Kink Pt. 05

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CHAPTER 5: The differing desires of two pea’s in a pod

“Surely not, what are the fucking chances?” Dillon contemplated as he watched the percentage of the synced file increase. Did he dare open it up when it was finished? Should he even let it continue? Fingers wrapped loosely around the cable as he willed himself to pull the plug. He knew he should, it was the respectful thing to do.

Playing the encounter over in his head, he envisioned handing her the phone, stating he knew it was hers because he’d seen the case when she got that text the previous day in class. It really was the ultimate opportunity to be seen as the nice-guy hero by a girl he fancied. Still though, he didn’t remove the cord, his devious side getting the better of him. Two very specific files driving him and keeping his hand from pulling the literal plug — he just had to know what was in there. A swift knock at the door startled him, and Dillon quickly shut the laptop before nervously glancing around his room as if there was someone there who could have seen.

“Um, yeah. Just a second,” he yelled out, throwing his quilt over the computer and cell phone. Smacking his forehead en route to the door, he berated himself. “Calm the fuck down dude! You’re acting like a guilty mother-fucker. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Oh, hey Teddy,” he said, opening the door the whole way upon seeing who his guest was.

“Yeah, hi. Um, do you mind if I talk to you about something?”

“Sure, come in. But you could have just texted.”

“I don’t have your number,” Theodore responded as Dillon stepped aside, allowing him to enter. The usually stoic boy seemed a bundle of nerves, clinging tightly to his cell phone. Grabbing it out of his hand, Dillon punched in his number before watching Theodore in very much the same way as Suki had looked at him when he first entered her dorm room.

“Facebook?” Dillon asked, insinuating it should have been obvious alternative as he chucked Theodore back his phone. But another blank stare was his answer. “Dude, someone as popular as you should have a presence. You’d be fucking huge online if you gave it a try.”

“N-not really my thing,” he stuttered out.

“Sit down dude, you look like you’re about to barf,” Dillon suggested. Heeding his advice, Theodore sat down at Dillon’s desk. The honey-blond — still slightly guilt ridden — teen slumped onto the edge of his bed — careful not to sit on his laptop — and leaned forward toward his acquaintance with forearms on his knees. “Ok, shoot. What’s got you so anxious?” Dillon wasn’t 100 percent sure what this was going to be about. The number of times he’d spoken to the guy man-to-man before today could be counted on one hand, but he had a pretty good feeling.

“We’ve, ah, spoken,” Theodore divulged, staring down at his hands.

“So? That’s a good thing. This is what you wanted isn’t it?” Dillon’s tone urging him to explain further.

“I guess…but things got a little…heated.”

“Fuck you Teddy and your handsome — everything! It all just comes so goddamn easy.”

“Alright, surely you didn’t come here just to tell me that.”

Theodore shook his head, and for the first time Dillon was able to see the guy for who he really was. A timid, inexperienced teenager just looking for someone to give him some advice. Eighteen may make you legally an adult but it doesn’t come with an instruction manual or a button that automatically fills you in on the ways of the world.

“Start from the beginning. What happened?”

Another silent nod preceded a long pause. Dillon felt the hidden phone start to vibrate on the bed — his eyes shooting wide open in reaction.

“I thought I’d take your advice and text her. You’re always so confident around girls, so I figured I’d pretend I had your backbone and well, went for it.”

“What did ya do?” Dillon sighed, inwardly blown away that someone like Theodore O’Hare would even consider him someone to emanate.

“She’d taken my worksheet and written something on the back of it. I had a look after we had our talk earlier, and it was her phone number and a note that said; ‘for whenever you might need me’.” He ran a hand through his hair, still shocked that he’d had the balls to do what he did. “So I wrote to her.”

“Don’t make me pry every little detail out of you, man. Just get to it!’

“Fine. I said; ‘it’s Teddy, I need something’. She wrote back asking what it was and I said; ‘you’.”

“What the fuck dude? You serious?”

“Yes, isn’t it what you’d have done?”

“Yeah but you aren’t me. I throw myself at girls, girls throw themselves at you. Big difference. That’s so crazy…so what did she say?” Dillon jumped when the phone beside him started buzzing for the second time.

“She was surprisingly cool about it. She kinda insinuated that she wanted to just hook up with nothing serious attached.”

“Pfft. Typical broads. That’s a line bro, they all use it. canlı bahis They think by acting like a guy it will make us fall for them.”

“So it’s happened to you?”

Dillon paused, thinking about the right answer to give. This situation was beyond surreal. One of the most sought after guys in the entire school — likely the whole tri-state area — was asking him for advice on hooking up with girls. The self-proclaimed unluckiest man in the world. He’d definitely hit on pretty much anything with a pussy and a pulse, but he’d also never made up a story about being with a specific girl if it hadn’t happened. So knowing there were, well, NO tales circulating about him at their college, he couldn’t understand why he was the one Theodore was coming to for advice.

Deciding now wasn’t the time to start a new string of lies about his past escapades, Dillon admitted the truth. “I’ve never really hooked up with anyone. I’ve kissed a couple-a chicks and done over the clothes stuff, but that’s it,” he shrugged, raising his eyebrows in a non-verbal attempt at apologizing for getting his hopes up for a solution.

“That’s ok, just thought you’d be able to help…I do wish I had your confidence though,” Theodore admitted, standing and heading for the door. The penny finally dropping for Dillon.

“Wait, dude. Are you telling me you’ve never hooked up with a girl before? Like, nothing?” Looking back at him, Theodore made hesitant eye contact before lowering his gaze to the floor. “Holy shit! Why did you tell her you wanted her then? That’s like skipping steps one through nine and jumping in at number ten. And for the love of god, why did you come to me for advice?”

“I don’t know, I can’t talk about it with the soccer boys cause I’d never hear the end of it. Me and my old man don’t have that kind of relationship. And it’s not like I can ask one of the girls in class about it.”

In typical teenage hormonal male fashion, Dillon’s mind left the task at hand and wandered to more ‘interesting’ topics. Namely the curvy brunette from their economics class and a scenario where he went to her for advice on sex and she offered to ‘teach’ him.

“Fuck, stop it. No!” He shook his head violently. “Teddy has come to me as a friend and I need to stay focused.”

‘”Well I’m sorry to report that I’m barely more experienced than you. May I suggest a chat with Seth? Or maybe Damon? He’s ploughed through most of the freshman in our building already. He’s well versed on chewin em up and spitten em out.”

“There is nothing about him that I wish to emulate.”

“Yeah, fair enough. I get that,” Dillon replied, rubbing his knees. “Just, take it slower I guess. Hey, maybe we could all have a group study session? The girls can come, we can get some food, hang out and maybe watch a movie after. Who knows what might happen?”

“Mmm, maybe,” Theodore shrugged, opening the door. “I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

Not being given any further time to comment back, Dillon was instantly left sitting alone in his room once more. Remaining frozen for a few seconds, processing what the fuck just happened before snapping out of it and throwing the quilt back on his bed. The cell phone sync was well and truly complete, so he unplugged it and was just able to make out through the cracks on the screen that Suki had two missed calls from Mihara along with a slew of messages. Knowing that she would have a laptop as well, he tossed around the idea of contacting her via facebook and telling her right away that he had her phone. But then, as though the angel on his shoulder had been shanked, he had a devil whispering in both ears. Succumbing, he scrolled through the folders till he found the icon he desired; images. The plan being to filter through them all — searching for anything that showed a little more skin. But a particular folder caught his eye, titled; For My Man. Surely it was too good to be true. It couldn’t be all packaged up into a nice little gift just waiting for him to discover?

Without realising his hand had even moved, the folder was soon opened and picture upon picture beyond his wildest dreams unfurled before him. To his dismay, there was nothing x-rated, but visions greater than his spank bank could have created were sprawled across the screen. Her legs played a starring role in the majority of them, and Dillon was definitely not complaining. Not too slim, they curved in the best way, thickening out at the top of her thighs. Thankfully, her arse was also a prominent feature and he imagined slapping it, picturing where the shock waves would ripple. By this stage he was rock hard and toey as all get out. Palming himself through his pants, he let out a frustrated moan.

“No dude, that’s too much. I may cross the line every now and then, but I’m not an actual pervert.”

As he was sure all the guys in his class had done, he’d imagined most females they encountered on a daily basis, including the bahis siteleri smoking-hot MILF Bio Professor with her black rimmed glasses. And the scenarios knew no bounds. With him, with each other, a threesome, reverse gangbang — literally anything his imagination could create. But he’d NEVER looked at actual pictures of them. Pornstars, yes, but that was different, he didn’t know them personally.

He felt dirty that he was so aroused by pictures of the girl he’d consoled not that long ago. She’d seemed so helpless in those fleeting moments when she let go and allowed him to comfort her. Unsavoury as he may feel, he couldn’t deny the excitement of it — like something had awoken within him. Opening a video file, someone who Dillon could only assume was her ex-boyfriend was filming her as she did a playful strip-tease.

Perhaps it was the voyeuristic aspect that ignited his desires, but in a moment of clarity, Dillon slammed the laptop shut and made a bee-line for the bathroom. He needed to cool off.

Dillon turned the shower on and started to strip angrily, pitching his clothes at the floor as if attacking the wayward wonton desires that had started to surface. Ripping his pants off, his painfully hard erection sprung forth. Scowling down at it, he was furious that he was feeling so aroused by the whole scenario.

“This isn’t me! I’ve never been so immediately turned on by a chick I barely know. Sure if it’d been any of the other chicks in my class I’d probably have been curious but I wouldn’t have wanted to go through all the pictures as badly as I do with her!”

Absentmindedly whilst waiting for the water to warm, he reached down and grasped his shaft. He so desperately needed a release, knowing this feeling wouldn’t just subside on its own — it was too far beyond that now. So he pumped slowly twice and bit his bottom lip.

“No. I can’t be doing this.”

Letting himself go, Dillon hopped into the shower. Adjusting the temperature, he turned his back to the hot water and reversed under it as if to drown everything out. Feelings, desires, thoughts…everything. As his eyes closed the image of Suki’s legs flashed brightly into the forefront of his mind. All the fresh images he had just seen of her being risqué for the camera ran like a reel in his mind. His erection twitched wildly, begging for attention. In his thoughts she looked at him and smiled seductively with a wink, she was performing for him, and him only. As lust clouded his psyche, he allowed himself to think that he was the one she was sending those pictures to, replacing the ex-boyfriend for whom they had originally been intended.

Without realizing it, he’d reached down and started stroking himself again. God it felt good! The hot water ran down his face and back as his hand wrapped around his throbbing cock. Punishing himself, Dillon kept his head under the flow of water; gasping for air amongst the spray. That was good enough wasn’t it? He wasn’t allowing himself to enjoy the experience to its maximum. He was a disgusting maggot jerking off to images of her, he needed the cleanse.

Huffing and groaned as he worked himself, imagining his own salacious noises were coming from her as he pounded into her soaking wet pussy. Fuck she felt good as he imagined taking her doggy style, a hand either side of her trim waist, watching as his shaft slid in and out of her. Biting his lip again, he pumped faster, his hands sliding down to her ass where he smacked it firmly.

“Shit…this is too fucking good.”

Having started down this road of depravity, any reason and decency was stripped away as Dillon hurriedly exited the shower, flicking the water off as quickly as he could. He was on a mission now; to watch the striptease video that was so apparently meant for him. Suki had let her phone be found, and she knew what was on it. She must be into it. Liking the thought of someone seeing her pictures. What a dirty little bitch! He loved it. God he loved it.

Drying himself enough to not be dripping everywhere, Dillon ran back to the laptop, stark naked. Yanking the screen up, he saw the video was sitting there waiting for him, right where he had left it. Pressing play, he leaned over the laptop, watching as Suki slowly unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and let it fall to the floor. The image of her gorgeous body forcing him to grasp his cock again. Pumping, edging himself as much as possible so he could watch the whole video before busting a nut. With eyes intently focused, he watched Suki reach for her skirt and spin around away from the camera. Swaying her hips tantalizingly slow, she shimmied the fabric down over her ass. The g-string she wore beneath it was the dizzying limit for Dillon who let out a deliciously loud groan of approval as his cum shot everywhere. His head thrown back as he rode out his orgasm; eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy.

Once returning from his high, Dillon looked down to find his cum had splattered all over Suki’s damaged phone as it sat bahis şirketleri in front of his laptop. The cracked screen littered with his white climax. A devious grin spreading at the sight. Why did doing such salacious things make him feel so goddamn good?

That night in bed Dillon came four more times as he went through every single picture and video Suki had left for him to find. Breathing out and muttering all the things he wanted to do to that delicious body of hers. Several times reaching out to pause the video and caress the screen. Tracing his fingers around her curves, committing her form to memory. He would take good care of her. He would keep all these pictures meant for him, safe. He didn’t want anyone else to have her anyway. She’d confided in him already and they were meant to be.

Well and truly satisfied, Dillon placed his laptop on the pillow beside him and rolled towards it. Comfortably beneath his doona, he fell asleep with a picture of her smiling, open on the screen.

The next morning Dillon woke in a stupor, not remembering much about the night before. Having completely drained himself of all energy he’d slept like a log — almost comatosed. It was only when he saw the image of Suki still open on his laptop that he remembered all the depraved things he had done. Guilt and disgust at his actions hit him like a tonne of bricks. He was better than this, what the fuck had come over him?! Shaking his head in revulsion, he reached over and closed the laptop.

After showering in an attempt to wash the filth brought on by the cold light of day, he dressed before looking at his phone for the first time. “Late again,” he mumbled to himself as he opened the messenger app. Obligatory as usual; Seth asking where he was and a snapshot sent from Damon of the chicks arse in front of him at the campus coffee cart. Under normal circumstances he’d have replied with a gif; something like that the cartoon of the wolf with its eyes popping out. But this morning he didn’t feel the need. Exiting out of the app, he noticed a text from an unknown number.


Hey sorry about yesterday, this is Suki.

I’m on Mihara’s phone because I lost mine. Teddy gave us your number.

Anyway, we need to go over the assignment today, meet me in the library at 5.

Dillon’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her name and he almost fell backwards onto his bed. He then spent the next ten minutes composing the most basic of texts ever sent:


Hey Mihara,

Let Suki know I got her message and I’ll see her there.

Before leaving, he took the time to hide his laptop and Suki’s smashed phone. No one else had a key to his room apart from the hall-supervisor, but he didn’t need to take the risk. He would come up with a story about forgetting his computer and re-think about what to do with Suki’s phone later if he decided to tell her about it at all.

Casually sauntering out the building, he didn’t rush one iota. He felt refreshed, relieved, and like he could think clearly once more. All the devilish and dirty thoughts from yesterday had been cleansed and dealt with, and he felt like he could focus properly again. He was looking forward to seeing Suki, though he didn’t feel the same desperation that he’d felt for her the previous afternoon.

No one was surprised that Dillon had rocked up super late that day, making it to his first lecture just in time as it was letting out. Waiting by the door, he fell into stride with Seth and Damon; the trio heading straight for the cafeteria.

“Ah! Perfect timing!”

“Let me guess, you really worked up an appetite from working hard all morning,” Seth joked.

“An extended date with his right hand, more like,” Damon scoffed.

Paranoia clouded Dillon like a bad smell. Terrified that his friend had somehow figured out what he’d been up to in the privacy of his room, he desperately wracked his brain to come up with an appropriate response. But there was no way he could have known, unless the prick hacked his computer…

“I’d say you guessed it in one, Bro,” Seth chucked, nudging Dillon in the arm.

“W-what?” He stuttered before realising what his friend had said. “Oh, fuck off,” he dismissed, stepping forward to enter the cafeteria first, then turning to his friends and walking backwards a few paces. “I went to Suki’s dorm last night–invited,” Dillon bragged. It wasn’t a total lie, but it wasn’t the whole truth either.

“Bullshit,” Damon rejected. “You ain’t got no game. And there’s no way a chick that fine would ever be interested in you.”

Taking a seat, Dillon looked at the scowl on Damon’s face. Always able to appreciate the attractiveness of males even if they didn’t do it for him, he found himself wondering for the first time why he was friends with this guy. Was it simply because he seemed to be irresistible to the opposite sex? His tattoo’s and bleached hair exuding bad-boy vibes that Dillon hoped would rub off on him? They guy wasn’t all bad, but he really could be a real dick sometimes. And right now — for the first time — Dillon senses some envy seething within him.

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