My Only Woman

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Hi. I’m sue. My husband Dennis and I wrote once about a weekend that we spent out of town. And what a weekend it was. We still get all horny when we talk about it. Of course we usually end up screwing like two rabbits on their honeymoon. We’ve done it in the car, home, the park, once in a regular theater (not porn) and even in his office with other people just outside the unlocked door.

We have wanted to write and tell you all about some of the great times we have had but nothing seemed out of the ordinary or could compare with that weekend, at least not to us. That was until he was away with some of his buddies fishing and all the wives got left alone.

It was just one week ago when he went and I told him that maybe I would call one of my girlfriends and go out on Saturday night. He was very stern and told me in no uncertain terms that I was to behave! You see we have never screwed around on each other, at least not unless we were together. You can read about the time when we were away by looking up “Hanky Panky at the Book Store” or something close to that.

I jokingly asked him if he was jealous and grabbed his cock. He said that we didn’t have time and to stop! We laughed and he walked out the door. I suddenly felt very horny and almost went after him for a quickie. But decided that I could wait.

That was a Friday night. I just stayed at home and tried to watched TV. I say tried because all I could think of was sex. I should have made him screw me before he left. You see guys, women like sex too. And some, like me, may like it even more than the men. I am very lucky to me married to Den though. We are very compatible when it comes to sex. I tied to get through the night without sex but I knew I wouldn’t make it. So upstairs I went and snuggled in bed with my dildo. Not as good as a real live man, but what else could I do? It didn’t take me long at all to climax and to a very good climax too. Anyway, I got to sleep.

The next morning was spent cleaning the house. I hate it but our cleaning lady quit and I couldn’t find another one I liked. At about one in the afternoon I got a call from Erica, a girl I work with and a friend of ours. Erica is in her early forties and had a knockout body. Her boobs are 38 cee’s, she has a great ass and a face that should be in the movies. Her husband went on the fishing trip too. She told me that she wasn’t about to spend the weekend sitting at home and suggested that the two of us go to a movie. I said that I really didn’t feel like a movie but I would like to go out to dinner. We made a date for seven thirty that night.

Erica picked me up in her new Lexus and off we went. She had made reservations at a very classy local restaurant. During dinner we got on the subject of sex. We both were very much in love with our husbands and both were having great sex with them. We told each other about the crazy things we had done with then and we were both getting very horny. I told her that we better stop this kind of talking before we did something we would later regret.

Somehow the subject kept returning. After dinner we went to the bar and continued the talking. I didn’t realize that the time had gone by so quickly and we had consumed way too many drinks. At one point I went into detail about the weekend that Den and I went into an adult book store and about writing a letter to Literotica about it. She went absolutely nuts. She made me tell her the whole thing twice. By now we were both smashed and very horny. Erica said that she wanted to go to an adult store and that we had to go right then. I was hesitant but she kept it up until I said OK.

The next thing I know we’re looking in the yellow pages for a near by store. Of course we were both sloshed and had the giggles, but I was also excited about going. We went to a store that had a good size parking lot and parked at the very end of a row of cars. We sat there trying to get up the nerve to walk in. What if casino oyna someone saw us? But the place was well off the road. I was shaking like a leaf and told Erica so. She said that she had to be shaking more than me but that she wanted to go in and I was going in with her.

So, out of the car we went and almost ran to the door. We looked at each other and then barged in. The place was very brightly lit and had racks and racks of magazines and videos, just like the one I went to with Den. We were still giggling like two school kids while we scoured the videos. Both of us kept looking for the video booth area but we didn’t see it. We didn’t see any other women in the place and there were about 5 or 6 men there. Erica got very bold and asked the guy at the counter (do all those places have very high counters?) where the video booths were he told her that they were through a door at the side of the room.

The two of us dared each other to go into the video area but we couldn’t get up the nerve. Finally Erica grabbed my hand and we walked me into that area. It was much darker than the front of the store and we felt a little better about it. There were three guys standing in the first aisle so we went around the corner to the next aisle. There were a lot of booths but we almost ran into one of them. Thank god the machines were like the ones at the other store I was in and took dollar bills. We put a couple of dollars in and a movie of two girls and a guy started. Erica said that she had never even seen an adult movie before. She couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. One girl was sitting on the guys face while the other was going down on him.

We watched for a few minutes and I realized that

my pussy was very wet. Erica caught me touching myself down there and she started to tease me about it. I told her that I was very, very horny and that she had to be very horny too. She admitted that she was and we went back to watching the movie. It was kind of an awkward moment. We were both sitting on the same stool and it was a tight squeeze.

The two women in the movie were now kissing each other. Watching that made my heart pound harder and I told Erica that we should switch to another movie. I scanned through a few and stopped at one where two guys were sucking each other. We just watched until they had both cum in the others mouth and kissed with the cum passing between them. I said that I thought it was very hot and Erica agreed. She seemed to be having a difficult time speaking though. She reached to the channel selector and turned to the first movie we were watching. Now the two women were in a 69. I tried to change it but Erica held me back. We didn’t say anything, we just looked at each other. I looked back to the movie.

I was getting very upset with myself and Erica. I had never had nor wanted to have a woman for sex. But I was really drawn to Erica at that moment. I said that we should go to another booth and started to get up when Erica took my hand and pulled me down into the seat. I say pulled me, but I couldn’t have resisted if I wanted to, And I didn’t really want to. She leaned over to me and kissed me tenderly on the lips. I couldn’t help myself and I returned the kiss deeply with my tongue. We both lost ourselves in the kiss and I felt Erica’s hand on my breast. I reached for hers and it felt magnificent! I couldn’t believe that I was there kissing and feeling up another woman. My heart was pounding and I couldn’t catch my breath. We almost fell off the chair and it sort of woke both of us up. We laughed and turned to the movie but were still running our hands on the other.

At that moment I remembered the holes that were in the booths I had been in. I looked and there was one on either side but there was a small sliding door on them. I pointed to the one next to Erica and she looked shocked. She asked what should she do and I told her to open it. She waited a few seconds which seemed like canlı casino a few days and she then opened it. Nothing. No eye. No cock. Just darkness. I reached to the other one and slid it open. There was a light in it. I stooped over to look in side and I saw a guy sitting there with his pants down and he was stroking his cock. He looked to be in his early twenties. I pushed Erica towards the hole and she looked in. She then loudly said “Holy shit” but kept looking. I started to laugh and told her to be quite. She backed off and then we saw the guys eye in the hole. Erica said that we should give him a show, so we started kissing again.

This time we heard him say “Holy shit”. As we were kissing I again lost myself in the kiss. Her lips were so soft. If you asked me at that very moment if I loved her I would have had to say that I did. I still have feelings for her but at that time I didn’t want anything to do with a man. Erica unbuttoned her blouse and pulled up her bra. I did the same and we kissed and sucked each others breasts. I couldn’t get enough of her. I let my hand go to her crouch and she opened her legs for me. I moved my hand to the top of her bikinis and tried to pull them down. She didn’t move. I said “Please” and she lifted her ass up enough for me to remove them. I wanted badly to taste her.

Without a thought, I slid down to my knees, kissed her legs and told her to open further. She didn’t move a muscle. I thought that she had reconsidered and I almost panicked. But she really couldn’t move so I helped her open her legs. I leaned further toward her and my lips touched her shaven pussy. I slid my tongue over her clit, which was very big. I never saw another woman’s clit and hers was much bigger than mine. I could actually suck it. While I was licking and sucking her I slipped a finger into her. When I did she let out a gasp of pleasure. I loved it when Den did that to me so I knew she would like it. This went on for maybe two to three minutes when she said that she was “going to cum.” And cum she did. She grabbed my head and pulled me tight into her. I kept sucking on her and she got very, very wet. It was as if she shot her cum into my mouth. As her climax eased she started to laugh and cry at the same time. She pulled me up to her and kissed me like I had never been kissed before.

She told me that she wanted to do the same for me but not there and begged me to go to her house with her. I said that I would love it. We got up and the guy who was watching us said to wait. What about him. We couldn’t go off and leave him “High and dry.” We laughed and I knelt down and said okay stick it through. He did and it really wasn’t a bad looking cock. It had something about it like it was perfectly shaped. Not big but not small either. I grabbed it and just looked at it for a minute. Then I put it in my mouth and started sucking it. Erica also knelt down and we worked his cock between us until he said that he was going to cum. Erica then pushed me off his cock and took it all for herself. He came alright. I could see that Erica almost choked on his cum. She sucked him until he started to soften and then she pulled me to her and kissed me. She had her mouth full of his cum and we laughed as we shared it.

When we turned to get up I noticed a guy watching us from the other booth. I peeked in and he stood up, his pants down with a large cock sticking out. I told him to give it to me. When she saw it Erica asked if I was crazy. When he put it through I grabbed it and just kept looking at it. It was quite fat and was longer than Den’s. It had veins on the sides and there was noway I wasn’t going to suck that cock. I started kissing it and couldn’t stop myself from putting it in my mouth. He had peculiar odor about him. Not bad, but different. I stopped and told Erica to suck it for awhile. She said no way. I told her if she didn’t try I wasn’t going to her house with her. Which was a crock because I wasn’t letting kaçak casino her off the hook from doing me. She dropped to her knees and looked at his cock for a very long time.

She finally took it in her hands a started jacking it. I pushed her head closer to it and she started to suck it. She seemed to really get into it because she was going down on it for all she was worth. I moved in toward the cock and she let me have it. As I was sucking I felt it getting bigger. I mean really bigger. I knew he was about to cum so I went as fast and hard as I could. When he came he blasted the back of my throat and I had to swallow the first couple of shots of his cum. I let him finish in my mouth and I kept it in there. When he pulled back I kissed Erica and gave her some of the cum. We kissed for some time. When we parted we noticed that he had left. We then put ourselves back together and walked out into the hall. Now there was at least eight guys standing there. One of them asked us if we would stay for just one or two more guys. I said sorry guys and we walked out.

When we go in the car we both just sat there for a few seconds. Then we grabbed each other and kissed. Erica said that we better go before she did me in the car.

She drove like crazy to her house. I thought she was going to get stopped by a cop. She said that if she did she’d just give him a blowjob and finish the “knight” off right.

When we got there she fixed us some drinks and we went into the family room. We sat on the couch and it didn’t take us long to get started. This time we were able to take off all our clothes. I loved the feel of her nude body on mine. We kissed and felt each other for a long time. I never imagined it would be so good with another woman. While we were laying on the couch we told one another how we felt physically and emotionally. I told her that I really enjoyed making love with her and that I thought that I cared much more for her than I ever did another woman. Today I know that I really do love her. It seems like it was more than just sex. But it was very different than with Den. No one could ever replace him for me.

She said that we should go up to her room. As we were going upstairs, with me behind her, I saw just what a beautiful body she had. Her ass was perfect and I tried to bite it while going up the stairs. Once in the room we held each other and kissed while we were standing. That got me sooooo hot. The feel of her body against mine drove me wild. I pushed my thigh into her pussy and just kept rubbing hard against her. She pulled me to the bed and pulled down the covers. We left the light on and Erica started kissing her way down my body. When she got to my pussy I got such a rush. I can’t explain it any other way. She kissed and licked my clit for what seemed like forever. Then I felt my climax start to build. It went that way for a long time. I wanted to cum and I wanted it to last forever. When I finally did cum it actually was the hardest and best climax of my life.

It went on for the longest time and all the while I had Erica’s head in my hands pushing myself as tight as I could to her mouth. She kept kissing and licking me long after my climax ended. Finally I had to ask her to stop because I was getting “touchy” there. We couldn’t go right to sleep so we just held each other and talked, and kissed. Before long we were both very tired but we managed to make love one more time before we fell asleep in each others arms. In the morning I woke with Erica kissing my lips. It felt great. Once again we made love together. This time we had Erica’s vibrater to help us. Not that we needed it.

That was last week. Now I have to tell Dennis all about it. Erica thinks than we should not tell our husbands. We have talked over the phone all week, but have decided not to see each other until the guys know what happened. I told her that I have never kept anything from Den and I had to tell him about this. I’m kind of afraid but it’s the right thing to do. I thought that I would write this letter and show it to him instead of just telling him. Please wish me luck. I promise to let you know how it turns out. One way or the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20