Taking All of Me

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I am standing in front of you. I hold you in my arms, and me in yours. Our lips meet and we kiss, softly sensuously. I can’t withhold my affection and trail my soft lips around your face, from ear to ear. Nuzzling and cooing my delight to have you so close.

I slowly unbutton your shirt and draw it back from your shoulders down your arms and off your body. You stand there smiling with me as I begin to kiss the exposed flesh and explore ways to arouse my lover. Your composure is astonishing as my hands find the waistband of your pants and my lips attach to your nipple.

The belt loosens and the pants are lowered, while my sucking lips on your nipple cause my juices to flow for you, and a slight moan of your pleasure escapes your lips. I slide down your front with your pants, trailing my kisses down your chest and below your stomach.

I arrive at your feet on my knees, and bowing low I unfasten your shoes and remove them and your socks, before drawing your pants down and removing them also. You are standing above me, wearing only boxers that are tented out in front with my pleasure treasure. I sit back onto my haunches, before arising to meet my cock, while sliding your boxers off.

I hold the object of my desire in my hands and look into the slit, as a dollop of clear pre-come appears at the hungry head. I annoint my forehead with the come and draw your cock down the bridge of my nose until the oozing slit arrives at my mouth.

The clear fluids sweet essence coats my tongue and I suck gently on the head to draw more into my mouth. I kneel at your feet with my mouth wrapped tightly around your cock making and O shape, and I look up into your sweet face and you sense my need to please you.

I take your hands from your sides and place them at my ears, inserting your index fingers for a better hold, canlı bahis then I reach and grasp your ass cheeks and fuck my face with your cock. You are allowing me to do all the work as I pull you deep in me and then pull you out again. I work at getting the rythmn and then start to clench my ass, as I fuck my face.

The face pounding has my pussy leaking come down my thighs and I force your cock down my throat and hold it there swallowing, while my ass clenches to an orgasm. My deep throat and swallow has made men shoot easily, but your stamina doesn’t waver and I return to sucking as my come winds down. I look into your smile seeing the pleasure my orgasm brings you.

I ask you to spread your legs and I crawl under you to suck your fat ball sac into my mouth and taste your musk. Another moan escapes your lips and I am sure that you are pleased with my work. I turn and slide my face into the crevice of your ass and seek the pucker of my lover.

I find it and bathe it in my saliva, tasting the texture and sweetness of your ass. I pierce you with my tongue and pump my tongue in and out, tasting the essence. I clench my ass, again, as I beginto come with my tongue in you. You feel me coming and speak the first time, telling me what a good fuck I am. Your words, cause another burst of come in me and I am ready to be taken.

I stand and draw you towards the bed, stopping short and turning I ask you to please, fuck your slut where she needs it the most. I turn and bend over the bed exposing my pink. I ask you to fuck me and you do. You slide him in. Out until only the outer ring holds him and then smoothly in all the way to the base. My moaning signals my pleasure and I begin to rotate my hips to seduce the cock into my ass. I have lubed well and you see that my ass is finally ready for your pleasure.

You ask me whose bahis siteleri ass this is, and I hiss back that it is your ass to fuck.

What should I do? He should take his ass and fuck it.

Why? Because I am your slut, and I need your cock deep inside my ass.

Why? To complete me and give me purpose in pleasing you. To feel my ass filled by your cock and filled more by the hot come you will deposit deep inside me.

My answers pour out as you ask me the questions and I feel another come building as I come at your touch. My ass is open, you line your cock head up and slide it gently in, until the ridge at the helmet head disappears. You sense my total fullness and pause to allow my ass to open. My head is resting on the bed my legs spread and my ass high in the air for your pleasure, I concentrate on relaxing my doors for your entry.

Your hands steady my hips and you push deeper to fill my insides with cock. As I feel able, I begin to push back onto the shaft pushing the head far past my widening ring, until you have begun to bump my behind with your pubis. A sigh of completely filled contentment escapes. I ask you to have your way with your slut.

You do! Long slow deliberate strokes going all the way to my depths and then all the way back out until I feel the ridge with my inner door. I am in ecstacy on your shaft. I am being ridden softly toward another come, this time around your cock in my ass and the clenching of my ring around your cock signals that you have pleased yourself to make me come, again. No man has ever made me come this hard, this often and from only an assfucking.

I am given over to the pleasure and ripple my come around the shaft and head of the cock. I feel your pressure begin to build and that sends me into another orgasm anticipating the first deposit of your seed into bahis şirketleri your slut’s round behind. I start to push back when you push in and the growing cock pushes deeper, stretching me to accept the seed.

Your pace quickens gradually until you are pounding my ass into willing submission and I come. You are ready to shoot now and you grab my hips and pull me onto your cock as I push you deeper still and you burst forth your orgasm.

I feel the hot jets painting my insides and push the cock deeper still as spurt after spurt fill me throughout your pounding. You don’t stop when the squirting does, though. You continue to pump the juice in and through my ass, spreading the come to mark your private place inside me.

Supporting me with your hands you slowly lower my rag doll body to the bed and continue to pump my open ass. Your cock eventually softens and slips out of your new hole, and you roll me over to stop the come from seeping into my pussy.

I take the warm washcloth from the bed table and clean all the residue from your cock. I rinse it in the basin and continue until your cock is suckably clean. Then I suck it. I load the softened member in my mouth and work my lips and tongue to revive the flesh for my satisfaction. My diligence is rewarded and soon my lover’s cock is ready to take what is his.

I ask you to take my plug, cleaned and ready, and plug my come-filled ass. It slips in and I clench my shrinking ass around the base and ask you to fuck your slut’s cunt. You comply and I am treated to my first DP. My cunt comes as you enter and continues for as long as you are able to plunge my cunt. The body is given over to pleasure and I am a quivering mass of come as you find your second release of the night deep in my cunt.

Now I am fulfilled by you, lover. All my holes well-used by your cock, and my two holes filled with your creamy seed. I lay here in your arms, warm come leaking out of my pussy onto my thighs and ass. My ass fillled with your come and my buddy holding your wonderful juice in me until I awaken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20