The Toy Salespeople Ch. 03

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It was a calm night — the contraptions worked well, and John soon discovered that Jane and Edna nearly raced to keep him constantly excited: they turned his penile vibrator on, went to him, rubbed their breasts against his head, and made him open their skirt in order to let him see and touch them, fondled his crotch in order to sense how hard it was becoming, and when they knew that he was on the verge of orgasm, turned his anal probe too, so he could not resist anymore.

Luckily, he wore silicone panties, but he nonetheless wanted washing, and Jane and Edna cast their lot on who of them should wash him, and who should settle with looking at.

The first washes were given with soap, but after the third pollution it was apparent that John’s semen did not really soil his genitals and silicone panties — a bigger hygienic issue was his pubic hair.

So they opted for a creative shaving: made John lay supine on the bed, took an enema recipient, filled it with latte (coffee with Jane’s milk), and inserted the tube into the poor John’s anus.

While the latte was flowing into John’s body, Edna sprayed some shaving gel onto his private parts; this gel needs water to foam, and Jane made do with her own milk — an alternative solution might have been their urine ?

As the gel frothed (and John wondered when the torture would end), Edna and Jane begun shaving his genital region. They were somewhat wicked: they tickled and massaged his inflated belly although his discomfort was apparent — and rubbed their nipples on to his body to soothe his pain.

After shaving him once, they wanted to shave it again, wondered if an erection could make things easier, and decided to give the idea a try. They cast a lot, and decided that Edna would have put her vulva over John’s mouth, while Jane would have put her own over his still somewhat flabby penis.

The two women would have kissed while doing that, rubbed their nipples and breast together, and taken John’s hands to fondle them wherever they liked. It was not necessary to tell John to lick casino oyna Edna’s vulva — he loved doing that, but he had to remove Edna’s vibrator with his teeth: Edna loved her contraption so much that she only removed it during defecation, and even forgot it in place when going to the ob-gyn.

On the other hand, Jane had already removed the vibrator herself (she wore it just to please her friend Edna), so she could easily let John’s penis slip into her vagina when the desired erection came.

Edna protested, “Take it out! We have to shave it!”

“I like it in me. Why should I expel it?”

“Can you let it go out for a few centimeters, so I can shave it again?”

“Are you going to make me the first man entering the Guinness Book of Records for being intimately shaven while …?”

The women laughed, and Edna said, wielding her razor, “We should shave your tongue!”, and Jane said, “Please! He kisses so well!”

They reached an agreement at last: Jane let it get out a few centimeters, so positioning his inflated glans over her G-Spot, and while Edna was shaving his penile base and scrotum, she would have let him suckle her nipples.

Jane had another idea: she suggested John to insert his thumb into her anus — but he found the anus already stopped. Edna did not know where to put Jane’s razor, so she had put its handle into her butt.

When John reached for Jane’s butt, Edna slapped his hand. She had playfully put the razor handle into Jane’s butt, but as she saw John’s attempt, she understood that she could stimulate Jane with the razor, and did that.

Jane loved the stimulation, but the shaving was over, and John badly needed to evacuate. While he was doing that, she complained with Edna that it was the first evening after marrying John that she got excitation, but not _immediate_ satisfaction, and that things should run more smoothly in the future.

Edna was more enthusiastic: her new friends loved sex no less than she, and their mixture of naiveté and playfulness was wonderful. She massaged Jane’s clit, canlı casino licked her nipples and areolas, kissed her, let her fondle her breasts, and asked if she wanted to test another erotic technique, which required John’s urine, in order to make do for these mistakes.

“Ok. I’ll give him some milk now, and in an hour’s time we will test it. Thanks for the orgasm.”

“We have something else to do first — that’s why we shaved John’s pudenda.”

They all washed and dressed again, and used the remotes to lead each other to orgasm. When John came again (his penis could get erected again in very little time after orgasm — but it was difficult to achieve it in the first place), he had to ask Jane the keys to the silicon panties’ padlock.

“Wonderful, John. You now have to go to the bed, and there we will open your panties,” said Jane. John did that, Jane and Edna undressed (but kept their vibrators on), opened the padlock and then lowered John’s panties.

As they expected, John’s semen had smeared his private parts; but as they were now shaven, Jane and Edna could now lick them clean. Jane sprayed some milk on John’s scrotum to clean it thoroughly, Edna deflated the butt plug, so they could completely remove John’s panties.

They put them into a special washing machine, and Edna whispered something at Jane, who answered, “I waive my precedence right in this case. While you do that, I’ll suckle him.”

John was somewhat scared — he knew that Jane would not allow him to be hurt, but if she volunteered to suckle him that way, it meant that she had assented to something painful.

John was still lying supine on the bed; Jane sat beyond his head, tilted over him so he could grasp her nipples with his mouth, and suckle them — he decided to gram them both, and be nourished by both tits at the same time, to her greater pleasure.

While she was doing that, Edna laid procumbent between his legs, put her breasts over his penis, and her right fore- and middle fingers into his anus. She probed it deeper and deeper until kaçak casino she found the prostrate — and began to massage it.

While she was massaging him internally with a hand, the other hand were wagging his penis between her breasts, and squeezing them around it. John intervened, grabbed Edna’s breasts, removed her nipple vibrators, and massaged his penis shaft with them.

Edna took his glans into her mouth, licked and suckled it, and patiently waited until the prostrate began discharging its fluid. Jane told her, “Please, keep some of it into your mouth. John may not tell it, since he is so engrossed in suckling me, but he would certainly like to taste it — and me too.”

When both Edna was replete of prostatic fluid, and John of milk, they stopped, and John, after tasting his own prostrate fluid, hugged both Jane and Edna and complained, “I haven’t worked so much in my life!”

Edna commented, “He is right. He deserves a prize!”

“Which prize?”

“Would you like to waive your precedence right again?”

“What are you giving him now?”

“It’s a surprise. Do you waive?”

“I waive. But if it turns out to be really painful, I will practice asphyxiophilia with you!”

Edna removed her vaginal vibrators, kneeled over John’s head, and lowered her genitalia over to his mouth; she took Jane’s arms, silently instructed her to kneel over John’s genitalia, and added, “The dick is yours — treat is as it pleases you.”

As it was still erect from the prolonged prostatic stimulation, Jane removed her vibrators and let the penis slip into her vagina; then Edna hugged her, kissed her, titillated her lips, and Jane reciprocated.

So Edna took John’s hands, and inserted his fingers into Jane’s and her own butts. So John realized that he had to work hard in order to please his lovers — with his penis, his hands, his tongue.

The triangle was really effective, and at last Edna discharged some sweet fluid into John’s mouth — it was his prize, female ejaculate.

After drinking it, he felt sexually stronger, and was able to bring his wife and himself to orgasm.

When they disentangled and had a douche, John said, “I think that we have had enough sex tonight.

We will test all other techniques tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20