Sex at the Gym

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Zainab was an ebony BBW with a cute face that looked much younger than she really was (she was in her late 30s) with a wide smile and a soft voice; on top of that she had a really fat ass that gave anyone lucky enough to stand behind her not only a show of her thong but a nice cushion to rest their boners. Although she was always fully covered by loose-fitting abayas, her bootylicious body always stood out no matter how hard she tried. She was a big girl with a sweet personality that put others before herself; landing Zainab into risque situations.

Be it a sneaky teenager with a camera filming her large, wide ass in public; subconsciously driving her to move her hips some more and stop in her tracks to give the sleazebag time to catch up; or on a crowded bus where her abaya gets pulled up and other passengers start showing their appreciation with loving touches, rubs, and sharp spanks. “I made their day.” Zainab always thought after reflecting on past events; she couldn’t help herself; she was made to please. No doubt this concerned her husband who was not only insecure but strict to the point of lunacy. He threatened to lock her in the house and even spanked her with a cane; that snapped in half as her mighty ass was firm and tight.

Although Zainab was a BBW, she was a keen runner and thanks to her time on the treadmill; she had no cellulite and was always in great shape. She would go to the gym late at night when güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri there was nobody to care for; a reflex she could not kill. One night, she came in to do her usual session after the night prayer, she found that she was not alone there as the maintenance guy was still in; he was testing the circuit breaker. “Hello,” Zainab greeted him in her soft, mellow voice, “I haven’t seen you before.” the maintenance guy slammed the circuit breaker shut, turned around and widened his eyes in amazement; he couldn’t believe the size of Zainab and how can a woman be as thick and curvy as her.

“I am the maintenance guy,” he replied, trying to keep his cool, “Management called me in claiming that the circuit breaker is acting up.”

Zainab set her bag down and almost whispering, she cooed, “Ohh, do you need some help?”

Maintenance guy gathered his equipment and picking up his bag, he answered, trying not to expose his sudden boner, “No its ok, I was just getting ready to leave.” The gorgeous woman rubbed his shoulder and before heading for the changing room, she thanked him and almost invitingly, added, “I hope to see you again, very soon.”

In the changing room, Zainab put on a tight black tank top and black yoga pants; now she looked like she was naked; every curve was on display; including those between her ass cheeks; she might as well not wear them. The big girl started güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her treadmill session, she was a good runner; picking up speed after some time, she suddenly felt the cold air from the A/C unit on her right ass cheek; she switched off the machine and walked up to a mirror; discovering a decent-sized hole in her pants. She took it as a cue to get going since her session was over anyway.

“Excuse me.” she heard a voice behind her, it was the maintenance guy, “Can you come here please, there is something I need help in.” Zainab, forgetting the hole, ran to the voice and as she came closer, she felt a hand on her ass, followed by what felt like a kiss. “I never saw an ass this big, you are not from around here, girl!” the maintenance guy hissed from behind, following up with a hard slap on Zainab’s moneymaker, causing her to cry out. He buried his face into her trench, unleashing his tongue on her hole.

Zainab ran her hand through his hair and pressed his face deeper into her crack, panting in arousal, “I am all yours, take me!” The maintenance guy motorboated the ebony beauty some more and then, after a quick kiss, he picked her up, threw her over his shoulder like a potato sack and carried her back inside to get more privacy with his prize.

Inside the gym, he threw Zainab on the soft mats and at light speed, clenched her neck and started an aggressive make-out session, güvenilir bahis şirketleri the BBW reciprocated by throwing her arms and thick legs around him, digging her nails into his back. She overpowered him and rolled over, placing herself on top, “I will take care of you!” the big girl moaned into his ear, biting it lovingly. Zainab, almost in a zombie-mode, ripped his clothes off and kissed her way down to his dick. She never had one in her mouth, but her maternal instinct to care and love guided the pious woman to the man’s most sensitive part.

Zainab practically swallowed it, shaking her throat and emitting gagging sounds, she pushed it in so deep that her eyes began to tear up; slowly taking it out till the tip was out. Sticking her tongue into the eye of the snake and flicking it, Zainab stroked it gently and just as she noticed the maintenance guy was about to cum, she released it; edging him. “You want this, don’t you?” she purred as she seductively rubbed her ass; maintenance guy took charge again, sitting up, grabbing the black beauty by her treasure, “Sit on it,” he ordered pointing at his dick.

Zainab complied, she sat on his rocket and the maintenance guy, with all his might impaled the black beauty; stabbing her harder with each time; turning Zainab into a professional dirt bike rider; she shook and bounced up and down; slamming on his pelvis with all her weight; shaking her ass and rubbing his chest. “Oh, oh oh yes, yes baby I know you love it!” she moaned. The maintenance guy was coming close, he pulled the big girl closer and releaved himself inside her, both screamed in unison as their energy collided; Zainab felt the warmness take over her organs; she collapsed in a loving embrace with her lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20