Luke and Leah Ch. 03

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Leah was at a party at one of her manager’s houses. It was being held to thank them all for their work that year. It was a nice party, and a nice house. The house was on several levels, going up a hillside, and the party had waiters, and expensive wine, and little nibbly foods.

Leah wandered around, and talked to people, and felt sexy in her party dress.

After a while, she decided she wanted some air. She wandered off upstairs, away from the noise, and found her way out onto a terrace.

It was a nice terrace as well. A nice terrace on a nice house. There was cool air, and a slight breeze, and a view of lights out over the city. She stood there for a moment and sipped her wine.

Behind her, someone cleared their throat.

“Hi,” she said, without looking around.

“Hi,” a man’s voice said. He was standing back, against the wall, watching her from the darkness.

She didn’t turn. She didn’t look back. She just stood there, looking at the lights, as he walked up behind her.

He kissed her shoulder. She had a backless dress that fit loosely enough he could slide it up easily if he wished. He kissed her shoulder so she shivered, and then her neck so she sighed, and then he reached down and slid her dress up her legs, and held it there while he kissed her. He kissed her neck a little more, then suddenly knelt down behind her. He knelt, still holding her dress up around güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her waist, and kissed her down there instead. He kissed the back of her thigh, and her hip, and then licked across her ass. He licked, warm and wet across her skin, making her want him, making her want this. He licked, and she put her wineglass down on the railing in front of herself. She leaned on that railing, holding herself up, moving her foot sideway a little to balance.

To balance, and so he could reach her easily, if he wished to.

He did seem to wish. He held her hips, one hand on each side of her, lifting her slightly, his hands warm against skin that was suddenly bare to the cool night air. He was holding her hips, and her feet were apart, and she was bending forward slightly, as well. He was easily able to reach. He reached. He leaned forward, and licked her ass again, this time licking particularly, licking purposely, not just licking skin, not just licking any old place. This time he licked carefully down her, between her cheeks, sliding his tongue achingly slowly towards, and onto, her asshole.

She jumped when his tongue first touched her there. She jumped, and wanted to blush, or protest, or shriek. It felt wrong, being licked there. It felt shamefully wrong, but wonderfully good, as well. It tickled slightly at first, because his first touch had been so breathy-light. It tickled, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and she gasped and shivered and almost shifted away, and he might have understood why, because he licked more firmly after that. Then, with his firmer lapping, then it simply felt good.

He lapped at her asshole, slowly and carefully, and she stood there, trying to pretend she was still ignoring him, and was just looking at the view.

After a while her legs began to feel weak. One began to shake. She leaned forward a little more, onto her arms on the railing, taking her weight off her legs. Now, because she was leaning further, he could reach her pussy too. He licked her there, licked her all over, lapping from her ass to her clit, all the way along her. He licked slowly, kissing and sucking, and his mouth felt different on different parts of her. It was a sharper tinglier pleasure on her clit, and more gently comfortable on her pussy, and somehow oily and warm and thickly rich as it slid around on her ass. He was licking her all over, but was concentrating on her ass, and mostly licking her there. He was licking her slowly, taking his time, seeming not to care how public this was, kneeling behind her as she looked out at the view.

He was being quite slow, but she began to think they ought to hurry, in case someone happened along and saw them. These was her work people, and this was güvenilir bahis şirketleri one of her manager’s houses. She couldn’t afford to be caught.

“Hurry,” she whispered, and he made a noise, agreeing, and reached up between her legs.

Reaching up, touching with his fingers in front of her, pressing against her clit, while licking her ass with his hot wet tongue. She pressed forward, onto his hand. She reached down with one of hers, and held his against herself. She felt the tugging of his fingers, and the oily slither of his tongue, felt her breath get soft and her legs weak and she held onto the railing in front of herself desperately, trying to keep herself upright.

She managed to stay upright. She held on, gasping, and began to come, and as she came as he licked her ass, and slid his tongue inside her. She came, and when she was done, he stood up, and kissed her shoulder again, and then walked away without a word.

Leah stood there for a moment, until her breathing had returned to normal, and her hands had stopped shaking from her orgasm. She stood there for a moment in the cool night air, waiting, until she was ready. Then, when she was calm, and no longer flushed, and her legs had stopped feeling unsteady, then she straightened her dress, and picked up her wine glass, and went back downstairs to the party.

She drifted for a moment, looking around, until she found Luke in a corner. She went over and kissed him, kissed him deliberately, and his mouth still tasted a little of her. He tasted of her, in the middle of a crowded room, and in a strange way that was dark and sexy and exciting. She kissed him again, and then sipped her wine, her mouth dry from her gasping breathing.

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