My New Girl

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Tonight I find myself standing outside my school in the freezing cold waiting to be picked up by I girl I have never met, a girl I have never even talked to on the phone. Yes we have chatted for about a month now but only through e-mails, IM’s, and text messages. To say I’m a little nervous is an understatement. What if she doesn’t like me or I her? After about 15 minutes of freezing my balls off a white car pulls up. Its was Kristy.

I get in her car and we share a few minutes of awkward silence before we finally start to really talk for the first time. I learn all kinds of things about her and her family and she starts to learn about me. Eventually we turn to the topic of sex. It turns out she was still a virgin but she was no stranger to oral. I told her a little bit about my past and the fact that I had only been with a couple of girls. In high school I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18. Well need less to say that all the talk about sex was getting us pretty worked up. We had just finished our dinner so we decide to go out for a drive.

Before I tell you what happened next I think I should casino şirketleri describe us. Kristi is a real beauty. She just turned 21 a few weeks earlier and she is just so cute. She is 5’5″ and has a nice body. Her ass is so cute and tight that you just can’t help but stare at it and her tits are cute little B cup. She has curly brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’11” with red hair and blue eyes.

So back to our first date at this point we have been driving around my town for about a half hour. As we are driving I remember a great little spot to bring Kristy to. When we get there we get out of the car and head down to the river. So at first the two of us are just staring at the river and the stars talking and the next thing I know we are kissing each other. As we are kissing each other I start to slowly rub up and down her tight little body. I move her up against the picnic table and sit her down on the bench. Sitting on the bench I lean down and start to slowly message her breast. Its cold out here by the river but at this point we really don’t care we are both way to horny. I pull her shirt and bra up and I start casino firmaları to play with her beautiful tits. Her nipples are about the size of quarters and they were very hard from the cold and how horny she was.

I really start playing with her nipples sucking one then the other. I would lightly kiss one before I slowly started moving my tongue back and forth over them. I take turns rubbing and pinching her hard nipples while I suck the other one. I am amazed after about 5 minutes she really starts to moan. “Oh, oh God Jay” she screams “keep going I’m going to cum!” She smiles at me and says she has never cum before from someone just playing with her nipples before. She tells me to lean back and she starts to pull my pants off. God that bench was to cold for me to sit on I had to stand up. She gets down on her knees and starts to suck my hard 7 inch dick.

I quickly find out that Kristy is very good at giving head. As I said earlier Kristy is still a virgin but she has great oral skills. Standing by the river side I can hear the cars on the Interstate that is near by and one stray thought pops in my güvenilir casino mind and that was gee I hope no one notices. I watch as she licks my balls and she tells me how hot I have made her. I keep thinking to myself now this is how all first dates should be. Kristy starts to suck on one ball and then the other while she is stroking my hard dick. She starts to slowly lick her way back up to the head of my dick which she swallows. She slowly starts to take my whole shaft into her mouth. A little at a time my hard dick disappears into her until my whole 7 inches are down her throat. She starts to pick up speed faster and faster. She then stops and slowly pulls my dick out of her mouth and she starts to suck and lick the head of my cock. She strokes my dick up and down and tells me she wants me to cum in her mouth that she just loves to swallow. What a great girl I just love it when a girl will suck my juices down! She starts pumping faster while only sucking on the top half of my dick. This is too much for me so after 15 minutes of her sucking me I finally shoot my load down her throat.

She stands up and I pull her into a passionate kiss which feels like an eternity but could have only been a couple of minutes. I could taste my salty cum on her tongue and lips but I didn’t care I was starting to realize that I had a great new girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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