Remember Me? Ch. 02

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As I followed Jazz/Jessica home in my car, I couldn’t help but think just how incredible this night was turning out. I had gone to the strip club just to hang out and watch some sexy girls dance naked and then go home and jerk off to a porn video. Imagine my surprise when the most sexy girl there turned out to be my old baby sitter! It got even better when she invited me home after her shift!!

All this was still going through my mind as I followed Jessica’s car into the parking lot of her apartment building. I got out of my car and followed her to the door. Jessica had changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but she was just as sexy as when she was before me in just a g-string. Jessica opened her apartment door, and we went inside.

As soon as the door closed behind us, Jessica turned and pressed herself against me, pulling my face down so our lips could meet. I soon felt her tongue slip between my lips, searching for my own tongue. Our hands wandered all over each other as we kissed. My hands eventually fell to her perfect butt, and I squeezed her cheeks in my hands, marveling at the feel of her ass.

Jessica broke our kiss and stepped back just enough to get her hands up and start unbuttoning my shirt, which was soon on the floor behind me. Jessica then knelt to the floor and loosened my belt and unbuttoned my pants and lowered them to the floor around my ankles. I looked down to see her smile up at me as her tiny hand fished inside the fly of my boxers, searching for my rock hard dick. Soon enough, she was bringing it out of the fly. Jessica stopped to coo her pleasure and give me a few strokes with her hand. I rolled my head back with pleasure, and I then felt her hot breath on the tip of my cock as she drew it towards her lips.

Jessica had put her hair in a pony tail before she left the club, and as I looked down to see my cock disappear between her lips, she looked very much like the cute, innocent girl next door of my youth. What she was doing to my cock, however, was anything but innocent.

Jessica was rocking back and forth on my cock, taking about half of it in her mouth with each stroke. Every now and then, she would stop at the tip and lash at it with her talented tongue, driving me crazy.

I felt myself getting close to cumming, and not wanting it to end too soon, I reluctantly pulled out of her mouth and stripped the rest of my clothes off. As I stood naked in front of her, Jessica smiled, stood and reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, exposing casino oyna two perfect breasts to my view. She next removed her shoes and socks, and unbuttoned her jeans and slithered them down her hips and to the floor. She stood there in front of me, just wearing a pair of bikini panties, her fingers hooked in the waist band. I waited for her to take her panties off, but instead, she just stood there grinning from ear to ear.

“If you want what’s under here bad enough,” Jessica said, “you’re gonna have to take them off yourself.”

I smiled and walked towards her. Upon reaching her, I grabbed her arms and turned her around, facing the wall. I pushed to the wall and had her lean against it like I was a cop frisking a suspect. Her hands were flat on the wall, her back bent down so her ass stuck out, and her legs spread wide.

I knelt behind her and slowly slid her panties down over her ass and down to her ankles. I spread her cheeks wide and glimpsed heaven. Both her pussy and ass-hole were exposed to me, and I couldn’t resist pressing my face directly in her crack.

I took a long lick starting down at her pussy, and stopped when my tongue glided over her puckered ass-hole. I have a butt fetish, and I like to find out right away from my new partners if they are into anal play, so I rimmed her ass while my fingers played with her pussy, spreading her wetness over her clit.

“Mmmm, that’s so nice.” Jessica moaned. “You’re a nasty boy aren’t you!”

I took that as a good sign, and I lingered there a few more minutes as Jessica moaned her approval.

My tongue soon found it’s way back to her pussy and I played there for a while, tasting her juices on my lips.

“Lay down on your back, baby,” Jessica said, “I wanna ride your face as I cum.”

I did as told and Jessica lowered her pussy to my mouth, dripping juices on my face. My lips soon found her clit and I lashed it with my tongue. I slipped a finger into her drenched pussy, coating it with her wetness and then slowly slid it over her puckered ass-hole, making her groan. I rubbed her opening with the tip as I brought her closer to orgasm with my tongue.

Just as Jessica was about to loose control, I slid my finger into her ass, gently fucking her with it.

“Oh God, I gonna cum, keep that finger in my ass, please!!” Jessica screamed.

A few more moments of tongue action had Jessica coming all over my face, her ass clenching my finger.

Jessica slowly slid off my face and slumped on the floor next to me, slot oyna her eyes fluttering as she slowly recovered. We lay there for about five minutes and when Jessica had regained her senses, we stood and she grabbed my cock and led me to her bedroom.

“Get on the bed, big boy, I’m far from done with you.” She growled.

I lay back on the bed as Jessica grabbed some lube from her night stand. She soon had my cock covered with lotion and she straddled my hips. Jessica grabbed my rock hard dick and slowly impaled herself on it, lowering herself until my full length was inside her, her ass resting against my legs.

Jessica leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest, giving herself some leverage, and started a slow fucking motion, her snug pussy gripping my cock as she moved back and forth. I was soon grasping her hips, helping her fuck me. She would move forward, almost letting my cock leave her cunt, before lowering herself back down.

After a few minutes of this, I decided to take control and pulled out of her and slipping out from beneath her. I instructed Jessica to stay on her hands and knees as I moved behind her, admiring the view. I slipped in behind her and slowly slid my cock back inside her pussy, marveling at how much tighter it felt in this position.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it, fuck me good.” Jessica moaned.

I grabbed her ass cheeks in my hands and spread them wide as I looked down to see my cock disappear into her cunt. Her puckered ass-hole winked at me with each thrust, and I couldn’t resist reaching down and massaging her opening with my thumb. I rubbed with increasing pressure and soon my thumb slipped inside her ass, causing Jessica to groan.

“You like that, don’t you Jess?” I asked her. “You’re a nasty girl who loves her ass played with, aren’t you?”

“God yes!!” Jessica moaned, thrusting her hips back at me, driving my cock deeper into her pussy while my thumb fucked her ass.

“I bet you’d even let me fuck your ass, wouldn’t you? I’m sure you’ve had a dick in your ass before, I bet you love it!”

Jessica slowed her thrusting until she had come to a complete stop. She looked over her shoulder at me and grinned wickedly. She handed me the bottle of lube. “If you’re gonna fuck my ass baby, you’re gonna have to lube my up nice and good.”

I couldn’t believe my luck, I was only teasing her, I didn’t think for a minute she would actually let me fuck her ass.

“Are you sure, Jess?” I asked. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“What’s canlı casino siteleri the matter?” She asked, gripping my cock with her pussy, “Don’t you want to?”

“Only if you want this.” I replied.

“Oh, I want it all right, now get me lubed up!”

I flipped the top of the lotion and dripped some down on her tight ass-hole. I slid the lube up and down her crack, working some into her ass-hole with my finger, getting her nice and ready.

When I thought she was good to go, I pulled out of her cunt and placed the head of my cock at her ass, pressing gently. Jessica groaned slightly as the head popped in her ass. I felt a little resistance as I pressed forward, but soon it gave way and I slid inch by inch into her ass until my hips rested against her ass cheeks.

I stopped there, letting Jessica get used to the feeling. Soon, she started moving a little, and I pulled out just an inch or so before sliding back in. Jessica reached a hand down between her legs and started rubbing her clit as she started moving faster.

“It feels good, baby,” Jessica said, “Just go gently for a minute, and when I tell you, you can start fucking me harder.”

I did as told, not wanting to rush this. I was gently thrusting in and out, feeling her ass clench at each thrust, not wanting to let me out. The lube did its job, and soon I was sliding in and out with ease.

“Ok, honey, you can start fucking me harder, as hard as you want. I can take it.”

I took her at her word and started thrusting harder and faster, grabbing her hips so I could get more leverage. Her ass gripped me as I got closer to orgasm, and soon, I could feel my cum starting to rise. My thrusts got more erratic, and Jessica could tell I was close.

“That’s it, baby. Cum when it feels good, I want to feel your cock explode in my ass. Give me that cum!”

“I gonna cum Jess!!” I yelled as I thrust one last time in her ass, burying my cock deep as I came inside her ass.

I slumped against her back as I shivered all over, coming down from an orgasmic high. My cock slowly softened and slid from her grasping ass as I fell to the bed beside Jessica. Jess was soon lying on her side next to me, her hand across my chest. We lay there, letting our breathing return to normal, when I heard a noise across the room. I looked at the door and was startled to see someone standing there! Another woman!

I nudged Jessica and pointed at the door. Jess smiled and motioned for the other person to come in the room. I didn’t think the night could get any more surprising, but I was wrong. As the girl came closer, I got another shock. It was the blonde stripper I was watching just before Jess approached me at the club: Alison!

“Ray, I’d like you to meet my roommate, Allie”…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20