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*This story was made for people 18 and up. Enjoy!!!*

The party was at Wayne state and it was live. Beer drugs everything. But out of the crowd I saw a girl.

She had nice big lips and beautiful eyes. A brownish caramel skin tone and had long hair reaching down to her lower back. On top of that she had a big massive bubble butt and nice size tits. I was slowly getting hard. Because I felt like I knew her from somewhere.

The booty shorts and tight tigers shirt she was wearing made me fall in love. Her boots were clicking against the marble floor as she walked closer.

I smiled and took a drink my someone made me. And in about teen seconds…. everything started to get blurry.

She made it to me and all I could see was shadows of people go by.


I woke up in a room and my head was hurting. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was a drugged. My friends must have put me here as a joke. I still had on my clothes. Thank God but… where the heck am I.

I walked around and found out that I was in the girls locker room. The mist made it hard to see the floor even my hands. When I opened a door I heard singing and a shower running.

It was a girl of course… But a nude singing girl! I should have walked out but I didn’t. I slowly walked to the showers. There…. I saw her.

Well her back. Her nice back and big butt. It didn’t take long for me to get hard. My little head was thinking for my big head. But I couldn’t fuck her even if I wanted to; I was too messed up.

But damn. I bit my bottom lip at the thought of it. Me walking up behind her and touch her big bubble butt. And squeeze it till it pops.

Is it soft, hard, crusty, smooth, or muscular. I don’t know and i wouldn’t mind finding out.

I held my big dick and started to walk toward her. But like fate (a big fuck up) there was soap on the floor. I slipped and hit the floor with a bang…. My eyes went to the back of my head.

I could only remember her looking at me… Those big cat type eyes. I was happy I landed on my back. My dick would have broken in half if i didn’t.

I woke up and opened my eyes slowly. There I saw her and her beautiful pussy that had very little pubic hair.

“Are you okay?” And she started laughing with an evil yet sexy smile. Her spanish accent was more then lovely to me. And I knew that it was only a matter of time before she sees my dick in full form.

“You finally woke up”, she said as I was getting use too her voice. I barely understood her!

She rubbed her pussy and I watched as she played with it putting her fingers in and out. She pulled out something that was attached to a string. It was five small pink vibrating balls! She threw it to the side.

Then she smiled at me, and through her heavy breaths she said, “You were out for a while, I had to to something to pass the time. Besides it made it wet for you.”

“So you”- I started to say but she put her finger that she rubbed her pussy with on my lips.

“Lick this, You’ll wake up.” She said with a giggle, yet I knew she was serious. “It’s like caffeine.”

Like a good boy I put her fingers in my mouth. Realizing that it taste like some güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri type of candy. I made sure that my fat tongue went in between each finger. I was saving the taste for later knowing that I will soon have a mouth full of this sweet liquid one way or another.

She fingered her pussy some more as she watched me carefully like a hawk. Her eyes closed as she put the juiced up hand in my mouth. I happily tasted it like a baby taking milk.

“Damn,” she moaned and moved her hands away, “You don’t talk a lot do you.”

“How could I talk,” for my husky body type I was out of shape and out of energy, “Your fingers taste so… Good.”

She pushed me away and on to the wet ground. And she said, “You like that sweet pussy juice, huh. You nasty fucker.” She paused, “You want some in your mouth.”

Like a boy scout I said, “Yes.”

Then turned her ass toward me and she said, “Breath in.”

Then sat down on my face. Cumming automatically making all of her clear sweet juices go down my throat.

I started to eat her out with every bit of energy that managed to show up. Knowing that I tasted this pussy before. She moaned and continued to cum. I grabbed her ass and made her pussy go deeper in my mouth. I sucked it so hard that i just couldn’t stop.

Her ass hole was rubbing against my nose. Her pubic hair was on my chin. Which was ok by me. And her pussy was so tight that I couldn’t put my whole tongue in there.

Still moaning she unzipped my fly and took out my rock hard big dick and said, “Wow your Dick has gotten bigger papi. I haven’t had sex in a while.” She turned around and bit her bottom lip, “So this should be good. And you have some big vains too.”

I kissed and licked her tight pussy one more time. I was about to tell her how I haven’t jack off or had sex in a while too. So my balls were full of cum.

She was right it was was big and vainy. The top half was bigger then the bottom so it looked like a bat. My balls hung gracefully in between my thighs. Even time I ran it would slap against my thighs repeatedly.

But she beat me to the punch when she licked around the head of my dick. Kissed it and put her mouth on it and slowly went down. Tightening her lips hitting every vain. When six inches were in her mouth she slowly went up and down making sure I didn’t cum fast.

I wondered way she stopped going down. Maybe her throat was tight like her pussy. Or that this was her first time. But the conclusion was that she only took 6 of 10 inches.

Two minutes pasted and I was about to cum but she stopped and cried, “You were about to cum in my mouth!” She put her long wet tongue and ran it over my balls. “Weren’t you?”

I shook her massive butt cheeks up and down for yes. And moaned through her pussy, “I’m sorry.”

She started rubbing my balls and said, “Shut up I know I’m good at it papi. But I wont let you fuck me, or cum.”

I got mad and started to push her off me. But she press her pussy and ass hole harder onto my face and I couldn’t breath.

“Lick my ass hole clean and maybe I’ll let you fuck me there… Anal.” She said moaning.

Pre cum was cumming out my Dick and I could not think güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri straight. But I made a choice.

I put her on her back. She smiled lifted up her legs and said, “Good papi. And don’t worry its clean”

“Then why am I cleaning it?!” I asked.

“Because I told you to,” she said, “Tonight your mine. So start licking…”

I smacked her ass five times as hard as I could. She yelled and moaned letting me know that me hitting her right there not only hurt…. But made her more horny too.

“Yeah I’m a bad girl.” She laughed. “Punish this bad girl papi.”

I smiled put my head closer to her ass. She spread her cheeks apart and I saw her ass hole. It was pretty.

The color of it was pink and brown. Cum from her pussy ran down to it and some soap leftovers were still around it. But the truth was that i would love to eat ass!

I licked it without a second thought. I moaned at how good it felt to smell her pussy and have her messaging my head.

Some say an asshole taste like pennies. Others say it will taste like you-know-what.

But her asshole taste was… I don’t know… tangy. It was more like a peeled grape. Only this grape was swollen and pulsing.

I have to say that I didn’t enjoy licking her ass hole as much as I did licking her pussy. But soon more of her juices came down to her ass hole and I loved it!

I was ready to fuck her. I didn’t care what she said. I don’t have a condom so I’ll just go with out it.

I got up on top of her and i kissed her and that transferred to a make out.

Our tongues touched and ran over one another. He big lips nearly took mine away with every suck and kiss.

Of course. Even though I wanted to do it… There was also another plan.

She probably thought that I was rubbing her ass hole with my fingers. Not knowing that I was just lining up my dick for the big moment.

I stopped and looked into her eyes and slowly put the head in. It went in easy. But she looked worried.

“Aye papi… Oooohhhh,” Knowing what I was about to do. She moaned as her face turned red as the rest had some difficulty fitting in.

“Don’t do it papi!” She pleaded, “At least take off your pants first right! You don’t-“

I put my finger in her sweet pink pussy and moved it around. My thumb was rubbing around the rim of her ass, and my dick.

I took out my finger that was soaked and put it in her mouth. She sucked on it like it was a lolly pop; much like she did my dick.

My dick was trying to jump up and down with horny excitement. But because of the tight surroundings it couldn’t.

I smiled and said simply, “No.”

I forced it in her tight ass hole. The softest popping sound of her booty getting stretched made me push it all it. This in turn made her cum so hard that her cum was landing on my stomach; she was a very strong squirter.

I could feel it. Her ass hole tighten around my ten inch dick. Her hormones racing.

I moaned like a little bitch and pulled my dick half way out. And pushed it back in. With every thrust her ass started to turn red. Her tits were moving around so much that I thought it would be best to put one in my mouth. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I did!

It was a mouth full and I sucked on them like there was no tomorrow. I moaned again as she yelled my name. Making my ears ring and head hurt.

There was now a beat to it. I would lick her neck and stay in her for five seconds while rubbing her pussy lips. She would grab my ass and squeeze it telling me to fuck her.

Twenty six thrust later I yelled. “I’m about to cum!” And I started to pull out.

She quickly grabbed my ass like normal and forced me back in. I screamed. She bit my ear.

And I thrust my big dick in her ass hole two more times. Before my feet curled.. my mouth opened as I grunted, “Oh shit!”

I shot my load in side of her, stream after stream came out. And because of my size it wasn’t leaving. “Shit papi… Aye you fuck good. I wouldn’t have drunk all that cum!” She screamed and I made her take three fingers in her pussy. “I’m cumming with you!”

I was still cumming even after one minute pasted. I felt happy when my Dick wasn’t as hard. But sad when I started to pull out and noticed all the cum coming out her now open asshole.

When the whole thing was out she licked her juicy lips looking sexy as eve. With one hand she rubbed around her red open asshole and with the other hand she rubbed her nipple.

I helped her clean up after that.

Cleaning up her cum infested ass hole wasn’t easy. But her singing, ‘my hips don’t lie.’ Kelp my hands moving.

I kissed her and with so much love in my heart that I started to blush. As we were kissing I put my whole hand in between her cheeks and rubbed her pussy again.

Needless to say she came and she was thankful… so she gave me head.

So in the end I came twice and she came like eleven times!

We both sat down on the ground next to the door. And fully dress no less. “What’s your name?”

She laughed and said, “You just fucked me raw and you don’t know my name,” she paused and put her hand on my ear and said, “It’s Roxiana Lopez but my friends call me Roxy.”

“It’s nice to met you Roxy my name is Clay.” I said and she got up slowly… To slow. “What’s wrong?”

“You fucked my ass ruff making me cum.” She laughed and i watched as she walked over to her purse, “What do you think is wrong? My ass hurts papi.”

I laughed and rubbed my dick, “Yeah well my dick hurts. Maybe your ass was too tight.”

“Umm….. Give me your number.” She asked. And i did. Happy and yet sad that I didn’t ask. “You are so lucky.”

“How so?”

“The door is open.” She walked over to it and pushed. HOW THE HELL DID I NOT TRY THAT, “You never liked trying to open doors. And if you did you wouldn’t have fucked me.”

The hallway was dark and I followed her not knowing were I was going. I was secretly scared of the dark. So I was close to her.

We made it out at 2am. The dim skies of Detroit and the lack of street lights made it hard to find my dads car.

“Hey?” I turned to her. She was wearing my coat. Her eyes made her look sad like she was disappointed that I was lost. “You want to come in for a night cap and stay the night? Maybe I’ll give you more caffeine.”

“Yeah I can’t wait. I love coffee with a side of pussy juice.” we laughed as I pulled her close.

Not knowing that in this happy moment, that here was a force at work. I never knew what it felt like to be in love. And if this is Gods plan… I would be a fool to question it.

To be continued. . . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20