Mina and Lisa

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Mina and Lisa – by Polly+Anna (2260 words) Aviary Insemination — for Twilight Harlequin (1/28/20)

Mina and Lisa had spent the past year working 70-hour weeks in the 54th floor “dungeon” of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe, one of the most prestigious law firms in Manhattan. It had been an iffy thing – their supervising partner Mark Quesdesade had only grudgingly agreed to give them both two weeks of vacation time after Lisa recognized a key client’s distress in a conference and performed the Heimlich maneuver. Saving his life whilst managing partner Don O. Howe obliviously prattled on with his analysis of the “current legislative situation in Washington” at $600 an hour.

Three nights ago, they had arrived at the airport in Miami from Newark and boarded The Queen of the Caribbean, a huge cruise ship docked at the port downtown. The ship made port calls at Cozumel and Costa Maya Mexico and would return to Florida a week hence by way of Belize City and Roatan, but today the ship docked in Belize City.

After touring the docks of the old port, they were feeling adventurous and stopped at a Garinagu restaurant in the old town where they sat at a table on the sidewalk enjoying an 80-degree day in January. They listened to Punta music and dined on an assortment of savory, flaky, baked, yellow pasties that contained various fillings and spices baked inside of an egg-white glazed and turmeric seasoned shell.

The specialty of the house was a sampler plate with smaller versions of each type of pasty filled with different shredded meats There were several – beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and goat, as well as seafood, shrimp, lobster and fish. Paired with a plate of sliced goat cheeses and flat bread, and accompanied by a couple glasses of the local Orange Walk Rum it did not disappoint.

Looking at the ancient British Customs House up the cobblestone street, Mina said to her best friend who had recently become her lover, “only one thing could make today better.”

“That would be?” Said Lisa the well-prepared lawyer. As she preferred to do, she was asking a question that she already knew the answer to.

“A baby.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Lisa, “you may have mentioned that.”

“Only, three or four hundred times.” Mina said. “Don’t you feel that urge.”

“I suppress it,” Lisa said, “I only know one guy that would make good ‘daddy material,’ you could have his baby, but I can’t.”

“Look,” Mina said, “I like Elliot, and it might be cool to have your brother’s baby, it is about as close as we could come to the two of us having a baby together. But he is married, and I just don’t…”

“If you don’t let yourself have experiences,” Lisa said, “then you can’t have good experiences.”

“Yeah,” said Mina, “but the thing is: I have had experiences, and I haven’t had even one good experience.”

“There are sperm banks—”

“And get a random sample,” said Mina, “no. No thank you. Damn… I’m sorry, I’m not being ‘Debbie Downer’ am I?”

“No, we will just say it’s the rum speaking.”

“It’s not that,” Mina said, “I’m ovulating.”

“Really,” said Lisa, “you keep track of that?”

“You know me, I’m Ms. O.C.D.. It works out great professionally, then it drives me crazy in my free time. When I’m not at work.”

“Well,” illegal bahis said Lisa, “we work at the right place then, what’s ‘free-time.’”


They took a taxi to the Municipal Airport where they walked through the terminal and boarded the shimmering white Cessna Caravan through a miniature mobile stairway. The airplane was appointed like a millionaire’s plaything, with five overstuffed tan leather seats and two matching sofas, deep pile beige carpeting and real polished wood trim in the passenger cabin.

Mina referred to her itinerary. It said that the little tropical resort hotel at Dangriga, their destination, was 35 minutes to the south. Although there was space for a dozen passengers, Mina and Lisa seemed to be the only ones on this flight.

“Good afternoon and thank you for flying Island Air. I am Anna, and I will be acting as your cabin steward on our little flight today,” the very smartly dressed slightly older lady said to them as they sat together on the sofa near the center of the airplane. “Polly, our pilot, will be flying us to the picturesque village of Dangriga, gateway to the rainforest. Buckling your seat belts at this time is recommended.”

“Thank you,” Lisa said.

Mina nudged Lisa, and said, “Four girls on an airplane, guess I’m not getting preggers on this flight.”

“Where did that idea come from?” asked Lisa.

“We’ll say the rum,” Mina answered. “But wouldn’t it be cool, a chance encounter with a perfect donor?”

Anna closed the cabin door and secured it while Polly started the engine. Lisa spoke into the microphone and taxied to the runway. Then, after running the engine up, roared down the runway that ran parallel to the Caribbean and lifted the plane smoothly into the air, climbing and turning a bit in the clockwise direction.

Once the airplane leveled off, Anna walked to Mina and Lisa and offered them a selection of small liquor bottles and local pastries from a handwoven basket.

“So, what does ‘serving as your cabin steward’ mean?” Mina asked conversationally.

“I’m one of the aircrew, we haven’t actually hired any stewards yet,” Anna said.

“So,” said Lisa, “you are a certified pilot, but you are acting as a stewardess?”

“Not exactly,” Anna said, “we just started this airline up last week. But I plan to become certified in the future.”

“But Polly, our pilot is experienced?”

“Oh yes,” said Anna, “she has been flying Skywagons for years.”

Lisa was relieved upon hearing that, “so she has lots of experience in this airplane?”

“Not exactly,” said Anna, “Skywagons are smaller, seven passenger airplanes. We just got this airplane last week, this is her second flight.”

Mina took three more little bottles of Orange Walk Rum from the basket, and handed three to Lisa.

“It is about two Central Standard time,” Mina said to Anna.

“Yes, 1:51 to be exact,” Anna said looking at her watch.

“We are flying east, Dangriga is to the south.”

“Yes,” said Anna, “we are picking up another passenger from his private island. It’s only a six-minute flight.”

“Wow, he owns an island?” Said Lisa, “his own island in the Caribbean?”

“Yes, we are picking up Claudio Bidivanti.”

“The Italian actor?”

“Actor, model, social illegal bahis siteleri activist, entrepreneur, millionaire,” Anna said. “Oh, and hunk, only the sexiest 50-year-old man alive.”

As the aircraft began to descend, Anna looked out the window at the horizon and then walked up and sat down in the right front seat. The aircraft touched down softly on a paved runway and taxied up to a magnificent Italianate (what else) mansion built at the water’s edge.

As Polly taxied up to several men standing near the beach, Anna returned and opened the cabin door. Without shutting down the engine, two men pushed a small staircase up to the airplane and Anna helped Claudio inside. Then one came aboard, stowed his baggage before leaving and removing the staircase.

Anna closed the cabin door. She welcomed the newest passenger aboard and got him situated on the front sofa on the right side of the opulent cabin as Polly Lisa worked the controls to return turn the airplane about. Anna joined her in the cockpit and Polly proceeded to smoothly lift the Cessna from the ground a second time.

Lisa had just decided that it wasn’t bad at all when she looked at Claudio. He was drinking from a small silver flask, presumably of liqueur. She walked over and sat beside him.

“Nervous?” She said.

“You would think I would be used to it, but I’m not,” he said. “I don’t enjoy flying, it is the loss of control or something like that.”

“I’ll be back in a minute, I think I have a cure,” Lisa said, and she walked back to the other sofa.

“Babe,” said Polly Lisa, as she sat next to Mina, “were you serious about wanting to get preggers today.”

Mina’s, “Yeah,” came out slightly slurred.

“Is it okay if I knock you up right now?”

“Babe,” said Mina, “I’d love it, but I don’t think you were paying attention back in health class.”

“With Claudio’s sperm?” Lisa said.

“Really, no—I mean yes, yes, yes,” Mina answered softly but excitedly while looking at Claudio in a completely new light.

“Take your underwear off, right now. Then come back after I do, sit on the other side. Watch me, and get yourself warmed up babe,” Lisa said. “This is for you girl, it’s what you want.”

Lisa returned to Claudio, who had taken another drink from his flask and said, “relax, let me take your mind off of everything.”

Claudio looked at Lisa nervously, questioningly.

She very lightly brushed his penis inside of his Italian (what else) tailored khaki slacks. He sighed.

“Should I continue?” Lisa asked.

“Oh, yes,” he said softly, as Mina sat to his right on the sofa.

Lisa brushed him again as she reached for his belt. He assisted by unbuckling and unzipping. In a moment his bare bottom was on the soft leather sofa.

She lightly touched his penis, which reacted nicely to her fingertips, and softly asked, “would you gift me and my girl here a nice big load?”

“Oh yes,” he said, looking at Mina whose bare bottom was also on the soft leather. She was slowly masturbating.

Lisa stroked Claudio softly at first, and then a tiny bit more forcefully. She closed her thumb and forefinger around his hardness and bent down to kiss the tip of his glans. She carefully rolled his foreskin back while softly canlı bahis siteleri licking his penile head, lubricating it with her saliva. He moaned happily as Mina massaged her own steaming cunt as she intently watched Lisa and Claudio.

Polly placed her mouth over the entirety of Claudio’s glans and ran her tongue around it within the warm wet confines of her mouth. She slid her fingers up and down his shaft, he was now fully hard, and her fingertips no longer touched, although that hardly mattered. She began to enthusiastically fellate him licking his head and the sensitive underside of his penis, quickly kissing his balls before returning to his head as her fingers slid up and down his rigid shaft.

Lisa timed it nicely, her saliva deposited by her licking was distributed along the shaft by her mouth and lubricated her fingers as they added to the sensations that Claudio felt as her right thumb and index finger made a trip up and down his penis. She was warm and wet and tight, and he was getting very close. She slowed for a minute to keep him from coming too soon and then returned to her ministrations.

Mina was getting close as well watching them and fingering herself. She had seen pictures, watched videos, but had never sat on a sofa eight inches away from someone getting or giving a blowjob. The fact that the fellatrix wasn’t just somebody, it was her lover Lisa, made it ten times hotter.

Claudio was breathing hard as Lisa licked his head outside of her mouth, placed it in her mouth and then slid her mouth down its length while sliding her fingers down his shaft, after a couple more strokes he stiffened and Lisa took her mouth off of him as he shuttered a little.

Her left hand was positioned like a cup to receive Claudio’s sacred ‘gift’ as she began to stroke his overstimulated shaft with her right hand. He exhaled deeply and keeping his earlier promise, ejaculated a sizable quantity of warm milky, somewhat shimmering, translucent cream into her waiting cup.

Thinking that she would make her haste up to him in a minute, she moved like lightning onto her knees in front of Mina, who was sitting there watching with her fingers in the cleft formed by her labia. Placing her right hand just below Mina’s introitus, Polly Lisa carefully but quickly pushed every drop of Claudio’s jizz from her palm into Mina’s vagina, kissing her mound softly as she finished.

Claudio was watching Lisa and Mina and he was smiling. Lisa took his hand and moved to be kneeling before him. She touched and then licked his semi-hard penis. Taking it into her mouth to remove all of the savory essence that had not made it into her palm earlier. He ran his fingers through her hair as she did so.

When Lisa was done, she helped slide Claudio’s slacks back up and she buckled his belt without bothering to close or zip his slacks. With a content smile on his face he wrapped his right arm around Mina. Lisa squeezed up onto a tiny space on the sofa to Mina’s right, she wrapped her arm around her. Mina was crying happy tears hoping that Lisa’s efforts had been a success.

The show, performed at 201 miles per hour, 2000 feet above the calm blue waters of the Caribbean apparently being over, Anna turned around and sat back down in the co-pilot seat. The one she had vacated 15 minutes earlier. She leaned over to Polly flying the Caravan and said, “you won’t believe what our passengers are doing back there.”

“Is there a problem?”

“Nope,” said Anna, “you know, I already love this job.”

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