New Toy; New Boy Ch. 02

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Someone sent me a really nice feedback on Part one of this story which was written a awhile ago and with no plan for a follow-up chapter. Thanks, your words were a nice incentive for me to revisit this story. Let me know what you think.

“Well, Pinky, this certainly is the craziest thing we have ever done.”

Monika bumped and bounced down the dirt road towards Sugar Mountain. The night before Officer John Driscol had called to check on a report of lights in the normally unoccupied cabin up at Moon Lake.

“It’s him; I can’t believe he’s here after all these years.”

Monika Ayers was spending her first long weekend in that cabin. She had purchased it as an indulgence after she recovered from her difficult divorce. ‘He couldn’t have known what I was doing.’ The Policeman had talked on and on as if he didn’t want to let Monika hang up. ‘He couldn’t have seen me with you in my ass and my fingers in my wet pussy. Could he…?’

Monika pulled up in front of the Sugar Mountain Police Department; it was the same log building she remembered from her high school days. She pulled into a visitor parking spot between a green and tan cruiser and a pick-up truck of some un-namable color. Monika squirmed a little to re-situate the butt plug in her ass and stepped out of her car.

“Thank goodness! There isn’t much happening here this morning,” she uttered to herself.

She was wearing a yellow, cotton sundress that buttoned down the front. It was hot. She had left a few buttons undone at the bodice to reveal a little cleavage and two or three at the hem to show off her legs–lightly tanned and smooth as latte with a few freckles of cinnamon. Her pretty red hair fell over her shoulders. She wore just a hint of make-up, a subtle shade of gloss and heeled sandals to flaunt her perfect pedicure–pale, pearly white. ‘Yummy! But not so much as to say, hey, buster, do you know I am standing here, talking to you with my little friend, “Pinky McDildo” nestled up my ass?’

“Monika…Monika Ayres? Well, I’ll be fit to be tied. I can’t believe it’s you. You didn’t say you name last night and…well, I guess I was so distracted I didn’t even remember to ask for it.”

‘Fit…I’ll say your fit, and the tied part…I’d say you were fit to be gift wrapped.’ She was so pleased to find herself being pulled back into Johnny Driscol’s magnetic charm.

“Johnny Driscol, you always were a handsome devil but look at you all dressed up in uniform. I guess they forgot about all the hell you raised around here when we were kids? It sure is nice to see you, Officer Driscol.”

“Come in and sit down, Monika. We’ve got some catching up to do.”

Monika’s eyes fluttered when she sat down on the hard steel chair. The electric shot through her body. ‘Thank Gawd you didn’t wear the bullet panties, you ninny.’

“You look great, Monika; the years have only polished the ruby.” Driscol’s sharp blue eyes poked at Monika’s composure but she knew this guy–knew how to handle him.

“You don’t look like you’ve let the years grow any moss on you either, John.”

She was seventeen then and Driscol was eighteen. It was the last summer her parents rented the cabin at Sugar Mountain. He was good looking (very good-looking,) he had wheels, a boat and being the son of the chief of police was practically a license to thrill. The locals knew him, knew what to expect but Johnny Driscol was the sunspot in all the summer girls’ eyes. He was fast and he took liberties. But he had always treated Monika differently. ‘It was like he just adored me from the beginning.’

“How is your father? You said you moved back to help him.”

Driscol’s eyes dimmed a bit, “He’s failing. It got to be that he needed ore help than I could give him. He’s in an assisted living place in Carlyle.” A moment of pause and then his face lightened, “It’s not bad; He’s even got a few girlfriends over there.”

“Just like a Driscol,” Monika tisked. “I really liked him; he was always a good man.”

Monika squeezed her cheeks on the cold metal chair seat trying to lessen the effect of the intrusion in her bottom. ‘What am I doing, sitting here with this stupid thing up my ass?’ She hunted for a switch track to this conversation.

“Tell me about you. How do you come to be back here after—what is it, twenty years?”

“Eighteen. I bought the cabin up on Moon Lake. I guess I always remembered how good it was when we were kids and I wanted to see if that was still here.” She had never registered the thought till now but she could have easily said, ‘I wanted to see if you were still here.’

Being seventeen with a grown women’s body was a lot to handle back then. Monika was going off to college at the end of that summer and an “accident” would have been devastating. ‘A girl has to have limits,’ she used to say and Monika’s limits were clear, “lovely to look at and fun to hold but if you break it…well don’t even think about it.” Johnny and Monika had an aching summer of dry humping. Monika knew he was getting “It” from other girls but somehow he respected her when she said “no.” Many a night ended in a case of royal, blue balls for Johnny Driscol.

“Johnny, canlı bahis is there a bathroom here I can use?” The butt plug was getting unbearable. It wasn’t that it hurt; it was just too intense to ignore with the conversation going so well.

“Two of them, they’re in the back.” Driscol thought she was acting a little strange–the look or flutter in her eyes, the restless shuffling in her seat. ‘ Was she on something?’

He chalked it off to nervousness or natural causes.

“uhhhh!,” she gasped when she was safely behind the locked door. ‘This was not a good idea. What the fuck were you thinking, you idiot?’ She un-did the row of buttons at the front of her sundress and took it completely off. She was cautious enough to anticipate an embarrassing mistake. She took her panties off too. Sitting on the toilet, naked with Johnny Driscol outside the door was just too much. She grasped the over sized paper machine with one hand and plunged the other between her naked thighs.

“Ohhhh Gawwwwddd. I’m fucking coming.” Now she pressed against her sex with both hands; her orgasm came so quickly it startled her. Then she felt the slippery movement as her anis expanded and the butt plug ejected from her ass with the force of a small torpedo. “kerrrrplunk,” it hit the water. Monika jumped off the seat to see if any vital organ had been expelled with the depth charge. The toilet’s automatic sensor tripped and “Pinky,” her Day-Glo Dildo was jet flushed from the light of day. Monika stared into the bowl. ‘Great, just fucking great, here we are in boon town and they have a golf ball sucking toilet.’ She laughed—she had to laugh. She put her clothes back on and washed her hands and splashed some water in her face. ‘Maybe he wont notice the flush in my cheeks…Oh Brother,’ she groaned at the double meaning.

“I was beginning to think I’d have to send in the rescue unit.” John Driscol said as she came back to his desk. She looked positively radiant now. “Monika, you’re just prettier than ever.”

Monika blushed. “Amazing what a little freshening up can do for a girl.”

“I didn’t mean…or never mind. We have so much to catch up on, Monika, but I have to look busy. The division captain is coming around this afternoon for a powwow. Are you free later? How about dinner?”

“Only if you come up to my place. I’ll make up something. We can picnic on blankets out back by the lake—swim even, if you like. What do you say?”

A perplexed look came over Johnny’s face. “Uh…sounds like where we left off, Monika.”

Monika squirmed a little at the embarrassment of remembering how she tortured him back then; how she would giggle at the way he would hobble back to the car claiming, “…my foot fell asleep.”

“Don’t worry, Johnny, it’ll be better than that. I promise,” she said with a seductive flash of her high beams.

“Sounds great. I can be there by seven.”

Monika gave him a kiss on the lips and turned to leave. ‘What a dish! What a fucking indulgence you are going to be, Johnny Driscol.’ She remembered how hard his cock was then. How big it felt pressing against her, through their clothes when they made out on the grassy bank of the lake. She remembered how she’d rub him through his pants. How she had let him slide his hand into her panties—his finger inside her. She remembered how much she wanted his cock then but just couldn’t…

“Can I bring anything, Monika–something to drink, dessert…?”

She was standing in the open doorway. Driscol was perched on the front edge of his desk. She felt his eyes licking her gauzy flesh, X-rayed by the sun streaming in behind her. It felt hot on her back, warming her pulsing ass. She looked at him through the little sparkling dust particles floating between them. In uniform, tanned, the top button of his shirt open, razor creases running the length of his legs to his shiny black boots, the gun (what did he say it was…the Berretta) holstered at his side, the black nightstick; Johnny Driscol was even more beautiful than she remembered.

“Nothing, Johnny. You just bring yourself; I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Bathing suit?”

“Don’t bother—just you. Oh, but don’t forget that big nightstick of yours. You just might need it for protection.”

‘Ohhhhwaaaa, and don’t forget that little ol’ nightstick of yours…. what a ridiculous tramp you are.’ Monika whooped out loud when she was back behind the wheel of her car. “Good bye, Pinky Mc Fucking Dong; Hello, Johnny Driscol.”

She felt great as she drove back and forth between Sugar Mountain and Carlyle picking up groceries and other supplies. She didn’t give another thought to Pinky, her Day-Glo dildo. She had no way of knowing the tenacious little plug had not made it through the toilet trap and had squirmed his way back into the bleached white bowl.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT, DRISCOL?” The two men were staring down into the at the bright pink torpedo bobbing in blue water.

“Dammed if I know, Captain, but it looks like a sex toy.”

Officer Driscol, do you see a flashing light on my forehead—does it say IDIOT? I know it’s a sex toy. A dildo, a dong, a fudge cork, a butt wad; it’s bahis siteleri a fucking butt plug, Driscol. What I want to know is…WHAT THE FUCK IS IT DOING THERE?”

Driscol put his investigative mind in high gear. There was only one person in the bathroom all morning; no one had used it since Monika left. Now it all made sense to him—her awkward shifting in her seat, the glazed looks, even her strange behavior on the phone the night before. ‘She really has changed. All that pent up catholic frustration has exploded—Monika Ayers is a sex bomb.”

“Chief, it’s a prank. Bill Horton down at the hardware is always pulling tricks like this. He was in here this morning. Probably paying me back for the last one I pulled on him.”

“Driscol, anything, anything like this happens again and I write it in your file. And you better believe it’ll come up, like your little pink friend here, bobbing in front of the commissioner down in Manchester.

Monika stepped out from the shower. Her lightly freckled skin was now red from the steaming hot water. She had made up her mind; she was not going to mince about this. She was going to set John Driscol on fire–light up those old passions that still smoldered.

“Hi John, it really feels like old times to see you again.” She kissed him as soon as he entered her door—kissed him deeply. He kissed her back.

“I’ve thought about you a lot, Monika.”

“Me too, Johnny. We were so young and stupid back then. We wasted so much…”

The cabin was ready, everything prepared, Sade was still looping in the CD player. The small table on the porch, overlooking the lake, was set. A string of chilly lights that reminded her of Pinky—‘a parade of little Pinkies’, lit the enclosed space. A new galvanized hurricane lamp furnishing a stronger light on the table. She had drinks in their hands and the tour of the cabin finished within the first fifteen minutes. They ate the simple meal and drank a pitcher of the Texas Iced Tea she had concocted. They spoke about the paths their lives had taken. When Marvin Gay crept into their space she asked him to dance. They stood on the deck and held each other swaying. Driscol’s body was hard; she pressed in tighter against him. His hands slid slowly down her flesh from the open back of her dress to the swell of her ass. She felt his erection against her thigh but she didn’t twist away like before.

“You know you drove me just about crazy back then, Monika?”

“Yes, I know,” she said dreamily, “I’m so sorry. I was just a naughty, scared kid.”

“You didn’t look like a kid back then, Monika,” he whispered in her ear. His cock was hard now. Monika moved against him, feeling it straining for her. “At seventeen you looked like a woman.” Monika sighed and pushed him back at arm’s length.

“How about a moonlight swim, Johnny? And don’t tell me you brought your suit because it’s a full moon and that calls for a skin-dip. She turned and hurried off the deck and down towards the water’s edge. She was already out of her dress as he caught up to her. She took off her panties in the water and twirled them on her finger.

“Embarrassed…what’s the matter; do you have holes in your panties or something.”

“No, no holes in my panties.”

“Well how do you get your legs in them then, silly?” She shot her wet panties like a rubber band, hitting him in the face. Then put her hands on her hips and watched him undress.

“Well, John, I’m glad you did remember your nightstick,”

Monika yelped and dove beneath the surface when she saw his thick rubbery cock swinging from side to side as he high-stepped toward her. He dove in, coming up beside her. They swam out into the moonlight together, wrestled, danced and kissed in the deeper water, then swam back. Standing in the shallows now, each wrapped in the other’s arms, bodies wet and slippery from the minerals in the lake–Monika broke the tongue-dueling kiss. She slithered down his body, licking and nipping him with her teeth. Dragging her hands over every hard ripple of his long torso, not knowing when…where she was going, until her knees hit the soft silty lake’s bottom and she was face to face with his magnificent cock. Gripping it with both hands, sliding them up and down its silky length, pushing it against his navel and finally aimed it towards her full, wet, lips. She slid it in, lathing her tongue around it, below it, until it was at the back of her throat challenging her gag reflex.

“Ma…aaahhhhhhh…nika,” Driscol sighed out into the hot august night.

He thought about sliding his Berretta into its oiled holster–the curved glistening blade of a samurai sword gliding into its wooden sheath; he smiled at his own clichéd thoughts. ‘She makes me feel like a fucking stallion.’

Monika opened her throat and took his mushroom cock head through the opening. It reminded her of Pinky; and thinking of Pinky reminded her of what she wanted most. She felt his sack tightening, pulling up towards his groin. She waited till she felt the first pulsing of his cock in the depth of her throat. She wringed his sack tightly between her thumb and forefinger and pulled it down away from his body at bahis şirketleri the same time she pushed away from him, pulling her head back. His cock snaked back out of her mouth and sprang back against his belly. She continued the pressure on his balls till she knew his orgasm had subsided.

“What the ffffff…Monika, What are you doing?”

“I want you inside of me, Johnny. I’ve wanted it for so long; I forgot how much I wanted you inside me. Take me back inside.”

“Piggyback?” Johnny had turned his back to her, “Climb up Monika, I’ll carry you.” Giggling, she jumped on him and he thrust her weight farther up his back with a heave then began trotting back across the lawn to the deck.

“Giddy-up…Prince! To the stables.” Monika pressed her heavy tits against his shoulder blades; she ground her pussy against his spine. Her clitoris was exposed and rubbing against his bones and she thought she might let go but Johnny had her thighs locked in the crooks of his powerful arms. He made it into the living room laughing and tumbled both of them onto the sofa. But Monika wasn’t laughing. She rolled off his back and onto hers. She scrambled backwards up against the end of the sofa.

“Come ‘ere, Pony Man.” The wild look in her eyes saying ‘fuck me.’ She opened her legs, resting one along the back of the couch and the other on the floor. Johnny, holding his enraged shaft shimmied along the couch on his knees. His eyes trained on her sex.

“Fuck Me, Johnny. I want to feel that dick inside me.” Johnny was hovering above her now, his hands on the arm of the sofa, his meaty cock parting the wet crease between her legs. Then the head was pushing her open, sliding in, long and slow. She felt the pressure of its upward angle bowing against her clit.

“Ummmm, I’ve waited so long to feel your big dick pumping my cunt, Johnny Driscol. Now stop playing around and fuck me hard.”

Monika’s words ignited him–unsettled him; he sunk down upon her, pumped harder and faster now. Using the arm of the sofa for leverage, Driscol pulled with his whole body to thrust himself into her like he was riding some living, panting, rowing machine. Monika knew she could come at any minute but that didn’t matter. What did matter was that Johnny could come and she didn’t want that. She took a few more of his violent lunges then, when she thought he was as near as he could get to exploding inside her, she said, “NO.” She felt his body jerk. “No, Johnny.” She started pushing him away. “No.” She drew her knees up against herself—between his chest and hers.

“What are you doing, Monika? Standing now, “what the fuck is this all about?”

“Not yet, Johnny; I want this to last.”

She sat up and took his softening cock in her hands. She stroked it, gently like it was a hurt bird.

“Johnny, just trust me. It’ll all be Okay. I promise you.”

She took his penis in her mouth and sucked it again, this time delighting in its new shape and texture as it softened. He calmed but his eyes looked angry at the same time. Monika couldn’t believe the feeling of power she had found.

“Let’s go in the bedroom.”

Monika led Johnny into her bedroom, holding his rubbery cock like the reins of a horse. She led him to the bed. She sat at the foot and positioned him in front of her. She fondled his cock, kissed it up and down and sucked into her hot mouth till his blood was pumping again. Then he pushed her back on the bed.

“What do you want from me, Monika?”

“I want it all, Johnny. I just want to make up for lost time—for what we could have had.”

He glared down at her. Breathing hard, Monika looked into his eyes, trying to read him. She parted her legs, watching him. His gaze lowered down her body across her heaving breasts; her hard and extended nipples. The tiny vein in his forehead pulsed, he clenched and unclenched his jaw; she watched the little muscles in his face knot. Lifting her feet to the edge of the mattress she slowly opened her knees wider. Her pussy lips were wet, swollen and pouting through her soft reddish pubic hair. He ate her up with his wild eyes. When she saw his lips curl into a sneer and his nostrils flair she knew she had shoveled enough coal into his firebox; his engine was throbbing again. Monika slid her fingers down and opened her lips to expose her hooded clit to him.

“Lick my pussy, Johnny. Get down on your knees and fuck me with you tongue.”

He took her ankles in his big hands and lifted them, straitening her legs into a pronounced V. He licked at her left foot and trailed bites and kisses down that leg towards her gaping gash. He made his way across her vagina without touching one of the places she wanted him to hit. Back up the other thigh, nibbling behind her knee and her calf and biting her heel hard enough to make her wince. He slid his hands down the insides of her legs until he was kneeling and he brought his mouth down over her whole sex. No timid hummingbird licks or butterfly kisses, Driscol ravaged Monika’s swollen pussy with his tongue, his lips, his teeth even his nose. He plowed his proboscis up through her hot wet Vagina till it was against her clit, nudging her whole body forward on the bed with the force of his head. He still had her ankles cuffed in his big hands. He brought her to the verge of her orgasm then stood up, twisting and flipping her over onto her hands and knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20