Office Submission Ch. 03

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Jack stared down at the keyboard. He was struggling to finish his report. His mind was elsewhere and he was beginning to wonder if he would meet the deadline for tomorrow.

Jack was finding it hard to focus at work lately. He had so much to do and it kept him incredibly busy but his mind constantly wandered as he remembered the things that had been happening in his life recently at home.


His computer informed him an email had arrived. Jack groaned wondering who it was that wanted something completed soon again. He moved the mouse and opened up the email.

It was from Anna.

He clicked the mouse:

Hi Jack,

I know you’re busy but I need some paperwork signing up here and I wondered if you could pop up please?

Also, I was wondering if we’re still on for tonight? It is Friday after all!

Speak soon,

A xx

Jack read the email a second time, as usual, and leant back in his chair. He looked down at the booklets in front of him and thought about the work that needed completing.

He hit reply:


Love hearing from you, it made my (busy) day.

I’ll be up in 5 mins.

Of course we’re on for tonight. It is Friday after all!

Jack xx

He sent the email and closed up his paperwork. It would wait, he deserved a short break anyway. Jack left his desk and made his way down the corridor to the lifts.

He thought about Anna and how this unbelievably sexy woman had transformed his sex life in such a short space of time. Her lithe and beautiful body was incredible. His orgasms had become more and more intense in recent weeks.

He stepped into the lift and pressed the button for the 18th floor. He waited. The music in the lift was supposed to be calming but he found the damn thing so irritating that he sighed when the sound filled the small space.

He stepped out onto the 18th floor. ‘Two floors away from the big dog’ he thought. Jack stepped up to the main desk.

“Hi Jack,” Sophie said. She was a young receptionist who didn’t quite know what the business was all about but enjoyed the pay.

“Sophie,” Jack replied, “I’m here to sign off some documents for Grant.”

“Oh, Mr Grant isn’t in his office at the moment, sorry.” Sophie looked down at the computer on her desk, “he should be back soon though. Do you want to go on through? I think his PA is there, she could help you.”

Jack nodded, “thanks.”

He made his way through a glass door and into a long soft carpeted corridor. There were doors off the corridor leading to small conference rooms, bathrooms, file rooms etc. Jack made his way to the end of the corridor and through the misted glass door.

It was a smaller room with two doors leading off it. There was a desk on the left near the door, a coffee machine and some manicured, pretty looking plants on a table to the right. There were low level filing cabinets along one of the walls. The room, however, was empty.

“Anna?” Jack enquired, “Anna?” He stepped into the room.

“In here,” he heard her shout from behind one of the other doors.

He made his way across the room and opened one of the heavy oak doors. It was heavy to push open and he stepped inside.

He could tell he was only two floors from the top. This office was huge. It had two walls of floor to ceiling windows that looked down onto the city. There was a huge wooden desk over by one of the windows with a vast black leather chair behind it – Grant’s desk. In the middle of the room was a pair of leather sofas that were facing each other bahis firmaları with a small glass coffee table in between them. The room smelled of expensive wood. The aroma filled the space and his head.

Against one of the other walls was a small drinks area where various non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks were kept. There were two tall wooden cupboards on the final wall and one of the doors was open there. He could see the side of the cupboard and the open door and perched on the floor from behind it was Anna’s sexy arse.

Anna was on her knees with the majority of her body hidden behind the door so that only her arse was showing.

He could see her black heels and she had on a pair of black tights. He could see her pert rounded arse and it was covered with a black pencil skirt with a slit up the back.

“Jack,” she said from behind the cupboard door, “this is embarrassing, could you come and help me please?”

Jack moved up to the cupboard and stepped behind this sexy woman on all fours facing away from him. She was wearing a a white cotton shirt that was tightly fitted to her body. Her hair was tied up and Jack could see her neck. Her right arm was in the cupboard and she was resting the whole of her upper body on her left arm.

“Jack, don’t laugh,”she sniggered, “I’m stuck. I emailed you and came in here to get the documents and my shirt has got caught, look.”

Jack peered into the cupboard and Anna’s shirt sleeve had caught at the back of the cupboard on something.

“Can you see? It’s at the back and if I move my left hand, I’ll end up face down in here.” Anna looked back at Jack and smiled, “I don’t want to rip my shirt, can you help please?”

Jack looked down at her whilst she was looking up at him. He felt a slight twinge in his cock at the scene in front of him. It would be easy for him to slide her skirt up over her arse and fuck her hard and fast. He looked down at her arse at that thought and he could clearly see she had on a pair of full pants today. It wasn’t a thong today or a small pair of panties.

Jack got down next to Anna on his knees and tried to angle his head into the cupboard but he couldn’t quite see.

“I’m not at the right angle here,” he said, “let me shuffle round you.”

Jack moved in directly behind Anna and had to move onto all fours above her. His chest pushed against her back and his head was against her neck.

“If I just…” he continued whilst placing his hand deep into the cupboard. He leant further forward and it forced his crotch against her arse and pushed her forward a little, “…ooops, sorry.”

Anna giggled, “hmmm, don’t worry.”

Jack couldn’t get any purchase with one hand on her shirt. He tried moving his fingers up but, still, nothing.

Anna shifted her position slightly and Jack thought she moved her arse into his groin.

He looked down at her and she was smiling but not looking at him. He shifted his attention back to her stuck shirt.

Then she moved again. It was more obvious this time. A definite wriggle of her arse into his groin. A sideways movement back and forth. His cock involuntarily stirred.

“Sorry Jack,” Anna whispered in a cheeky way, “I’ve been in this position a while and need to move, sorry. I don’t want to get…stiff.”

Jack’s cock had now swollen to a full erection with the closeness of this woman and the way she was moving her sexy arse against his cock. He put his hand back up to her shirt in the cupboard and suddenly he found the stuckmaterial. It was attached to a screw head that had come out a kaçak iddaa little. He was about to just hook it off when Anna moved again. She moved her arse up and down this time. Not once but three times. Up and then down, up and then down and finally up and then down.

“Jack!” She exclaimed, “your cock is all hard. I can feel it against my arse.”

Jack took his hand from the shirt material and suddenly had second thoughts about releasing her.

“Look,” she said and she moved her arse up and down again, twice more.

Jack’s cock was fully erect and, because of the angle they were both in, it had pushed up pointing directly to his stomach. It had rested between Anna’s pert arse cheeks. He couldn’t resist his hips thrusting forwards once.

“Jack,” Anna whispered, “I can feel your hard cock against my arse.” She thrust back again and ground her arse up and down his cock. He thrust forward to meet her humping action. “Jack! Stop!” She said.

Jack couldn’t help it, his cock was rock hard and the feel of her pert arse against his cock was beginning to overwhelm him.

“But Jack, my arm is still stuck,” Anna complained, “if I moved my left hand it would force my head down, look…”

Anna moved her left hand that she was leaning on and it forced her head to the floor with her right arm still stuck. It pushed her arse higher into the air and forced it against Jack’s cock. The material of the skirt pulled tight across her rounded cheeks and Jack could easily make out her pants now.

“See, Jack, I can’t move. I’m stuck here in this position. I can’t do anything.” Anna pleaded with Jack in a sexy tone.

“I know how hard you are Jack,” Anna said whilst turning her head from off the floor to look backwards at Jack, “imagine if you were fucking me like this. Imagine lifting my skirt, pulling my panties aside and sliding that hard cock deep inside.”

Jack was listening intently and his hips started slowly thrusting against Anna’s arse.

“Why don’t you do it now Jack?” She continued, “I can’t stop you can I? Go on Jack, slide it inside me!”

Jack looked down at Anna again and thrust harder. There was enough friction between her skirt and his trousers for it to pull the head of his cock skin back. He stopped and looked down at what was on offer for him. He placed his hands on the base of her skirt.

“That’s it Jack, lift up my skirt.”

Jack started to lift her skirt up her thighs. His fingers brushed up her thighs as he lifted her tight skirt. He gently peeled it up and over her arse. She wore suspender pull ups that were stuck to the top of her thighs and they had a lace decoration on the top. Her panties were black and had a see-through mesh material with a frilly design around the edges. He could see the majority of her sexy arse as the panties didn’t hide anything.

“Look at my arse Jack,” Anna seductively said, “look at my sexy panties.”

Anna reached her left hand back and snaked her fingers into her panties down to her arse. Jack watched as her hand crept underneath her panties and grabbed her own arse cheeks. He watched her hand grabbing her arse under the panties. He could see her knuckles brushing against the see-through mesh and her finger tips reaching into the skin of her arse.

“Do you want to cum on this arse Jack?” She asked, “imagine sliding that cock between my arse cheeks.”

Jack resumed his slow dry humping.

“No, Jack, take out your cock first,” she instructed.

Jack undid his trousers and slid them and his briefs down his thighs. His rock hard cock was bulging kaçak bahis and the head of his cock was huge.

“God, I love that cock Jack,” Anna moaned. She moved her hand round to the front of her panties and placed her hand into them to gently stroke her pussy. “Mmmmm…what are you waiting for Jack? Come on…ohhhh”

Jack placed his hard cock against the mesh of the panties. He thrust forward and Anna met his thrust with her arse. The head of his cock was pushed hard against the her arse cheeks. He thrust up and down and was starting to build momentum.

Ohhhh…god. Jack hold my hips please,” Anna begged.

Jack lifted his hands and held onto her hips. He used them to pull himself in tighter to her arse. She was moving her hips in time with Jack’s thrusts and also she was starting to speed up the stroking on her pussy.

“Fffffuuuuccckkk, that’s so good. Do you want to fuck me Jack? Ohhhh yes. Lift my panties Jack. I want to feel that cock on my skin.”

Jack thrust back and lifted a side of her panties up. He placed his cock underneath and let the material fall back into place over the top of his cock.

Her skin felt electric on his cock. It was so smooth and warm. He thrust again and his cock fell naturally in the cleft of her arse.

“OH GOD. I need to feel you cum on me Jack. P-p-p-please cum on my arse,” she begged.

Jack started thrusting in and the sensation was doubled. It felt good to feel her soft skin along his cock. He lowered his cock back and then thrust forward again. Anna’s breathing was getting shorter, Jack could tell that she was close and her fingers were rubbing faster on her pussy.

“Oh my god, I’m so close. Ohhhh. Don’t stop Jack. I want you to cum with me.”

Jack thrust again, he knew he was close. He grabbed the side of each arse check in his hands and pushed them together. Now the cleft of her arse was a deeper channel. The channel almost surrounded his cock now. He pulled back and the forwards and felt the familiar tingling in his balls.

Anna rubbed her hands faster and groaned out loud as she felt Jack grab her arse cheeks.

Jack watched the head of his dock underneath the mesh material on Anna’s panties and he looked at her helplessly sprawled out in front of him.

He groaned and started to cum. He thrust forward and it ejaculated into her panties over her arse. Jack’s cock pulsed as he coated her arse with his cum. The cum splayed over her tight little star and starting oozing through the miniature mesh holes in her panties. He pulled back slowly for another slow and deep thrust.

“FFFFUUUCK. I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING…NNNNNNGGGG. Oh yes, yes,” Anna muffled a scream. The feel of Jack’s cum over her arse had pushed her over the edge.

Jack thrust again and the cum milked out of his pulsing cock. More cum covered the top of her arse and it started to ooze out the top of her pantyline. He moaned as he pushed forward again to drain every last drop into her panties.

“Oh my god Jack, fffuck! That was good. I needed that badly.” Anna said. She lifted herself back onto her left hand, “can you pull my skirt down please?”

Jack removed his cum covered cock from her cum filled panties and he eased her skirt back down over her arse. He then tucked his cock back into his briefs and his trousers. Jack then reached into the cupboard and instantly unhooked her sleeve.

Anna pulled her arm back in and looked back at Jack, “you could have done that the whole time?! Jack that’s naughty! Taking advantage of me in this position!”

Jack smiled and patted her arse on the top of her skirt and heard a tiny squelch.

“Jack!” Anna giggled, “stop it!” She pushed him away whilst looking at him through her hungry eyes.

“So,” Jack said, “these documents then, where are they?”

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