A family of Love-Part VI

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That morning James got up last, after actually catching another hour of sleep, Beth had already gone upstairs and Kayla was standing in front of her mirror putting different outfits in front of her, deciding what to wear. Her white panties, with multi-colored flowers on them caused his dick to get slightly harder, though not much more than that. He slowly got out of bed and walked behind his big sister. He gently squeezed her ass check and kissed her cheek. Kayla turned and kissed her brother on the mouth and smiled, she couldn’t believe she was in love with her own brother, but was actually glad that she was.

After they both got dressed they went up stairs for some breakfast. Beth was just leaving on her bus as they sat down. Their mother and father were busy getting ready for work. Just as Kayla and James finished up their breakfast their parents left, with a few quick good byes.

They didn’t have to be at school for another two hours. Kayla walked towards the bathroom nodding for James to follow, he did so eagerly. When he got in their her chosen outfit was hanging on the wall and her robe had been dropped, she was just wearing the panties. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. James put his arms around her and kissed her deeply. After the kiss she moved her nose side to side against his, playfully.

It was at that moment that both of them realized just how in love they were, how they wanted to be with each other for the rest of their lives. “Come on, we gotta get washed up,” She said and kissed her brother’s lips lightly again. He quickly, and eagerly, took off his clothes as she slithered out of her panties. As soon as they got in the shower he couldn’t keep his hands off of her. She was facing away from getting her soap off the tray.

He ran his hand gently over her ass check and then slid his middle finger into her hole. She instinctively put her hands on the wall and her head and chest against it. “Mmm, bro!” She moaned loudly, glad she could finally let them out. He quickly finger fucked her ass hole, his other hand creeping down her front and sliding a finger into her pussy as well.

He finger fucked both her holes rapidly. She continued to moan loudly and kept pressing herself harder against the wall. The warm water hitting her side and back added to her pleasure as after just a few minutes she approached orgasm.

She clenched her hands as she came and moaned her brother’s name loudly. “James! James!” she yelled as she came on his fingers. Her orgasm wasn’t nearly as powerful as the two the night before, but was still great for her either way.

Her brother licked off his fingers and then reached over her to grab the soap, grinning. As he reached over she got on her knees and took his entire length into her mouth. He stood back and placed his hand on her head. She began bobbing her head up and down quickly, her one hand tickling his balls the other on his ass. He felt her tongue on the base of his dick, and even one time she stuck it out when she was all the way down and licked his balls.

James moaned slightly as he began pushing into his sister’s mouth as she went down on him. He was cumming in half the time she did, and she gulped it all down and then smiled at him.

Then they washed each other, sometimes stopping to focus on each others sexual parts and left for school. James had pretty much forgotten all about Alicia until he saw her at school that day. She kissed him in the hall way and looked very sad. But when he asked her about it she said everything was fine and canlı bahis not to worry.

That’s when James realized that part of him still loved Alicia, although he was not in love with her like he was with Kayla, he still loved her. In the one class they had together, which was a study hall, the teacher was nice enough to let them sit next to each other and cuddle. Neither of them said a word, she just kept her head on his shoulder and he kept his arms around her.

By the end of the day she wasn’t really sad any more, or was just hiding it really well. They walked to her house together after school. They were barely in their house when Alicia pushed him over the arm rest of the couch and jumped on top of him kissing him wildly. His hands grabbed her ass as she dry humped against him.

They stopped when Mindy walked in, although she watched eagerly, Alicia told her that her friends across the street wanted to play. Mindy quickly dropped her things and ran across the street.

“That was mean!” James said, kind of jokingly.

“But they really do!” replied Alicia and kissed him again then got up. “Come on,” she said running up the stairs to the computer room. There she had a big soft leather chair all set up and a porn site already up on the screen when she wiggled the mouse. He sat down and she sat on his lap, they had done this a few times, but this time it was different, at least it felt different for James.

Soon after she clicked play a couple started making out. James’ dick got hard and he began rubbing Alicia’s pussy through her jeans. As soon as the female started giving the guy a blow job James stood up and got undressed. Without a word Alicia did also. James was sitting, leaning back and his dick was pointing straight up. Alicia got between his knees and began sucking him off. But before she did he pulled her up.

“Sit on it,” he asked. Alicia didn’t want James to find out she wasn’t a virgin any more so she turned and spread her ass cheeks. She felt the head of James’ dick at the ass hole and knew it would hurt. But she felt it worth it to keep him. She forced her self down slowly, she was happy when James didn’t push up at all.

James was quite surprised when Alicia presented her ass to him. He had always wanted to be in her ass, but never thought to ask. Then he remembered fingering Kayla’s ass and how wonderfully tight and hot it was. He let her come down to him, for fear of hurting her. It took her a full minute until the head was in, the pleasure was enormous for James, his hands were on his hips and he was tempted to just pull her down, but Alicia’s groans stopped him.

“Is everything okay, baby?” he asked her, sitting up a little.

It hurt a lot for her, but she wanted it to feel good, and to feel him shoot deep inside her ass, that had always been a fantasy of hers. She felt her boyfriend’s hands on her hips and said, “Just pull me down.” James hesitated a second, “Just do it!” She said loudly. Then she felt his hands pull back on her hips and his long hard dick sink right into her ass hole. “Ahh!” she screamed out of pain, but James quickly began massaging her pussy and a breast and kissing her neck.

After a couple minutes the pain dissipated and Alicia sat up straighter and smiled and began moaning. She felt a finger slid into her pussy and looked down to watch. She loved watching things go in and out of her pussy.

James was still overcome by pleasure, although Alicia’s super tight ass even hurt him a little at first, when Alicia sat up, and picked up her ass a little. bahis siteleri She went almost all the way up before dropping back down. James used the recline feature on the chair to watch himself go in and out of her ass. After a few minutes of slow ups and fast downs she got a basic rhythm going.

Both his hands were on his hips and he was humping up every time she came down. After a few of his own thrusts he was ready to blow, but getting uncomfortable. He picked her up with his dick still inside her ass. And stood her up in front of a wall. Her hands went out and he began pumping in and out of her ass hole. One of his hands cupped her pussy hard as the other grabbed her breast.

Alicia was moaning in pleasure loudly, and squealed a little as he pushed two fingers into her pussy deeply. She came hard, her pussy squeezing his fingers, her ass milking his dick. James moaned himself as he pushed in her ass hole hard, cumming deep inside it.

Just as they finished cumming they heard the door open and Alicia’s father walk in. They quickly scrambled to get the porn site off and their clothes on. “Come on, I’m taking you home James,” her father said.

“Thank you,” James replied and kissed Alicia and they walked out the door.

It was about four o’clock when James got home, he knew it’d just be him and his sister for another hour. Beth was spending the night at a friends house so they’d have the room to themselves. He walked in and his big sister was watching T.V. and doing some homework. “Hey, sis!” he said as he set his bag down and sat next to her. She kissed his lips romantically and went back to her work.

He grabbed the remote quietly and changed the channel. Kayla looked up and snatched the remote back from him. And flipped it back to what she was watching.

“Give that back!” he shouted as he reached for it. Kayla put it behind her back and laid back on it. James was quick to lay atop his sisters and push his hands under her back, but she had shoved it between to cushions. He looked in her eyes and just kissed her, forgetting about the remote he kissed her deeply. He brought up a hand behind the back of her head. Just as he brought the other up her back they heard a car pull in. “Someone’s home early!” James said as he got up and moved over away a bit from his big sister.

Their mother walked in and headed straight in the shower, she seemed angry and upset. Neither of them wanted to bother her, knowing she liked to punish them for no reason when she was angry, especially Beth.

Kayla waited a minute after the shower started to ask James what happened at Alicia’s. He looked puzzled as he said, “I put it in her butt…”

Kayla giggled, but was slightly saddened by hearing what her love was doing with another girl. “Was it good?”

“It was,” he responded as he looked at Kayla. “I think I’m going to break up with her…” he sad, slightly gloomy.

“For me?” she asked, her eyes filling with tears. James hugged her and kissed her cheek.

“I love you more than I love her. Plus I think maybe she might want to leave me too…” His sister kissed him and he grabbed her butt as they heard another car pulling in. “Why is everyone home early?!” He asked loudly, Kayla giggled as their dad walked in to see his son and daughter doing their homework.

That night James went to bed a little early, he had just gotten to sleep when he felt someone crawl into bed with him. “Hey bro,” Kayla whispered softly, “We got the whole room all to our selves tonight.” Alicia smiled and began kissing his lips, bahis şirketleri slowly moving down to his neck.

James slowly moved his hands over her body, still sort of sleeping, but he woke up when he realized she was already naked. His eyes widened when her hand went under the covers and grabbed his dick, he always slept naked.

Kayla slowly pulled the covers off of him and kept stroking his dick until it was rock hard. Then she turned and put her wet pussy in her brother’s face as she began to suck on him. He eagerly put his hands on her ass and began eating her out. They humped up against each other as they became more aroused. She began tickling his balls with her fingers as he began rubbing her clit with his.

He slowly pushed a finger into her pussy, then pulled it out and pushed it into her ass hole. She moaned loudly as she sucked a finger and began to push it into his ass hole. At first he moved away, but she held him there as she began to finger fuck his ass just like he was doing to hers. “It’s only fair!” she said as she then licked his balls.

James felt himself ready to cum as he began pushing harder into his sister’s mouth, starting to enjoy the finger in his ass hole. She came as he came, both of them humping wildly into each other.

After a minute of rest she turned around and laid next to him for a while, they kissed each other, swapping each others juices. Before long his dick had become rock hard again and was poking against her thigh. She laid on her back and spread her legs, even played with her pussy a little to get him harder.

But he kissed her lips and said, “Roll over, I want to feel your butt too, sis.” She was eager to oblige and rolled on her stomach. Her hands reached back and spread her cheeks. He bent down and licked around and in her clean ass hole, stroking himself to get ready.

He placed the head of his dick at the entrance to her ass and asked, “Are you ready, sis?”

She moaned slightly, “Yes, just shove it in me fast though.” He did as she asked, pushing his dick all the way into her ass, as deep and fast as he could go. He felt her ass clinch and tighten, and heard her moans of pain. He began to pull out of her slowly, the tightness making it difficult for him too, and he didn’t want to. His sister’s ass was much tighter than Alicia’s, and he wanted to just fuck it and cum deep inside her. “Don’t pull out, bro!” She looked up at him, her eyes were filled with tears, and he could tell she was in pain. He kissed her lips lovingly as he pushed back in slowly.

After a minute she had turned her head back forward and pushed up with her ass. He began slowly pulling out and pushing back in. He put his hands at the sides of her for more support as he slowly got faster. Kayla kept squeezing his dick with her ass as he moved in and out of her rosebud. She slid a hand down and began finger and rubbing her pussy frantically.

James began pushing in and out of his sister’s ass hole quickly, the sperm rushing through his dick as he laid on top of her fully, his hands grabbing her breasts and kneading them.

Kayla was moaning loudly from her brother fucking her ass hole and her fingers fucking her pussy, she had three shoved deep inside her. She found her own g-spot and began cumming wildly. Her whole body shook as she moaned loudly, and even squealed a little. James kept going faster and harder and deeper, his dick feeling ready to explode. And once his sister’s ass clamped down on it like a vice grip when she came, he grabbed her breasts hard and came.

They both moaned loudly as they came together. They slowly drifted off into sleep, his dick still burried into her ass hole, but it slipped out when it got soft.

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