate the kissing contest while simultaneously sliding her fingers up and down the delightfully hard cock in her hand. She pulled her lips away, then she bit Paul’s lower lip and tugged on it. He closed his eyes and surrendered to her ministrations. As he had done to her earlier, she stopped at his chest and began kissing and biting his nipples. Paul was really getting into this. He supposed the pot helped, but he felt as if he were on an island of pure pleasure. Her lips moved lower until her goal was in sight, just a few inches in front of her face. Just then, the large drop of precum forming on top of Paul’s slit overcame its surface tension and flowed down onto Joannie’s fingers.

“It looks like I am not the only wet one here,” she cooed. She licked the slippery liquid off her fingers and made a yummy sound. Her lips opened and slid over his glans. And she did not stop until she had his whole length in her mouth. His cock twitched in her throat and she slid her mouth back up to the tip. She was determined to bring him to the edge türkçe bahis more than once and see how he would react. She teased, licked, sucked, and engulfed his rigid member for the next twenty minutes, never letting him get too close to cumming. She was rewarded with a generous portion of sweet precum. Then she hesitated, as if making up her mind about something. When she resumed, her lips grazed the underside of his shaft all the way down to his balls. Her mouth opened and she slowly sucked his right testicle into her hot mouth. At first it did not want to go, but as she continued to suck, he relaxed and she had the whole thing. Her tongue rolled it around. Paul was grabbing the pillow with both hands. This new feeling was overwhelming. Joannie released her egg-shaped prize and performed the same magic on the left one. She put her hands under Paul’s knees and pushed them upward. Paul caught the drift and grabbed his knees to pull his legs back.

Joannie’s tongue dipped below his ball sack and traced his perineum lower. And lower, until her tongue reached his puckered anal entrance. With Paul holding his own legs aloft, Joannie was able to stroke his cock while her tongue licked around his anus. Then she stiffened her tongue tip and pushed it into the center. Gradually, like his balls had, the muscles relaxed and her tongue entered the outer ring of his asshole. She pushed it in and out. Up north, Paul’s sensory center was going into overload. What Joannie had hoped for finally happened; she had triggered his animal lust.

Paul’s raw instincts took over. He grabbed Joannie’s wrists and pulled her up to his face. After kissing her roughly, Paul rolled her on her back, spread her legs, got between them and plunged his needy meat into her sopping cunt. Paul took Joannie’s ankles and placed them on his shoulders, opening her to his assault. He began a forceful, full-length pounding which brought forth even more of her natural lube. Suddenly, Joannie growled, “Deeper!”

“Shit, I’d have to get my hips in there to get deeper,” thought Paul.

“Fuck me harder, deeper, I am almost there!” screamed Joannie. Paul obliged, and his cum trigger hit, he launched a load for the ages deep into her. It was one of those orgasms where it felt like his entire being was shooting out through the tip of his dick. Joannie tensed once, her body then bucked and settled under him. Paul rolled off her onto his back and drew a couple long, deep breaths.

“I am pretty sure I am going to live through this,” Paul thought, “but, that was about as intense as I can get and still survive.”

For her part, Joannie was thinking a little differently. “Fireworks, sparks, almost passing out, yeah, but how could he have missed what I really wanted? Still, if this is second best, I will savor it for a long time.” They lay there, not speaking just looking at the ceiling as they descended back into the real world. This went on for many minutes until Paul finally broke the silence.

“Joannie, I have two rather unrelated questions to ask you. They are very personal, and if you choose not to answer either, I will take no offense. Still, we will need longer than normal for me to recover from that, and a little conversation would be welcome,” said Paul.

“If I can have more of your magic by talking for a while, I will be the world’s greatest conversationalist,” she came back.

Paul began, “First of all, I have never had such unencumbered, hedonistic sex as I have had with you. You throw yourself into all of it so completely. But other women who have enjoyed sex with me have been significantly more vocal than you, even though I am pretty sure they did not reach the levels you have. I have no idea what it is I do to you, but I am damn grateful for it. So, why are you so quiet?”

Joannie was silent for a long time. She looked down and her hair hung over her face. “Shit,” thought Paul, “I’ve fucked up a good thing.” Then Joannie seemed to reach a resolve.

She began quietly, “I was raised in a strong Catholic home by a very domineering mother. My father was kind of around, but the way she treated him, that was a miracle. He took to staying out later and later, hoping, I think, to come home after she had gone to sleep. My sister and I lived not in fear of her, but certainly on our guard. As I hit puberty, one day I discovered that holding my pillow tightly between my legs and rocking my hips gave me pleasurable sensations. Not long after, I had my first orgasm from humping my pillow. Since no one ever spoke of physical pleasure in our home, I thought this exciting and delicious feeling was unique to me. Without being told explicitly, I sensed because it involved sensations “down there”, Mother would consider it dirty.

Every Saturday, Mother went shopping for food for Sunday dinner. That was my chance. I discovered my teddy bear being much firmer than my pillow, it could provide much better stimulus. Then I would be transported out of that crappy güvenilir bahis siteleri flat on a wave of pleasure. Before long, I found the feeling was quicker and more intense if I rubbed myself with my fingers. It was so intense, I began to moan when I came. Well, one Saturday morning, Mother forgot her grocery list and came home early. It was at that moment that my weekly orgasm hit with maximum force. I was in full cry, when my bedroom door flew open and my mother burst in. She immediately knew what was up. I was dragged out of bed while she slapped me anywhere she could land a hand. According to her, I was a whore who turned her back on Our Lord by defiling my body. She gave me a chance to get dressed then dragged me straight to the church down the block, where the priests were taking Saturday confessions. She sat there the whole time until I completed my penance. Then she dragged me home, telling me the next time she would make me regret what I had done. As if didn’t regret getting caught already.

One day, my father didn’t come home. He just ran out on us, and I could not blame him. Mother got a low-paying job, but we had to move to an even shittier flat. My younger sister Susan and I had to share a bedroom. I never stopped masturbating. In fact, it became more frequent, but I did it at night. I learned to be completely silent when I came. One night, after I had cum, I heard muffled gasps from Susan’s bed. In the pale light of the room I could see she was furiously jilling herself with her pillow clamped over her mouth. Later, she told me that Mother had told her what she had done to me. She insisted we would both be sent to the convent if she caught either of us again.

So, I studied hard in school, and got a scholarship to CCNY. I got my degree, and I have worked my ass off so I would never be dependent on my mother again.

I am sure that was a lot more than you wanted to know. The habit remained; I stay quiet no matter how powerful the rush. Until tonight, that is. I have no idea what came over me. It was like a disembodied voice screaming out those words. You do something to me that no man has done before.”

Paul lay there letting it all sink in. He exhaled loudly. “Wow, I thought my confession story was the worst. I once got the stations of the cross for confessing to beating off a few times a week. That was my last confession, by the way. What did you get?” he asked.

“Three Our Fathers and three Hail Mary’s. There was no way I was admitting to that old lech what I had really done. I made up a few things, and said my good Act of Contrition. Gotta admit, I stayed at the altar rail longer so Mother would be convinced I had really ‘fessed up. You said you had a second question.”

“You did something I have never had done to me before. Well, you have done a lot of that, but I have never had any anal play before. I have always been curious, but the subject has been so taboo with any women I have encountered. Saturday night you told me like to be taken from behind. Then tonight you tongue fucked my ass. Have I missed a signal you were trying to send me?”

“Paul, I thought you would never ask, “she gushed, “My most intense orgasms are anal. I know what you have seen me experience are crazy intense, but an anal orgasm is something else. It is a different feeling. With some guys, I start cumming as soon as they are in, and I keep cumming the whole time.” Well, their long conversation had given Paul time to recover. Just the subject had his staff halfway up. After a little kissing, it was ready to hoist the battle flag.

“So, Joannie, what do you want me to do?” asked Paul.

She replied, “I want you to put it in my rectum.”

“No,” said Paul, “asking like that is not going to get it.”

“I thought you understood I am shy talking about sex ,” Joannie said softly.

“Oh, I understand better than you know. Your last request was addressed to the wrong head. Tell the little head what you want. Tell him in terms he will understand,” directed Paul.

“But, I am not good at that,” she protested.

“You will get good. When you ordered me to fuck you harder, deeper, you were really good. You just need to get back into that space,” he instructed her. She looked down for a moment and Paul heard the word “please” spoken softly. “What was that?”

“Please,” now spoken louder.

“Please what?” insisted Paul.

“Please fuck me in the ass,” said Joannie softly.

“I am not sure he heard you,” said Paul. The next response was many decibels louder.

“Please. Please. Please fuck me in the ass with that steel hard cock of yours. I am so wet from our mutual cum, I won’t even need to get my lube. Just run that bad boy into my cunt to get it ready, then head for home,” growled Joannie.

“He heard that!” exclaimed Paul. He turned her onto her stomach and pulled her hips up. Joannie put her face down on the bed. Paul plunged his cock into her well fucked cunt and pulled it out dripping. “A nice Catholic girl shouldn’t use bad words like that,” Paul said as his hand descended to put a resounding smack on her right ass cheek. “Please use them again.” Another smack from his right palm and her ass cheek reddened.

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