Making Wishes Come True

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Rob entered the bar apprehensively. It was warm and lively. He had never done anything like this before. What was he thinking? He had a very strong urge to return to his room for a quiet evening of reading. But he promised and a promise is a promise. Although he could just tell … NO! That would not be right.

He scanned the room, which made his stomach sink further. It was filled with what looked like multiple fraternities and sororities who had started their party long before he arrived. Here he was, a mature, professional successful person in a room filled with … well … kids. What in the hell was he doing? He did not know. The urge to bolt was stronger than ever. He settled down and moved to the bar and ordered a bourbon and water, for which he was rewarded with a strange look from the blond, blue-eyed bartender in a tight t-shirt showing a very deep cleavage and who was probably 15 years younger than he. He settled in to watch the basketball game on the TV and before he could take a sip, a body slammed into his back, spilling his drink on the bar. With a disgusted look, the bartender poured him another.

Somewhere in the middle of his second drink he heard “Kahlua and cream” in a voice very different from the others around him. He turned and looked to see a very lovely woman sitting next to him. Looking Rob up and down and smiling, she yelled “You look a little out of place.”

“Yes, and I feel like a chaperone at the prom,” Rob replied loudly over the blaring sound of some youthful band. “What about you? What is a lovely and worldly woman doing in place like this?”

“Worldly? That is an interesting choice of words,” the woman loudly responded with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I meant nothing but the highest respect. You have the air of a woman in her prime. A strong and established, but fun-loving woman,” he quickly covered.

“You can tell that from one drink order? My, you are good,” she rejoined.

“Sarcastic too! I like that!” Rob shouted.

“You seem honest and mostly harmless. I see only one drink. Does that mean you are here alone or does the other person not drink?” she asked.

“Sarcastic, observant, AND forward aren’t you! Yes I am alone.”

“Good. Hi, my name is Caroline. I know of a quieter place and I would love some adult company or should I say worldly company?” Caroline screamed over the music as she presented her hand.

“Touché! I’m Rob,” he surrendered, shaking her hand. It was warm and soft. “Lead-on McDuff!”

Rob followed Caroline through the crowded bar and into a small lounge. It was a pleasant room, in an out-of-the-way corner of the lodge. She was right. The lounge was quieter with the sounds of jazz in the background and a real wood fire crackling in the large stone fireplace. They and the cocktail waitress were the only people in the lounge.

After settling in a corner table, Rob started, “You never did answer my question.”

“And what question would that be?” Caroline responded with mock innocence.

“What is a lovely and sophisticated woman doing in place like this?” was his response.

“I think the word you used was worldly?” she challenged. “If you must know …”

“I must! I must!” Rob contested. In the bar, trying to converse over the youthful din, Caroline’s voice was nothing special. However, now that the environment was quieter, Rob noticed just how sultry her voice was. It was soft and smooth and full of confidence.

“I had a rare free weekend so I got away. What about you? How is it that such a ‘mature’ man is trapped in such a conclave of youth?” Caroline answered.

“The weekend is a gift. So, what kind of work does one do to have all their weekends booked?”

“I make wishes come true,” she said with a wink.

“Wishes? Like the Make a Wish Foundation?” Rob asked

“You can say that,” Caroline answered mysteriously, looking directly into Rob’s eyes. “So who gave you this weekend?” she said, expertly drawing the attention away from her.

“If you must know …”

“I must! I must!” Caroline said smiling over the rim of her glass.

“It was my sister. She thinks I need to get away to meet people. So, she browbeat me until I accepted and then made the reservations. I was committed or more like condemned,” Rob said.

“She sounds a lot like me. I always get what I want. Ok Rob, if that is your real name, what do you do for a living?”

“I can assure you my name is Rob. But since we just met I will withhold showing ID because you would see my address. You are still a mystery to me and I cannot afford you being a spy or something.” Rob was enjoying this game. This mysterious “fulfiller of dreams” had the sexiest voice he had ever heard in or out of the movies. In addition, she was smart and gorgeous. What was not to like.

“A spy? Little ol’ me? I do declara. Do ah look like a spy?” Caroline countered, batting her eyelashes.

“Yes, as a matter of fact you do look like a spy. All the lady spies in the movies and güvenilir bahis TV are beautiful women, except that one in that old Bond flick,” he parried.

“Dr. No and the actress’ name was Ilse Steppat,” Caroline’s replied. “So you think I am beautiful. I have always wondered what qualities, physical or otherwise, men consider to be beautiful,”

“Actually, I think it was On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” Rob countered. “Tell you what … um … Caroline, I assume since you are here with me that you are alone. Do you have dinner plans? My brother-in-law said there is a great steak house in town. I checked with the front desk and there is a shuttle that stops a block from it.”

“I would like that. Do I have time to go freshen up?” Caroline asked

“The shuttle leaves every half hour. So let’s say a little before 7:00 in the lobby?” Rob suggested.

“That would work for me,” she confirmed and they parted ways.


“I have honestly never in my life seen any woman, much less one with your figure finished off a full Porterhouse, baked potato, and her Broccoli!” Rob said as they left the restaurant.

“You will find I am full of surprises,” Caroline rebutted.

“I knew it! You are a spy!” Rob said playfully.

Caroline laughed. A genuine and sexy laugh Rob thought as they climbed back on the shuttle. “OK you found me out. Want to come up to join me in the lounge for a Martini, shaken not stirred?” she said with a very bad impression of Sean Connery.

It was Rob’s turn to laugh. “I would love to. If you make the Martini a bottle of wine I get to pay for it. You did just pay for your half of the bill.”

“Deal! Besides, I ate more so I should pay for half,” she said, defending herself.

However, the lounge was closed for a private event. “Tell you what,” Caroline started, “if you promise to be a good boy, we can share that bottle in your room.”

“I am ALWAYS a perfect gentleman and would never take advantage of the situation,” Rob answered.

“Fine then, lead on McDuff!” she commanded.

Rob opened the door to his room and let Caroline in. He grabbed the ice bucket and quickly went down the call and filled it to chill the wine. In the mean time, Caroline kicked off her shoes and curled up in the reading chair. After pouring filling two cups (one glass and one coffee cup) and handing one to his guest, Rob pulled up the desk chair. Also removing his shoes, he stretched out, putting his feet on the bed.

Sipping their drinks they picked up their conversation from dinner. Rob, for his part kept his promise and was a perfect gentleman; much to his disappointment. Here he was with an absolutely beautiful woman, a woman of mystery. Caroline was not a voluptuous beauty like a Selma Hayek, but more of a refined woman like Dianne Lane or Rene Russo. Not only would he love to gently take her clothes off, lay her in bed and have wild, passionate, illegal in 13 states sex, but he was also entirely intrigued by the “Make Dreams Happen” description of her job. Hopefully she would be more open, to a lot of things, tomorrow.

Caroline yawned. “I am sorry. Oh my! Look at the time. I should probably go.”

“Too bad. But if you must I understand. I you have no plans for tomorrow I would enjoy spending the day on the slopes with you,” Rob intrigued.

“I would like that. Let’s say ten o’clock? At the ticket counter?” she suggested as she stood and slipped on her shoes.

“Perfect,” Rob agreed also standing. While he was looking for his shoes, Caroline moved closer and surprised him by pushing him to the bed. Moving between his legs, she purred, “You’ve been such a proper gentleman even though I know what you have been wishing for all evening. Remember? I make wishes come true. Plus, I’ve longed to see what this looks like all evening.” She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.

“Nice,” Caroline whistled as she took Rob’s manhood in her delicate hand. Wrapping it around Rob’s flaccid member, she started to massage it, encouraging it to come to life. Rob was too surprised to move. All he could do is lay back and watch the woman of his wet dreams jerk his cock to life.

As Rob stiffened, Caroline changed her movement, adding twists and turns to her strokes. Caroline raised her eyes and looked directly into Rob’s. Her smirk portrayed complete confidence and a knowing way. She did not speak but continued to stroke.

Caroline’s grip was firm but gentle. Some of her strokes ended at the base of the head of Rob’s cock, other times she caressed his swollen head. Her other hand cuddled his balls, lightly massaging the orbs with her fingers. Ever so slowly, her fist moved the length of his cock. By his reaction she knew he was going crazy. Each downward stroke was slow and smooth, sending a long seductive pulse through Rob’s entire midsection. Each upward stroke was quick, creating short electrical bursts. What seemed like an eternity to Rob, Caroline masterfully türkçe bahis kept his urges from spilling all over him. Just as he would reach a pinnacle, she would stop.

“Hush. Please don’t stop!” Rob struggled to say as his hands moved to finish the job.

She slapped his hands away. “What’s the matter? Big man cannot handle a little excitement?” she teased. Caroline continued to torture Rob as she stared into his eyes with a lustful smirk on her lips. Gently stroking up and down, Caroline would twist her palm across the now purple head. She knew that Rob would not last much longer. “I think you might want to pull your shirt up some,” Caroline purred, her voice dripping with seductiveness. Rob did as she commanded. Caroline sped up her stroking. Rob’s head fell on the bed as he erupted. His sweet elixir shot all over his stomach. “Oh My! You seemed to have made a mess, let me help you clean it up,” she said as she licked Rob cum off his skin. She finished by engulfing his softening manhood, sending shivers up Rob’s spine.

As Caroline walked to the door, she called to Rob, “See you tomorrow at 10:00.” And she let herself out leaving Rob stunned and speechless.


Rob was awakened by the phone.

“Good Morning my perfect gentleman. I hope you slept well and had pleasant dreams. Have you looked at the weather? It looks like it’s going to rain and sleet all day and I hate to ski in wet weather. Why don’t you meet me for brunch and we can discuss alternative plans. I had such a great time last night. Thanks for being true to your word. Most men I know would not have kept their word. So, let’s say 11:00 in the main restaurant?” Caroline streamed in a very perky voice; a very annoying and perky voice.

“Uh … brunch … main restaurant … 11:00 … sure,” Rob grunted.

“Great! See you then.” And Caroling hung up.

The fog lifted from Rob’s mind as he curled back under the bed-clothes. A smile appeared on his face as memories of the last evening opened in his mind. Smiling, he left the warmth of his bed and opened the curtains to what looked like a cold and dreary drizzle. The Weather Channel and the local radio station confirmed Caroline’s forecast. So Rob took a nice long, hot shower, shaved, and got dressed.

Having more than an hour until brunch he opened the literature for local points of interest. There was what looked like a small museum in town, plus a movie theater. There was a matinee performance of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” at the local college and an evening performance of “Rumors” by a local theater company. Any of those events plus dinner would be great.

He sat for a long time thinking about the previous night and his “reward” for being a gentleman. She certainly had surprised him. However, the look in her eyes during her handjob intrigued him more. It was a look he had not seen in a long while and he certainly liked it.

Rob stopped by the concierge’s desk for more information on the way to brunch. The restaurant was packed but Caroline had gotten them a table and was waiting for him as the hostess showed him to their table.

“Shakespeare! I love Shakespeare and I have not been to a play in a very long time. That has my vote. Besides, I doubt very much if this crowd would follow us there,” Caroline commented, indicating the young people around them.

“You are probably right so let’s go see the Bard,” Rob agreed. The show did not start for a couple of hours so Caroline and Rob wandered through the town and took a quick tour of the town’s museum.

“No one does comedy like Shakespeare,” Caroling mused as they walked through the slushy streets back to the shuttle stop. Half way there, it started to rain heavily. A cold rain, mixed with sleet. A totally miserable rain and both Rob and Caroline were soaked by the time they reached the shuttle.

“Why don’t you go change and come up to my room. Here is a key. Since men take less time cleaning up, go ahead and let yourself in if I do not answer,” Caroline instructed as they approached the lodge. “And remember, gentlemen get rewarded,” she whispered in Rob’s ear while squeezing his thigh.

Twenty minutes later Rob was knocking on Caroline’s door. After no answer on the second knock, he did as instructed and let himself in.

Rob was impressed. Caroline’s room was the honeymoon suite, complete with living room, a gas fireplace, and large flat screen TV. “Spies must be paid more than I think,” he declared.

Rob called room service and ordered a couple of bowls of clam chowder, a couple of side salads, a bottle of white wine, two glasses, and a bowl of fruit for good measure. He lit the fireplace and moved a small table and chairs closer to the fire. Still no Caroline; so he went to the large glass doors to take in the view. Caroline’s suite was at the top of the resort (the fourth floor) and looked over the skating rink. Rob could also see the slopes and watched güvenilir bahis siteleri the few hardcore skiers on the slopes until room service arrived. Indicating to the waiter to set the tray on the table, he signed the check, adding something extra. Closing the door behind the waiter, he locked it.

“Dinner! You think if everything,” Caroling announced from the bedroom door. She was wrapped in a towel and had a towel on her head. “Sorry I took so long, but I see you put the time to good use.”

“Thank you. I try. You clean up nicely,” Rob noted indicating for Caroline to sit.

“Nice try. Give me a minute to put something on.” Caroline purred and she picked up the bottle. “Nice choice by the way. There is more to you than I think,” she teased as she slipped into the bedroom. Just before entering the bedroom, Caroline turned and blew a kiss from over her bare shoulders and gave Rob a very lust wink.

Rob stood and stared dumbfounded at the closed door. “I must be dreaming,” he said to himself while shaking his head. He slumped on couch and watched the fire, lost in his thoughts.

Caroline emerged from the bedroom a short time later, wearing a USA Olympic Team warm up suit and fleece slippers. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. “There … I’m more comfortable and very hungry. Let’s eat!”

Dinner was a blur. Caroline chatted happily while Rob nodded and agreed with her. All Rob could think about was the previous night, Caroline’s flirtatious comments and gestures during their day together and that sexy bare shoulder and lusty kiss blown his way. But, while he did not expect her to return naked or wearing lingerie, he certainly did not expect Caroline to come out in sweats. He was confused to say the least.

“Most men fantasize about being dominated,” Caroline said nonchalantly.

Almost spitting out his wine, Rob was shocked out of his thoughts. “Uh … excuse me?”

“Really! Most men fantasize about a woman dominating them. As I mentioned when we first met, I have made a career of making dreams come true. And are not fantasies just another form of dreams?”

Rob did not know how to answer her but watched as Caroline’s demeanor changed to a very business-like one; even her tone of voice changed to a deeper, more serious and confident tone. “I have had such a great weekend and you have been a wonderful host. Most men I spend time with have only one thing in mind and I am sure that was part of your plan for this evening, with the dinner and wine. So I have a proposal for you. We can finish dinner and this wonderful wine, have some pleasant conversation here by the fire and you can hope to get lucky and who knows maybe you will. Or you can give yourself to me, totally. I take complete control of the rest of the night and I can guarantee you an evening you will never forget. So now my gentleman, it is up to you. Are you going to stay in your comfort zone and hope for a great roll in the sack or step out on a limb for a night of intense passion?”

Rob sat staring into Caroline’s eyes. “Shit! I did not expect this,” Rob thought to himself. “What did she have in mind? What does ‘give myself’ to her mean? Well, Rob old boy, you wanted to have some fun this weekend. It is one night. What could be the worst thing that she could do?” Rob did not answer that last question, because frankly he did not want to know. “Can I get some more information on your plans?” He asked her, knowing the answer.

Caroline leaned back in her chair, sipped her wine and said “No”.

“Remind me never to negotiate with you,” Rob said. “If you intended to kill me then I do not think you would have invited me to your room. I am wary but intrigued none-the-less.”

“So my gentleman, what is your answer?” Caroline pressed.

“Madam, I cannot, in all good faith leave this room without knowing what you have in mind. So since you will not tell me I must accept your proposal. I only ask that you please be gentle,” Rob agreed.

“Perfect! I am glad you acquiesced. I would have been greatly disappointed if you had passed on my offer,” Caroline announced. “First let’s get some of these lights off.”

Caroline finished her fruit while Rob moved around the room turning off the lights. He kept the fire lit but low.

Sensuously licking the whipped cream from her fingers, Caroline announced “Now we can begin”. Standing, she slowly peeled off her warm-up suit. Underneath, she wore a black leather bustier that enhanced her cleavage significantly, a leather thong, and black hose. Caroline walked over to a side table and pulled out a pair of high healed ankle boots and a riding crop. She slipped on the boots. Standing with hands akimbo, Caroline asked “Do you still want to go on? You can walk away now and I will not think less of you.”

“No. I wish to continue,” Rob announced.

“Good. So here are the rules. From this moment on I am in control. You will address me as Ma’am, Mistress, or Mistress Caroline. You cannot speak or act in any independent manner. You may not touch me or yourself without me first giving you a direct order. You may not look me in the eye and you may never be taller than me without permission. Understand?” Caroline commanded.

“Yes,” Rob answered.

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