Leah, Vampire Emperor Ch. 01

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“Every blue moon, a virgin must be offered to the goddess Aphrodite and penetrate herself on the life-like statue.” Said Leah, Emperor of the Loveland Vampires.

Her minions swooned, swarming like cats, craving her icy caress, which yielded every ache and pain in the warrior clan.

“Bring me a lesbian and I will be kind to you!” She said, grasping the sore muscles of her men, who kissed her black curly locks. Pursing her lips, she flicked them off, a silent but clear, “Ew! Get off me!”

“A lesbian? Why a lesbian?” One of them asked.

“Those are Aphrodite’s favorites, and mine too.” She laughed as her men whimpered.

“Wingmen, go! Find me a virgin lesbian!” Her booming cackles rung around the room.

The minions hissed their war cries and fled the room to execute her command. Lurching and lurking, they scoured the city for lesbians, seeking a prize that would excite their Emperor.

…. The Bachelorette Party ….

Claire was bored in the mash of the club. And evading a stack of muscle men, at her friend’s bachelorette party, was not the bile-wrenching adventure she was hoping to cure her evening. But an array of men continued to seek her out. She’d bat one’s pride, crush another’s heart, and immediately bash the next hunky man that would take his place.

“Claire! Come dance with me!” Said a dark-haired muscle man who looked like he’d walked out of a Vogue photo.

“Who told you my name?”

“Claire, hi. Dance with me.” He said taking her hand and holding it to his chest. Another man tangled his fingers in her straight blonde hair.

“No, thank you.” She said, shaking an array of unintentionally Italian gestures with her free hand. She tried to jerk away but could not.

“Claire, are you Italian?”

“No. But I am gay; so, please let go of my hand.”

“Aren’t you attracted to my charm?” His voice was musical. He caressed her arm with such smoothness she retched.

“No. Apparently you need a dictionary.”

Just as the smile wiped off the hunk holding her hand, another hunk approached and ripped his shirt off. The awkwardness was becoming terribly unbearable as the man proceeded to flex various muscles no human could possess.


“Hey!” She called to her friends, who ignored her. They were entranced, drooling over the masquerade of overtly flirtatious men whom paid them casino siteleri no attention. Each drool-worthy man was tenderly preoccupied with Claire.

“Help! Hello?” Claire shouted and waved frantically at her ditzy friends. She scowled and swore under her breath.

“Come with us, Claire.”

“I think not!”

Claire’s voice was unheard as the men raced her out the club with such strength and speed she wondered if someone slipped something in her drink. Spots clouded her vision. The speed of her surroundings increased and she fell into an irrepressible slumber.

….After An Enviously Calm Slumber….

“Welcome to my castle!” Shouted a noticeably feminine voice.

Claire opened her eyes. Her vision was shaky and blurred at best, but through the blinding orbs of light, she managed to decipher her surroundings. She’d been placed on a daybed in the middle of a lounge. Her posed body was the center of attention in a massive mansion. Cathedral ceilings with Renaissance paintings towered and branched outward in a brilliant blend of cave-inspired marble artistry. There were twenty-foot ceilings at every corner and second-floor octagonal rooms lit with torches. Her bachelorette shirt and jeans had been swapped with a crystal-white gown strung together with thousands of tiny diamonds. Each diamond had needle-sharp edges. Breathing alone caused their little beaks to scrape and scratch her skin. The adornment was intoxicating, and with every drop of blood Claire felt richer. Odd, nagging intuition revealed the men from the pub in her peripherals. Hiding in the balconies, cowering like roaches crawling through crevices of paved sidewalks, they perched like gargoyles on Gothic Churches. Although their demeanor was shady, they retained an eccentric glow that almost blended completely with the polished marble. They crept forward, licking their lips, eyeing the pooled blood which trickling from Claire’s numb, inebriated flesh. A sudden shadow scattered the men into their tiers.

Black gown trailing in satin billows, a woman with dark curls descended a flight of stairs. Could this be the creature that terrified the burliest men Claire had ever seen?

“Hi.” Claire said in an unintentionally sexy voice.

“Hello, Claire. I’m Leah.” Leah said.

“Would you like to sit?”

“I’d love to.” Leah said, motioning her minions to leave canlı casino the room from their various nooks and crannies. “Could I show you something first?”

“Sure. I feel like I’m having some strange dream.” Claire said.

“Why don’t you tell me about it while we walk?”

Leah’s voice was irresistibly sensual. Her eyes alluring. Claire felt wary of an immense risk of falling into Leah’s essence.

As they strolled arm in arm through a greek hallway intersecting victorian gardens, Claire told Leah about her night with her friends at the club. The devastatingly attractive men that would not relinquish their chase and so rudely interrupted their bachelorette party. The beautiful cathedral she woke up in. Her words voiced a terrible underlying feeling of being at war with herself. She thought for a moment it was the surrounding architectural battle between classical and gothic, but her gut seemed to be failing to tell her something about Leah. The more she gazed at Leah, the more her subconscious wavered. It was only a few moments later she forgot there was any alarm to begin with.

“Ick men.” Leah said. “But most women seem to like them, and they’re fun to play with so long as you’re not ‘playing’ with them. And they attract women. Most women. Lesbians they repel. I can always spot a lesbian when my boys take their shirts off. Great strategy.”

Claire noticed Leah’s abnormally sharp teeth. They were so white she couldn’t help being mesmerized.

“Your teeth are so sharp and sparkly!”

“The better to bite you with.” Leah winked and escorted Claire to a circular garden with a statue in the center.

“Really? Would you please?”

“Sure, but I can’t bite you until you try my toy.”


“It’s very musical.” Leah said, enticingly.

“Music…. I should check on my friends. I left them at the club.” Claire cupped her mouth with her hand. Fear of having misplaced something trembled in her core.

“It’s okay. My boys will keep them company.” Leah’s fingers soothingly combed Claire’s hair.

“That’s very kind of them!” Claire smiled. “…Where’s your toy?”

Leah thought Claire’s eagerness to be bitten was invigorating. “There!” She grinned.

Aphrodite’s nude statue was placed in an odd prayer position. Marble hands folded with the pointer and middle fingers pointing up. Lips pointed kaçak casino upward, as if she were kissing something sitting on her fingers.

“Who is that?”


“She’s beautiful.” Claire said, as she ran her fingers along the lips of the statue. The light of the blue moon shone over it delicately.

“It feels really good.” Leah said. She brushed Claire’s hair aside and trailed kisses, tongue and surprisingly sharp nibbles from Claire’s shoulder to ear.

“Have you done it?” Claire asked.

Lavishly taunting Claire with the tip of her tongue, then naughtily hesitating, “A few times.” Leah said.

The soft flurries of Leah’s fingers coaxed Claire into submission. Claire noticed she couldn’t see Leah’s breath in the frosty night air, but she thought the husks and heaves of her own, as Leah ground into her, compensated.

Pants and moans crescendoed into pure undeniable need. A small whine formed, but the hush of Leah’s finger and whisper of humiliating instructions, made it clear the only serenity Claire would get would start with the tips of Aphrodite’s marble fingers.

Leah slid Claire’s gown off, rocks scraping and scratching Claire as they went. Sand-paper exfoliation to make her blood run closer to her skin’s surface, if not breach.

The rawness of the experience was more pleasant than Claire pictured. Leah was cool and mending, strong as steel and rigidly strict in command as she eased Claire onto the statue. Claire’s clit strategically placed on Aphrodite’s dry lips. Aphrodite’s fingers became increasingly warm and welcoming inside Claire, contrasting Leah’s deathly-soothing chill. Wedged between the two, Claire felt gloriously worshipped and completely dominated. Leah kissed and caressed Claire from behind, softly feathering, kneading her breasts. Her nose embedded in the back of Claire’s head. Marble lips sang their silent serenade, morphing flesh with the power of steel. Warmth, increasing warmth. Blood-filled fingers gently weaved the flesh of Claire’s womb. Wet lips suckled her clit. Sensual tingles captured Claire as she ground between the two lively women. Before she knew what was happening, Claire found she had been bitten and drained between two women; and, unwilling to retaliate, intensely enjoying the moment, now lay motionless on the floor.

Aphrodite rose from her pose. “Give me her gown, please.”

There was an ill silence as Leah handed the cloth to her lover, wanting to fuck rather than dress her.

Seeing the shake in Leah’s hand and silently pinched lips, Aphrodite dropped the gown and wrapped them in an earth-quaking kiss.

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