The Blond and the Professor

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He stood silently in the doorway, eyeing her. She sat sideways in a desk in the back of the classroom with her elbows on her knees and her chin resting in her hands, her blond hair falling forward and hiding her face from him.

He cleared his throat, “Ms. Jennston? You shouldn’t be in here. My classroom isn’t a hang-out for students.”

She bolted up and turned to face him, her red-rimmed eyes catching him off guard.

She sniffled and stuttered an apology, “I-I’m ss-sorry -“

Dear God, she was crying.

He interrupted her, “There really isn’t a need to apologize. Why don’t I give you a moment and you can leave in a few minutes when you’re ready. Go back to you dorm.”

She stopped him as his hand settled on the knob, “Wait! Don’t go. I don’t really want to be alone right now. I just didn’t want the other students to see me like this.”

She clutched the edge of her skirt, wrinkling the fabric in her hands. Biting her lip, she watched him and breathed a sigh of relief when he removed his hand from the knob and set his briefcase on his desk.

He walked down the aisle of desks. “Okay. Is there something you want to talk about?”

“Do you think I’m attractive?”

He frowned and stopped in front of her, “Ms. Jennston that is a highly inappropriate question to ask your professor.”

“Oh, no! I mean… my boyfriend just broke up with me. Over a text,” she held her phone up to him, “where he said he’s found someone else. Am I just… not good enough?”

Her delectable lower lip pouted and he was ashamed to admit he was considering answering her question.

For moral support.

“Jennifer, I think you are a lovely young woman and I’m sure there are plenty of other young men your age that will be delighted you are now available for the taking.”

Her eyes cleared and she asked, “You think so?”

He was treading on thin ice now, but he nodded at her. “Yes. Now you can go on coffee dates and twerk against guys at the club, or whatever it is you do.”

For a moment, he imagined her at the club in a skin-tight dress and her back-end bouncing in beat to the bass.

A small smile touched the corners of her mouth and she did what he was worried she would do.

Physical contact.

She sprung from the desk and wrapped her arms around his neck. She was saying something but he wasn’t paying attention to it. Her hair smelled like flowers and his hand had brushed her breast when free spin she closed in on him. He combed his fingers through her hair and rested his other hand in the small of her back.

He didn’t mean to pull her closer. It was an instinctual action. She was warm, she was soft, and she smelled so wonderfully female.

The unexpected action shot a little buzz of excitement through him.

She parted her lips and ran her tongue up his neck, then nibbled on his earlobe. He held her closer against him and slowly lifted the fabric of her skirt up. He slid his hands under the fabric and squeezed her full cheek in his hand.

He turned his mouth to her and caught her lips under his. She moaned and pressed her hips up against him.

He was lost in the scent of her, the sweet taste of her hot mouth. He shuffled one foot back to balance them but in doing so, moved the desk back, making a scraping sound as it scratched the floor.

He was still at work. She was still one of his students.

He tore his mouth away from her and, surprised, she complained, “Professor…”

She trailed off when he shook his head at her. “No, Jennifer. You’re still my student. I could get fired for this kind of behavior.”

She rested the back of her fingers against the side of his face, “But you can’t take this away from me now. I need this. I want to know I’m still attractive.”

He caught her wrist and pulled her hand away. “I think you need to go back to the dorms and we should forget about this. Like I said, there are plenty of young men here that are your own age.”

She huffed out an angry breath and stepped away from him. She grabbed her bag and stormed out of the room, not even looking back at him on her way out.

The next day…

He glared at the loud students in the hall, their laughter echoing around his classroom. He closed the door while his students busily scribbled in their test answers. One by one, as each student finished the test, they left early and shut the door behind them.

Save Ms. Jennston. She was the last test-taker left. He looked up at her from his grading and found her chewing on the eraser end of her pencil, a naughty smile on her face. She had arrived to class early and chosen a seat directly in front of his desk. Now she sat with her legs spread apart.

Now that he was looking at her, her fingers crawled along the fabric of her skirt. She hiked it up farther and farther bonus veren siteler until he had a clear view of her.

He cleared his throat and said, “Ms. Jennston…”

She teased a finger around the pink folds and bit down on her pencil as she rubbed over her clit.

Her eyes sultry, she asked him, “Professor, are you going to ask me to stop?”

He should.


He couldn’t. He couldn’t do it. He was mesmerized by her. He could see straight up the smooth skin of her thigh and he was entranced with her as she pushed in a finger and moaned.

“Mmmm… Professor, I’m going to be dripping wet for you.”

He stood up from his chair and walked over. He pulled the pencil out of her mouth and replaced it with his finger. She sucked it into her mouth teased it with her teeth while working her own finger deep into her pussy.

He leaned over her desk and pulled his finger out of her mouth. “Let me help with that.”

She was wet. He easily slid his finger deep into her.

She leaned back and wriggled against his hand. Biting her finger, she closed her eyes and he watched as her cheeks flushed with desire.

He pulled her hand away from her mouth and said, “If you really need to have something in your mouth, I can give you something to put in there.”

She smiled up at him and reached up from her desk to unbutton his pants. Her warm hand closed around his cock and she leaned forward to suck his tip into her hot mouth. He pulled her hair back and away from her face as she knelt down on the floor, easing his length past her lips. She moved her hand at his base in rhythm with her mouth.

He stared down her top, wondering why her shirt was still on. Unbuttoning the first few buttons, he slipped his hand under her bra to run his thumb over her nipple. It stiffened and he squeezed her breast then slid her bra strap down her shoulder.

He passed his thumb over her nipple again and she moaned in pleasure. The sound caught him off guard. Her skin was invitingly smooth, he already knew she was wet and ready for him, and his cock was rock hard in her mouth. He pulled her up and pushed his desk supplies to the side.

She lay on the desk and he stood next to her, holding her legs apart as he slowly slid his dick into her dripping pussy. Her eyes were closed as he slid in and she was biting her lip, her hand kneading her breast.

He held still for a moment, deneme bonusu veren siteler enjoying her tightness. Just for one moment he wanted to see her sexual need across her face. She opened her eyes and begged him to keep going.

He tore into her, in and out, at savage speeds. The desk legs rattled and scraped against the floor as he moved with raw excitement and her breasts jiggled up and down as he pushed his hips against her. She was flushed with sexual energy and was biting her knuckle, trying to stifle her moans. He knew if they weren’t in a classroom, she would be screaming out her pleasure.

She was so wet and warm.

If this was his chance to fuck a beautiful blond in his classroom, he wanted to make this worth it. He pulled her off the desk and turned her against the chalkboard, facing it. Her breasts were pushed up against the blackboard, the sweat on the skin of her breasts would make two circles against the dirty chalkboard that he wouldn’t notice until later. Her head was turned to the side and he stood behind her, pulling her skirt all the way up over her waist so he could smack her naughty bottom.

She giggled and stuck her ass out against his crotch. His dick was still wet from her and he slid his tip carefully next to her asshole.

He brushed the hair away from her cheek and asked her, “Jennifer, do you know what I’m about to do?”

She nodded. Caught up in the moment, in the scent of sex that filled the classroom and his warm body so close to her, she encouraged him, “Please, put your big dick in my tight little asshole.”

He slid in, her soft, tight canal pulling at him. He slid past her tight muscles and groaned into her hair. He held her hands up over her head against the chalkboard and pulled out, slamming back into her. She bit into his arm to hold back her cries while he fucked her, in and out, as her tight ass drew him closer and closer.

He dropped one arm down to reach in front of her. His finger glided back into her pussy and as he slipped a second one in and moved them in time, she shuddered against the chalkboard, letting a loud moan escape.

He removed his wet fingers and slapped her ass cheek again, then squeezed the rounded flesh in his grasp as he felt himself close to his finish.

Between gasps, she said, “I can’t believe I just came.”

He leaned forward and nibbled on her ear. “And who made that happen?”

He could feel the energy building up within him and he was ready to explode all over her soft backside.

“You did. Oh my god, you made me cum.”

Damn straight he did.

He held for a second in her ass, his dick nestled in her. Then he gave one last shove and pulled out, letting his load shoot out over her smooth cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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