Laura’s Fruit and Veg Fun

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Hi, my name is Laura, I’m a primary school teacher and I love my job. I’m your typical teacher, happy, smiley, blonde, pretty in a hot-but-slightly-geeky librarian kinda way. I wear glasses which make me look even hotter, or at least that’s what my last boyfriend said … oh, and I’m single.

Being single is kinda what got me into the problem I’m in and why I need to confess this to you now. It’s kinda embarrassing but I don’t want to stop. I guess I just want to know if I’m the only 25 year-old doing this, like I’m the freak…

Please don’t tell anyone…

Now it’s important you realise that I haven’t had a boyfriend for a while and that I miss sex. I mean don’t get me wrong, I know how to get myself off and I’ve got pretty good at it for that matter. Damn, that sounds bad! Anyway, that’s my life, I teach, I mark books, have a glass of wine with my housemates and more often than not strum myself to sleep, kinda.

So my flat mate Jane had her boyfriend staying over and it got pretty distracting. They got it on most nights and they weren’t exactly discrete about it so it put me off my stride a little. I didn’t mind apart from the sleep being a little more fretful and once or twice I’d woken up with my hand between my legs, wet and slippery. I’d never have guessed you could sleep-wank but hey.

Luckily my distraction hadn’t shown at work but one day, bleary eyed I found myself in the fruit and veg cupboard just staring, almost on autopilot. The house has this weird bit outside the back door but inside the building where there’s a little cupboard designed to keep fruit and veg fresh. I was having one of those fridge-staring moments and mindlessly picked up the fresh cucumber I’d got from the grocer’s yesterday. This devilish thought wandered its way across my mind and I pushed it between my pursed lips. It felt like the cool, solid tip of a penis. A big, thick penis.

I pulled it away, slightly shocked at myself. What the hell was I doing? That was weird, just weird. But it felt quite nice.

I tried to hide the thought in my mind that I must be quite desperate by this point, and brought the fruit back to my lips, poising my tongue at the tip and working it slowly against my mouth as if tasting the juicy delights of a thick, rock solid cock. I was getting into this weird role play when I heard Jane coming down the stairs into the kitchen.

“Any chance of grabbing me that cucumber while you’re out there Loz,” she called.

“Uh, yeah” my voice crackled as I caught a gulp and cleared my throat, “I’ll just grab it.”

Now this caused me a problem. Jane knew I’d been downstairs for a while and if I was out in the cupboard there was only one thing I could be doing, and now it was apparently clear I didn’t have the cucumber in my hand I needed a good excuse. I gathered the avocado up with the cock – uh, cucumber I mean güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri – and went back inside.

“You okay” Jane asked, “you’re all flushed.”

“Haha” I crackled, “yeah all good, just feeling a bit wayward this morning.”

I passed her the fruity rod and she slid back the cellophane packaging as if it were the rumpled foreskin on a waiting, throbbing member. I felt my knees go weak but managed to hide it. What the hell was happening to me?!?

Work passed without too much trouble, the kids were nice and the dads at the gate eyed me up as usual. I flirted with the waiting parents a little as I sent their snotty little darlings home to their loving families and then got my things sorted for the next day’s onslaught.

I left as early as I could and all the way home felt a growing warmth between my legs as I thought about the long, cool cucumber in the store outside. I raced inside, called up for Jane and Dave. No-one was in. I raced straight through the kitchen and into the cupboard to retrieve the green, slender rod. I sat down, thinking about what I was about to do. Was I really this girl? Was I really about to do this? It was weird. But, hell, it was hot!

The wrapper had been taken off this morning so there was little chance of protecting the rest of what I guess I know saw in my mind as a ready and waiting giant cock. I’d just make up a reason to tell Jane why I’d had to throw the thing away later but right now I slid my panties down my legs and kicked them into the washing machine, opened my legs and, with trembling hands, poised the long, thick shaft at the entrance to my waiting, hot, wet pussy.

I tentatively pushed. The tip broke the sweet, wet seal and with little effort I worked the long green rod into my waiting vagina. At first I managed just a few inches as my engorged pussy was unaccustomed to the thickness of the rod but as I worked it further and further in I came to a slippery, juicy climax, riding this rod and working it deep inside the folds of my pussy.

Then I heard the door.

Jane and Dave burst in to the hallway and I panicked. I couldn’t think straight, be it as I was in the midst of immense pleasure, but somehow I managed to draw the long green rod from deep inside me, stand and get to the sink to wash it off. I don’t know what came over me but I grabbed the chopping board and a knife and started chopping little rings off of the strangely warm fruit.

Jane bounced into the kitchen and started chatting inanely at me about her day and how Dave was great and had taken her to the zoo and how they’d had a lovely day and how she hoped I didn’t mind that they were home and that they might head off for an early nap.

And then she took a piece of the cucumber, popped it in her mouth and skipped off.

I felt awful. Jane was munching on what, just moments güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri earlier, had been my organic dildo. I felt awful.

But I also felt hot. Jane was getting a secret taste of me and that felt really hot. My mind raced, wondering if she could taste me in her mouth and I realised my hands were inside my skirt and working myself towards another powerful climax.

I decided I either had to tame this thing, get a man, or just a screw and get back to being normal, or explore it. Actually, there was no contest. I had no time for a boyfriend right now and this felt naughty, out there and if I felt like this now who knows where I’d take. Whatever that meant!


The next day I found myself stood in the grocer’s perusing the fruit and veg. The guilt of what I’d let Jane do the day before had all but vanished and I was looking for my next hit. Carrot, with its rough, rumpled skin? A big, long pepper with its smooth skin, easy to slip inside me? Maybe an aubergine. That’d certainly be out there but maybe not one to try straight away.

In the end I picked up the biggest, freshest looking carrot I could find along with a thick looking parsnip, and an irresistible looking marrow. I’m pretty embarrassed to say that when I saw it I felt myself getting wet between my legs. A warm flush of excitement and sexual anticipation squirted from my rapidly warming pussy. That was another pair of panties in the wash then!

I gave the odd selection vegetables to the old man at the till who tried to engage me in conversation about what on earth I might be fixing with this little assortment. I just couldn’t hold it in, I just blurted out that I had other plans for them and gave him a wink. He managed to slip my change into my hand before sitting down to … I dunno … have a stroke or something!

I raced home, my thighs slick with my now flowing juices and sliding against each other. I knew Jane was out and wouldn’t be home for a while so I headed to the kitchen, cut a slice of the cucumber and feast on its fulfilling juiciness, tasting just a hint of my own aroma. That only made me wetter still and I headed for the sofa and lifting my skirt revealed my engorged pussy ready and waiting for the organic onslaught I had planned for it.

I ripped off my top and unhitched my bra, dropping it to the floor and grasped my pert little C-cups trying to make the most of the moment but that just didn’t cut it. I needed the veg inside me. I ditched the parsnip deciding it just wasn’t the right shape to give me what I wanted and brought the carrot between my legs. I began to pant in anticipation and brought the carrot first to my lips feeling the long, mildly sweet shaft between my wanton lips. Slowly I drew it down over my chin, over my trembling breast and hardening nipple where the cool, rough exterior stimulated güvenilir bahis şirketleri a wave of growing pleasure through my loins.

I drew the carrot further down, across my pretty belly, over my pubis and down the slippery slit to the mouth of my waiting vagina. I paused, letting the anticipation grow before forcing the full length deep inside me. The cool shaft inside me pushed solidly against the walls of my pussy as I worked it hard inside me. I began trembling as one hand worked my orange dildo whist the other rolled the nub of my clit around between my fingers. I tugged hard on my clit, my pussy compressed around the rod inside me and I came, squirting slippery, warm, wet juices between my thighs and onto the floor. I didn’t care where I squirted, I just wanted to feel more and more of this pleasure.

After an amazing climax I drew out the glistening orange phallus and grasped, eyes barely able to focus, for the marrow. Its thick end and unusually long shaft ended with a huge bulb. I slid into a kneeling position, dumped the carrot on the coffee table leaving a smear of my juices behind it, rested the marrow on the floor and slowly sunk onto its big, juicy head.

I slowly lowered myself onto it as my senses filled with pain and pleasure. My lips were being pushed apart further than I could have ever imagined possible. The marrow, a good 4 inches across slowly and painfully slid into the deep recesses of my pussy. My juices flowed down the length of the green monster and pooled on the floor. Over a period of 10 minutes I worked the shaft up and down between my legs, riding it like the slowest cowboy in the world.

As my pussy grew used to the feeling of this giant biological dildo spreading and working its way into me my muscles tightened and I brought myself to a huge climax, waves of pleasure pulsing through my body sending me into a screaming frenzy. I rode that huge fruit and bounced up and down in pain and pleasure coming time after time after time. My pussy squeezed around the huge mass and juices glistened across my thighs and the massive object of my desire.

Exhausted and fully sated I collapsed onto my heels and then into a crumpled heap against the sofa. The fruit, squeezed by my aching, cooling pussy slid from within me onto the floor. My head hung low I panted, barely with the strength to think after the self-inflicted onslaught, let alone consider tidying myself up and preparing for Jane and Dave’s return.

Startled I heard a floorboard creek. I wearily raised my head and slowly focused on the two figures stood looking down at me. Jane approached and sitting down on the sofa she reached for the sticky carrot, removing it from the pooled juices.

“Hi Babe” she said seductively as she took a bite…


So that’s it. Now you know. I can’t believe what I did but the most worrying thing is that I didn’t stop. I love it, trying out new fruit and veg, feeling each different texture and size within me.

And Jane? She asks only that I leave the fruit in the cupboard when I’m finished. It turns out we have a similar taste in fruit and veg, only hers is oral … and mostly after I’ve used them.

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