Karen’s First Year Ch. 01

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This is a story of pure fiction. This story is copyrighted and all rights reserved by the author. I hope you enjoy, and please vote.

Karen glanced at her GPS unit. About 40 miles to go, until she reached her mentor’s beach house. She should arrive by sunset. Her mind had been going crazy with wild thoughts for the past 72 hours leading up to this weekend. And the moistening in her pussy didn’t help calm her nerves one bit. As horny as she had been lately, it still didn’t make sense for her to consider this to be a weekend providing sexual relief. After all, she was going out to spend the weekend with her mentor from work, and his lady friend would be there. She was just a guest for the weekend. Still, she had enough hints that the weekend would not be exactly “normal,” whatever that meant.

Paul had invited her up for the weekend on the previous Tuesday evening over beers, when the team she worked with had been celebrating the completion of their latest consulting contract. It had been a 3 year project providing several million dollars of revenue to this small firm. She had been at the firm for a little over three months, and hadn’t done much more than proofread documents and presentations and help close up loose ends in the final submittal to the customer. Nonetheless, she had been invited to the after work celebration.

Paul was co-founder of the company and the leader of her team, and had assigned himself to be her mentor when she arrived at the firm. They had hit it off on the first day, and she had enjoyed every day of work since her nervous arrival on the scene. Her mind drifted back to that first day as she continued her drive through the evergreen forest on her way to the central Washington coast.

She had arrived at Clarkson Consultants at 9AM on that Monday morning, 30 minutes before she was told to be there. She was there early despite the fact that she had spent over an hour that morning getting dressed and putting on her make-up. She had complete confidence in her intellectual capability for the job, but she hadn’t even focused on her professional appearance until her older brother had asked her if she had gotten a wardrobe for the job the week before she was due to start. Even with three college degrees, she still had a lot to learn, especially about the social aspects of her nascent professional life.

Karen was your naturally cute girl next door. She had been a tomboy in junior high school and into high school. Physically, she had been a late developer, but when her female figure finally made its appearance just before she turned seventeen, she developed curves in all the right places. She stood about 5′ 1″ tall with long straight blonde hair that fell to her shoulder blades. She had developed a very noticeable rear end that filled her jeans very nicely. Her well shaped pert breasts were always ensconced in a bra, as she considered them too big to go braless, even though they stood straight out from her chest without any hint of sag. She had a 23″ waist, although she seldom wore clothes that highlighted the beauty of her figure.

She had been a nerd in high school, hanging out with the intellects of the school and her high school social life had been solely with those friends. She had probably gone on a grand total of five dates throughout high school. And all of them were with best buddies; not what one would call a boy friend.

She was quite learned about sex when she went away to college, although it was all from books. Through high school, she read voraciously about sex, not only from non-fiction books, but she also read several romances, both teen and adult. Her mom had quite a collection of romances, including several with very hot sex scenes. She knew she had gotten aroused while reading them, but she had never had an orgasm. She learned all about the physiology of sex from the fact books, and coupled that with the emotional feelings from the romances.

She had her first orgasm in her dorm at MIT. This happened in the first week at college, as a result of hearing her roommate play with herself after they had turned out the lights late one night (another story). Over the next seven years, she got her BS and MS in environmental science, and an MBA from Harvard, and she had also gone through a couple of boyfriends, lost her virginity, and expanded her personal experience and knowledge of sex. Unfortunately, the only source of orgasm in all that time had been from her own fingers, as none of the guys had done anything to really get her turned on, much less brought her to the level of ecstasy that her many readings had led her to expect.

She wasn’t a prude; she was just inexperienced, although she was still struggling with separating the sex from the romance, as most of her friends had done. Her natural curiosity, combined with pleasure she received from masturbating after reading sexually explicit material, had led to her broaden her scope. She was now reading a wide variety of sexually explicit material, including a considerable amount of hard core porn. She had even watched some porn on the internet, finding herself getting horny from many of the different sexual scenes she watched or read about. She was surprised, casino siteleri not only at the diversity of fetishes, but at her level of arousal from some of the wilder things she watched. She found she particularly enjoyed bondage scenes and multiple players.

Now that she was starting her career, it seemed like she had changed from a college student to a career woman overnight, and she quickly learned that there were new behavior expectations that she had to learn and adapt to. She was thankful that her brother had brought up the issue of her wardrobe, as she normally wore jeans and sweatshirts on campus. She couldn’t remember the last time she had worn makeup prior to that morning. She didn’t overdo the makeup, taking advantage of some wardrobe advice she had found on the internet. Her wardrobe on her first morning consisted of a dark blue skirt that stopped a couple of inches above her knee, topped with a cashmere sweater with a v-neck that exposed just a hint of her cleavage. The saleswoman at Macy’s who had helped her pick out her wardrobe had urged her to wear this particular outfit, telling her that she looked attractive and professional, an image that was supposed to be appropriate. She had to admit when she looked in the mirror that she looked professional, but much prettier than her normal image of herself.

Even though she was early to the office, she was ushered into Paul’s office immediately. She had met Paul during the interview process and had found him to be very professional, extremely smart, and quite sociable. On top of that she had noticed that he was in amazingly great physical shape despite his being old. He had to be in his fifties, making him older than her mom or dad. And he had degrees from MIT as well, giving them an instant bond.

“Welcome to the Clarkson Associates team,” Paul said, shaking her hand and inviting her into his office. She noticed his eyes giving her the once over as he welcomed her, and she hoped her wardrobe passed his inspection. She felt her face blush, and hoped he didn’t notice that.

Paul observed Karen on two levels. Professionally, he was pleased to see her wardrobe selection, recognizing that she had found an appropriate balance between being a woman and being a professional. He was a keen observer and noted the slight blush on her cheek, recognizing it as being real and not makeup. Being the male he was, he also observed that she had a great figure, a beautiful face, and an infections smile. He let his thoughts run wild, imagining himself between her legs, licking her pussy until she screamed in pleasure. Paul had acknowledged to himself many years earlier that he was a sexaholic, but had intelligently managed his life so that his sexual behavior never impacted his professional life. That didn’t mean that his sex life and business life were separate. Not by a long shot. But, he was very careful whenever the two merged to ensure that neither his personal or professional integrity was violated. Or anyone else’s for that matter. Those times when he had had a sexual relationship with a coworker of professional associate, it had been a solid adult relationship maintained by both parties separate from their business relationship. Little did Karen know just how much the two worlds overlapped.

Paul set his sexual thoughts aside as he followed her into his office. He spent the rest of the morning briefing her on everything she needed to know to work there, covering everything from IT security to how the company 401(k) plan worked. He then took her out to lunch at one of the local restaurants. He bought her first lunch on the company explaining to her that from that point on, she could charge lunches to the company if she was with a client and only then. He showed her her cubicle after lunch, and left her in the hands of the IT support person to get set up with her company laptop.

Over the next several weeks, she poured herself into the job, taking work home every night. She found her teammates to be an eclectic group with several backgrounds and ages. But she could tell that this team worked well together and worked hard to fit in. She succeeded beyond her wildest imagination, as the team embraced her and included her in their celebration when the project was over. Surprisingly, even though there were several teammates closer to her age, she had become best of friends with Paul. He was quickly impressed with her intellect and work ethic, and although she didn’t realize it, he was in lust with her. But, as much as he wanted to make love to her, he had also noted her naiveté, when it came to sex, lust, and love.

Over the past three months, she had learned a great deal from Paul and about Paul. He was independently wealthy, and worked purely for the fun of it, although his charge rate was several hundred dollars an hour. She found that she could talk with him about anything and he never judged or belittled her. When she was challenged with particular problems, he never gave her answers, but coached her on how to solve her professional challenges, making him an awesome mentor. She did observe that he was always looking over her body when they were together, but he never made advances, and she detected no sexual overtones canlı casino in his action. But, she had also noted that more men were looking her over now that she was wearing a more upscale wardrobe. She had even received a couple of date requests, but had turned them down to stay focused on her new job.

At the contract completion celebration, which was being held in one of the banquet rooms at a local hotel, they had all had a few drinks, and several teammates were getting quite buzzed. Paul had made it clear to all that it was okay to let one’s hair down at the party, as the company had hired a limo to get everyone home safely afterwards. Karen had stuck with wine, but she knew that she had drunk quite a bit, and was tipsy herself. She was thankful for the limo, as she was pretty sure that she would fail a sobriety test. As the party was winding down, Karen found herself alone with Paul at one of the tables. He was drinking his scotch, and she knew that he was also a bit tipsy.

“So, what are you doing this weekend? It’ll be your first in several weeks where we are not working you overtime,” Paul asked.

“I don’t know. I haven’t made plans yet. Maybe I’ll drive around and see some of the countryside around here.”

“Hmmm,” he said, taking another sip of his scotch. “I’d have thought you would have grabbed a friend and had some fun, given how hard we’ve been working you.

She laughed, clearly understanding his intent. “Oh, you mean like my boy friend. Well, I don’t have one, so I’ll just be solo for the weekend.”

“Hmmm,” he said again. He smirked a bit, and she could tell that he was in a contemplative mode, so she sipped on her wine.

A couple of minutes later, he spoke again. “Look, I’m going out to my beach house for the weekend, and I’d like to invite you to come out as well. It is rather remote, but I have all the necessary creature comforts.”

“Was he making a pass at her?” she wondered. She started to say something, but he shushed her, continuing, “Don’t say ‘Yes,’ or ‘No,’ now. I need to give you some more information before you answer. There needs to be full disclosure before you answer. I’ll send you an email later this evening with details, and you can let me know tomorrow. And whatever you decide, please understand that it is okay, and will have nothing to do with our professional relationship or your career here at Clarkson.”

She was flabbergasted, and twisted her mind around the vagueness of his strange comments. She had heard Paul describe his beach front place several times, and it sounded like a wonderful getaway. Still, she wasn’t sure it would be appropriate to socialize with the firm owner, even though she was really interested in escaping to the beach. And then he added the weird twist to the invite. A few minutes later, Paul invited Karen to share the limo for their rides home. Against her better judgment, she accepted.

To Karen’s surprise, Paul was every bit a gentleman on the ride back to her apartment. He walked her to her door, and made sure she was safe inside before returning to the limo, all without making a single move on Karen. Karen went inside, not sure whether or not she was pleased or disappointed that Paul hadn’t made a pass at her. Her mind and her vagina seemed to be arguing over the point. She knew it was the booze talking, but she was incredibly horny, and contrary to her normally anonymous fantasies, her sexual focus was on Paul. And, had he invited her to the beach house for some sort of tryst. There was no reason to believe that his invitation was anything but innocent, except for the intrigue surrounding the note he was sending her. No matter how hard she tried to shake off the sexy images of Paul playing in her mind she couldn’t get rid of the images. Karen stripped off her clothes, put on her lounging robe, and then poured herself another glass of wine.

She powered up her home computer as she sipped her wine. As she usually did every night, she checked her email. Just as Paul had promised, she had an email from him. She opened it eagerly to find a short note with a Word document attached. The note explained that Paul would be going to the beach house with his lady friend, Jeannie, and that Karen was welcome to join them for the weekend. Karen felt her heart sink; realizing consciously for the first time that she had a crush on Paul. “Oh my god!” she thought, “That solves any issue about Paul coming on to her.”

She read further. The note went on to explain that he considered the beach house as an island unto itself, into which the real world was not supposed to intrude. He had developed a document that provided behavioral guidelines and expectations for anyone who stayed at his beach place. His note explained that anyone going there, including his children, had to agree to the expectations described in the document. If she wanted to join them, she was certainly welcome but she had to read the document and agree to follow the guidelines. Now her emotions and mind were completely messed up as a result of the mysterious note.

With incredible curiosity and still inebriated, she opened what turned out to be a three page document. It explained that Paul was basically Libertarian, kaçak casino and he had adopted a Libertarian set of guidelines. It pointed out that the beach house was most definitely an adult environment and kids under 18 would only be invited on certain occasions like family gatherings. It outlined expected behaviors, and while implying that alcohol and soft drugs were to be allowed and tolerated, personal privacy and preferences were to be respected at all times. People were expected to respect each other and each other’s privacy, but that all should be aware that since it was relatively small, everyone would likely be aware of other people’s behavior. And finally, the note asserted that it was most definitely his place, and that he would behave however he chose, although he would completely respect the personal space and desires of all guests. The document was very blunt in that it specifically mentioned the use of marijuana and that very often, someone would be reading erotica or watching porn on the entertainment system. Finally, all guests had to commit to not allow behaviors, observed or experienced, to penetrate back into the real world.

For no good reason other than wild imagination, her pussy was moist after reading the document, and her curiosity and interest had only increased. She wondered if Paul expected her to say yes, or to decline after reading the note. Either way it didn’t matter. He invited her and by golly, she was going. She emailed her acceptance of the terms and expressed her desire to join them at the beach.

Karen had met Jeannie a couple of weeks earlier at a company function, not realizing at the time that Paul and Jeannie were a couple. Now that she realized they were an item, she “googled” Jeannie out of curiosity. Karen was surprised to find out that Jeannie had a PhD in Human Sexuality, and that she had her own counseling practice and a web site. With trepidation and some excitement, Karen double clicked on the link to Jeannie’s web site.

Jeannie’s Home Page was tastefully done, but only a few seconds after the web page appeared on her monitor, Karen knew that Jeannie’s website was most definitely for adults only. The home page explained that Jeannie’s practice focused on couples who were experiencing issues with their sexual relationship. The warning at the bottom of the page made it clear that only adults should enter Jeannie’s site. The discovery of this insight into Paul’s friend whetted Karen’s appetite for more information. She clicked the ‘Enter’ button.

It took Karen nearly thirty minutes to fully explore Jeannie’s site. Jeannie had been in her own practice for approximately five years, and she had received national awards for her work. She was a published author, and in fact had co-authored several college texts on the subject. Karen had had no idea what Jeannie’s profession was when they had met, and she found herself a bit weirded out with the thought that she had conversed with a sex therapist. And a bit excited with her new knowledge. By the time she had finished perusing the website, Karen’s mind had formed images of Paul and Jeannie having sex. And despite her attempts to control her imagination, her images were hot and steamy as she imagined them having all kinds of kinky sex. Her pussy juices were dampening her panties as she realized she wouldn’t get to sleep without some manual relief

She squeezed her thighs together trying to reduce her excitement a bit, but it didn’t help.

Karen thought about shutting her laptop down and crawling into bed. But, she was wide awake, and quite horny, and so she decided to view some internet porn. Jeannie’s web page included several links that she recommended, and Karen decided to explore further. The links were broken down into three categories; information, products, and entertainment. Karen clicked on the information link and was presented with a long menu of sex related topics for which she could request information. She backed up and selected products. Once again, she found a list of web sites; this time focused on sex related products for sale, including toys, lubes, and lingerie. She backed up once again, and clicked the entertainment link. Here, she found a list of sites that provided all kinds of porn and erotica. She selected one of the free porn sites listed on Jeannie’s links page.

After confirming that she was over 18 (why did she feel like she was only 15?), she was allowed to enter the site. The first page provided a list of porn genre’s to select from. She knew her subconscious was in control when she picked ‘May – September.’ Moments later up popped a window with several individual stills of x-rated action, each with its own title and rating. She was blown away to find that there were over 100 pages of videos for this theme at 24 videos per page. She perused the listings for awhile until one hit her like a ton of bricks. It was titled “Older Mentor Teaches Young Assistant.” Before she realized what she was doing she clicked on it, noting that it was about 10 minutes long and had a very high viewer rating. The video started with an older man and a young girl in an office. The grey haired man was wearing a business suit, and the young girl was wearing a too tight blouse and a very short mini-skirt. Her obviously enhanced but braless boobs were visible through the thin cloth of the blouse. The man was sitting in an office chair and instructed the girl to take off his pants.

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