Leading Him Astray Ch. 01

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The view from where I am standing is pretty nice, Andy is up a ladder at the bottom of my stairs, fixing the ceiling. I am at the bottom of the ladder making myself highly useful steadying it, and getting a fantastic view of his firm thighs and bum, tightly clad in denim.

I’d be a liar if I said I had much interest in DIY, or if I said that ladder really needed holding still, but my interest in Andy’s goods is pretty high! He’s a good looking 40 something, lean and fit from his job as a builder with warm brown eyes that sparkle when he smiles, and mid-brown hair that gets cut when he can no longer see where he is going.

We’ve been friends a few years now and have very few secrets, we share a lot of banter, most of it fairly filthy, but he remains very married, and I have a long term partner.

“Hang on, I’ve gotta turn round.”

I hold the ladder steady as he turns around to attend to the bit of ceiling he couldn’t reach before. My view has changed, significantly for the better and I cannot resist an audible ‘mm’ as my face is now just inches from his crotch, and his flies are down exposing a few inches of bulging cotton.

“What…?” He looks down. “Oh…”

“Oh indeed,” I say. “Nice view!”

He moves his hand to his zip but I stop him, “Oh no, leave that. I gotta have some perks as DIY Assistant,” I tell him.

“Oh yeah, and what’s my reward for all this work?” he laughs.

“Well… I could…” I joke back, wondering how far he would call my bluff.

“I’ve heard about your reputation girl, maybe it’s time you proved the rumours are true?”

I reach my hand up to his belt buckle and undo it, staring straight into his eyes, fully expecting him to say something to stop me.

He doesn’t. Instead he holds my gaze, and steps down a rung on the ladder so I can unbuckle his belt easier.

His belt and fly undone, I run my thumb under the waistband of his shorts, pulling the elastic down over his rapidly hardening cock. I don’t want to say anything to break this spell lest he change his mind, so without taking my eyes off his face, I slowly lick the full length of his cock, from balls to glistening tip.

He gasps quietly, a sharp intake of breath as I swirl my tongue around his now fully rigid tool, but before I can take him into my mouth, he steps off the ladder and pulls me round so he’s sat on the stairs.

He scoots up a couple of steps and his jeans and shorts come down further, exposing his balls and bum to me. Tugging gently on my pony tail he pulls me down, kneeling in front of him.

“Don’t let me stop you.”

I need no further encouragement, although super aware we are crossing one hell of a line here, I grip his cock at the base and lick up the salty pre-cum already seeping from the head.

He moans and winds his fingers into my hair, following the movement of my head as I begin to bob down, taking him into my mouth gradually deeper and deeper until he’s hitting the back of my throat. He is so hard now, I relax my grip on his shaft and let my hand wander south, caressing his balls and working a finger between his arse cheeks, looking for his tight little hole.

He moves one foot up a step to give me better access and I know he has hoped and dreamed of the day someone gets to take his anal cherry. I let his cock slip out of my mouth for a moment, so I can wet my fingers, and then resuming the slow deep blowjob, I circle my finger around his anus, dipping in a little, pressing and testing to see how easily I can penetrate him.

My finger slides in a little way and I look up at him, wanting to see the look on his face as for the first time he gets his ass fingered and his cock sucked together. I’m not disappointed, his pleasure is plainly obvious as I suck the güvenilir bahis head of his cock, working my tongue around the rim and over the slit.

I drive my finger deeper inside him, he’s so tight and hot the effect it is having on my pussy is electric and he responds by tightening his grip on the back of my head, pushing me up and down on his cock.

“Oh God!” he moans, “I can’t last much longer, I’m gonna cum any second.”

He moves as if to pull his cock out of my mouth but I stare him straight in the eye and take him as deep as I can, almost to the balls, willing myself not to gag as his cock slides down my throat.

He gets the hint and holding my head beings to thrust his cock hard, fucking my face as I work my finger in and out of his ass faster and faster.

“Oh fuck….. fuck…… nghhhhhhhh!!!!!!” he yells out as he cums, filling my throat as fast as I can swallow it. His asshole twitches and grips in time as he spurts load after load of hot, salty cum into my mouth.

I gulp and swallow and keep taking him as deep as I can, hungrily sucking every last drop of cum from him.

He pulls me up level with his face as I let my finger slide out of his hole, and kisses me deeply, tasting his cum still in my mouth.

“That was… mmmmm,” he moans quietly in my ear, nibbling my neck and stroking my hair. “You definitely get a 10 out of 10 from me!”

I kiss him hard and then, pulling back a little, tell him, “That was just the warm-up!”

Standing up, I point up the stairs. “Get up there and get your kit off!”

He doesn’t need telling twice, and stepping out of his jeans and boxers he almost sprints up the stairs and heads for my bedroom.

Following him up, I wonder just how far I can take this before he gets cold feet or an attack of guilt.

I know exactly what I want to do, but it’s something we have only discussed online, from safely in front of our respective computers, where we can pretend it isn’t truly real, and as such doesn’t really count as anything wrong.

I stop by the bathroom and pulling off t-shirt and jeans I collect up a tube of Astroglide and my favourite toys from the cupboard beneath the sink.

As I walk into my room, I realise he isn’t lying on the bed. Too late I also realise my leather wrist cuffs are missing from the iron bedstead where they usually hang.

“Ha!” he grabs me from behind. “My turn to take charge now!”

He leads me to the bed and I’m pleasantly surprised by this new, more domineering Andy.

“You know, I could fight ya,” I laugh as he sits me down on the edge of the bed. He smiles at me. “Now that wouldn’t be very nice of you, would it. Anyway, I think this will be more fun.”

He buckles the leather straps around my wrists and orders me to get on my hands and knees for him whilst he attaches the cuffs to clips strategically placed on the metal headboard.

“So. Do I get a say in what happens next?” I ask him, as he unclips my bra and frees my large breasts. He pauses for a moment to pull gently at my hard nipples.

“Nope. Just gotta wait and see. I haven’t forgotten a single one of our filthy cyber-sessions you know. I’m sure you will enjoy it.”

My mind races now, we have discussed damn near everything I have ever done, or wanted to do, the possibilities are pretty much endless and I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

He runs his hand down my back to the waistband of my lace panties, and slowly slides them over my arse. I can feel myself blushing a little as I know he’s going to realise they are soaked with my juices and he won’t be able to resist commenting.

“You seem to have a damp problem down here love,” he grins, referring to a cyber sex session we had once where he played a plumber türkçe bahis and I the distressed lady of the house.

His joking stops pretty quickly though, he pulls my panties down over my knees to my ankles and then stops to admire the view. I am fully waxed, something I told him about a few weeks ago, but this is the first time he’s seen the results.

His finger traces down my butt crack to the fleshy folds of my wet, hairless pussy. He teases me, trailing his fingers lightly over my outer lips, dipping in a little further and then back out. Instructing me to spread my legs further, he reaches for the selection of toys I’d brought out of the bathroom, now carefully placed out of my line of sight so I have no idea what he is choosing.

“I can do anything I like with you now,” he tells me masterfully, though I can hear in his voice a slight edge of nervousness. This isn’t just the first time he’s strayed, it is the first time he’s had the opportunity to explore all his fantasies.

“Yes,” I moan, “anything you like.”

I hear him flip the lid on the lube and squirt some out onto his fingers, and then his hand on my ass, parting my cheeks to spread the slippery goo along my crack and over, and into my tiny asshole.

“Oh!” I gasp as the cold lube is followed by a warm, probing fingertip.

He pushes gently but firmly until my tight hole accepts the intrusion and his finger slides inside me. It feels so good it nearly tips me over the edge, but he picks up on my rapid breathing and backs off a little, easing his finger out slowly and then slipping it back in until I am used to the sensation.

“Lay over on your side,” he instructs me, firmly. I do as I am told.

Still slowly sliding his finger in and out of my ass he lays down beside me, his cock now hard again just inches from my face. I am dying to touch it again but still cuffed to the bed I am prevented. He knows this and chuckles to himself and I feel his hot breathe against my pussy.

“You smell so good, I have to taste this,” he whispers almost to himself and with his free hand he slips a finger between my puffy lips, coating it in cunt juice. I hear him lick and suck his finger dry and then he begins to lick the length of my slit.

His tongue explores me slowly, lavishly, and as he finds my hard, throbbing clit I moan and being to shudder uncontrollably.

“Ahhh.” I can feel him mumble to himself as he goes to work, licking and sucking my aching clit as he begins to ease a second finger into my ass.

“Don’t you dare cum yet Kate,” he almost growls at me, and slides his fingers out of my ass.

My hole feels empty without the pleasant stretching his fingers gave it, but not for long as I feel him trying to push in something smooth and round.

“Mm… beads?” I moan and he laughs.

“I chose well did I?”

The first of the string of beads pops in as he increases the pressure and is quickly followed by a second and then a third.

He resumes his attention to my clit, suckling and licking, gently grazing with his teeth, and as I relax and acclimatise to the beads inside my ass he pushes in the fourth and fifth beads.

Now my ass is filled he pushes me over onto my back, my cuffed wrists crossed above my head holding me still. My cunt is aching for some attention and he hasn’t forgotten it. Licking from asshole to clit, he dips inside my cunt as deep as he can reach each time, swirling his tongue, probing as far as he can.

I want more, and he knows he’s pushing me about as far as I can take.

Moving to kneel behind me, he pushes my legs up to my shoulders, and stares down at my face. I can feel the tip of his cock against my dripping cunt and I silently beg him to shove it in me, as deep as he can.

“Go güvenilir bahis siteleri on… ask me to do it. Ask me to fuck you.”

“Oh God, Andy, fuck me, fuck me right now!”

He pushes the tip of his cock in and then holds still, feeling my soaking cunt warm and smooth against his hard tool.

“You want me to fuck you? Ok then!”

He slams his cock in hard, until his balls hit my ass. It feels like he’s going to slam me through the wall, and he feels so huge with my ass full of beads making me even tighter than normal.

Slowly he pulls almost all the way out, and then gripping my thighs he drives his cock back in as deep as it will go. He’s relentless now, fucking me deep and hard, knowing he can go on for ages after unloading his balls down my throat earlier.

Between his deep, hard thrusts and our mutual grunts and moans, he tells me, “Ok… get ready to cum for me.”

Not a moment too soon, I let myself go over the edge and free-fall into the oblivion of orgasm and at the same time he reaches down and quickly pulls out the full string of beads.

I yell out, scream the house down in fact, nothing else in the universe exists apart from us and my crashing, brain-shaking climax.

“Oh God…. Andy.. Oh fuck yeah!”

He silences my shouts with a kiss, and slowly pulls his cock out. I begin to relax as little aftershocks of orgasm wash over me, making my pussy twitch and my whole body shudder.

“Now, it is my turn again,” he says quietly, pushing my legs back up. Moving his cock down,he presses it firmly against the tight little opening there.

“Ohhhh,” I moan, still slightly dizzy and faint yet surprisingly very much ready to go again. “Put it in my ass, please Andy,” I beg him softly, knowing that’s what he wants to hear.

” I am,” he moans, ” I’m going to fuck your little ass.”

I bite my lip, can’t take my eyes off his face as he slowly pushes his cock into me. I know how long he has wanted to do this, it’s something we have talked about countless times but never truly thought we would actually do. Our breathing is heavy and ragged, the silence broken only by our faint moans and whimpers. He increases the pressure slightly and suddenly the stiff head of his cock slips inside me.

We both gasp and he looks down at me, holding himself very still in case he hurts me. All the aggression of his earlier animalistic fucking is gone now.

“Ok,” I moan softly as my ass stops clenching and gripping at the unfamiliar size of him. A mini wave of pleasure hits me every time he moves, even as he breathes or his cock twitches. The look concentration on his face tells me the sensations are as intense for him too.

Slowly, slowly, he penetrates me further, deeper, his eyes constantly searching mine for a sign to stop or confirmation that its ok. His concern and care is an incredible turn on and as he finally bottoms out, his balls against my arse, he leans forwards and unclips both my wrists.

“Is this… ok?” he breathes into my ear.

I wrap my legs around him, pushing the hair out off his face and in response, pull him deeper inside me, biting at his neck.

“Its fucking amazing… you… are, fucking amazing.” I mumble into his shoulder as he slowly pulls back and begins to pick up the pace, sliding his full, thick length in and out of my arse.

His shoulders are shaking now and I entwine my arms with his, gripping his muscular upper arms, he buries his head into my neck.

“Oh god, I can’t last,” he moans, and I can feel his cock thickening and twitching inside me.

It’s just enough to push me over the edge too and each spasm of our orgasm pushes the other a little further, moaning and crying out and biting one another frantically as he cums deep inside me.

The last waves of our mutual orgasm subside and he collapses next to me, out of breath and still shaking a little.

“That was…”


“Will we..?”

“Oh yes. Definitely.”

To be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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