Mr. Porcello Mechanics

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Strawberry blonde curls bounced as Donna Sloan jogged in spot, she woke up half an hour late and now she was stuck in line waiting for cheap, bitter coffee. Reflecting, the young woman laughed sarcastically, leaving high school she had dreams of being a bestselling author and now here she was, 29, one book finished and running late for the first meeting with a publishing company within the last five years to call back. When she finally made it to the counter she was handed her cold coffee, she grimaced but drank what could pass as tar.

Walking back to her car she yelped, the heel of her stiletto almost broke off, she had stepped in a iridescent puddle of oil and she felt panic, she followed the trail to her car and her fears were confirmed.

Yelling in frustration she dialed the number of the local mechanics, a soft but heavy accented voice picked up and promised his help in the next fifteen minutes. She thanked him and leaned against her car with a sigh. Looking back at her phone she saw she was over 45 minutes late. Resourcefulness was something she could use.

After ten minutes of passive aggressive candy crush a tow truck pulled up to her car, the mechanic jumped out and started hooking up her car without a single word. She blessed the heavens and rummaged through her purse looking for her wallet, no doubt carrying less than 10 dollars.

“I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of money on me, but I do have a credit card.” she offered, looking up, and then back down at the man in front of her. He was a good six inches shorter than her, he had to look up at her through his long eyelashes, eyes dark and warm, slicked back hair graying at the sides and a couple of loose curls were stuck to his sweaty forehead. The man was smiling, but not like a normal friendly smile but almost a smirk, sly. ‘He belongs in a suit, but not jumpsuit’ she thought. He cocked an eyebrow and after moment she paled, he had said something to her and she didn’t hear a word.

“Uh yeah.” she answered meekly. He smiled, baring his handsome white teeth and nodded.

“Perfect, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri let me just move my tools from the passenger seat and you can hop in!”

Donna watched the mechanic bend into the truck, one foot off the ground pushing himself just an inch farther. The younger woman forgot all about her meeting, ‘there are other things to do with the evening,’ she mused as her eyes glued onto the sight of the older man’s jumpsuit spread tight over his ample rump.

The ride back to the shop was silent except for her vivid fantasies. Looking over at the man she studied his rough hands, still a little dirty, and calloused. ‘Perfect for more than one tool, I’m sure,’ she hummed to herself. His lips were red, probably bitten plump from concentration, she wondered how they’d look wet, stretched over-

“We’re here,” the older man exclaimed.

“I can have your car fixed by Sunday, maybe sooner. Now I just need to dig out my old card scanner and call you a cab.” She nodded, flushed from embarrassment, and was led back to the checkout. Donna looked back up at the clock over the garage door, two hours late.

“God damn it!” she muttered.

“You say something?”

She looked towards the voice, the mechanic had his back to her, trying desperately to reach the scanner from a shelf just out of reach.

“Sorry, it was nothing.” She said slowly, watching as he stretched as far as he could,

‘Fuck it.’ She gave in.

The small man gave an embarrassing yelp as his clients slim form pressed against his back. Her breasts were just barely hitting his shoulder blades and her hips, although higher, were aligned with his own slim waist.

“Let me help you with that”, Donna’s voice purred against the sensitive tip of his ear and the heat that had bloomed across his face had quickly spread down his neck and across his chest. The older man was about to protest till a chilly, delicate hand worked it way beneath his jumpsuit. His cotton mouth became dry as the soft fingers grazed through his chest hair and tentatively, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri teasingly, glide across his pebbled nipple, the woman’s hand leaving goosebumps in its wake. It took a lot of effort but he forced himself to speak, his voice wavering.

“Senora- Miss, I can’t…”

But his guilty thoughts were cut short as velvety, plush lips pressed against his stubbly jaw, working down his quivering neck, over his jumping pulse and onto his shoulder, his uniform had been completed unbuttoned but sly hands and now said hands were peeling it off him like unwrapping something decadent. Donna’s mouth became frenzied as she tried to kiss every freckle she found but she pushed herself on, back up his strained neck and to his own plump, chapped lips.

The mechanic released a whine and shuddered from the overwhelming sensation and her body ate up the reaction with vigor. The kiss grew deeper and deeper, and just when the man thought he was going to be swallowed whole she forcibly turned him toward her and pushed him against the hood of a silver Porsche. She broke away from him and looked him over, his greasy hair was left a mess from her tugging, eyes hooded, sweaty palms leaving marks over the hood of the expensive car. Donna felt herself harden listening to his labored breathing and desperate moans. She growled and leaned back down to take a dark nipple between her teeth, her busy hands now trying to rip the jumpsuit off his muscular thigh. The poor man keened and bucked, her hand brushing his erection with each tug of his clothing. Finally the offending article gave way and she was left with a gorgeous sight, the kissable V of his hips, his shaking, hairy flanks and his beautiful uncut cock, precum beading on the top, begging for stimulation. Donna felt herself losing control as she all but ripped off her blouse and ratty bra. But before the mechanic could enjoy her soft chest he was pulled forward, sweaty back gliding across the hood and his legs bent, knees touching his chest and ass exposed. He felt like crying from embarrassment, güvenilir bahis şirketleri his hand over his eyes and biting his bottom lip.

The young woman admired his perfect hole, hairy and pink, she almost drooled and she dove in, lapping and prodding like a starving animal. Her captive gave a surprised shout followed with a guttural moan. It was nothing like he ever felt, hot, incredible hot, his sensitive hole twitched and gaped as she seemingly consumed him. He was making loud repetitive moans, senses overloading, her nose pressed achingly against his frenulum and ass being tongue and finger-fucked. He reached for his leaking dick, he needed some sort of pressure or he would surely die from frustration, but his weak hand was batted away.

“No, you’re coming from my cock and nothing else.” she promised and her long fingers quickly pulled out, leaving him empty. She was heaving, her unsteady hand pulling down her skirt just enough for her long erection to pop out. It was flushed red and looked like it was vibrating from tension.

“No, no, no that won’t fit.” He argued. Alas, the mechanics protests were silenced with another fiery kiss and his yelps were swallowed along with his cries as her cock-head pushed past his tight rim. The two stayed like this for a while, the younger woman’s cock halfway in until the man became impatient, using his strong legs to bring the younger woman forward and fully sheath her cock inside of his tight channel. His eyes rolled back into his head at the overbearing sensation of being so full.

“Rude” Donna accused above him and in retaliation pulled him up, bending him just a bit more to reach that sweet spot inside him. The mechanic groaned as he felt her glide over his prostate and the new feeling was quickly squandered as she began thrusting into him, setting a brutal rhythm that made his body smack against the hood of the car. Donna grabbed his leg and hauled it up higher, almost straightening his leg and reached impossibly deeper. The mechanic felt pressure building inside himself like a storm till he came, cock jumping and ass clenching against the younger woman’s cock, coaxing Donna’s own orgasm as his ass milked everything out of her. Her body sagged and she fell on top of him. The two breathing in sync. But the bliss was broke as the mechanic spoke.

“I hope this doesn’t mean you’re not paying.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20