Tracy’s Surprise

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We all have our Secrets

I was on the second last day of my vacation. I was starting a new internship as a doctor and was looking forward to it. My professor was arriving in the city and would be there when I returned to work. My friend Sally suggested we go to the beach and I agreed.

The air was balmy, and a soft breeze gently caressed my brunette hair. As I lay on the beach in a bikini the sun was warm on my silky skin. I was glad I had anointed myself with sunscreen. I fact it was Sally who had applied it and I had enjoyed the pampering. Sally’s soft hands spread the cream over my lightly tanned slim body.

I sat up and said, “Sally I am going for a dip, are you coming?”

Sally said, “Yes!” and stood up.

I looked at my friends’ tall slim body and her blue eyes and blonde hair and was envious. I always compared her blonde hair with my brunette hair and thought my blue eyes should have been brown. As I was petite and shorter than her, I thought she was perfect. We ran into the sea and splashed in the shallow water before swimming out deeper.

We then returned to the beach and Sally opened a freezer box. From it, she drew a bottle of white wine and some cold meats and salad. Soon we were eating and drinking the wine and chatting. The second bottle of wine was produced, and we lay back on our beach towels and fell silent. I was feeling drowsy and lazily watched the people on the beach.

My gaze fell on a man who was standing nearby and taking off his shirt. I felt a twinge of desire as I looked at his tall muscled frame and his blonde hair. My imagination took over and I began to fantasize about him. In my mind he would come over and lie beside me, we would look deep into each other’s eyes, touch, kiss and begin to explore each other’s bodies.

I felt arousal and blocked the thoughts from my mind and thought that I needed a romantic night out! Later we returned to Sally’s condo and showered. I stood under the jet of hot water and soaped my body. My hands caressing my breasts and soaping my belly and thighs. My hands lingered a moment at the top of my thighs where my Brazilian had removed the dark shadow.

Then I began to shampoo my hair. It was brunette and thick and long and a nightmare to dry. Finally, I rinsed off and toweled myself dry and dressed. I slipped on tan shorts and an emerald green blouse. I didn’t bother about a bra as I don’t need to wear one. My full firm breasts were comfortable without a bra. I slipped on sneakers and went to find Sally.

I was hoping to talk Sally into going to a club later because I wanted to be with a man. Sally had showered but was not interested in clubbing. Instead, she suggested we go to TGIF and chill, drink some wine and eat some seafood. The restaurant was quite lively and casual, so I agreed. The restaurant was next to a beautiful hotel and we parked the car and went inside.

The place was crowded and the noise level high. Music playing and voices and laughter filling the atmosphere. In the middle of the room was a square bar with stools and the rest of the room was filled with tables and chairs. The tables were mostly taken. Sally spotted two stools at the bar and ran and sat on one beckoning me. I sat beside her.

The barman said, “Hi, what can I get you?”

We ordered wine and asked for a menu. I looked around. Sitting beside me was a guy in his mid-thirties. He was sipping a whisky and watching baseball on the screen.

He turned his head towards me, smiled and said, “Hi, welcome.”

I blurted out, “Hi.” and was flustered.

He had dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a handsome face with canlı bahis stubble on his cheeks. I felt a shock of electricity and butterflies in my stomach. He was not only good looking, but he had a well-proportioned body. His hair was well cut, and he neat and clean. His body smelled of a subtle manliness and expensive aftershave.

His shirt was expensive, dark and semi-formal with his sleeves rolled up to the middle of his forearms. He was wearing black denim. He had the aura of confidence and friendliness. I placed him as a professional person. He ordered a steak and finished it. We were still waiting for our seafood.

When it arrived, I gasped, “My God!”

And he looked and started laughing and commented, “That’s a big dish for a small lady.”

Sally and I were speechless. We had not expected such a big platter. I laughed back and suggested he help us eat it. Soon we were tucking into the seafood and chatting. I found him quite fascinating. He had travelled and was well educated. The more I looked into his blue eyes, listened to his amazing deep voice I became attracted to him. After a couple of glasses of wine, I found myself hoping he would take me home with him. His name was Peter.

Then it hit me that I had not done my hair, nor applied makeup before we left home.

About then he stood up and asked, “Tracy please keep my seat.”

I asked, “Are you going to the restroom?”

He said, “Yes.”

“Great! Would you escort me there?”

He agreed, and I asked Sally to keep our seats. I slid off my stool and felt his hand firmly placed in the small of my back as he guided me thru the crowded room to the restrooms.

He said, “I will wait for you.”

As he went in, I dashed to the restroom and the mirror. I opened my bag and rummaged. I found pink lip gloss and some eye shadow and mascara. I quickly applied it. I then brushed my hair until it was looking like it had been cared for. I peed and went out. He was there. I saw his reaction to the new me. It was a positive impact and a smile.

His hand touched my back and he guided me back to the bar stools. We sat down and as we did so out feet touched. I could not help myself I rested my foot on his and touched his ankle with the other. He responded with a similar gesture and we sat with our feet interlocked.

Later Sally announced she had to go and said, “Come, we must go”.

I came with her and was in her transport, but I did not want to leave. As we slid off the stools Peter’s arm went to my shoulder and I slipped mine around his waist. Sally had gone ahead. Outside the entrance, he stopped, looked deeply into my eyes and bent his face down, and kissed me.

I felt his lips touch my mouth and it set me on fire, then his tongue gently yet confidently pressed between my lips and darted into my mouth and played with my tongue. He kissed me his tongue searching gently yet with a felt passion, just as I like to be kissed. I was responding and my arms were around his neck, running thru his hair as his hands caressed my breast briefly.

Sally called, “Tracy, we must go!”

I made a split-second decision. “You go,” I said, “I am staying with Peter.”

Then I whispered, “Is that alright?”

He smiled and said, “Definitely!”

Sally asked, “How will you get home.”

Peter replied to her question, “I will see she gets a cab.”

Sally then said, “Fine.”

As Sally drove away, we walked arm in arm to the hotel. We entered the foyer and he led me to the elevator. I was so wet, and I just wanted to go upstairs to the room to have my clothes ripped off. As we walked his hand bahis siteleri kept touching my thighs sending tingling currents to my already swollen wet clit.

Once in the elevator he drew me to himself and kissed my neck, my cheek, and then my mouth. His kiss was like molten fire as his tongue caressed my lips, inside my mouth, and played gently with my tongue. My hands ran over his hard muscles and caressed his neck as my fingers ran thru his hair. His cock was hard and large pressing against my hips.

The elevator arrived at our floor. I walked unsteadily beside him and stood while he unlocked and opened the door. Inside was a king-sized bed and a soft glow from a lamp. He stepped aside and let me enter first, then came behind me and moved my hair from my neck and gently kissed my skin. I was breathless panting and wet.

He turned me to face him and began to unbutton my bra. His movements were urgent, and my top was off his hands caressing then his mouth suckling my nipples. My hands were pulling his shirt off as he was unzipping my shorts and pulling them down. I was weak at the knees as I touched his skin, his muscled chest and ran my hands over his hard body and caressed his arms and chest. I pulled his belt loose and we collapsed on the bed.

We were now naked, and I looked at his body stretched on the bed. His long muscles legs wide shoulders and deep chest flat belly and his large erection had me melting with pure lust. I touched it and groaned with satisfaction. I fondled his balls and stroked his cock. It was large, felt hard and covered with silky, velvety skin. His smell was clean, yet manly, and I was intoxicated with his body.

My pussy was wet and swollen, and my hand stroked it. My other hand searched for his cock. I was panting with lust and leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and sucked it. Then I licked beneath his balls and sucked each ball. He rolled me over and opened my thighs, which were damp from my arousal and juices. His mouth closed on my pussy, his hot tongue licked my clit, my wet pussy and then probed deep inside.

My hands were stroking his skin, squeezing his muscular arms and running down his strong back to his hard buttocks. My arousal was complete, and I was in heat and wanted to fuck. He moved behind me parted my legs and entered my wet pussy. A hard push and his cock filled my swollen pussy. He thrust deeply and slowly then moved faster spanking my cheeks sending more lust and fire through my pussy.

Then he rolled me over and covered me. His cock pressing, filling and this time pounding as my hips rose and fell, fucking him back. I muttered, “Let me be on top.” He rolled over on his back and I almost leapt on top of him. I opened my thighs and slid down on his hard cock.

Then I began to ride him urgently telling him, “Fuck me, fuck me!”

His thick hard cock filling me, and the wildness of me fucking him overwhelmed me. I was panting, hips out of control, fucking him as he thrust up. I felt the orgasm building and felt warm, tingling spasms of electricity and pleasure. The sense of ecstasy, and falling, as I swept away into blissful spasms of lust was wonderful. Together we were in heaven then our bodies quietened down, and eventually stopped.

We lay still wrapped in each other’s sweaty embrace. Sweaty, sticky with juices, his cum oozing out, his cock inside my wet sticky cunt, and his hands gently caressing me. He held me, and kissed me gently, and lay there in a naked embrace. Sometime later he got up and poured some red wine. We lay there naked in the soft glow of the lamp, sipping wine, kissing and caressing.

I was feeling so bahis şirketleri primitive in my desires and kinky, unfortunately, I seldom get to enjoy my kink because I can’t tell everyone what my deepest depravities are. I move in a small circle and I don’t trust the men to keep it secret. Peter was a total stranger who showed the same animal instinct to sex as I did. As we would never meet again it would not matter what he knew. And I trusted him and felt safe with him.

After some more wine, I led the conversation toward love and anal play. I loved rimming a guy. That moment his anus and balls were over my face and I could rim his anus and suck his balls was amazing. The lust I experienced was deliciously decadent. But best of all was to get on my knees, thrust my ass high and have a guy push his cock in my anus and fuck me.

Like I say, I seldom actually did it, but had a good orgasm that way with the vibrator. Now I was naked, aroused and floating on red wine with a naked man I did not know.

I whispered, “I am quite kinky.” And waited!

He murmured back “Good so am I. What do you like?”

I smiled and said, “You will see.”

I bent down sucked his cock and let my hands caress his balls. Then the lust hit me. I breathlessly told him to roll over. I buried my face between his thighs and sucked his balls and licked up to his anus. I rimmed him; my tongue flickering around his ring. He groaned and pushed back against my face. I slipped my finger inside him and massaged his prostrate gently and took his cock in my mouth.

He was so turned on he was fucking my mouth hard and groaning. My pussy flooded wet and sticky. I then rolled over and drew his face down and urgently thrust my ass into his face.

I begged, “Please eat me, I want you so much.”

He understood and started kissing and sucking my swollen pussy. Then tongued anus and rimmed me, and tongue fucked me in my anus. I was helpless, weak with lust, and moaning with delight and lust. I urged him by kneeling opening my thighs wide like a bitch in heat. My pussy was dripping, and my anus thrust up with my cheeks spread with my head on the mattress.

I felt him behind me. He licked my clit and pussy and anus then his hard cock started to fuck my pussy from behind. I was filled with cock and dripping. Then he pulled out and I felt his cock head press on my anus. I felt a bolt of lust and thrilled, so I almost came.

His strong hands opened my cheeks lifting my hips and he thrust, and his cock filled me. As he fucked my anus, my cunt flooded. I rubbed my clit with my fingers and finger fucking while he thrust and fucked me. Electric shocks streaked thru my limbs as I was spasming with pleasure drowning in lust as my orgasm exploded thru me. From my belly thru to my toes tingling spasms of lustful pleasure wracked my limbs and I collapsed.

He came inside me, his cock slippery with cum, fucking me as his spasms grew less strong and less urgent. We both collapsed on the bed. I was at last fully satisfied. In the morning we woke up slowly made love one more time. Then we showered and had breakfast together in the dining room. After which he called a cab and I left. We did not exchange numbers.

The next day I got up early and carefully dressed and applied my makeup. I was to meet the doctor I was to do my internship with at the hospital. I arrived early and went to the café and had a coffee. While I was sitting there my mentor arrived and said she’d take me to meet my professor.

As we walked into the office and there he was. “Peter,” she said, “this is Tracy your new intern!”

Then she said, “Tracy, this is Peter and his wife, Emily.”

I was mortified as my secret was now known in my circle! After Emily left, he turned to me.

“Relax Tracy, we all have our secrets, and I hope Emily doesn’t find out about mine!!”

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