The Thoughts of You

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I went to bed last night aching and in need, and it was all your fault. I knew I would never be able to rest if I didn’t take care of myself. The husband was already sound asleep, snoring and oblivious. Before sliding into bed I slipped off my panties for easier access. I was already dripping wet and ready after all we talked about, and just the touch of my fingers on my clit made me cum. My whole body shook, my vision went blurry, my juices almost exploded out of me. But I knew once would never be enough. My pussy was still throbbing and wouldn’t let me rest, and I really didn’t want to.

I began again, slowly. I started to tease my erect nipples, pinching and rolling them between my index fingers and thumbs, imagining it’s your teeth on them, gently nibbling and sucking. I grabbed my tits and roughly squeezed the ample flesh, rolling them together and apart. I don’t know why exactly but I just love to abuse my breasts this way. Wishing you were there to suck and bite and squeeze them, I closed my eyes and could almost feel you there. The attack of my breasts continued, fingers squeezing, pinching, stroking, going from loving caress to masochistic adoration. A masturbatory session is never complete without this loving attention to my tits.

My hands ever-so-slowly slid down my belly, fingertips casino siteleri barely grazed the skin, sending delicious shivers down my body which all seemed to collect between my thighs. My fingers followed in their wake, my breath coming quicker in anticipation. Wanting so much to replace my fingers with yours, your mouth, your tongue, your cock. Mmm, your cock. The thought of that beautiful hard shaft slipping between my folds was in the forefront of my mind as my fingers finally reached my swollen lips. I teased myself unmercifully at first, a breath of a touch from the index and middle fingers of my right hand on my outer lips, using all my fingers to slowly and softly stroke my thighs before returning to softly circle around my clit. Oh if only it were your lips brushing against it.

My legs fell farther apart as I thought about your tongue lapping at my hardened little nub. My middle finger, with a feather touch, flicked up and down over it. I could feel my wetness beginning to seep down between the cheeks of my ass as I suddenly plunged two fingers deep inside my pussy. My fingers nicely squeezed as I flexed and released the walls against them, my thumb found my clit and began to stroke it. A moan escaped me, and for a moment I thought I had awoken the husband, but he just grumbled and slot oyna scooted away from me. Fine with me I thought, letting my legs relax as my fingers slowly stroked in and out and made a slight squishing sound.

My left hand squeezed my left breast, my nails dug into the flesh. My thumb continued to stroke my clit, applying pressure while circling, a gasp escaping my lips. I fucked myself faster, curling my fingers up to push on my g-spot, my legs shaking with pleasure. And all I could think about was your lips on mine while your cock was buried deep inside me. I rolled onto my stomach, my hand not leaving the comfort of my scorching sex, and slightly raised onto my knees, just enough to be able to comfortably move my hand in that position. My breasts now flattened into the mattress, my left hand joined my right in pleasuring my pussy. I used it to push my fingers into myself harder, deeper. Pillow-stifled moans, wet sucking sounds, and my imagination all served to drive me ever closer to ecstasy. At this point, in my mind, you were behind me, my hair entangled in your hand, your other hand guiding that gorgeous cock inside me, teasing my opening despite my pleas to plunge yourself into me. God how much I wanted you, every part of you, to be touching every part of me.

Fucking myself faster as I canlı casino siteleri imagined you finally sliding into me, my fingers your cock, my thumb your balls resting on my clit. Pounding my own pussy, my mind almost convinced it’s you inside me, squeezing my fingers, my juices now all over my thighs. I lost control, and I didn’t care. My fingers were on auto-pilot as my mind raced with images and the sounds I could be hearing, if only you were there. I focused on how your groans and whispered urgings might sound, the nasty words that might escape your lips as you fucked me relentlessly. Yes, I wanted to hear you say how tight my pussy was, how good it felt wrapped around your cock, I wanted you to call me your hot little slut, I wanted you to have your hand in my hair pulling me back onto you. I wanted you inside me, I wanted you to absentmindedly spank my ass, I wanted you.

My orgasm came on suddenly. One moment I was lost in thoughts of nasty dirty rough sex with you, and the next I was snapped back to reality as my pussy clamped hard on my fingers. My legs actually went numb and my toes curled involuntarily as I lay there on my stomach with my fingers buried deep inside. Squeeze, release, squeeze, release, so fast and hard I lost my breath. My entire body was tingling, and the pleasure bordered on painful, it was that intense. I waited until the contractions subsided, then slowly rolled over. I brought my soaked fingers to my mouth and lapped at my juices, slowly sucked them clean, and finally drifted into a restful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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