Pair of Aces vs. Pair of 10s

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Ric and Joy had been in the lifestyle off and on for a long time. It was all just fun for them, and they could stop swinging at any time and wouldn’t be affected. Their sex life was great. It was always hot and steamy. They had a lot of hot fantasies together and he could be found stealing her hot pussy for quickies when they were home together. He loved action from her at least once per day, and had been getting it for the last couple years, particularly since the kids had went off to college and she changed careers. This also gave them a little more time for lifestyle fun as well. They had met and played with a number of couples over the years, but never seemed to hook up more than a couple times with any of them. While this was fun, they imagined it might be even better to meet a couple that they could be more comfortable around. They didn’t realize that they were about to meet that couple.

They had met Candy and Richard via a swinging website. They didn’t text much, and instead insisted on getting out to meet them fairly quickly. This always seemed to expose the fakes and flakes. Ric and Joy both agreed that they disliked investing a bunch of time texting people, with no results in real life. Richard and Candy’s profile explained that they were a younger couple of 28 & 27, respectively. They’d had a few adventures with other couples, but mostly with MFF threesomes. They sounded like a fun couple, and were also interested in meeting up sooner than later.

Saturday afternoon arrived and they set out for an early dinner at an out of the way greasy spoon. They all arrived at the same time and everyone was pleasantly surprised by the mutual promptness. This was usually an anxious moment, wondering if the other couple would show up. Richard spotted Ric from across the parking lot. Ric was easy to pick out in a bright red shirt. Richard hailed them and approached with Candy on his arm. Well, perhaps Richard was on her arm because she was far taller than he was. In fact, he could easily hide behind her if necessary. Richard’s blonde hair and blue eyes were striking, and looked like a perfect complement to Candy’s fiery red hair and green eyes. Richard smiled wide as they approached and Candy sported a little grin as well, her ample bosoms bouncing merrily under the fabric of her sundress.

Richard and Candy noted the very ordinary appearance of the folks they approached. Joy sported brown hair, a gorgeous grin, shapely breasts pushed up high and center for Richard’s viewing pleasure. Her forty-something eyes looked Richard from top to bottom, and it looked like she might gobble him up. Joy projected a confidence that was very sexy. Ric also had that familiar look, as if he were someone you saw all the time at the grocery store. Also a forty something, with dark hair and a distinguishing splash of salt over his left temple. Unlike just any man, his eyes seemed to see every part of Candy. She squirmed a little at the heat between her legs. Ric was practically undressing her with his eyes as they approached.

Richard introduced them, gave Ric a handshake and, as he turned to Joy, immediately went in for a hug. Surprised, Joy quickly noted that it was a very nice hug. Warming and soothing, like meeting an old friend. It wasn’t creepy or awkward in any way. She was immediately put at ease. Candy offered hugs as well and had a little different approach. Due to her height and understanding of her body she pressed Joy and Ric’s face into her exposed cleavage as she hugged them. She knew what she was doing. They went inside and made small talk while they munched on a light meal. For a young couple they handled themselves well and seemed to be very much on the same page. This alone was a turn on for both Joy and Ric. There were laughs and smiles throughout. Ric picked up the check and Richard quickly invited them over to their house for a couple drinks. He explained that he knew that they didn’t play on the first date, but thought that they could have more ‘personal’ conversations in that setting. Joy squeezed Ric’s hand once for a few seconds, their mutual signal for ‘Yes.’ He turned to her and smiled, then gave a very exaggerated look directly at Candy’s cleavage and said,

“Absolutely.” They laughed at his not-so-subtle gesture and got up to leave.

The drive took just long enough for Ric and Joy to have a short conversation. Joy insisted that those two wanted to get them in bed tonight, and said that she probably would be ok with that. They were very nice, attractive, seemed like they’d be fun. Ric was a bit more concerned as he felt intimidated by Candy. Not so much by the fact that she was nice and thick in all the right places, but because she pretty much towered over him. Tall women had that effect on him in the past. In any event, they agreed that they would just communicate as the night went on, and only play to the lowest comfort level. Joy reached over and massaged the semi-erection she could see from her seat. He smiled and squirmed at her illegal bahis touch.

They arrived and were invited inside. It was a nice house and Candy showed them around. They had a play-room in the basement that was mostly bare. She explained that they had only started setting it up, so had some furniture to get, and needed to build out a bar and so forth. They ended the tour at the back deck, where the setting sun highlighted a 6 person hot tub that was uncovered and ready for use. Candy asked if they wanted to take a dip. Laughing, Ric and Joy shook their head no,

“We don’t have suits.”

“We don’t either.” Richard said with a smile, showing up with a pair of light robes.

Joy giggled and dragged Ric off toward the bathroom, where they would change. As they undressed Ric stated that he liked their style. They aren’t standing around awkwardly, they get right to it. Laughing they head to the hot tub finding Richard and Candy already submerged with drinks in hand. After Joy and Ric hang their robes, hop in, and drinks are handed out, the chatting resumes and they talk about more personal things. After about 10 minutes of discussing rules and boundaries, it becomes clear that neither couple had any hard-fast rules regarding the potential swap. No means No was the primary rule. There wasn’t anything Richard insisted Candy couldn’t do, or vice-versa. They said they’d just make decisions in the moment based on personal preference. Ric liked this because, to him, it indicated that they trusted each other fully and weren’t hung up on somewhat trivial things.

Joy and Ric had their hands between each other’s legs for some time. Neither were too aggressive, but a semi-erection and wiggling hips were a sign that they were enjoying themselves. As the conversation lulls, and Candy notices Ric looking fondly at her floating breasts. Candy asks demurely,

“Do you see something you like?” Joy gives Ric’s hardening dick a single long squeeze. He smiles big and maintains eye contact with Candy.

“Yes, I absolutely do.” Ric says, raising and eyebrow. About that time, Richard stands and announces that he’d get more drinks. Ric bumps Joy toward him and Joy mumbles that it won’t be necessary and catches his hips, turning him to face her. She studies his very normal looking penis for a moment and pauses, unsure if she should proceed. Ric pushed the back of her head ever so slightly, giving her a good excuse to lean in and take him into her hot mouth. He was completely flaccid and she sucked up his 2″ penis like a pacifier. Ric’s dick twitched. He knew that her tongue was swirling around him and that it felt delicious. Candy slid around and put a hand on Ric’s cock, squeezing gently. Richard sighed as blood began to fill his shaft. Joy hummed happily over his growing cock, sucking a bit harder. As it grew for her she took the opportunity to swallow his hardening length.

“Oh shit!” Richard shivered aloud. Joy pulled his cock out of her throat because it kept getting harder, and longer. Her eyes got a little bigger with a surprised expression. Very quickly she had two hands around a very thick shaft and was sucking on just the head of his dick lightly. She pulls back and admires his big cock, squeezing and stroking. Candy asks,

“You like it?”

Joy’s pussy tingled as she nodded. She didn’t crave big cock necessarily, but it was a LOT of fun from time to time. This was easily the largest cock she’d held in her hands and she had a sudden urge to conquer it. It was longer than a pair of soda cans stacked up and was nearly as thick. It had to be 10″ long and its head was slightly smaller than his thick, heavy shaft. She wasn’t deterred though as her naughty husband liked to use a girthy toy on her sometimes. It wasn’t quite this big though, which made her urge to conquer even greater. In response to Candy’s question, she smiled and leaned in to suck eagerly on the head of his dick. The shaft was too thick to fit in her mouth, but she stroked it firmly with her hands. Richard swooned as he caressed her cheek.

“Fucking-A. This is the point in the evening where some women start packing their bags; or sometimes their husbands instead.” Richard stated from experience.

“Not my Joy,” Ric said, “She loves to fuck. I don’t mind either since she’ll probably try to fuck me silly over the next week. Not to mention the fact that Candy wouldn’t be swinging if she required that kind of cock to get off. Surely she knows that there pretty much isn’t such thing as a dick bigger than that!” Richard blushed with the compliment while Candy grabbed Ric’s dick hard and forced him to stand. With his average dick in her face she giggled. He knew it wasn’t because of his relative size. Even if it was, he got over that a long time ago. It was the green shamrock tattoo on the head of his dick that made her chuckle. She looked up at him coyly, hoping that he hadn’t taken it the wrong way.

“Looks like you’re getting lucky tonight.” Ric said, smiling illegal bahis siteleri down at her. Candy giggled again and licked him tentatively once or twice then slid is dick into her wet mouth. She was used to her husband, which was a lot of work to blow. This was great. It was a wonderful dick to suck. She took her time working her lips up and down. Ric was right about another thing; he’d been watching Candy’s full lips all evening long, thinking to himself how they looked perfect for good head. Her big pouty lips did indeed feel amazing sliding up and down his veiny shaft. Long, six inch strokes all the way into the top of her throat. As he would pull out, she would make a kiss with those voluptuous lips and push them over his cock before swallowing it again. She sucked a good dick!

“I want you inside me.” Joy said as she stood in front of Richard. She breathed as she kissed him deeply. It was a slow, sensual kiss and made her pussy ache even more. He motioned for her to exit the hot tub. He helped her out and began toweling her off. She did the same with one hand, but kept the other squeezing his dick. He placed a towel on the nearby bench and laid her back on it. He kissed her tits, and tummy, and the inner sides of her legs, on the way to her tight pussy. He apparently knew how to get a pussy ready for him. That isn’t something you should rush into, and he seemed well aware. He licked her clit and fingered her slowly. She bucked slightly at his tongue’s caresses. He gently massaged her clit and labia, top to bottom. He had produced some lube from nearby and worked a third finger into her slicked pussy, relaxing her. She loved the treatment and was almost breathless from the anticipation. It was only then that she noticed Candy and Ric standing just above her head, watching intently and smiling down at her.

“Are you ready?” Candy said, grinning at Joy.

“Oh, please. Yes.” Joy sighed and Ric offered his own hard cock to her mouth. Richard fully lubed his long hard dick and Candy helped guide him to Joy’s pussy.

“Just tell me if you get uncomfortable.” Richard said as he pressed into her. Joy moaned on Ric’s cock and raised herself up, lunging her hips at Richard and taking his first half in one push. Richard quivered and moaned, feeling her hot wetness surround his cock. He’d never had anyone who jumped toward his cock like that. With just a couple more strokes, he was already buried deep in her pussy. Candy’s eyes lit up as Richard slowly worked the last two inches into Joy’s hungry cunt. In their 10 years together, Candy had never been able to take more than about half of that big cock. With a new appreciation for Joy’s skill, Candy rubbed her clit lightly. Joy clenched up as Richard’s thick cock pushed against the back of her hot tunnel. She moaned a shivered. Richard looked a bit alarmed for just a moment, fearing he hurt her. But she just smiled up at him and bit her lip with a ‘please fuck me’ look. She started rotating her hips on his rock hard cock. He smiled back and reveled in the feeling of full penetration. She sighed deeply, rubbed her own tits and continued to twirl her hips on his cock.

Ric put a rolled up towel under the back of Joy’s neck. She leaned back, opened her mouth wide, and he slid his cock into her waiting throat. Ric held still as Richard nudged against Joy. Richard seemed unwilling to remove his dick now that it was completely hidden in her pussy. He pushed softly against her, gently stretching that hot pussy around his girth, the feeling of the head of his cock against the back of her pussy causing involuntary spasms. Joy began slurping at her husband’s cock greedily. Ric leaned forward toward Candy’s big nipples and said,

“Richard, I think my wife needs to be fucked.” With that he began do devour Candy’s sensitive nipples, making her quiver as well. Candy strummed her clit like a guitar, playing a wonderful melody. Richard slowly started withdrawing further and further before plunging back into Joy’s hot cunt. He had found the perfect angle and was careful to avoid missing his target. He built up a little speed but the pure sensations of the experience were causing a familiar burning in his nuts. He groaned loudly as Joy’s pussy clenched up around him. Ric’s dick fell out of her mouth and she murmured in a high pitch,

“oh yea. Oh yea. Oh Yea. OH YEA! OH YEA!” She couldn’t help herself and spread her legs wide, allowing Richard full access to her depths. Ric, the good husband he was, held her legs up. Her wet pussy vibrated with spasm as the warmth spread out over her. Her voice raised to a climax along with her body. Her pulsing pussy was too much to stand. Richard groaned loudly as he thrust fully into her one more time. His powerful cock throbbing and twitching, dancing along with her own muscles. After a moment their orgasms started to subside. Ric looked at Candy hungrily,

“Holy hell, that was fucking hot! Let’s fuck!” Joy and Richard looked at their freshly fucked spouses canlı bahis siteleri and smiled.

As Candy and Ric went inside, they saw Richard sink down to lay on Joy, with her legs wrapped around him. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to take his cock out of her. It was obvious they were getting along just fine. When Candy and Ric got to the living room, she turned around and pressed his face into her voluptuous tits. He slipped a finger into her wet pussy and worked her nipples brusquely while grabbing a handful of ass with his other hand. She rewarded his treatment with a shudder. After a few more shivers, she sat down on the low couch and spread her legs. Without hesitation he planted his face in her pussy. Her eyes lit up as his tongue went to work on her clit. He couldn’t help but notice how her clit was swelling. He continued to flick it and tease it, sucking it in. It was as big as a lima bean and she began to whine as he whipped his tongue across it. He sucked her clit gently between his lips and as he paused, he could feel it throbbing. He sucked a bit harder and Candy gasped, grabbing at the back of his head and grinding herself into his face. He flicked her clit with his tongue and buried two fingers in her wet pussy. With a thrust she yelped and shuddered, waves of orgasm wracking her body. He kept sucking and she went on cumming and cumming. She pushed at his forehead, overwhelmed by the sensation. Ric relented, noting how easily she came for him.

He began lapping at her pussy, all around and inside and outside, using some natural lubrication. Without thinking he dropped even lower and began to rim her asshole, just like he did with Joy so often. Candy cooed at the sensation and pressed her big round ass at his mouth. She squirmed as she made it obvious she liked Ric’s tongue in her tightest hole.

“Oh yea, I really like that.” Candy said, encouraging him.

After tonguing her ass for a short while, Ric straightened up and pressed his aching cock on her pussy. With one stroke his shamrock disappeared and he slid his full length into her. He liked a confident pussy and she definitely had one. He didn’t spend much time warming up, and instead started to firmly tap against her. Candy loved the feeling of his balls slapping her sensitive ass, and the way Ric made contact with her clit with each stroke. This wasn’t a sensation she got from her husband often as his poor cock often kept them separated by several inches.

“Fuck me.” Candy demanded, purposefully clenching her pussy around him. As easily as Ric slid into her, she was tighter than he would have expected and had full command of her muscles, making them pulse for him. This egged him on and he started to stroke harder and faster. Ric forced Candy’s knees against her chest and got the necessary leverage to start fucking her hard. He got into his ‘zone’ and pounded and pounded. On and on they went with her encouraging him to jackhammer away at her pussy. She leaned against his strokes, taking great pleasure in his body pressing firmly against her. He adjusted slightly so that his strokes were centered on her G-spot. She seemed to catch on fire and started to moan and buck against him. He fucked her faster and faster. About the time he thought he’d have to stop she lurched and bucked hard while whimpering. He felt warmth on his balls and realized that she had gushed all over him. She was a squirter too.

Ric relaxed and smiled, he liked her big wet pussy. He looked down and admired her thick pussy lips while stroking slowly. Ric ground his soaked balls on Candy’s ass as her worked his cock around her pussy. Her breathing slowly returned to normal as he massaged her big tits with his hands and fingers. He couldn’t use both hands to encircle one tit, much less both of them. They looked amazing bouncing gently in front of him. He badly wanted to fuck her tits. She sighed deeply and looked at his hard chest and wiggled her hips as she gently pinched his nipples. She looked like she was trying to form words.

“Got something on your mind? Hmmmm?” Ric prompted.

“I couldn’t help but notice how you tongued my ass. You made me want to play with my ass. Have you ever done anal?” She asked, smiling shyly. Ric shivered slightly, knowing where she was headed with that question. He did love some good butt-lovin’.

“Is that what you want?” He asked.

“Yes. I’ve never done it before, but have always wanted to try.” She said. “It’s not really practical…” Ric chuckled, she didn’t have to finish the thought. There are a lot of reasons why couples don’t play like that, and Richard had a very, very large cock.

“I can imagine.” Ric responded. “Well, there should never be any discomfort, and pain is bad. We can’t have that. Will you let me know if you get uncomfortable? If so, maybe I’ll just help myself?” She bit her lip, nodded and smiled as he reached around his cock to her ass. It was drenched with her own cum. He withdrew and guided her over onto her knees, laying her face on the back of the couch and ass high in the air. Ric stroked in and out of her pussy while he lubed her asshole with his own spit. He massaged her tight sphincter with his slick finger. She enjoyed the sensation, but seemed to resist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20