Scents and Sensibilities

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She’d had the talent for as long as she could remember. In fact, for Alice, memory was inextricable from the immediacy of scent. For most people, a long-forgotten moment will return in a flash as vividly and unexpectedly as a slap in the face, dealt by a fragrance. For Alice though, the moment had never been lost–the smell wasn’t a page torn from a book blown to her on a breeze, but an index card for a precise location: a certain tome on a specific shelf in a wing of a vast library.

That’s not what smell meant to her though. They were no less immediate to her than to anyone else, but she knew where they took her, and she knew why without trying. Subtle differences others missed were as clear to her as separate patches of colour in a tapestry. With some training, she could now see the individual threads too–see what smells were woven from. She had learned the chemistry of it all too, could translate it all into those terms in an instant, but for her that was entirely abstract from the act of perceiving with her nose, it was like describing a waterfall to a blind man.

They say people can’t know their own smell, but Alice knew hers like a well-walked countryside. She knew the fragrances of her hair and scalp, her skin, her sweat. Her washing powder and deoderant were there too, their synthetic nature sometimes clashing, sometimes accentuating the others. If she became aroused, her arousal itself seemed simultaneous with her perceiving the scent of her moistening. This would vary depending on what she wore–a skirt and a hot room meant her senses were acutely aware of the gusset of her knickers, and equally of the other women in the vicinity. This game fascinated her. Rides on the tube and on the bus in summer, with their confined heat and minimal covering, meant she was almost assaulted on occasion by some girls’ excitement. Of course, there were stronger (often more objectionable) smells that dominated, but she could always pick out a girl’s musk, coyly masked and mingled with the sweat of the masses, giving away its owner’s readiness without their knowledge. She would always endeavour to meet the girl’s eye, to coax an acknowledgement that she knew. She would scan them for slightly more flushed cheeks, heavy eyelids or swollen pupils. Simultaneously, she would explore the rest of them- their perfume, breath, the sweat on their clothes and skin, the powerful sweat that gathered between their cheeks on a hot day. And fairly soon, she’d pick out the notes of her own arousal, and daydream of those hidden holes being plundered.

The scents of men were simpler, baser and less intriguing for her. Although they were not without effect. She would be taken over the edge by the strong scent of her husband’s sweat as he fucked her, wood-smoke in his hair, her own juices pulled from her, and, the base note to all of it; the dense combined scents of sweat from his balls and her spread asshole as they slapped together. This would make her cry out and come with shudders.

But she knew these too well, and though they made a wonderful final crescendo, she hungered for the subtle teasing of foreign scents — the hidden honey of unseen cunts.

In a frank and fruitful discussion of this (during which both idly masturbated) Alice and Andre came up with a plan. Together they would browse Tinder, looking through pictures of available women. Alice would have the final say on which of the smiling girls she wanted to smell on his cock when he came back. He was to fetch and bring her the scents of these women, on his mouth and his hands and his cock and balls. Andre was eager to be the carrier of their juices, and his heart leaped at the thought of her waiting, wet, to explore them.

Andre had a methodology in mind with regard to the project. It was not his intention to hurt or mislead any of the women, so during their first meeting or, if possible, via flirtatious messages, he would ascertain just how casually they viewed their own Tinder dalliances. Anyone who was happy enough with a one-night stand (or perhaps two or three encounters, if he was sent back for more) was worth pursuing, since that is all he was able to offer. As Andre saw it, in an elaborate and indirect way he would still be fucking Alice.

* * * *

So it began with Leanne, whose picture had a shy smile, but knowing eyes. Alice swiped right on her, curious about what those green eyes were hiding. She had fair skin with freckles and strawberry blonde hair. Alice imagined the scent between her pale thighs, and her lips open beneath a shock of red curls. Andre was rock-hard throughout the selection process, watching Alice intently as she swiped through the women. When a match came back for Leanne, he took Alice hard, whispering to her about the things he would do with this shy fox — and they both came violently together.

Leanne met Andre for pizza. She wore a dark green dress in a soft cotton that both hugged her flatteringly canlı bahis and was comfortable to wear. It had a lower neckline than she usually wore, and she enjoyed how it made her nervous but also excited her. She perceived Andre trying not to look at her breasts while they chatted, but it laced their conversation with sex, even when the topic was mundane. Andre was well-built, with kind eyes and strong hands, which she watched as they talked. She imagined his hands on her, in her, and he imagined the same, and their smiles gave them both away. He made her laugh, and he found her laugh rewarding and beautiful. They ate lightly, and drank a little wine, but there was a perceptible impatience too. A less experienced waiter might not have noticed, or have assumed that they had a theatre to get to afterwards, but theirs was an old hand — he cleared the plates knowingly and brought the bill without prompting. She lived a short walk away, and led him inside, with both trepidation and sopping knickers. This man’s eyes promised to fuck her with depth and intensity.

Alice waited with her heart racing while Andre was gone, with Leanne’s profile picture next to her on the bed, and she traced the outline of her lips through her knickers and wondered what was happening. Would this girl let him fuck her? Was he in her right this second? Was her man tasting this girl’s pussy? Or was she taking the cock that Alice knew so well between those smiling lips?

Was Alice jealous about this — she didn’t know — she couldn’t pin it down because it made her so soaking wet, and the scent of her arousal was deafening to her. She felt that the room was thick with it. She imagined she was a disembodied sense, hovering close by as Andre’s cock churned this girl’s cum, and drinking in the smell of her sloshing cunt, and her sweat. Alice was on the edge of coming when she heard Andre’s key in the door.

Andre smiled widely at Alice’s greeting as she was clearly feverish with excitement, and her hand wouldn’t leave her pussy. She wanted first of all to smell her way around him and piece together what they had done. Andre’s close-cropped beard had been thick with the girl’s cum, long since wiped off against her as they fucked, but Alice could smell it on him at several paces — it drew her closer. She thought of it as Leanne’s ‘outer’ cum — before she’d been fucked and her slit was gleaming with crystal clear honey for Andre to tease out before kissing her lips in earnest and soaking his mouth and chin. Alice kissed his neck and then his lips, inhaling the girl’s scent and trying not to tremble.

Andre was describing to Alice the minutiae of Leanne’s body, and her every reaction to his exploration of it. The green dress stayed on longer than her knickers, which were pale blue and lacy, and heavy with a slick of her nectar — it strung a line back to her lips as he tugged them down her thighs. As Andre kissed her, he pulled her to him, and her green dress grew a wet patch where it pressed between her legs. She had whimpered as she came in his mouth, just as Alice pictured. Alice lifted Andre’s hands gently, gazing at his fingers. There was nothing to be seen, but she pictured them coated with Leanne’s cream to a watermark beyond his knuckle. She brought them to her face one at a time. One carried the scent of her deeper cunt, where Andre had massaged inside her, pressing towards her quaking belly from the inside to make her shudder. Alice was drawn like a moth to a flame to two fingertips, and she moaned slightly and her legs nearly buckled as she inhaled and savoured the raw and immediate scent of Leanne’s winking anus. Andre’s eyes blazed as he looked into Alice’s and he knew how close she was to orgasm as his fingertips hovered by her lips and nose — he described to her how he had tentatively slipped them into Leanne’s asshole as she rode his cock, and she had gasped at the invasion and come instantly on his balls. Alice parted her lips for the fingers, and sucked each one fully to the knuckle, moaning gently.

She stripped him in a frenzy and watched gleefully as his cock bounced free. Then she knelt and took her time to enjoy the aura of well-fucked cunt that it carried. His dense curls were matted with Leanne’s juices, and his balls had been thoroughly creamed as she had bounced on him — he had tugged her down onto him by a fistful of her red hair, slammed up into her with his cock and probed the silky depths of her ass with his fingers. Alice licked his balls to taste the mingled cum and sweat, she caressed his shaft with her tongue, and then set to work to clean it fully with her mouth. She came twice, copiously, on her hand as she licked his cock and balls clean, glancing at the picture of Leanne with its enigmatic smile, and feeling that she knew her intimately : her mouth was rich with the taste of that enigma. Andre’s cum blasted thickly into her throat. She choked on its velocity, and it spilled around his cock from bahis siteleri the corners of her mouth.

* * * *

Cassie was a brunette with a slightly sulky pout, and expensive looking clothes. Alice had a desire to own her in a way — to have this girl fucked on her behalf, and have her essence brought back for her own arousal. She wanted to picture this woman sweaty and dishevelled — wanted Andre to fuck her messy and bring her back the proof on his hard and uncompromising body. Cassie was apparently keen to oblige. She wrote such provocative messages, even before they met, that Andre openly wrote to her “My wife wants to smell you on me,” when they were trying to outdo each other with the filthiness of their messages. The reply came back: ‘Make her lick it clean’.

Cassie got the idea, so Andre arranged that when they met they would do a spin class together and then go for a drink. It was a gruelling session, and Andre took up a seat behind and to one side of Cassie, who was really giving it her all. Her back was soaked, and so was the base of her spine to create a dark wet V above the globes of her ass, which he watched shaking as she pumped at the pedals for another sprint. She felt him watching, and smiled back at him — she was already a sweaty mess and he hadn’t even started fucking her yet, he thought.

They sat in a bar afterwards, cooling down and chatting. They were both a little more nervous in person than they had been when writing filth to each other, but it simmered below the surface.

Two hours later, Cassie pressed Andre against the wall of a hotel room, biting his lower lip as they kissed. She could feel the sweaty thong clinging to her pussy, which was throbbing and leaking for attention. They had found their way back into talking dirty, and Cassie was really enjoying the Alice angle. “Will it make her come to smell my cunt on you?” she whispered to him and he groaned assent. “Will she call me a slut if I let you fuck my ass?” At this, Andre gripped her neck and kissed her hard on the mouth, grabbing her sopping pussy and causing her to grind her hips against his hand. “Does she want to smell that on your cock?” He tore her salty sports clothes off, and licked the sweat from her throat,as she pulled his cock free and felt it leap in her hands. He peeled the thong from her and saw a paste of her juices in it, and lines of salt from her sweat. He brought it to his face, and inhaled the overpowering muskiness of her horny leaking cunt and her sweaty asshole, and it made his head spin, and his cock lurch. He placed the thong to one side, telling Cassie how he’d drape it on Alice’s face as she came — Cassie ground herself harder against him and moaned.

“Lick my dirty cunt clean,” she instructed him, bringing her legs back and parting herself for him. He gazed at her splayed lips, their creamy interior, and her puckered asshole just below. He approached and teased with his tongue at she skin below all of it, running it up the crack of her ass. He flicked his tongue tip all over, circling her anus and stroking beside the lips of her cunt. She was not patient. “Fucking lick me, you bastard!” He pinched her clit between his teeth and licked it furiously for a few seconds – her pussy spurted slightly and she cried out. Then he resumed his teasing, and ran the tip of his tongue in circles around her dimpled anus. He tasted her sweat, and continued to tease the rim of her ass and watch her cunt leak just millimetres from his mouth and nose. When he forced the tip of his tongue into the tight little hole and wiggled it, she came violently, pushing her own fingers up into her pussy and sloshing them wildly. He reached as far as he could, probing her inner tunnel with the strong, wide muscle. He flicked it against the inside of her as she came, tasting her slightly bitter walls, and he grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands to pull her up against his mouth and get further in.

Abruptly, he kissed her mouth so she could taste herself, and she whispered to him as she clawed his buttocks. “Fuck me. Fuck me now, in my cunt and in my ass, and then go back and tell her how tight I am.” She pulled away, and knelt on her hands and knees, arching her back to give him a full view. Andre pumped his cock briefly as he watched her, splayed and swaying, trying to draw him in. He plunged in up to his balls, and her heat and softness made him gasp. He had started moving in her slowly, but she slammed her ass back against him and demanded to be fucked hard. He gripped her hips with both hands and thrust into her with all the force he could manage, over and over, as she thrashed and splashed his balls. His sweat ran into hers in a pool in the arch of her back, and he tugged fistfuls of her wet hair to bring her head back, and reach further into her womb with his cock. She was shuddering with the start of a massive orgasm when he reached one arm round to pull hard on her nipples, and wrestle bahis şirketleri her slippery tits as they bounced. When he slid a stiff thumb into her ass, she grunted — he felt her spasm around it and her walls massaged his buried penis. He withdrew with a wet gasp, and his shaft was thickly smeared with her cream.

* * * *

Andre gave Alice a blow by blow account of what came next, as she lay with a vibrator pressed tightly to her clit, and with her face beside his cock. She already knew where it had been as she hovered close by, swooning in the soft stink of it and creeping closer.

Andre’s voice was breathy and a little hurried. “When I pulled it from her cunt she spread her cheeks with both hands and pushed out with her asshole to make it open towards me, and she told me to shove my cock in. She was so sweaty, and my cock was so wet from her, it popped into her ass easily, and we both groaned. She had a hand rubbing her clit as she eased back further onto it, and I watched as her little ring stretched around me, collecting her cum from my cock into a creamy tidemark as I pushed further into her dirty passage. I could hear her fingers paddling in her cunt, and she grunted a little as I began to fuck her ass harder. Her scent filled the room and made my heart race, and I thought of you.”

Alice was reeling at this account — who was this sweaty bitch with an ass-full of her husband’s cock she didn’t deserve? The offending cock swayed in her face majestically, and she took another long draw on its secret funk. She reached into her drawer for her favourite plug, determined to hear the rest with her own hole full. Her pussy spat a little slick onto her thighs as soon as she buried it fully into herself, and she bit her lip hard. God, how full she felt, how tightly packed her ass was!

Andre watched, his cock raging. He was overwhelmed with love and curious pride for this creature, his horny wife, who writhed against him. He wanted to hold her tightly to him and take her thoroughly, possess her totally and fuck her to climax with loving violence, to ride out the waves until they subside, and lie together wetly-tangled and panting. But first he would let her come like this, picturing him buggering a sweaty stranger as she licked the evidence from his leaping cock.

“She had obviously had some practice at this”, Andre continued. “She engulfed it until my balls were kissed by the boiling lips of her open cunt, and screamed into a pillow. I had to try hard not to explode in her instantly. Then she began to move on it, drawing it slowly almost all the way out, so I could see her ring pulled back and feel my shaft dragging through her, before she inched back onto it again, grunting to take it deeper. She gripped like a hot silk fist at the base of my cock, and the grip became less tight further in, where I nudged her depths with the head of it. I pressed my hips against her ass cheeks and pulled her back against me by her tits — her nipples proud points against my palms. “Push” she grunted and I forced a little deeper still, imagining my cock massaging her belly from the inside. I began to fuck her ass with stiff strokes, slamming my cock in like I would in her cunt — it seemed she could take it — and she was gasping incoherent filth, around the theme of you sucking my dirty cock.”

At this, Alice was on the verge, and knelt over Andre’s cock before teasing herself with the head at her lips. She took it in her mouth with a sigh, and inhaled as she flicked her tongue around its ridges.

“I fucked her ass hard until she came with a gush on the sheets and on my balls, and as she spasmed on my cock, she begged me to come there. “Please come in my asshole… ungh…yes…fucking fill it up…ungh…squirt it deep” Her coaxing was punctuated with grunts and moans, and I couldn’t hold back the surge. When I erupted it seemed to keep coming, spurt after spurt into her bowels until I couldn’t understand how it kept going. She gasped loudly as it happened, since my cock suddenly swelled in size before exploding, and she felt herself flooded with heat as it pulsed inside her, spraying her interior”.

By now, Alice was astride Andre with his cock in her throat, her ass towards his face. She was coming hard and shaking, as he pushed the base of her plug over and over, causing it to nudge inside her. She screamed with her mouth full, and he watched her pussy twitch and drool before his eyes. Now he would take her, slowly plough her while holding her against him with her slender throat in his hands, and tell her how his cum had poured from Cassie’s pink and gaping asshole. He would pull the damp thong from his jacket pocket, that, true to his word, he would bring to her face so she could smell and taste all the day’s flavours. He would press it between her lips as she came again, and stare into her wild eyes as she sucked it clean. Then, he decided, he would post them back to Cassie.

Andre and Alice lay entwined later, chatting by the lamplight about their game. Both agreed that he was doing well in his mission so far. “A blonde next time, I think” Alice said, reaching for the ipad. “And I’m coming with you”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20