Shelley’s First Anal Experience

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A married woman Bryan worked with that’s about 12 years younger than him used to always openly flirt with him. Every time he walked by she’d blatantly look him up and down as though she wanted him. When he told her that he noticed it, she claimed she never realized she was doing it.

About nine months after Bryan moved back to Arizona they started talking. She was now divorced and he was newly single.

They made plans for her to come over one night. They shared a bottle of wine and talked and listened to some music. They were both a little nervous and the wine helped them relax.

After an hour had passed Bryan finally stood up and gently grabbed her face kissed her very soft and sensual. When he pulled away, still cradling her face with his left hand, she was completely flushed. It showed more due to her pale skin. She stood up and her eyes looked to be begging him for another kiss. When he did she kissed him back very passionately like she had been starving for it for a very long time.

They quickly moved to the bedroom where they continued kissing and ripping each other’s close of. Once he removed her panties he pushed her down onto the bed. He spread her legs as he knelt to do his favorite thing, taste a woman’s pussy. He got a light smell of her scent and his cock twitched. Immediately pre-cum started forming on the head of his hard cock.

He bent her legs up and grabbed both of her thighs to pull so her ass and feet were on the edge of the bed. He could feel her watching him as I gazed with appreciation at her beautiful labia that had a thin strip of strawberry blonde hair that stopped at her clit. He noticed her breathing sped up and got deeper. He leaned in and started slowly licking her pink labia on both sides. He could feel the heat from her pussy warming up quickly on his tongue and her scent got stronger. That fully woke his cock up and the pre-cum started fully coating it.

He reached under and around her thighs so he could peel her lips open. The site of her inner lips and the pinkness of her pussy made his mouth water. She reached between her knees and with a handful of his hair she firmly pulled his mouth to her aching wet pussy. Her hips were slowly grinding with the anticipation of his tongue inside her very wet very eager opening.

He lightly licked the inside of her now soaking wet pussy and then put his warm wet mouth over her clit that was peeking out from under its hood now. He sucked her clit into his mouth and started sliding his tongue over the little nub at the same time. As he did he slowly slid his middle and ring finger inside her. It was very hot and wet. He heard her whisper “oh my God”. Her pussy started squeezing his fingers as he continued to suck and lick her clit. Her grinding became more sensual as she began rolling her hips making her pussy fuck his fingers. He pulled his fingers from her pussy and brought them to her mouth. As soon as his fingers touched her bottom lip her mouth fell open and he slid his fingers into her mouth and she gently and seductively started licking her juices from his thickly coated fingers. He could tell she was extremely turned on by how wet she was and how hard her little nipples were. He never stopped pleasing her clit.

He told her to spread her lips open for him and she did with zero hesitation. With her spreading herself open for him he had a free hand. He started massaging her tit and rolling her nipples between his wet fingers. He started lightly tugging at her nipple and every time he did she’d let out a faint whimper and she’d wiggle her ass just a little bit.

This went on for about another ten minutes. Her juices were starting to drip into her ass. He saw this and lowered his tongue to start licking up her juices. When the tip of his tongue hit her ass cheeks she tensed up güvenilir bahis a little and he saw her hand coming to push his head away. He slightly spread her cheeks open and slid his tongue as far into her dark crack as he could. She froze with her hips slightly raised her eyes closed her mouth fell open with her hand still in the air. She stopped breathing for a few seconds. Then she gave in to what his tongue was doing in her ass. His nose was pressed against her wet open lips. Her scent was so strong that he almost instantly came. She started raising her hips up and down to the rhythm of his tongue licking up her sweet juices.

She couldn’t take it anymore and told him that she needed his cock inside her right now. He pushed her onto the bed so she was fully splayed out on her back. He positioned his body over hers and started kissing her. The taste of her juices on his lips turned her on even more. She reached down and gripped his rock hard pre-cum covered cock and started stroking it slowly. There was so much pre cum we could hear her firm grip sliding along the full length of his shaft. Then she positioned the head of his cock and started sliding his swollen mushroom head along her dripping wet slit. She quickly stopped with the head aimed to slide straight inside her warm velvety wetness. He felt her squirming trying to get him deep inside her. He braced himself and firmly but slowly slide inside her until his swollen balls were resting on her ass cheeks. She gasped as her head rolled back and her nails dug into his arms. I

He stayed buried deep inside her hot soaking wet pussy giving them both a little time to adjust to the new sensations. They were passionately kissing again and as he started slightly moving inside her she’d let out little moans into his mouth. She grabbed his face and slightly pushed it away. Her hungry eyes looked into his as he felt her legs wrap around his waist and locking her ankles. She said, “fuck me now”. He devilishly smiled and started sliding his rock hard cock in and out of her. Occasionally just fucking her with the tip and slamming deep inside her. Her moans were a little loud from the beginning. She was grinding her clit into him with each thrust. The sound of his cock slamming into her beyond soaked pussy echoed in the room. Her juices were now dripping from his balls and causing them to slightly stick to her ass each time as he pulled back to slam his cock back inside her.

Her scent had almost filled the room. Her moans and whimpers increasing in volume. Her pussy started tightly squeezing his cock. He could tell she was close to cumming. He started fucking her harder and he felt her legs drop to the bed as her fingers started digging into his back. She screamed that she was cumming and her body went rigid as waves of her orgasm flowed through her entire body. Once she was fully exploding he slammed as deep as he could go and started sucking licking and kissing the left side of her neck. Her legs wrapped back around him as her body trembled under the weight of his body on hers. They stayed in that position as she rode out her entire orgasm. His cock would twitch a little and her pussy was so sensitive she would jump with each twitch.

As her convulsing slowed down he gently kissed her now open mouth and sucked on her lower lip as her breathing slowed. Her hard nipples pressed firmly against his chest.

She slowly opened her eyes and a big smile formed. She breathlessly asked if he had cum. He told her “not yet”. She asked if she could have a few minutes to recover and use his restroom. He rolled off her with his cock covered with her cum. He slowly slid out of her tight little pussy. She gasped slightly as the head slid past her wet swollen lips. He laid on his back and as she left the room he ran his finger on his soaked cock and türkçe bahis brought it to his nose. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the smell of her cum. He slid his finger into his mouth which made his still hard dick jumped at the taste.

When she returned from the bathroom she stopped at the edge of the bed with a slightly amazed look on her face. He asked if anything was wrong. She said no but she was soaking wet down her inner thighs almost to her knees. This turned him on even more.

He scooted over and stood next to her beside the bed. He told her to lay on the bed face down with her legs spread. She didn’t ask why or hesitate. She crawled onto the bed looking at him with complete trust in her eyes. She remembered their earlier conversations and how much he loved anal sex.

Once she nestled into a comfortable spot she slowly spread her legs open and closed her eyes. He got into position between her legs. He started licking her cum off her inner thighs. She lightly moaned with a small grin on her lips. He slowly licked up towards her pretty swollen labia. He gently spread her ass open and it was covered in her juices. As his face lowered to massage her tight little ring, the musky scent of her ass and her juices hit his nose. It was strong and it turned him on so much.

He could see her little pucker lightly spam as she waited to feel what he was about to do. As his tongue slid up the crack of her ass his tongue lightly brushed gently over her tight little hole. The first few laps made her jump a little each time. Bryan took his tongue and focused it directly on her hole. She wiggled a little but he could feel her start to relax. The tip of his tongue started to gently but firmly slide into her which made her moan a little. Bryan continued this until he felt she was as relaxed as she could get.

He slid his middle finger inside her still wet pussy to get it nice and lubed up for their next little adventure. Her eyes opened slightly and Bryan thought she was going to stop but to his surprise she just let her eyes fall shut again and her body relaxed again. He took his middle finger and placed it right on her asshole. He could feel it contract slightly and then relax. His finger started gently massaging her most private of spots. She never tensed up as he continued the finger massage. After a few minutes, he felt her starting to grind her ass up against his finger. He could feel her hole start to slightly open up to his finger. He figured this was the perfect time to push the envelope.

Bryan slowly pressed the tip of his finger in her ass. She barely tightened up when she felt his finger start invading her dark hole. He stopped right there and looked at her face. Her mouth was open and her eyes barely closed. So he pushed a little more firmly and whispered to her “when you feel my finger starting to press into you push out a little with your ass. She never opened her eyes and nodded her head with agreement. When his finger applied pressure she pushed out and he could feel his finger easily slide in. Bryan didn’t want to rush it and make her uncomfortable. Once his finger was in, up to the middle knuckle, he slowly started sliding back out. Her ass followed like she didn’t want it to leave her hole.

He stopped with the tip still inside her. He leaned down and drooled saliva on her asshole. She moaned “mmmmmm”. He asked if she was ready and once again she nodded in agreement. This time Bryan noticed her grab a handful of sheets in both hands. As his finger started sliding back in he whispered “push out for me baby”. Before she even started to push out he felt her ring relax and his finger started to freely slide inside her. Then she pushed out it felt like her asshole sucked the full length of his finger inside her to the hilt. She let out a quick gasp and then güvenilir bahis siteleri released a deep breath. He couldn’t believe how relaxed she was so soon. He told her to fuck his finger with her ass. She froze for a split second and then turned to him and said “try sliding your dick inside”. He was shocked and still thought she wouldn’t go through with it. He asked if she was sure and she didn’t say a word. She just pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. He pushed her to the bed with her ass high in the air.

He positioned himself behind her with cock in hand. He was so nervous. Bryan wanted her to feel the least amount of initial pain so they would be able to do it again in the future.

He suddenly realized that his cock was dry now, except for a little pre-cum covering the head. His mind started panicking cuz he realized he didn’t have any lube. After all, women wouldn’t typically let him fuck their ass. He looked down and saw her swollen lips slightly parted from him fucking it earlier. He grabbed her hip and guided his cock to her pussy. When the head hit her lips she jumped a little and said with a smirk on her face “wrong hole” and a little giggle followed it. He couldn’t help but giggle a little. She said, “I bet you never thought you’d hear that with that hole.”

Bryan pressed the head of his cock inside her and the rest slid inside her so effortlessly. She was still extremely wet and he slid his full length in and out of her until he was dripping with her juices.

He pulled out and rested the glistening swollen head right on her back door. She said, “hold on a second”. Immediately he thought she had changed her mind but he was so wrong. She braced herself on her arms. He started applying a little pressure and she told him to just shove it in all at once slowly. He thought to himself, she has no clue what she’s talking about. As he applied more pressure to push the shiny lubed up head into her dark hole. She commanded him to stop and told him to brace himself. She looked back and said, “let me chose the pace.” So he braced himself and reminded her to push out. Then in one slow steady movement, she slid her ass back completely engulfing his hard cock. The sensations were so intense and the fact that she was voluntarily sliding her ass onto his cock was so amazing that he almost jumped out of his skin but he held steady. Once she had him deep inside her ass he grabbed her hips and held her in place. He asked if she was ok and she replied “oh yes”. Before he knew it she had started sliding her ass along the full length of his dick. He was so shocked that he released his firm grip on her hips and let her do what felt good to her.

Her pace quickened as he reveled in the glorious sight of her working his dick with her ass. He was ready to explode within seconds and he told her. She said, “grab my hips and fuck my ass hard.” Without hesitation, he obliged and started pistoning in and out of her ass with furry. She slammed her head to the bed. He could still feel her slamming back into him matching his thrust. He could feel her ass convulsing around him and that was all he could handle. He slammed deep inside her and he felt his balls start emptying shots of cum inside her. She was moaning like he was fucking her pussy. She reached back and grabbed the back of my thigh pulling him into her as his body shook and his cock still pulsing in her. She started rolling her hips trying to milk every drop of cum from his now tightened balls.

Once everything subsided he reached down under her stomach and pulled her up until her back was against his chest. He wrapped his right arm around her stomach and lowered them both down so she was sitting on the front of his thighs with him still twitching a little inside her. He moved her long curly light red hair from her right shoulder and started licking and kissing where her shoulder meets her neck. She reached back with her hand and guided his lips to hers and they gently kissed as his hands slowly caressed her pale skinned body and everything came back to reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20