Message from Becky Ch. 02

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“Oh, my God, I almost forgot to take the DVD out before my kids got home,” I thought to myself as I raced to take it out as they walked in from the bus. I slipped it back in its case and put it under my pillow before they came skipping up the walk.

I could hardly remember what I had done the rest of the day after Amber went. I had daydreamed about kissing her, about kissing Becky, all afternoon as I did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, gardened. I had caught myself caressing my nipples in the shower, had even used the handheld shower massager for a little relief but had merely stayed aroused. Did I eat lunch? I couldn’t recall.

The usual afternoon whirlwind of snacks, homework, cooking dinner, getting the girls back in from the yard and washed for dinner kept me too busy to think about Amber the rest of the afternoon. So much so that I had almost forgotten she was coming when the doorbell rang at 5:30. “Mom!” called Mimi from the door. “Someone named Amber’s here for dinner!!!”

I grabbed a towel and dried my hands on the way to the door. She took my hand in hers and the touch was like an electric shock. It was all either of us could do to let go on the way in to the dining room.

“Wine?” I asked as I directed her to Bob’s chair.

“Sure.” She grinned. “Anything.”

I got down the Merlot and two glasses. Amber started chatting with Mimi and Ellie like she’d been friends with them forever. I guessed Becky had given her a briefing, because she knew all about their respective bears, what grades they were in, their favorite movies and books. They were only too happy to talk with “Aunt Becky’s” friend, even though it had been six months since they had seen her. I admit I was a little tongue-tied, especially when Amber would give me a little wink every so often.

“Who’s going canlı bahis to help Amber get the guest bed ready?” I asked as we cleared the table. Both girls zoomed down the hall, arguing over who was going to lend her a bear and which quilt and which towel to give her. Amber and I sped through the dinner cleanup in no time. Although each time we would bump into each other time stopped for a few seconds as we stared into each other’s eyes. I didn’t dare kiss her for fear one of the girls would run in just then.

Bedtime was prolonged almost beyond endurance. Each of the girls wanted “Aunt Amber” to read to her, of course, so she read half a chapter of The Hobbit to Mimi and Fox in Sox to Ellie. Finally the last glass of water was fetched, the last night light adjusted just so, and we retired to the living room sofa to talk quietly and sip Bailey’s Irish Cream. It was almost like old times with Becky, except of course that I knew what I really wanted to do was to wrestle her to the floor and make love to her.

Finally the clock chimed 10, and we had decided, reluctantly, to sleep in separate beds, and I was lightly kissing her on the cheek at her door. I put on my nightshirt, changed my panties, brushed my teeth. As I slipped into bed, I found the DVD case and decided to watch it again. I got the laptop off the desk and took it to my bed, slipped it in. Oh. My. God. There was another video on the disk that was only accessible on the computer. I started it.

It started the same as the other one, but didn’t fade out. Again, Becky asks, “Amber is my kissing cousin now. Wouldn’t you like to meet her?” and they go back to kissing, but now I can see that Amber finishes taking off Becky’s clothes and kneels between her knees. Within minutes Becky is breathless, screaming out as she has one orgasm after bahis siteleri another. I was rubbing my clit through my panties as I watched.

Soft tapping on my door interrupted my reverie. “I hear you like our video” came softly from the door as it opened in the dark.

“I think I might like you better in person.” I patted the bed next to me. Amber came over, closed the laptop, and started to kiss my face. I stroked her face and neck. She tugged my hand out of my panties and started licking my fingers one at a time, so slowly I thought they would melt off in her mouth. Next she was kissing me, the taste of my juices on her tongue as we kissed slowly.

She grinned as she touched my panties. “I think you were getting started without me.” I nodded silently. She slipped them down my thighs, off my feet. Then she began licking a slow line from my left toes up the inside of my leg, onto my thigh. She rubbed her face in my curls, inhaling me, then continued kissing up my belly, lifting my nightie as she rose. She suckled hungrily at my nipple for a moment, then continued up to resume her kissing of me. I realized then she was already nude, and her nipples were huge and crinkly. Gingerly I took one into my mouth and she let out a sigh. “I love having my breasts kissed and touched.”

I rolled her onto her back and leaned back to admire her in the dim light. Her nipples and darkish pubic hair were a stark contrast to her honey blond hair and fair skin. Straddling her thighs, I stroked her skin softly, enjoying the little shivers and goosebumps I raised as I touched her. I scratched little circles around her nipples, leaning in to lick the same circles. Amber was stroking my neck and breasts as I touched her.

I licked my way through her navel and to the top of her pubes. “You smell so wonderful!” bahis şirketleri I whispered. She smiled at me, spread her legs so I could admire her. I took my first lick. Her taste was salty and sweet and a little flowery. She brought a finger down and rubbed her clitoris, then slipped the finger in my mouth. Tugging my lips softly she showed me the exact place to lick.

I started licking and sucking her like she was my last meal. She moaned, “oh, yes, oh yes, oh Charlotte” over and over as I started to be confident I was doing the right thing. Her moaning stayed soft but the pitch kept going up and up. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh lick me, oh, oh, ohh”.

I sat back for a moment and grinned. “You like that?”

“Ohhh, I don’t know. What do you think?” She smiled coyly at me.

“I think you do. Shall I continue?”

“Well, if you have to…” She rolled her eyes at me. “Get back to work, woman!”

“Why, Miss. I hardly know you!”

“Yes, now you do. Back to the salt mine!”

“A woman’s work is never done.” I started licking her again.

“Oh, oh, ah, ah, oh, harder, yes, lick me, yes, oh, oh, ah, yes, oh!” Her hips were going up and down, up and down. I could hardly keep up with her. She was panting. She was squeezing me with her thighs and relaxing. I was licking and sucking her for all I was worth. Then she let out a kind of funny “ooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” and suddenly stopped moving. Her taste was suddenly tangy and sharp too. She put her hand down to stop me. I lay there, rubbing my face against her and breathing her essence. She was purring and gently squeezing me with her thighs.

I moved up and curled up with her, kissing softly as we caressed. “That was wonderful,” she murmured.

“Pretty good for a beginner?”

She laughed softly. “I’m pretty much a beginner, too. Maybe I should get some practice?”

“Well, OK, if you really want to. But then I get to practice again too!”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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