Lesbian Law

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Tanya knocked on the door, waiting for Erica to answer. She had butterflies in her stomach as she heard the footsteps coming closer to the door. She wasn’t sure if she could, or should continue with the thing she had come here for. Erica was a lesbian, and Tanya had come here for sex.

Erica had been working with Rick for six weeks. He suspected she was at least bisexual, if not fully lesbian. Her mannerisms were “Boy’s Club” professional, almost to the point of masculine, despite her physical appearance that screamed “Femme Fatale”. He had picked up on little looks here and there that suggested an interest in women, though she had never said anything directly. Slender body, and perfect breasts, her long blonde hair neatly coiffed to accentuate her incredible green eyes, Erica belonged in the pages of Playboy, not a small company in a backwater town. For some unknown reason, she had chosen to settle here instead of a city like New York or Los Angeles; places she had lived before and been very successful.

Rick had invited her out for dinner and drinks with he and his wife Tanya. It was an invitation meant to bring her into the fold at the office. Her incredible beauty had caused the male employees to shy away from her, and the female employees had begun rumors out of sheer jealousy. Erica needed to be included, and if Rick and Tanya both befriended her, others would fall in line without starting rumors of an affair.

Erica met them at the restaurant, and held her handshake with Tanya a little longer than would be considered normal. She gazed into Tanya’s eyes with an interest that intrigued Rick, and mesmerized Tanya. Her green, cat-like eyes were seductive, eyes that held your attention with their sheer brilliance and beauty.

“Hi, I’m Erica.” She said calmly, professionally,… seductively.

“Hi.” Tanya answered, not knowing exactly what to say beyond that as she gazed back into her eyes with curiosity.

They sat and enjoyed their meal, discussing work and their individual pasts, getting to know each other beyond the office gossip. There was a lot of laughter and storytelling, and overall, things went very well. Erica never mentioned a boyfriend, but repeatedly said “Lovers” and “Partners” in lieu of “Boyfriends” or “Girlfriends”. While the discussion wasn’t approaching sex, it was obvious that Erica was a sexually charged person with her eye on Tanya, and Tanya wasn’t objecting to the attention. Rick was also enjoying the tension as he watched another woman getting his wife worked up. Hearing Erica say the word “Lovers” made Tanya breathe a little more heavily, and Rick was enjoying watching his wife’s reactions.

Five or six drinks later, they had moved to the bar to continue their talk. Erica had chosen a table in the back that offered at least some privacy as she focused her attention mainly toward Tanya. Innuendoes were made, and hints were dropped, but nothing was directly asked or answered. Rick was never left out of the conversation, but he knew he was a third wheel tonight as he watched his wife warm to the attention of the lesbian across the table. Finally, Erica decided to break the chat and open the possibilities.

“Can I be honest about something?” she asked.

Rick and Tanya both nodded their heads as they waited for her response.

“Look,” she began, “I think you’ve both figured out by now that I’m a lesbian. I really hope you’re not put off by….”

“No!” Rick answered quickly, interrupting her to her own amusement.

“Not at all.” Tanya answered as she jokingly slapped Rick’s arm, letting him know he was being a horny idiot. She knew exactly what thoughts were running through his head.

“I really like you both.” Erica continued to Rick’s excitement, “Normally I wouldn’t be so blunt, but I’m really drunk right now.” She paused for a moment before asking her question. “Tanya, by any REMOTE chance, are you bi?”

“I’m curious.” Tanya answered honestly, and with a small grin, exciting Rick even further as every man’s fantasy began to emerge in front of his eyes.

“Rick, would you mind if I enticed your wife?” she asked.

“What’s in it for me?” he asked, hoping for an invitation.

“Nothing.” Erica answered warmly, “I don’t believe in office affairs.”

“That sucks.” Rick answered jokingly, allowing the conversation to play out.

“So is it a yes, or no?” she probed further.

“I think you’re asking the wrong person.” He answered.

“Well?” Erica asked as she turned to Tanya.

Tanya began to feel the burn between her legs as she gazed into Erica’s deep green eyes. “I don’t know.” She answered nervously, but with a deep hint of interest.

“Is it remotely tempting?” Erica asked further, holding out her hand, hoping Tanya would take it.

Tanya softly bit her lip as she contemplated the offer. She placed her hand in Erica’s and squeezed lightly, unsure of where to go from here. Accepting her hand was not acceptance, but a sign of interest only. Erica stood from the table, and led Tanya to the restroom for a moment of private conversation. casino siteleri “We’ll be back in a minute.” She told Rick as they disappeared down the hall.

Erica led Tanya through the restroom door and checked to make sure they were alone. Finding no one else inside, she leaned Tanya against the counter and stood inches away from her. Close enough to lean in for a kiss, but far enough away to back off if the door opened suddenly.

“I find you very attractive.” Erica said as she gazed into Tanya’s eyes, “I have no interest in ‘converting’ you, as some straight people would call it. I also have no interest in breaking up an obviously great marriage. I’m no threat to Rick, and we both know that he’s ok with this.”

“Why me?” Tanya asked nervously.

“I haven’t been with anyone in over a year.” Erica answered, “You’re the first woman that’s really talked to me about something besides work in a long time, and I found myself VERY attracted to you from the first moment I laid eyes on you. I picked up on your curiosity, and well… I’d like to help you explore it. You’ve pushed every single one of my buttons tonight, and I’m soaking wet right now, hoping you’ll say yes.”

“I don’t know.” Tanya answered, tempted but afraid, “I’ve never done anything like this.”

“Everything starts with a first time.” Erica reassured her, “You know Rick would love to have a threesome. I’m not interested, but you’ll know everything you need to make it happen for him.”

“I’ve haven’t been with anyone else since we got married.” Tanya said, “I don’t know that I would want to do anything without him there.”

“Tanya,” she began, “Let’s remove the tension here. Not committing to anything… Not being nice to save my feelings… Do you find the idea of me making love to you appealing?”

“You know that I do.” Tanya replied.

“If you were ever to explore your curiosity, do you really want it to be with another curious woman, groping in the dark, each of you wondering if you’re a disappointment to the other?” she asked, “I’m a lesbian. I’ve had my share of female lovers. You are an inexperienced virgin, and I’m creaming at the opportunity to show you all the wonders of making love to another woman. I WANT to see that look of ecstasy in your eyes when I make you cum for the first time. Do you know how special that is for me?”

Tanya closed her eyes, trembling with excitement as she contemplated Erica’s offer. Here was her biggest fantasy standing before her, her personal insecurities one of the driving forces that made Erica want her. There would never be a better opportunity than this, and Tanya knew it. But could she find the courage to cross that threshold?

Erica smiled seductively as she pulled her business card from her purse. Writing her home address on the back, she slid it into Tanya’s hand. Then, placing her hand on her cheek, Erica leaned in and gently placed her lips against Tanya’s, kissing her deeply. Tanya melted, feeling the soft, warm lips against her own as she smelled Erica’s perfume, and felt the incredibly delicate touch of her fingers against her skin. Her lips parted easily to accept her kiss, and Erica slid her hand around to the small of Tanya’s back, pulling their bodies together so that Tanya could feel her breasts against her. Finally pulling away, Erica smiled seductively as she gazed hungrily into Tanya’s eyes again. Tanya was stunned, seduced by the kiss.

“I’ve wanted to do that all night.” Erica whispered, “You have my home address. Talk to Rick, and I’ll be home in twenty minutes if you decide to try it.”

Erica gave Tanya another quick peck on the lips and walked out the door. Walking back to the table, she leaned over and whispered into Rick’s ear as she laid her money on the table.

“I just kissed your wife in the restroom.” She said, “I got the impression that you wouldn’t mind.”

“No.” Rick said, happily.

“You two need to talk, because I’ve invited her over for sex.” She continued, “I like you, but lesbians don’t do men… lesbian law and all that. Still, if you ever want to have a threesome with another woman, dropping her off at my house will get her over any fears she might have. Say no if you think it might cause problems between us. There won’t be any hard feelings.”

“There’s only one hard feeling at the moment.” Rick joked.

“Lesbian law.” She reminded him with a smile.

“To hell with Lesbian Law.” He answered, “If my wife gets you, then I get you too.”

Erica placed her hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes.

“Please Rick,” she said, “It’s been a very long time for me. Let me have her tonight, and I promise you a threesome later. You can’t fuck me, but I’ll make sure you get to see us together and participate.”

“Seal it with a kiss?” he asked.

Erica leaned down and began to kiss Rick. “You know that this wrong to me.” She whispered, “I’m only kissing you because I want your wife.”

“I know.” He said, smiling against her lips, “I want to be able to at least touch you.”

“Agreed.” She answered as she finished canlı casino her kiss. “So can I have her?”

“Ok.” He answered, “Do NOT hurt her.”

“Not a chance.” She said, “And thank you, even if you are a bastard.”

Erica smiled back at him as she walked out the door.

Tanya emerged from the restroom and returned to the table, quickly downing whatever was left of every drink on the table. Rick could see the look of lust in her eyes; mixed with fear as every emotion she had fought its way to the surface.

“You want her, admit it.” Rick said.

“I want to fuck the hell out of her!” Tanya answered, breathing hard, nearing hyperventilation.

“So she invited you over for sex?” Rick asked, “Your call.”

“Baby, I don’t know.” Tanya replied as she leaned back in her chair, quietly clenching her hands between her legs, “I don’t want to do anything without you.”

“I don’t mind.” Rick answered, placing his hand on her knee, only to have it quickly slapped away.

“Quit!” she whispered loudly, “Not now!”

“SORRY!” he answered, amused by what his wife was experiencing. “If it’s any consolation, she promised me a threesome later if this happens. If you do this, I expect you both to hold up your ends of the bargain.”

“She offered that?” Tanya asked.

“She wants you bad.” Rick answered, “Badly enough that she agreed when I made it a stipulation. She’s willing to make a deal with the devil for a night with you.”

Tanya tried to regain her composure as she stared at the card on the table. It was an open invitation that she was very interested in, but she didn’t want to exclude her husband. Erica had definitely peaked her “curiosity”, though it had become more of a driving force than a curiosity after the kiss in the restroom. It was a little more tempting knowing that Erica wanted her enough that she would agree to a threesome with a man to get her.

“Tanya,” Rick said gently, “This has always been a fantasy of yours. I want you to fulfill this fantasy. I don’t want you kicking yourself later because you passed up the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“I don’t want to do it without you.” She said.

“Can’t… lesbian law, and all that.” He answered, “Honestly, can you see the two of you together without me there, just two women fulfilling a fantasy?”

“Yeah.” She answered simply.

“Then go for it.” He said, “I’m determined to fulfill all your fantasies. This saves me from having to rent a hooker.”

“You’re such an asshole!” she laughed.

“I will get my threesome later, right?” he pushed.

“YES! I will make sure you get a threesome sometime!” she argued, “It might not be Erica, and it sure as hell won’t be a hooker, but you will get your threesome.”

Rick paid the bill and took Tanya’s hand, leading her out to the car. Taking the card from her, he looked at the address and began driving to Erica’s house. Tanya sat silently as she watched the world go by, thinking about what would happen. She was nervous, yet excited at the opportunity, but was still unsure if she could go through with it.

Pulling into Erica’s neighborhood, Rick pointed to an all night coffee shop on the corner.

“I’ll be right there.” he said, “When you’re done, or if you change your mind, I’m one block away. I can be here in one minute.”

Pulling up in front of Erica’s house, Tanya leaned over and kissed her husband.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked.

“Absolutely.” He answered calmly, reassuringly.

“Thank you.” She answered.

“I expect explicit details.” He said.

“Ok.” Tanya snickered as she opened the door, climbing out, and watching her husband drive away.

Tanya knocked on the door, waiting for Erica to answer. She had butterflies in her stomach as she heard the footsteps coming closer to the door. She wasn’t sure if she could, or should continue with the thing she had come here for. Erica was a lesbian, and Tanya had come here for sex.

She heard the footsteps coming closer, and the peephole in the door grew dark as the person inside peered out. The doorknob turned, and the door began to open. Erica stood in the doorway, still dressed as she was at the restaurant, but she had let her hair down so that her soft, silky locks were gently draped over her shoulders.

Erica smiled and held out her hand without saying a word. Tanya accepted her hand, and Erica placed a finger against her lips.

“Don’t say anything right now.” She said calmly, and with a gentle smile as she began to pull her inside, “This is instruction time. Just listen, feel, and enjoy.”

Tanya followed her down the hall and to the bedroom. The only light came from the dimmed accent lights in each corner of the room, and a couple of small candles. The bedroom was sparse, only a bed, nightstands, and a dresser. The bed was a queen-sized bed with a thick, patchwork comforter of green and red squares, outlined in gold trim, and matching pillows at the head with golden tassels dangling from the corners. The entire room was bathed in a soft, warm kaçak casino glow that provided just enough light to see by, yet not enough light to make out any real detail.

Erica turned and stood in front of Tanya, holding her finger to her lips again. Tanya watched as Erica removed her pinstriped jacket and neatly laid it across the dresser. She began to slowly unbutton her blouse, teasing Tanya as she watched her shirt opening slowly, revealing a black lace push-up bra, a hint of areolas peeking from the cups. Removing her shirt slowly, she allowed it to drop to the floor. Sliding her hands down her body, she began to unbutton her pants, and slowly slid them down, stepping out of them, and placing them on the dresser with her jacket.

Erica now stood before Tanya wearing only a black lace bra, a matching black lace thong, black stockings that climbed to her thighs, and high heels that gave her a look of elegance as she walked back across the room to Tanya.

“Lesbian law, number one.” She began seductively, “If you want to seduce a woman, dress the part. If you’re looking for a Hooter’s girl, dress like one. If you want to find a Victoria’s Secret model, then you need to dress like a Victoria’s Secret model. Taste seeks out taste.”

Erica wrapped her arms around Tanya’s waist and pulled her close, kissing her deeply as she moved Tanya’s hands to her ass. Tanya felt the softness of her cheeks in her hands as she returned Erica’s kiss. Her ass was as soft as velvet, and warm to the touch. The lace thong tickled her palms as she allowed her hands to roam, sliding up her back to feel the rest of her soft, feminine skin. Erica’s lips pressing against her own were even softer, inviting, and Tanya felt Erica’s tongue gently glide between them, feeling the tip against her own tongue as she opened her mouth to invite her in.

The brief kiss ended as Erica backed away, looking Tanya in the eyes. “Do I have a good taste?” she asked.

“Yes.” Tanya answered, her breath quivering from the seduction.

Erica turned around and lifted her hair. “Unhook my bra.” She said.

Tanya fumbled with the hooks, finally getting them undone as she watched Erica’s full, naked back come into view, unobstructed in the dim light. Erica turned around, holding the cups over her breasts as she returned to look into Tanya’s eyes.

“Lesbian law, number two.” She began again with a smile, “The wonderful thing about lipstick lesbians is that we are not men. Only a woman truly understands how another woman likes to be touched. You know how long fingernails feel against a naked breast. You know how much pressure feels right. If it leaves you aching deeply, then it will likely do the same for your lover.”

Erica dropped her bra, and placed Tanya’s hands on her breasts, and she felt her nipples swell under her fingers. She allowed them to glide over her soft delicate skin, and closed her eyes as she soaked in the softness of another woman’s breasts. She felt the supple contours, and sliding her fingers underneath, felt her skin lightly kissing her fingertips as she experienced the incredible sensation. Erica’s fingers glided up Tanya’s arms to her face, lightly caressing her cheek as she watched Tanya experiencing her first woman. Erica’s breath quivered as Tanya experienced her breasts, touching them, imagining how it felt when she was touched that way. She looked into Erica’s eyes, understanding completely as she witnessed the look of sheer ecstasy. She instinctively knew how to touch Erica because it felt good to her.

“Are you ready to move on?” she asked quietly, resisting the temptation to let her continue what she was doing.

“Yes.” Tanya answered, her arousal sounding in her voice.

“Remove my stockings.” Erica said, sitting on the edge of the bed and holding out her leg.

Tanya knelt down, and removed one of Erica’s high heels. She looked up her leg to the edge of her stocking, so close to her pussy that she was tempted to leave the stocking on. Resisting temptation, she allowed her fingers to glide up her leg, feeling the fabric, teased at what was underneath as she slipped her fingers into the top of the stocking.

“Lesbian law, number three.” Erica said, “A woman is worth the wait. Undressing a woman is like unwrapping a piece of imported chocolate. Savor every second, anticipating things to come. Take the time to appreciate the perfection before you sink your teeth into it.”

Tanya smiled at the tease, becoming more comfortable with Erica and her “Lesbian Laws”. She gently, teasingly wrapped her hands around Erica’s leg as she gently rolled the stocking down, feeling the muscles ripple and tense at her touch. Erica’s breath shuddered for the first time as she felt Tanya’s fingers gliding down her leg, the first sign that she was as aroused as Tanya.

The other stocking came down just as slowly, and Tanya took her time, appreciating the sensation, and appreciating Erica’s reaction to her touch, giving her a sense of empowerment as she undressed her. As Erica had said, touching the way she liked to be touched made all the difference in the world. This seemed natural, naughty, pure, … feminine with an entirely new meaning. It was sensual and erotic beyond any comprehension she had ever known. Tanya held up the stocking, dangling it in front of Erica.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20