Out of the Blue

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Gary was going about his normal routine on the building site when his mobile rang. He put down the piece of wood he was just about to nail onto the house frame and pulled the phone out of his pocket. “Emily” the screen read. Now there’s a name he hadn’t heard in a long time. He pressed the button and put the phone up to his ear.

“Hello stranger.”

“Where are you right now?” she asked.

“At work. Why?”

“I’m staying at the Crowne Plaza at Surfers Paradise, room 802. I want you here now, so that I can grind my pussy against your face.” Gary got an instant hard-on. He used to love it when Emily talked dirty to him. He imagined her straddling his face so he could lick her clit and make her scream with pleasure.

“I can be there at 5.”

“I’ll be waiting.” She hung up. Gary felt his hard on straining within his shorts and rearranged his cock inside his pants, so that his excitement wasn’t so noticeable. It had been months since he had last heard from Emily and was glad to hear her voice again. He remembered back to when they used to spend most of the day sending each other dirty text messages, until she called it off because she was in line for a promotion at work and couldn’t concentrate when he kept her squirming in her office chair.

He pulled his pencil out from his tool belt and wrote 802 on the piece of timber that he had picked up again. He looked down at his watch. 12.15pm. He had hours to wait until he knocked off work. Oh well, at least he had something to look forward to afterwards. He wondered if he should send her a dirty follow-up text to let her know that she had made him hard, but he decided against it. He didn’t know why she had rung him out of the blue and would wait until he saw her to ask…. On the other hand, 5pm was a long time to have to wait until he saw her again.

She hung up the phone and smiled. He said yes! After all this time she wasn’t sure whether ringing him would be a good idea or not. She was afraid that if she saw him again it would start her obsessing over him like she used to. She remembered how she used to spend every minute of every day thinking about Gary and his hard dick. There were days when she would wake up and start touching herself the minute she opened her eyes, only to be going to bed knowing that she had masturbated 3 times that day and was onto her forth when she climbed back underneath the sheets.

Emily looked down at the phone in her hands. It should be ok. They would spend an afternoon together, enjoying each other’s company, and then it would go back to normal again. No contact. She would make sure of it. She was so close to finding out about her promotion that she couldn’t risk it going back to what it was like before, when she couldn’t concentrate on anything but him. But she was here now, so she might as well make the most of it.

She walked over to the open sliding door and placed the phone on the side table next to her chair. She had requested a room with her own private balcony, which looked out over the ocean.

She sat down on one of the lounges and reclined back into a horizontal position and noticed that she couldn’t see any other apartments from this spot. Emily lifted up her flowing skirt and slid one of her fingers inside her bikini bottoms to feel how wet she had become, just by talking to Gary. She was looking forward to seeing him again this afternoon. It had been too long. She continued stroking her clit, enjoying the sun’s rays on her skin.

The mobile on the side table buzzed and she looked over to see a text message waiting for her. She picked it up and pressed the button to read it. It was from Gary.

“You’ve made my cock hard with anticipation”. She read the message and smiled. She was happy to know that she could still give him a hard on without even touching him. She pressed the button to bring up the camera feature on her phone and took a photo of her hand inside her bikini bottoms, found his number and pressed send. That might get him over here a bit quicker, she thought to herself.

The phone buzzed again. Another message.

“Be there in 10 minutes.” Success! She pressed the reply button.

“Door’s open. Come and find me!”

After telling the boss that an emergency had come up and he had to leave straight away, Gary found himself driving towards the hotel with a massive hard on. He wasn’t surprised that Emily could still make him feel this way. She had a great arse that he loved to slide his cock up and down, soft lips that seemed to beckon to his, and the perkiest set of tits that he had ever seen. As he was driving, he remembered the last time he had seen her. They were sitting at a picnic table at a local park and he had his hand up her skirt, fingering her wet pussy. His hard-on made him groan as it strained against his shorts, waiting to spring forth when he finally let it out.

He was here. He parked the car and headed towards the lifts. He pressed the button to the eighth floor and waited. It seemed to bahis firmaları take forever for the elevator doors to open and he almost ran out of the lift towards room number 802. He saw the number on the door and turned the handle.

Emily heard the door handle turn and waited until Gary found her on the balcony. It took all her strength not to turn and call out to him. She wanted him to find her on his own, to heighten the excitement of being in a strange hotel room and not know if it was the right one or not. He stepped out onto the balcony and she turned her head towards him, taking her sunglasses off and taking him in as he came closer.

“You found me.” She smiled.

Gary walked out onto the balcony towards Emily. He noticed that she had cut her hair short, but she still had those long brown legs that stuck out from underneath her skirt and there were those perky tits, hiding underneath her bikini top.

“Fuck you look good.” His eyes glided up and down her body as he came closer to her. He knelt down next to her and leaned over to give her a long hard kiss. He had missed her. He missed the way she smelt, the way she ran her fingers through his hair when their lips were locked and how she sucked on his tongue when he put it inside her mouth. His cock was absolutely throbbing now.

Their lips parted and Emily looked up at Gary. He looked good too. A few more grey hairs than the last time she saw him, but she liked it. He still had muscley arms and the most intense eyes she had ever seen. She watched as he ran his eyes up and down her body, wondering where to start. She glanced down at his crotch and saw the huge bulge in his pants. God, she wanted to pull it out and suck on it really badly. All in good time, she thought, as she watched Gary’s hand slide over her bare thigh.

She was so soft. He didn’t remember her being this soft the last time he touched her. He ran his hand up and down her leg. He noticed that his touch gave her skin goose-bumps. He bent his head down and kissed her thigh gently. Once, twice, three times, heading up towards her hip. He ran his finger over the top of her bikini bottom and felt that her clit was already hard. He circled it with his finger and heard her let out a sigh. He looked up at her face. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. God she was beautiful. He continued rubbing circles around her clit and bent to kiss her lips again. He found her tongue and massaged it with is own. She tasted good. He couldn’t believe that she was sitting here in front of him again after all this time.

Emily kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the soft touch of Gary’s finger on her clit and his mouth on hers. She kept her eyes closed as she felt his finger slide across her bikini bottoms and underneath the seam, as he ran his finger up and down the crease of her skin that connected her pussy to her leg. She kept her eyes closed as she felt his finger slowly make it’s way over to the opening of her pussy and gently inside. She even kept her eyes closed when she felt his mouth leave hers and make it’s way across her cheek, down her neck, over her breasts and stomach and even when she felt her bikini bottoms being pulled aside to make way for Gary’s lips, but as soon as his tongue connected with her clit, her eyes flew open wide, because she wanted to take the situation all in so that she could remember seeing his head between her legs, every time she would think back to this very moment.

She tasted salty. Like she had just been for a swim in the ocean. Gary licked her clit gently so that he didn’t put too much pressure on it too quickly. He remembered how she liked it. Slow at first, gently licking and nibbling at her clit, slowly building up to sucking on it hard. He looked up at her. She was looking into his eyes and smiling. It felt good to finally be able to taste her again after all this time. He wanted to know why she had invited him here after being so adamant about not being in touch anymore, but he wasn’t about to ruin the moment. He just wanted to taste her. He spread her legs wider so that he could get a better vantage point and stuffed her whole pussy into his mouth and began sucking.

Emily let her legs fall, one on either side of the lounge chair, as she watched Gary’s head bobbing about between them. It felt so good having someone enjoying themselves so much that her pussy juices were all over his face. She felt his tongue probing it’s way into her opening as his thumb gently fondled her clit. She let out a small moan as his lips found their way back onto her clit again and he started sucking on her. She was getting so wet! Gary inserted one of his fingers into her pussy and started rubbing her g-spot. It felt so good! He was going to make her come already! He kept sucking on her clit and pressing his finger inside her until she felt the orgasm building up.

“Mmmm, yeah, that feels good. Don’t stop.” She said quietly, feeling the blood rushing towards her clit. He kept up his rhythm and kaçak iddaa before she was ready she felt herself coming all over his face.

“Fuck!” she screamed as she grabbed a handful of his hair and forced his head towards her pussy harder. “Oh fuck!!!”

He looked up towards Emily’s face from his position between her legs. Fuck she tasted good! He licked her juices off his lips and swallowed them with a smile. He stood up, put one arm underneath her legs and one under the small of her back and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around him as he walked inside and sat her down on the bed. He bent down to untie her bikini top from behind her back and around her neck and it fell into her lap. He watched as she flung it across the room and reached up to grab the waistband of his shorts and jocks and pulled them down. His cock immediately flopped out and bounced a few times almost hitting her in the face. She smiled up at him as she took it in her hands and started stroking it.

He felt one of her hands cup his balls as the other slowly worked its way from the base of his dick to cover the tip. On the way back down she bent over and put her mouth over the tip of his cock and sucked gently. It felt like he had waited an eternity to feel her lips firmly wrapped around him. She lowered her head and took more of him into her mouth, sucking on him as she slowly slid him back out of her.

Gary’s cock was standing to attention as she moved her mouth over him, sliding him in and out of her lips. The bed was the exact height for them as she sat with her legs over the edge and his cock in her mouth. She cupped his balls and noticed how he must have shaved them that morning, as there was not a hair in sight. She wondered if he thought about her while he did this, just like he said he used to. Her other hand wrapped around the base of his cock and pumped up and down, going along with the rhythm of her mouth. She sucked on his shaft as she moved her head away from him and circled the tip of him with her tongue. She trailed her tongue up and down his shaft while she used her hand to circle the tip of his cock and jacked him off for a while.

He could feel the intensity building up inside him and because he didn’t want to come yet, he twisted out of Emily’s hands and sat down on the bed next to her.

“Lay down” he instructed and she followed his order. He pulled off his shirt, followed by his shoes, socks, shorts and jocks and then turned towards Emily. He tugged on her skirt and pulled it down past her hips and over her feet and flung it across the room the way she did with her bikini top. He knelt on the bed over her and started sliding her bikini bottoms down over her legs. He looked down at her neatly shaved pussy and parted her legs. He wanted to taste her again. He wanted her to come all over his face again. He grabbed her legs and pushed them up towards her chest so that he could get access to her tight arse. He bent his head down and gently licked it. She squealed with delight. In the past she had told him that she wanted him to tickle her arse with his tongue, and now was his chance.

Emily hooked her legs underneath her elbows so that her arse was right in Gary’s face. She felt him run the tip of his tongue around her tight hole and then flick it across the top of it. It felt divine! He used the length of his entire tongue to lick it slowly, then quickly with the tip, and then he stuck his tongue inside her ever so slightly. It sent shivers through her whole body and she wanted more!

“Fuck that feels good!” she screamed. She felt him grab her arse cheeks and gently spread them apart so that he could get a better view of her. She closed her eyes as he gently probed his tongue into her arse again. “Ohhhhhhh fuck!!!!” she screamed again. She could feel her pussy throbbing as her clit got harder with the excitement. How could this man make her feel like this, just by using his tongue??? She had never imagined that someone would want to do this to her, let alone do it without even being asked! She felt so dirty! It was fantastic!

She felt his tongue plunge deep inside her arse and she screamed out with pleasure. “Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Fuuuuuuck!!!!”

She was so wet. Her arse contracted when she came and he felt it squeeze his tongue out of her. He gently inserted his finger in her arse, but only up to his first knuckle. He slid it out of her and watched her reaction. She was absolutely loving it! He slid his finger in a little further and felt her arse contract against it, the way it had against his tongue.

“Did you bring any of your toys down with you?” he asked, gently wiggling his finger inside her.

Her toys! She had totally forgotten about them.

“Yes, they’re in my bag over there.” She pointed towards the wardrobe door and watched as Gary almost ran over to get them out. She saw him pick up two of them and walk back over to the bed, one in each hand.

“Which one should we use first?” he asked holding one up, then the kaçak bahis other. One was a g-spot vibrator and the other anal beads.

“I’ll let you decide.” She said and rolled over so she was on her hands and knees, pointing her bum towards him suggestively.

“Anal beads it is.” He tossed the vibrator onto the bed next to her and sat down behind her. He bent over, spread her cheeks and licked her arse again. She was so wet that he figured he wouldn’t even need to use any lubrication. He placed the tip of the beads against her opening and pushed gently. The first bead was very small and popped in with no trouble at all. He wiggled it around a bit and Emily giggled. He pushed the next bead into her arse and it too glided in with a pop.

“Oh yeah!” He watched as the next bead slid into her arse. “Fuck that looks good!”

“It feels good too!” He saw her lean down to rest on her elbows so that her arse stuck out towards him even more. He noticed that the next bead was slightly larger than the last two and gently coaxed it inside her. “Mmmmm” he heard her mumble into the pillow that she had her face buried in. He pushed the next bead inside her too. “More!” she pleaded.

The next bead was larger in size again, and he tried pushing it inside her, but it was a little harder to get in than the first 4, so he wiggled it a bit until it too popped inside her arse.

“Fuck that feels good!” he watched her arse contract around the beads and then relax as she got used to having them inside her. He jiggled the beads that were hanging out of her arse, which moved the ones inside her as well. He watched her arse contract again and when he saw her relaxing, he pushed the next bead inside her. “Ohhhh!!!!” she moaned with pleasure grabbing the pillow with her clenched fist.

Gary looked down at the 4 remaining beads and realised that she now had 6 of them inside her. His cock got really hard as he wondered just how many of them she could take. The next one was even larger than the first 6 and he wanted to see her squirm. He bent down and licked her arse to get some lubrication happening so that he could insert the next one and she pushed back towards his tongue. She was ready for the next one. He pushed and watched as it slowly slid inside her.

“Fuck!” Emily screamed with delight as she felt another bead pop inside her arse. She felt Gary wiggle the stick of beads that was in her arse and she could feel them all moving about inside her. “Oh my God that feels good!” She pushed her upper body back up so that she was on her hands and knees again and looked around at Gary. He was staring at her arse. She saw him hook his finger around the ring at the end of the toy and pull. One of the beads popped out of her arse. “Oh!” she moaned turning back around to face the bedhead. She felt a bit of pressure and he popped back in again. “Mmmm.” She liked the feeling of them as they popped in and out.

Gary was watching her arse contract and relax, as he pushed and pulled the 7th bead in and out of Emily’s opening. She was absolutely loving it. She stretched her arms back out in front of her and pushed her arse back towards him. He took this as in invitation to push the next bead inside her. Pop!

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” He looked down at his hands, which were holding the remaining 2 beads in them. These were the largest ones out of all of them. He looked up at the curve of Emily’s back and ran one of his hands along it towards her shoulder.

“Do you want more?” he asked.

“1 more.” Came the reply. He looked back down at the beads and smiled. He’d have to work this one in a little slower than the rest so that he didn’t hurt her. He grabbed her arse cheeks with both his hands and started massaging them together to get her nice and wet. He grabbed hold of the stick of beads and wiggled them ever so gently as he started pushing the next one inside her.

Emily felt her arse cheeks being massaged together and enjoyed the sensation of having Gary’s hands on her again. She felt the beads deep inside her but had lost count of how many beads she actually had in there. She knew that Gary wouldn’t hurt her though and she felt like she could probably take one more if he continued being so gentle.

She felt one of his hands let go of her arse cheek and grab onto the beads, as they rotated slightly inside her. She relaxed her arse as he slowly pushed another bead inside her.

“Holy Fuck!” she cried out. “Oh, Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!! Ohhhhh, Yeeeah!!!” She screamed as the bead popped inside her arse. “Oh, oh, oh!”

“Are you ok?” Gary asked.

“Yes, yes, yesssss!” she screamed. She could feel her arse contracting and relaxing around the bead as she felt herself coming and tried to hold it in place. The force of her orgasm made her clench the muscles around her arse and one of the beads accidentally popped out. “Fuck!!!!” she cried out.

Gary watched as Emily came in front of him again. He loved how she could have multiple orgasms. He watched as the last bead that he had put inside her popped out and he held onto the stick so that no more would escape in the process. He wanted to fuck her with the beads still inside her, so that he could feel them against his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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