Reunion in Hawaii Ch. 03

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We had just experienced a wild bout of sex but Aimee had more in mind. As I stepped into the shower I just knew that before my cock went down completely we were going to engage in another bout of sex. She had that satisfied but still need more look on her face. We had been together for so long that this was easy to see.

I pushed her back against the wall as I stepped inside and began to kiss her roughly, my hands traveled down to her nipples which I twisted and got nice and hard. Breaking the kiss I moved my lips down and caught her left hard nipple in my teeth and tugged on it as I ran my tongue over the sensitive tip. Pushing it inward I lapped at it before tugging with my teeth again. My left hand was still rolling the right nipple and my right hand had slid down to open her well fucked pussy for another invasion of love.

Aimee’s moans were getting louder as I switched nipples and then grew even more as I slid down to my knees in front of her and grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her pussy towards my face. I began to lap long tongue strokes up and down over her outer lips, teasing her as she pressed her snatch against my tongue. I was squeezing her asscheeks and working my hand back to find her tight asshole when I thrust my tongue between her wet folds and slipped it inside her. I felt her legs wobble as I tongue fucked her and began to rub her asshole slowly.

“Turn around free spin you hot little slut,” I commanded her as she looked down at me.

Aimee wordlessly spun around and put her hands on the wall of the shower and thrust her hips backwards to me. I ran my tongue up inside her pussy from behind as I spread her asscheeks with my hands. As soon as I had a clear view of her tight little backdoor I began to slide my tongue up the crevice of her ass, slowly working towards that little hole.

I began to run my tongue over it in little circles as she moaned, I felt a slight shift as she reached between her legs and began to finger herself in her own pleasure. My tongue pressed against her asshole and as I rimmed her she began to finger herself in a wild motion barely able to stand up or still.

I stood up behind her and grabbed the soap, I began to lather her all over as I kissed the back of her neck and soaped her nipples and rubbed them until they were rock hard again. Now as I stood against her my cock had worked into the crack of her ass and she had begun to squeeze the cheeks together massaging my cock. I soaped up her ass then and began sliding back and forth between the cheeks. Aimee then took me by complete surprise by reaching back and grabbing my cock.

She aimed it right at her tight asshole as she bent over, “Be gentle Chad please,” she began,”you know it’s bonus veren siteler been so long since you fucked me here last, I want it tonight though please, make me your fucktoy, take me and fuck my ass.”

I slid my cock through her slippery fingers and began working the head into her ass. Slowly it began to yield and my cock slipped in a few inches. “Ugh, it doesn’t hurt or feel bad, but damn it feels good this time honey,” she moaned.

I began working in and out just those few inches and reached underneath her to begin rubbing her clit and slipping a finger inside her as she started fucking back towards me, trying to get more of my cock inside her ass. Finally after about ten minutes of slow but steady inching I managed to slip all of my cock inside her upturned ass until my balls were resting against her asshole. I held her hips with my hands and commanded her to begin rubbing her clit and fingering herself.

Aimee’s fingers slid back between her legs and for a moment she cupped my balls and then I felt her rocking against me again, on her own this time. I kept a good hold on her hips and began to pump my cock in and out of her ass slowly, picking up speed each few strokes.

“Do it honey, cum with me,” she cried out as I started to pound her ass hard.

I slammed into her with all I had and she never did more than whimper or moan, this normally deneme bonusu veren siteler shy, quiet wife of my was now rubbing herself off while I fucked her ass in the shower and loving it. I watched my cock slide in and out of her and then felt her fingertips rub my balls trying to coax another orgasm out of me.

It worked quicker than I had expected soon my cock was jerking in wild spasms and as I came I pulled out and began to jerk off over her ass. “Yes, cum all over me Chad, make me your little cumslut tonight,” Aimee yelled as I shot rope after rope of cum all over her ass and asshole.

She spun around and started stroking my cock, moving my hand out of the way. She grabbed the soap and washed my cock off and then pushed me down into the tub. She quickly dropped down and straddled me and began to ride me in the tub as she leaned forward and kissed me hard. Our tongues met in a soft dual as I squeezed her ass and felt her nipples rubbing against my chest. She rode me until she began to cum and then as she began to shake harder she broke our kiss and started tugging on the rings through my nipples. I realized then that we might be up until the early hours of the morning fucking until either she couldn’t walk or I couldn’t rise to the occasion any more.

Standing up we rinsed off and she quickly lead me to the bedroom as we dried off, reaching into her purse she brought out a pair of red fluffy handcuffs and put one on her wrist, “You know what I’d like to do now?” she asked.

I could only smile and kiss her as my hands went to touching her body again, indeed this would be a long night we would never forget.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20