Lovely Nettles

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It was a toy sword pushed down my trousers at the age of ten that felt strangely nice that started my masturbation practice, and like almost every man (woman too) on the planet, I’ve been practicing lots ever since.

I’m married and we have a great sex life but I still like to pleasure myself. Reading about how Romans used to beat themselves with branches of nettles gave me an idea one day.

We have a large garden and plenty of nettles and I do like just a little pain with my masturbation; the pain distracts from my orgasm so a little more pain distracts a little more, making the orgasm better and better. I’m sure you get the idea.

Up to then my pain had been little more than squeezing my balls or rubbing the head of my cock with the palm of my hand which jangles my cock nerves and so delays my orgasm.

So I carefully pick a nettle leaf, I don’t want to prick myself now do I! My cock is well awake by now and my heart thumping in my chest. Making sure no one is around I go into the garden shed unzip and pull out my very uncertain but very stiff cock. I am shaking at the very prospect of what a nettle sting will feel like, bahis firmaları I hate getting stung normally but that just adds to the nervous, shaking anticipation.

So, carefully I just let the leaf hairs sting the most sensitive area of my cock, just a light touch and there I’ve done it, I’m stung. In contrast to the usual rigorous fondlings that that area of my cock normally receives, the sting is a very rude awakening but what ecstasy. Just a very sharp but somehow very gentle prick of the skin so delicate but so devastating, so gorgeous because after the prick there follows the sharp, tingling, slightly burning sensation that is ohhhh so wonderful.

Quite sufficient for a first try, I just had to dive into the house to rub this wonderful sensation in my cock head away with a splendid explosive orgasm.

The tingling sensation we all know and hate about nettles is not the same when applied to one’s sensitive places. It sort of buzzes you all day long and you never forget what you have been doing to your cock. It’s just wonderful and you can’t concentrate on anything else for sure.

When I’m next alone in the house I have kaçak iddaa to take the experiment a little further, because that pit of shaking anticipation won’t let me delay a moment longer. This time I cut a whole head of nettles full of those tempting little needles. Then, fully nude I carefully apply the little pricks again to my rampant cock now utterly anticipating and receiving instant ecstasy again, gorgeous, so sharp yet so delicate. I prick a little more and more and more I’m high on the feelings as the multitude of little pricks build on one another and the ecstatic pain becomes almost overwhelming and my legs go weak and I just have to rub and fondle and caress my cock to counter the pain and make my glorious cock burst forth with a magnificent orgasm and lots of spunk everywhere. I feel gloriously satisfied and spent but with a buzzing cock.

But I have stung myself much more this time and it slowly numbs my cock to the point that I almost cannot pee. So now I’m scared what damage I may have done, my cock tingles and tingles it feels great but what if I cannot pee? It lasts several hours but thankfully finally begins to wear off; I’m safe, kaçak bahis and now I’m totally under the spell of those little needles that just prick their way into that most pleasurable part of my body and leave behind the sharp crystals of irritant that draw out the pain and pleasure for hour upon hour. Never was pain more delicate and delicious, more intricate and totally orgasmic.

But do I dare tell anyone? No, only you through the anonymity of the internet. But maybe you folks have already tried? If so, what does it do for you? There was one girl on a site who let a wasp sting her clittie but I’m not into that much pain!!

Here in the UK nettles prick differently at different times of the year. Very sharp but not long lasting in the spring to less sharp and much longer lasting from the mature plants in summer. So, in late autumn and winter when the plants are dormant you are left just begging for spring to come so that you can sting again, it’s like a lover being away for months on end, till finally the young shoots burst forth with new leaves to just touch lightly on your rampant cock after so long an absence, just to let one of the hairs penetrate the delicate skin to release that luscious pain to enmesh your deeply throbbing cock on the way to another bursting wonderful orgasm.

I’d love to know how your cunt would react…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20