Lena’s New Life Ch. 08

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first erotic series I ever wrote, back in 2005-7, long before posting my first story. I have revised and edited (hopefully well) the chapters, but they are pretty much as they were when I wrote them. It is the story of a married couple in love and exploring a new version of their relationship. It is a fairly long series, although some of the chapters are quite short.

You may want to read Chapter One.


Lena wanted to suck John’s dick.

She was home, and alone, and she missed him. She had started thinking about it over an hour ago, and now the idea was possessing her. She had played it over and over in her head; each time the vision was more detailed, more elaborate, more kinky and nasty and slutty. Earlier she had wanted to fuck, but now all she wanted was his dick in her mouth. That probably had something to do with the two powerful orgasms she’d already had that day, and the third one that she was working on right now. As she slid the thick, nine-inch dildo in and out of her sopping wet pussy, she remembered how she had gotten to this point …

John had gone for the weekly meeting with their Financial Advisor. Sometime she went with him; today she’d stayed home for some ‘self’ time. Her legs needed a shave, and so did some other parts, and she liked to take her time with it. After John left, she finished breakfast and took out one of her books. (She thought about firing up a porno on the DVD, but felt that 9AM was too early for porn. A person should at least wait until 11…) She picked up the Dominatrix Diaries from the nightstand, but didn’t feel like it right now. She went to the Play Room, opened the Toy Closet, and selected … hmmm… how about that one? ‘Variations and Transformations’ was a collection of stories (fiction, she was sure, no one did these things in real life) of women engaging in unusual and kinky sex acts, or of formal or proper or uptight women who become total nympho’s.

Back in the bedroom, she opened to a random story. In it, a proper and conventional woman (hmm, a transformation?) becomes a total slut, and learns to love it.

It started slowly, setting the scene, until it got to the part where she gets a little drunk at a party, and allows herself to be convinced to play ‘Truth or Dare’. The rest of the players, some of them friends she has known a while, laugh at some of her answers, calling her a prude. She is embarrassed, too embarrassed to quit when the game turns sexual. One girl is dared to suck a guy’s dick, and she does it, and everyone cheers for them. The woman is shocked, but aroused, and jealous of the other girl’s ability and courage.

The game continues to push the edge, getting more physical, and several people are half undressed. They are all Dares now, and then she is Dared to kiss every other player, and she does, she kisses every man there, and one of the girls grabs her, and makes out with her.

The other players are fascinated; the woman is frozen, but not running, she is kissing back, and then she feel hands, more than one pair, and as the kiss breaks she sees one of the men has got behind her, and is rubbing her ass and pussy with the girl who is kissing her …

At that point Lena was holding the book with one hand; her other hand had two fingers in her wet pussy, digging all the way in, pressing her G spot, then pulling out, all slick and wet, to massage her clit. She was breathing hard as she continued reading.

She kisses not only that girl, but all the others, and all the men again, and everyone feels her up, and the men undress her, and she does not stop them…

Her clit was hard, and she rubbed it, alternating light strokes with steady pressure, loving the feel of her fingers on her pussy, IN her pussy. She imagined getting fucked, but tried to concentrate on the story.

She was naked now, and there were hands all over her, men and women, touching her, caressing her, stimulating her. Now they were undressing, and now mouths and lips were on her. Then she was laying down, and someone sucked her nipple, and then both were being sucked, and she felt hard cocks pressed into her hands, and then her mouth. Someone licked her pussy as she sucked a dick into her mouth. Whoever owned it started to fuck her face.

Lena was close to her orgasm now; she felt it building, and stimulated herself to almost cumming by rubbing her clit, then allowing it to recede by finger-fucking her pussy. As she continued reading, she kept alternating these actions, managing her orgasm.

There was a tongue in her pussy, and it pulled away; a cock left her hand, then she felt pressure at her wet hole as the dick slipped into her. Her empty hand was grabbed, pulled, and she felt a wet pussy, like her own, but different, and her fingers slipped inside, as she was fucked in her mouth and pussy.

Damn, she thought, I could hold this off, but why? She pulled her fingers (three now, they gave her that stretched feeling) out and returned to her clit to get her climax.

The dick in her mouth erupted followed by the one in her pussy. The woman orgasmed over güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and over

Lena’s orgasm was just about to roll over her. She felt it building in her torso, in her stomach and chest, into her pussy. She felt her ass tighten as the muscles clenched.

The woman sucked and fucked everyone in the room, in every hole she had. She ate fucked pussy while her ass was fucked. She sucked two dicks at once. She sucked tits and dick, and licked pussy and ass. She came, and came, and came …

The book dropped as Lena exploded into spasms, her orgasm tearing through her, her thighs clamping together, squeezing, jamming her hand into her pussy, crushing her clit, as her hips jerked up, again, again, and she was screaming, screaming out loud, and wave after wave ran through her, and over her; her pussy was gushing now, and still she came, and she was thrusting her hips against her hand and STILL she came, and her eyes closed and stars appeared behind her lids and STILL she came, until she finally let it begin to recede, and her twitching body began to relax, and her breathing slowed and her pussy stopped pulsing, and she pulled her hand away. It was soaked, soaked in her juice and her cum.

And she was refreshed. Damn, she thought, there is NOTHING as truly satisfying as a really powerful orgasm! She was smiling, and she smelled her sex in the room. She smoothed her hair, sat up, put the book on the nightstand (good book!), and grabbed her towel to head for the bathroom. As she got off the bed she saw the wet spot she had left, a large round area. Can’t blame him today, she mused!

She went to the Master Bathroom, ran a bath, soaked and washed. She washed her hair, and then shaved her legs.

When her legs were done, she sat up on the rim (on a towel) and shaved her pussy and used a depilatory cream on her ass. Ever since the waxing at the Spa, she had kept her pussy and ass hairless. She did it whenever she did her legs. She used to think that shaving yourself was something porn stars and perverts did, but she had gotten used to the idea, and really (honest!) liked the way it felt and looked. She looked down at her smooth pussy lips, still a little swollen from her masturbation, and admired the simple elegance of her equipment. Without all that hair in the way, she had started to appreciate how a man could enjoy looking at a pussy.

Shaving her pussy was easy, but the cream for her ass was messy. Maybe she should check out where to buy a home waxing kit. Or find a place that would do it for her. She sighed. After the luxurious service at the Spa, there was no way she’d find a place that measured up. She decided to go out and look for home waxing kits. That settled, she stepped out of the tub for a second to get the mirror from the towel closet. She set it on the floor and squatted over it. Not elegant, she thought, but it gets the job done. She finished creaming her ass crack, careful around the wrinkled bud. After a few minutes she stepped back into the tub and showered off the cream, then came back out and squatted over the mirror to check her work. She saw it in the mirror, smooth and hairless, opening and closing as her muscles worked. She’d always thought it was closed up tight. She stopped, looked at her image in the mirror, at her ass. It wasn’t repulsive without all the hair. She watched what it looked like loose, then tight, then clenched. She saw that the muscles actually pulled the opening in and out as it worked. Curiosity satisfied, she stood.

She drained the rest of the water from the tub, rinsed it out, and set the temperature to refill, so she could rinse off .

After there were a few inches of water, she got back in, rinsed her shaved areas, and took the bottle of Aloe and E oil from the side of the tub. She rubbed a little on, and felt some shave cream still on her lips. She rubbed it in the water, then remembered the Jacuzzi at the Spa. She hesitated. What the hell, she figured, it’s my tub. She spun herself around to that her feet were pointing at the faucet end of the tub. She slid down, her arms behind her holding her shoulders up out of the water. She raised her feet up out of the tub, and slid her hips down to where the running water was filling the tub. She adjusted her position, moving her arms to hold her in place. Then she slowly slid her exposed pussy under the column of running water.

A flood of sensation swept through her as first her sphincter, then the bottom of her pussy, then her lower lips and then outer lips, and finally her clit were stimulated by the steady stream of running water. Slowly she slid, thinking HOT DAMN how did I miss out on THIS my whole life! She held her body still as the focused water landed directly on her clit now, and the pulses and pressure created sensations she had never felt, not with fingers, or tongue or vibrator. Completely different, yet with a familiar effect, as she felt the feeling build in her groin, building, and she closed her eyes, and the firm yet soft warm water landed on her, on her now hard clit, tapping and soothing, building and building, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and then she was shaking, and she struggled to hold her pussy still as the orgasm, much different than the earlier one, enveloped her pussy, and she felt her nipples stiffen, connected to her clit it seemed. A softer orgasm, with soothing waves of pleasure, not the rock-hard freight train she’d experienced earlier, but rolling waves, gently releasing her sexual energy and passion.

After the bath, and shave, and her second orgasm, she’d gotten out of the tub. She dried, did her hair. She rubbed moisturizer all over her skin, massaging it in. She thought about sex. She found that the more she had, the more she thought about it. It was never far from her mind anymore. Earlier, while reading the story, when she was building to her first orgasm of the day, she had first thought of sucking John’s dick. She had imagined herself, briefly, in the woman’s position, and that John was the one in her mouth. In the tub, too, she had thought about it, but in that version it had been a suck-him-until-he-fucks-me fantasy.

Still in her big terrycloth robe, courtesy of the Spa, she sat at her vanity, and looked at herself in the mirror. You, she told the image, need to get good and fully fucked. She flushed as the words formed in her head, and she watched the red blush start from her between her breasts up to her forehead. Damn, girl, you are an ANIMAL! Her robe was slipping open just a bit. She slipped her hand inside, caressing her breast, feeling the nipple stiffen. John wouldn’t be home for a while; after the Advisor he was stopping to shop for .. what? Who cares? He’s not here, and he won’t be here. She squeezed the nipple, feeling that connection between her tits and pussy.

So where could she get a nice hard dick for her aching pussy?

She stood, the robe fell open, and she strode purposefully to the Playroom. She opened the toy closet, and looked for something that suited her appetite. Too small, too thin. Too fancy. There, that one. Maybe. She lifted it, a large dildo, about nine inches, nice full width, heavy feel. Should do the trick, she thought. Even though she would never take all that, she thought.

She was closing the closet door when something on another shelf caught her eye. She stood then, frozen, one hand barely wrapped around the huge silicon cock in her hand. Her other hand reached out.

Vibrating butt plug.

She hesitated. She reached, then hesitated again. She remembered the Spa, and her finger … she reached, took it out, and looked at it.

It was only about three inches long, a little longer than her finger. Narrow at the tip, then wider, then a narrow neck and wide base. A miniature lava lamp, it was shaped like. In the base was a place for the bullet vibe. She took one from the shelf, grabbed a bottle of lube, and headed for the bed.

She was going to use the bed in the playroom, but then, she remembered she had already soiled the sheet in the bedroom, so she went back there. She put her toys on the bed, grabbed the remote, and switched on the TV and DVD player. Too early, my ass, she thought. Using the menu, she found a hot scene with lots of sex, and returned to the bed. She turned down the sound so that the cheesy music track wouldn’t disrupt her efforts.

She sat on the bed, picked up the plug and bullet, and fitted them together. The bullet was wired, with a controller that looked easy enough. She removed her robe, anticipating a nice full stretched and fucked orgasm. Damn, she was so excited her hands were starting to tremble! She got up once more, grabbed the towel from her shower and spread it on the bed, then sat in the middle of it. She took the dildo and plug, and the bottle of lube and coated them generously.

Lying on her back, her head and shoulders on pillows so she could watch the action on the TV, she squeezed a blob of lube into her palm, and closed her hand to warm it a little before applying it to her pussy. M-mm, she was aching for this, and she took her time, being sure to coat every inch of the outside of her pussy, as well as the inside. She wiped her hand quickly on the towel, and picked up the dildo.

Damn, it felt heavy, and slick. Because it barely fit in her hand she almost dropped it. Am I crazy? Is this thing going to tear me up? Her anxiety disappeared when the tip brushed her slick lips, and they opened invitingly, spreading to accept the big head as she rubbed it up and down her slit.

She sighed as she slid it up and down, and groaned when it touched her clit. She repeated this motion a few times, making sure that the head was coated not just with lube but with her juices, and then she slipped it down her engorged lips to her opening, and started to push.

Damn, it was big. She felt the head spreading her hole, stretching it, as she pushed it in slowly. Using her other hand, she squirted more lube on the shaft, and head, then spread it out around the shaft and over her pussy lips. Again she pushed, and it slid a little easier now. She sat up, pulled her legs up to her güvenilir bahis şirketleri chest, and watched as the fat head of the dildo slipped silently into her body. Her pussy muscles stretched around it as it passed, then closed behind it, wrapping tightly on the shaft as the head moved deeper into her hot tunnel, God what a fucking this was going to be. She felt herself shaking, and didn’t know if it was strain, or anticipation, or just excitement. She pulled it back a little, then in, gently fucking herself with just the head of the fat stick. Only about two inches was inside her.

She fucked the dildo in and out a few times, getting accustomed to the size, then started pushing it a little further in. As she pushed it, she waited, feeling that incredibly filled and satisfied penetration. She waited, then pulled back out a little, then in a little further. Each time she went further the wave of warmth spread through her lower body, emanating wider, each pulse in filling her more, now four inches, now halfway in, now five, and the waves spread from her pussy, and she squirmed and groaned with pure delight. Six inches. Her eyelids fluttered. Seven, and she felt it touch bottom, stretching her pussy length, and she stopped, and felt her body adjust to the size, before putting a little more pressure on it, seeing how far, how hard could she take it. A little more and she felt a twinge of pain, and she backed off, almost eight fat slow inches of cock in her, she looked at her stretched opening as she pulled it back, watched the width pulling her pussy lips out as she released the pressure, her mouth open, wishing she had a dick to suck while she was being totally fucked. She lay back now, legs pulled up to her chest still, arms between her thighs as she began fucking the huge dick in and out of her wet, sopping hole.

After a few short strokes she went for a slow, long stroke, pulling it almost all the way out, feeling the head bulging through her opening, almost to the edge. She felt the internal suction as her pussy closed in around the empty space, relaxing, and then stretching again as she slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y slipped it back in, her mouth opened again, breathing heavily, and again she yearned for something to fill her mouth. She did the slow fuck stroke several more times, her breath quickening and becoming shorter as the wallowed in her lust and passion. She started to speed up, felt it was too soon; and took it a little slower. Her head lolled back onto the bed, and turned.

And she saw the plug.

She slowly slid the big fat dildo out of her. Reaching for the plug, she lubed it again, then extended her hand down below her ass cheek. Her other hand squirted some lube at the bottom of her pussy, letting it drip down her crack to the tiny, wrinkled hole. She rubbed the tip of the plug in the dripping lube, then rubbed it on her opening. She swirled, and rubbed, and she pressed gently, and the tip slipped in past the outer opening, slipping inside the tight hole. She felt suddenly deliriously nasty, and changed the angle of the plug so that it was pointed straight into her ass.

She pushed a little, feeling it penetrate, remembering the sensation of her slender finger in her ass, and pressed slowly, further, feeling the tip pushing at the inner ring, and the flare of the plug stretched her sphincter muscle. Remembering the finger, she clenched, then released, pushing the plug when she relaxed the muscle. She clenched her sphincter several times, feeling it push the plug against her hand, and with each release the plug slipped in a little further, stretching her, until finally the widest part passed her opening and it slipped firmly into place.

She allowed herself to exhale. Her ass was penetrated.

The feeling was different from the full pussy feeling, and it was just full, not being pounded. Still, the nerve endings were not accustomed to having something stimulating them, and it sent tingling throughout her pelvic region. She could feel the muscles involuntarily twitching on the plug. This was the dirtiest nastiest sluttiest thing she had ever done! And she was loving it! She reached for the controller.

She turned the dial to the lowest setting before turning it on. When she hit the switch, the plug in her ass came to life, stimulating all the nerve endings, and jolting her with intense sensation. She turned it up slightly, catching her breath when she felt she had it set just right. Her full anus was vibrating, a sensation she had never before felt; it was like her pussy was on fire, it felt like she was just one giant pussy; her entire lower body became a pussy, and her breath came in short gasps as she reached once more for the dildo.

And Lena wanted to suck John’s dick.

As she pushed the big dildo back into her hot pussy, and began to fuck herself while the butt plug stimulated her filled ass, she felt the orgasm already beginning to build. It would be a big one, a physically draining, full body, all muscles and joints, loss-of-consciousness type of cum, she knew it. As she began sliding the big dong into her wet pussy, the stimulation ran from her pussy to her clit to her nipples and ass and back again. She rolled over then, raising her ass into the air, butt plug humming, as she worked the big cock into her pussy, now using both hands, her mouth open, face pressed into the sheet. She was grunting with each insertion, each penetration.

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