The Stranger Ch. 03

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The little silicone ball slid easily Shelly’s slick anus. The sleeping girl shifted a little at the intrusion but did not seem to wake. Not that it would have mattered–she was his slave and would not have protested had she awoken. The stranger smiled at this thought, and pushed the second bead into her ass.

This bead was slightly larger, the ridges more pronounced. Though it still slid in easily, he could feel a little more resistance than the last. He tugged gently on the strand that hung from Shelly’s anus, but it did not slide out. Her asshole was nice and tight.

Fresh juice was beginning to leak from Shelly’s pussy. Even if she was not conscious of it, the intrusion into her anal cavity was turning her on. He placed a finger at her slick entrance and scooped a little of the viscous fluid out, brought it up to his mouth, sucked it off his finger. Her pussy was delicious.

He turned his attention back to her other hole. The next bead was a little larger, maybe an inch in diameter, and had little spikes all over it. He pushed it against her anus, forcing the other two balls deeper into her ass. Shelly moaned and unconsciously pushed her ass back against the ball. Her hungry little asshole swallowed it, spikes and all. She now had a good five inches of silicone in her ass, but there was another eight or so to go.

The next ball was perhaps an inch and a quarter wide and covered in deep ridges. He coaxed this one into her anus, but did not push it all the way in. Rather, he stopped halfway so that her sphincter remained propped open around the widest part of the bead. It twitched and convulsed, but he held the bead there, not allowing it to slip in canlı bahis or out. Then he turned on the vibrator.

Shelly immediately stirred. “Oh god,” she moaned, feeling every inch of silicone vibrating inside her ass. “Oh god, what is that?”

The stranger held up the end of the vibrating anal beads that wasn’t buried inside her. “Just a little toy I brought. I hope you like it.”

“Oh god,” was all Shelly could say. Her pussy was leaking faster now, her juices actually drooling down onto the bed between her thighs.

The stranger let go of the strand and her asshole sucked the fourth ball inside, spasming a little as it clamped down around the thin silicone strand. Shelly moaned louder.

“Good girl,” he said appreciatively. “Now shake that ass.”

Shelly looked at him in the mirror, confused.

“I said shake it,” he ordered sternly. “Shake that fine little ass like the whore you are.”

Shelly obeyed as best she could with the restraints holding her thighs in place. The motion of her hips caused the string of beads to flop around, bouncing off her generous asscheeks and slapping her pussy. It also caused the beads to tug at her anus, stretching it open and sending intense vibrations through the tender hole. When the fourth bead had almost worked its way back out, he commanded her to stop. Then he pushed the rest of the bead back in, followed by the next one.

Shelly squealed. This one was larger, the spikes even more pronounced. The pleasure was intense, but so was the feeling that she was going to have to relieve herself, and quickly. She pulled back from the intrustion, but she could only move so far. He forced her anus to bahis siteleri swallow the larger ball, though he had to be rather forceful with this one.

The remaining balls were much larger. Shelly could see them in the mirror, especially the last one. It was almost the side of her fist.

“One more, little girl,” he instructed her, “and then we’ll give that fine little ass a break.”

Shelly nodded, her eyes wide, watching as the stranger applied another dollop of lube to the fat ball of silicone. He pushed it against her tight anal ring. It widened slowly, reluctantly. Shelly could feel every ridge, every bump, as they rubbed deliciously against her hole, spreading her, opening her up. The stranger leaned forward and ran his tongue along the stretched ring of Shelly’s sphincter, jiggling the ball up and down as he did. This had the intended effect–Shelly began moaning and humping his tongue. Juices drooled from her fleshy pussylips onto the bed.

At last he could wait no longer. He pushed the bead hard into Shelly’s ass. She let out a gasp of pain as the widest part slipped inside her, then of pleasure as her hole was allowed to close again. With every twitch of her closing sphincter, Shelly let out a little gasp.

“Good girl, good girl,” the stranger praised her before attacking her hard clit with his tongue. As he licked her, he brought the end of the strand of beads up to her pussy and slipped the vibrator (just a bullet inside a waterproof sleeve) into her wet hole, then began to push the last and largest ball in after it. Shelly moaned at first, then began to beg.

“No, no, no, no,” she gasped wildly. “It’s too big, I can’t take it!”

“It’s bahis şirketleri going in one of your holes, little girl,” the stranger moaned against her twat. “You better hope it fits in this one.”

Shelly quickly subsided at this threat. Whimpering, she watched in the mirror as once more he began to push the ball into her pussy. It was so wet with juice that he didn’t need to use lube until the widest part of the ball was nestled between those fat lips. Shelly was breathing hard and whimpering, but he could tell she was enjoying the abuse. He squirted lube on the ball, then spread her lips and squirted it all over her cunt. Then he pushed the ball in just a little, then pulled it back out. He did this again and again, each time coaxing the fat ball a little further, until he knew she could take it. Then he clamped his mouth over her twitching clit, sucking hard, and forced the ball into Shelly’s twat.

Shelly cried out in pain (and yes, pleasure) as the pretty blue bead disappeared inside her, filling her like a fist. Her stretched pussy gaped open for a few moments, then closed reluctantly around the silicone strand. Now both of her holes were filled, the remaining balls suspended in a stiff arc behind her, connecting her pussy and asshole. They continued to vibrate, sending sensations deep inside her. With the stranger’s lips still clamped around her clit, it did not take long before she was hit by a violent orgasm that Shelly could not have prevented if she’d tried. She screamed helplessly as her pussy and ass contracted and spasmed again and again, until at last he took his mouth off her clit.

But the silicone beads continued to vibrate, and Shelly knew somewhere inside the cloud of her post-orgasmic daze that they would continue to do so until the monstrous object inside her twat was removed.

She looked up to see the stranger’s reflection smiling down at her.

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