Wet and Sticky

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Story includes food, pee, (anal) masturbation, and a bit of incestuous voyuerism type thing…

Kendall is 18.


Kendall woke up on a Saturday morning. It felt so good not to be jarred out of sweet sleep by her blaring alarm clock, but to sleep in a few extra hours and just relax. For the past fourteen days she had been extremely busy with school, dance and cheerleading, tutoring, band, and babysitting for the Clarks. She was past exhausted days ago, but she finally had a full free day to do absolutely nothing.

The thought of utter freedom put a wide smile on her pretty face as she stretched luxuriously, a lengthy yawn and a deep moan transforming into a gentle giggle. The red wine she had drank with her daddy the night before left her so relaxed, she didn’t even remember falling asleep. The alcohol had made her so horny too, the desired effect. She wanted to have a nice, long, satisfying masturbation session but she was so exhausted and so tipsy she fell asleep during foreplay. One second she was caressing herself through her little white panties, the next she was in dreamland.

Kendall was quickly reminded of last night’s mission when her desire awoke momentarily after she had. The little points in the center of her small breasts prodded her much-too-tiny white top. The years old tank was flimsy, clean and soft just like her size small panties but it still gently rasped her little nips, adding sparks to the warm kindling glowing between her thighs.

She gingerly slid one finger down her slit through her silky bikini panties, shuddered and sighed. “Good morning, Kittygirl,” she greeted her teenaged sex, fondling her with soft cotton and careful fingers. But following the growing warmth of desire inside her, she noticed another type of need. A less sexy and less relaxing need. The need to pee. Badly.

She tried to ignore it, continuing to build upon her embers with hands made of feathers, ever so slightly caressing herself as to not alert her full bladder that she was awake. Then something switched. Somehow, the pressure in her urinary tract began to lend itself to her more carnal craving. She pinched her lip between teeth and moaned as she dared to apply just a little more pressure to her cunny (the wetness of which she could now feel through her panties), dragging a finger from her moist crease to her sensitive clit.

She moaned, “mmmmm, Kittygirl,” and pat her a few times as if to spank her for being naughty. She giggled at her silly antics and took her fingers off her pleasure button.

She had intended to get up and go pee before resuming, but her lazy Saturday body didn’t obey her mind. Instead, half a minute later, she found her fingers migrating south again. “Kittyyy,” she whined in a pleading voice, “you’re gonna make me pee my panties.” A foolish giggle followed a gentle erotic wave as a small trickle of urine seeped out of her. “Oopses,” she whispered.

It felt kind of nice to relieve some of the pressure in her bladder, even the little tiny bit, and for someone reason, I’m a little tiny bit more horny, she realized. She tried to feel the difference of wetness on her soft panties, but it all felt like her usual juices of arousal. The little sip of lemon water didn’t even wet the white sheets beneath her. Even a normal masturbation session would dampen her sheets once she got going good, if not with sweat then surely with her kitten’s dew, and definitely with cum when she climaxed.

Kendall let a little more urine soak into her panties, sighing at the dual pleasures of touching herself and wetting herself. The pleasure of wetting myself? she thought. No. The pleasure of getting off and the relief of not leaving my bed, she assured herself with the flimsy lie.

Then there was a knock on her bedroom door. “Kendall?” her daddy called out.

“Yeesss?” she answered, with moderate heat in her silky voice. She didn’t bother to stop masturbating while talking to her daddy.

“I made breakfast. Come eat,” Daddy said.

“In a minute,” Kendall called out, patting her pussy three times, a small spritz of warm liquid escaping her body with each tap.

“Ok, but its casino siteleri gonna get cold. You know eggs don’t microwave well.” He paused. There was no answer. “Hey, is everything alright in there?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said, her panties now more than saturated and probably leaking down to soak her sheets.

“Is it your period?”

“No, daddy. I’m just masturbating. I’ll be out in aboooouuuuut…,” she had no idea how long it would take. She was horny enough to masturbate all day.

Her daddy chuckled. “Well alright. Cold eggs it is… Do you need anything?”

“No, thanks Daddy” she said.

“…I could bring you a couple of your mom’s toys if you want…”

“No, I’ll go natural, just my fingers as God intended. Thanks, though.”

Kendall listened to her daddy walk away and looked down her body. She had thrown her sheets off her body and slid her panties down just below her crevice, all unawares. It seemed her hands were on autopilot while she talked with her daddy. She sat up to see just how much she had peed. Not too much, passable for just a really wet kitty.

Her daddy came back to the door after a minute. “You decent?” he said, knocking.

“Mmm, I’m much better than decent,” she said, sliding a finger up and down beside her clit and into the slickness of her slit.

They both chuckled at the jest as he pushed the door open and walked in. With his eyes he grazed her tender body, from her lusty facial expression, to her flat tummy below the hem of the small shirt, down between her spread legs. Kendall never hid her bald pussy from her daddy’s view, and her nipples were visibly erect through her tiny sleeping shirt. His eyes only left from between her legs to set a plate of breakfast and a big cup of juice down on the nightstand and to kiss his daughter softly on her pouty lips, then they returned to the cotton just below her busy little fingers.

“Why are your panties so wet?” he asked with half a chuckle, reaching out and gripping the soaked cotton, pulling them down closer to her knees. Kendall’s little panties were stretched taut by her spread thighs but she dared not close her legs – touching herself felt too good to stop now, and neither did she want her daddy to slip off her undies and discover the smell of urine rather than his baby girl’s liquid sex. That would be so embarrassing, she fretted.

“I’m a horny girl,” Kendall answered with an innocence betraying the situation. She was not innocent. She had wet herself and lied about it.

“Wow,” he said in amazement, surveying the wet sheets. “I’ve known quite a few horny girls but they don’t get this wet. I mean this is-“

“Dad. I’m trying to finish here,” she said, sounding exasperated. In truth, her daddy’s invasive presence was turning her on so much. As was his hand that drug her panties to their limit, dangerously close to discovering her nasty secrets.

“Oh, right,” he released her panties and kissed her again on the lips, twice. “I’ll leave you to it then. Enjoy yourself sweetie. You’ve had a long week and you deserve it,” he said sweetly, kissed her naked shoulder and then walked out and shut the door.

Just as the door banged shut Kendall’s cunny spurted another burst of faintly yellow piss, splashing her fiddling fingers. Out of curiosity, she slipped off her panties and took a whiff to see if her daddy would have smelled the difference. The smell was a little tart, but not very strong. Not even a bad smell, she noticed.

She sniffed. It simply smelled of her body. A really clean smell actually…, she thought. And…,

She sniffed again… and sighed.


She inhaled once more, deeper… and groaned.

Oh. Yes…, she realized, this is turning me on!

She had confirmed her suspension. Every gush was making her wetter (in both ways) and even the smell of her panties was intoxicating. A steady murmur built inside her loins, and radiated outward in a warm and fuzzy glow. She kept the sodden wad of cotton in her hands as she began to tweak a stiff nipple with the same hand, spotting her little white top with dark splotches. She giggled at the delicious feelings canlı casino her fingers and her new found kink had given her. Then she circled the crown of her femininity with slick fingers earnestly until her orgasm burst open and spread warm felicity throughout her entire body.

Kendall grunted and groaned softly, as she came and came. She felt her moment reaching its crescendo and desired to hold on to it as long as she could. Rubbing her pussy, she squirmed madly, milking her body for all the pleasure her daddy promised she deserved. She contemplated totally releasing her bladder, the thought making her twitch then blush, but she didn’t want to be caught in the state of the aftermath. So she finished herself off honestly with just her wet fingers and her dirty, deviant imagination as she cruised casually to the end of a beautiful climax.

After, Kendall grabbed her plate and sat indian style in the middle of her bed to eat. She glanced down at the darkened circle that was beneath her ass and smiled, thinking herself so naughty for doing that. She had pissed so much she no longer needed to go the bathroom, but she wasn’t empty either. Her body still sang from her self loving and she knew she would treat herself again once she finished eating.

Kendall consumed the bacon, scrambled eggs and pancake in a few minutes, then dipped playful fingers into the small container of leftover honey and licked it off, the same fingers that she had used between her legs. She picked up the tall glass of juice and began to guzzle, getting excited about the possibility of wetting herself even more later, if she dared.

Before she was halfway finished, her bedroom doorknob turned and she panicked. Kendall realized she was sitting in a wet circle and had on a piss-covered top for which there would be no excuse, so she quickly poured the orange juice down her chin, making sure it ran down over her breasts where she had wrung out her pissy panties. Cold juice covered her from her upper lips to her lovely lips below.

“Daddy! You scared me!” she lied.

“Sorry babes. You finished?” he said sitting beside her on the bed and putting his arm around her.

Kendall gestured toward the empty plate and glass with a sarcastic look.

“No. I mean did you cum?”

“Oh,” she giggled and blushed, “only once.”

“Only once?” her daddy chuckled. “How many times do you plan on cumming, sweetie?”

“I don’t know. Kitty’s hungry today, and I plan on feeding her as much as she can take,” she said.

“Well, go ahead. Finish stuffing your muffin, sweetie. I’ll be going,” he said, kissed his baby girl softly on the ear and rose, her empty plate and cup in hand.

“Wait, leave the honey,” she said.

“But there’s no more…,” he gave her a strange, accusatory gaze. She blushed and returned a sly smile, a facial confession really.

Her daddy chuckled and set the small container half full of honey on the nightstand, and then left again.

Kendall looked down at herself. She was drenched and her breasts showed through her white top, areolas visibly brown and textured. She flushed knowing her daddy was able to see them like this. For some reason the thought tickled her…, down there.

Kendall removed her tank and knew she would start to feel sticky once the juice had dried. But she wanted to finish masturbating for the day before showering. It would be so inconvenient to need to shower twice. So she lay back naked on her bed, growing stickier by the second as she dipped her fingers in her honey and played with her nipples, just to tease the quickening between her legs.

Her back arched upward at the electric vibrations going through her young body, ass planed in the sheets and flat tummy forming a graceful arc. Up and then down, up and then down. Her pussy seemed to whisper its desire to her as she titillated her fine nubs covered in sweet sticky honey. Her hairless legs caressed one another as she grew giddy with each slow circle she drew around her cute little sensitive nubs, and with each sensuous roll of her hips. Kendall softly moaned and giggled innocently as she gently fondled herself.

Kendall kaçak casino then picked up the little cup of honey beside her and poured liberal amounts of honey atop each of her firm breasts. The nectar felt warm as it dripped lusciously down her eighteen year old tits. She nibbled her lip as she poured a little bit on her tight tummy, noticing the smooth slow-flowing liquid as it dripped into the thin little slit of her navel.

Kendall returned her attention to her small perky breasts, now taking them into her palms, massaging the sticky honey into her supple skin. She squeezed her malleable flesh carelessly and felt the molten sugar dripping down the sides of her breasts. And when she cooed and arched again, she could feel the honey slowly reaching down to her puss, as if even honey longed for the sweetness that hid between the teen’s legs. Kendall allowed it to slide down and gently caress her kitty with warm, silken fingers.

It was a delightful little tease. The girl giggled aloud as she massaged her soft tits with more abandon. She squeezed into her honeyed flesh, making impressions in her young breasts with her fingers and moaning. Her concerns for the cleanliness of her body and bed melted right down where the honey had and her only focus was to love herself until she creamed.

Kendal turned on her side and honey dripped down the side of her body onto her bed. She took one middle finger and dipped it deep into the honeypot, sure to get it wet and sticky up past the second knuckle. The tender eighteen year old kept one hand busy playing with her sweet sticky tits as she snaked the other around her hip, spreading herself back there with thumb and forefinger. Then she found the rim of her tight little butthole and slid her slick middle finger all around it. And then, she slowly slipped it up inside.

“Oh! Oh, goodie!” Kendall whimpered, surprised by the exhilaration caused by fingering her anus. “Mmmmm, ooooooo, mmmmmn,” she moaned as she worked her hips with the rhythm of her probing finger.

Covered in honey, finger up her small ass, hand kneading her sticky little tits, Kendall thoroughly let herself go. She switched off her inhibitions and allowed herself to be lost to pleasure, to be consumed by her desires. “Ooooh,” she whined, pinching and pulling her swollen nipples. “Yes, yes yes,” she said, masturbating her young, tight asshole. “Mmmmmmn, yes, daddyyyy,” she muffled a scream.

Only in her most intense, intimate moments did she cry out her daddy’s name while masturbating. The sheer taboo of it was a nice nudge she would use to push her over the edge of a yummy orgasm. But she had seldom used it, usually all alone, except the for the one time with her bestfriend, Priyanka.

But Kendall didn’t care. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. Cumming was the only thing in the world. She slipped her hand down from her breasts through the slippery, sticky honey to her neglected, aching clit. Still poking into her ass and bucking her hips, she began sliding her fingers through her slit and around her slick nub, murmuring incoherently and wriggling in ecstasy on the bed. Just as she felt her orgasm open up she completely let go. Warm liquid began to flow from between her thighs and wet everything, her thighs, the bedsheets, the hand massaging her precious puss, and the hand whose honey-coated finger slid in and out of her tiny butthole.

“Oh, god, daddy! Yes, yes, oh! Daddy, mmmm,” she cried, knowing nothing but the sweet yumminess of a tasty tasty cum. She ground her hips in a circle, stimulating her anus and clit through a powerful climax, pissing her clean white sheets, calling out her daddy’s name without shame. “Mm, daddy. Oh…, daddy…, daddy daddy,” she murmured through her orgasm until she had cum and then come back to her senses. She had to giggle to herself in the afterglow of probably the sweetest self orgasm of her entire life.

“That was so good,” she sighed. Kendall then took her fingers out her ass and off her swollen pussy. “Mmm,” she hummed. The two fingers of one hand tasting of honey, her familiar feminine fluids and the tartness of her piss. Then she sucked the one finger, tasting only the sweetness of honey and the sweetness of her teeny anal hole. “Mmm-mmm,” she said, savoring the tasty flavors of a salacious self love.


Just a little story. Could have made it longer but maybe later I’ll add to it.

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