Train Ride

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All persons mentioned are older than 18y of age. This is strictly a fictional story.


It all happened in the year 2000. I was on holiday, young, single and too horny for my own good.

My brother got married earlier the same year and during his wedding I met a girl whom I befriended. In the months that past Sabrina and I chatted a lot and got to know each other.

When she heard I had an obligated leave to take due to having too many leave days she asked that I come to visit. I, of course, did not think twice and made my arrangements. At the time she just finished school.

Let me describe her, she had a very athletic body due to her playing volleyball, netball and running. Very sexy well shaped legs, nice small firm ass beautiful long brown hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile with dimples and a perfect pair of b cup size breasts that was very firm. You could get lost in her beautiful blue eyes and her sexy voice.

Let me describe myself. I, on the other hand, am 1,94m tall weighed about 80kg and although I were a runner, played rugby and hit the gym twice a week, my body did not show it.

Back to the story: I found out that there wasn’t any busses or taxis that drives from my home town, which is a fishing community, to her town which is a farmer community. My visit would work perfectly in that my brother and sister-in-law stayed in the same town as Sabrina, so at least my accommodation for my holiday would be free.

The only transport to Sabrina was with the train. That in itself was a problem due to the train company discontinued the sleeper coaches and replaced it with seats like a bus. There were two classes, in the front was the business class and in the back was the economy class. What made it even more of a drag the train ride are 12 hours and only went to the Capital of our country where you had to get off. There I’d have to wait the whole day until the night at 22:00 to get on another train that would drive another 12 hours to the small farmer town.

After impatiently waiting for my leave the day of my trip finally arrived. I was very excited. Sabrina and I spoke every day and she let me in on her secret that she was actually still a virgin, and most surprisingly, she wanted me to take her virginity. Her father was very strict, a very huge guy that did not take nonsense from anyone. The guy was literally feared by the people of the town and even the judge did not want to see him in court. Now saying that you understand why all of a sudden I was very excited but scared at the same time. The only thing that calmed my nerves were that we lived 600 km apart so I only needed to stay clear from her dad while I was there and we executed our plan.

It was a Thursday night that I got into the train in my hometown. I took my seat and realized that it was going to be a very uncomfortable ride. The space for my legs was almost not enough for a short ride an definitely not enough for the long ride. Luckily I was seated alone so I could turn sideways and put my legs on the other seat. At around 19:30 we departed and about 30 km further the conductor switched on the TV and a movie. You canlı bahis could see they were operating on a low budget, because it was a very old movie with bad acting. My first thought was, can this ride become any worse? Luckily for me the rest of trip to the Capital were uneventful.

The next morning we arrived in the Capital and it was only coldish for the time of year. TJ an old school friend met me at the train station. He took me around and we went for lunch at a small restaurant. The small Restaurant just started selling local wines, liquor and Mampoer (it’s like a home brewed spirit) so my friend suggested we taste all. The Brandy was exceptionally delicious and I even thought about buying myself a bottle, until I heard the price. $350 for 500ml was just way beyond what I was willing to pay for it.

Afterwards TJ took me to see the new Mall that everyone was fussing about, it was disappointing to say the least. It was way smaller and had less attractions than expected. We finished up and got to see his parents and sister and then he took me back to the train station. TJ did not wait with me for the train and I didn’t mind, and I actually appreciated the little time to myself.

Around 20:00 the train to my hometown left and it became quiet on the platform. I noticed a young woman about 20 years of age standing about 15 meter from me talking with what I expected to be friends. They looked all the same age.

I went and sat down on the platform bench which also gave me a better view of the lady. As I observed her I could see that she is short had a nice tight jean on with polo neck long sleeve shirt and jacket that showed she finished school in 1999. If you looked at the shape of her legs you’d think she might be doing body building or she did a lot of running. She had a nice tight slightly bubble but, small firm maybe 36B breasts, dark brown hair in a bob style and by the way her shirt hugged her midsection she had a firm tummy.

As I looked her over our eyes met and she smiled and then turned to her friends. I thought to myself ‘now you did it by getting caught ogling at the woman, her friends are probably going to come and give me shit for that.’ I tried not to look at her again but every now and then I caught myself looking at her. My phone started to ring and seeing it was Sabrina, I immediately answered the phone.

I stood up and walked in the opposite direction of where the group of women were. I spoke to Sabrina and shared our excitement that we would be seeing each other the next day. While I stood and spoke to Sabrina I glanced at the woman and almost every time I found that she was also looking at me. Sabrina said goodbye when her Mother called her and then she said to me check your mail I’ve sent you something. I went to the internet shop across the train station and quickly downloaded my mail and the attachment she have send. When I opened it there she was, butt naked with a sly smile and holding a very flimsy see through material in front of her. I almost got a heart attack right there and an instant boner.

I quickly composed myself and went back. I did not realise what effect the bahis siteleri picture had on me until I saw the woman standing on the platform. My mind went wild and I imagined her naked with a thin piece of see through material in front of her. I then realized that she is all alone and that her friends is gone while we had about 45 min before we had to board the train. I went back to sit on the bench when she also came and sat down but on the other end of the bench. I greeted and she greeted me back very friendly. I asked her if she is also going to the same place as I or is she waiting for some one, which she replied that she will be travelling as well. I introduced myself and she said her name is Jade.

We chit chatted a bit more and eventually the train arrived so we boarded the train and I thought to myself great I will have two seats to myself since there was basically no one in business class. Just before we could depart there was a commotion on the platform and whole bunch of older somewhat towards old people came piling in.

After everybody got a seat a big fat sweaty man came walking in from the economy class side and sat down next to Jade. Jade was seated on the window side but right across me. I could immediately see that Jade was uncomfortable with this man next to her, but she didn’t immediately say something so I thought she is okay with it.

The train barely departed when Jade excused herself to the ladies room. When she returned she did not go back to her seat, instead she came to me and asked if she can sit by me. I agreed and she moved her blanket and pillow to my side. We started chatting immediately and one moment she looked me over and asked if I want to share her blanket, because she saw I am all goosebumps. I accepted gladly in that way I could hide my hard on. We were about two hours into the drive and she went to the ladies room again, this time however she came back wearing loose sweatpants.

She sat down and I said without thinking wow even with that baggy sweatpants you look hot with a sexy ass. I realized what I did and started to apologise, when she cut me off by saying don’t. I like you to and won’t mind to get to know you better maybe even create a memorable train ride. I was like totally flabbergasted but understood well enough this is about to become a great train ride.

The other passengers started sleeping one by one and we took it as our cue to explore each other. I moved close to her and she covered us with her blanket again. I let my hands free explore her while I lightly kiss her neck. My hands snaked up under her shirt and found her braless breasts. I caressed the left one while lightly play with her nipple and from time to time pinch her very erect nipples. My other hand has found its way to her crotch where I found her clean shaved pussy. I slowly rubbed her clit and spread her labia. I went on for a while, while complimenting her and telling her softly how much I would love to eat her out. At that time I pushed my middle finger all the way in. She grabbed my penis and started to stroke me through my pants.

Every time there was movement or a sound by one of the other bahis şirketleri passengers we stopped. Incredibly it made both of us hornier. I kept changing between her breasts, while fingering, she started squirming around and a became bold. I dove with my head under the blanket lifted up her shirt and clamped my mouth on her toy. I sucked and rolled my tongue around her nipple. She started shivering and spasming and the next moment her juices flooded over my hand. She started slapping my head lightly and told me to stop.

I took my head from under the blanket and saw her eyes still having, a moment later she stopped biting the pillow, looked me in the eyes and said fuck me. She lifted herself a bit of the seat and pulled down her pants, I followed suit. She turned on her side, dragged her fingers through her wet pussy then with her wet hand grabbed my dick and guided it to her love hole. I started pushing and she asked me to go slowly and obliged. She was tight like hell and I thought to myself ‘Damm, don’t tell me I’m about to take her virginity.’ So I started slowly pushing forward a little bit the pull back, she instructed me to pull her ass cheeks a bit open. I did as instructed, I asked her are the angle okay or is she virgin, she replied she Is want it my ads just a bit more and you’ll be in.

I always fantasized about anal and now I’m not only going to experience it but in a taboo place of all. The thought of getting caught with my dick up in Jade ass came to me but strangely made me want it more. With that I pushed hard into her and I was all the way in. She asked me to hold still for one moment and then very loving said go head. As I started to slowly drive in and out of her we kissed. I let my hands find their way to her tits and pussy again.

The adrenaline of having sex in the train and that with a sexy woman was adding to the pleasure. I felt how she started shoving her ass back at me and I started to ride her harder and faster. I felt hand next to mine at her pussy, and then I felt my dick push against something. It felt so good, when it disappeared and her fingers came all wet from under the blanket I knew she was fingering herself. Before she could do anything I grabbed her hand and sucked her juices of her fingers.

Jade and I were briefing heavy now, and started to plead to make her cum. “Ohh yes fuuucck just like that ughh,” she moaned into the pillow. “I am sooo close almost there,” she whimpered. By this time I was so lost in pleasure and list I didn’t realize we were making more noise than we thought. I heard a seat crack and an older couple was leaning over looking back watching us. That did it for me and I let her know I am going to cum. She started telling me yes yes fuck me give me your fuck I want all of it in me. At that moment I had the biggest hottest orgasm with Jade at the same time.

We laid very still for what felt like hours. We made a bit of a mess, but all of a sudden a small towel landed on us. Remembering the couple I looked towards them and thanked them. Jade made a comment ohh God it is so hot to know we’ve been watched. We cleaned up and pulled ourselves together spooning till we awoke to the conductors wake up call.

To tell the truth I never got around to do anything except having coffee with Sabrina. Until today Jade is always looking to having me in strange, wild and public places.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20