A Midnight Swim , Grant the Pool Attendant

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At University, I often used to swim late at night in the pool at the Students’ Union; it was always quiet and I often had the whole pool to myself. One of the attendants was really nice looking. He was in his late 20’s, quite tall and lean but with broad shoulders; clean-shaven but with a thick mop of fair hair. He was slightly olive-skinned and his powerful arms were complemented by the white T-shirt he usually wore. He also had long hairless legs and a fantastically muscular bum, regrettably covered by baggy blue nylon swim-shorts. I had been told by one of my friends that his name was Grant.

Aside from Grant, there was at least one other attendant but Grant always seemed to do the late shift. However, he had lots of other duties besides “babysitting” the swimmers, so it was quite common to see nothing but glimpses of him from time to time.

However, if I went earlier in the evening, I would often see Grant sitting in his chair on top of his ladder. He had the fascinating habit of sitting with one ankle crossed on top of his other knee, so that as I swam down the lane and approached his station at one end, I could see right up the leg of his blue shorts, within the darkness of which I could clearly see the rounded white shape of his “modesty-panel”, tantalizingly hiding as it did, his testicles and his penis – frustratingly beyond my reach! I used to imagine what they must be like – bunched in his groin, large and full, set in a nest of curls surrounding a silky-soft and olive-coloured penis, uncircumcised of course! At school, I had always been so shy in the showers that I had hardly ever seen another naked boy, except out of the corner of my eye. But now I had reached the stage in my life where I had recently come to terms with my gayness and was playing “catch-up” with my lost adolescence. My experience of guys was still limited though, so you can imagine how fascinated I was with him; he was like the big brother I never had and had always wanted, in more ways than one!

The rules and opening times at the Union in those days were quite lax. The pool was supposed to close at 10pm but I often used to go in just before then and stay for nearly an hour but I was never “thrown out” and the doors were hardly ever locked.

One night, I was later than usual but the pool was still open, although most of the lights were off and everywhere was in a kind of twinkling half-light. There was no sign of Grant; he must have gone off duty. The pool lights were still on though, and the effect was just lovely – almost romantic! I changed into my pale blue “speedos” as usual, got into the water and swam a couple of lengths. There was still no sign of anyone else and I felt so safe that after a while, I decided to strip-off my trunks and swim in the nude.

I’d always wanted to be able to swim naked but had never had the opportunity – or the courage. The feeling of the water rushing past my stomach and groin was fantastic but it was nothing compared to the thrill of feeling my freed cock and balls rushing through the water and the sensations around my ass where the water passed around my buttocks and caused eddies behind my balls as I swam along! That night, I couldn’t wait to get back to my room so that I could beat-off, canlı bahis I was so highly charged!

Emboldened by my first nude swim, I soon got hooked on the habit and whenever I could, when the coast was clear, I would strip-off once I was in the water. Actually, I divided my visits into late ones, so that I could swim naked, and earlier ones, so that I could catch glimpses of Grant on his high-chair, always with his leg crossed in front of him, partially revealing his manhood!

One night, I was on a “late”, doing my usual lengths in the nude, in the rippling half-light of the pool lights, when all of a sudden I saw Grant standing at the edge of the pool down the deep-end, putting on his goggles. His T-shirt was gone and he was in just his blue swim-shorts. With a loud “SPLASH!” he dived into the water and started powering back down the far side of the pool. I’d got so used to being on my own late at night that it never occurred to me that he or anyone else would be around, let alone in the water. More to the point, I now realised that my trunks were down the other end!

Overcome by shyness, I froze and turned my back as he came down the far lane towards the shallow-end. His head was down and he was doing a powerful crawl, so I hoped he hadn’t seen me under the water. As he did his tumble-turn and started swimming back, I decided to head for my trunks as quickly as possible! At least he wouldn’t be able to see me from behind. On the way back up the pool, I had a brief view of his body under the water, as he powered away, his strong legs moving rhythmically behind him and his blue swim shorts clinging and rippling in the currents across his powerful buttocks, now beautifully back-lit by the underwater pool lights.

He reached the deep-end first of course and I expected him to turn again but he seemed to disappear from view as I came up to the bar. I was just about to grab my trunks from their hiding-place when there was a great “WHOOSH!” of water beside me and a swimming-goggled Grant shot up out of the water right by me!

“Hello!” he said, ripping off his goggles and brushing his hair out of his face.

I was never a particularly strong or confident swimmer, so his sudden appearance took me by surprise and I panicked; I gasped and lost my grip on the side bar, slipping under the water. Instinct then made me start to thrash about, to get my mouth out of the water but I was gulping-in more water than air. Suddenly, I felt strong arms around me and I was lifted up. As my face came out of the water and I took a clean breath, his face was beside me and I heard him say,

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you!”

He had too! Partly out of relief, I put my arms around him and clung tightly to him. In those moments, I had forgotten that I had no trunks on but survival takes precedence over modesty and I was only now coming to my senses. It was then that I realized that he wasn’t wearing his shorts either. The reason I realized this was that, as he trod the water beneath us, I felt his organ brushing back and forth against mine, which now began to develop a will of its own under the water!

Normally, I am one of those who shrivel-up in the cold water of the swimming-pool. You know what I mean; you feel sexy and horny, bahis siteleri looking at the other guys in the water, many of whom seem to be proudly sporting full-size equipment but your own seems to have disappeared! However, now that I was being grasped by strong manly arms and could feel the warm, hairless body of gorgeous Grant, my equipment came back to life and my cock began to stick out in front of me, poking him in the stomach.

“Hmm,” he said, “you seem to have recovered OK!”

“I’ve seen you swimming here naked before, haven’t I?” he continued, with a slight grin developing on his face. He was still holding onto me and I onto him.

I tried to regain some composure but in the water without any clothes on, it isn’t easy to have a nonchalant conversation with another guy, especially when he is totally naked and has you in a Fireman’s Grip while your erection is pressed against his stomach!

“You ARE gay then, I take it!” he half-asked, with his grin widening. I just nodded.

“Good!” he said. Then he kissed me; full on the mouth and I melted against him as his warm tongue thrust into my mouth and explored feverishly. Our tongues entwined and I simply groaned in ecstasy. He tasted of mint and garlic; not a combination I would have thought exciting but surrounded by chlorine, he tasted wonderful!

Held in his warm, strong grip around my middle, my arms were free to reach down in the water to the rounded shape of his gorgeous bum. Meanwhile, I could feel his own organ, now engorged and pushing between my legs beneath my balls, as he continued to gently tread water. I was just hanging there against him powerless in his grasp.

He then let go of me with one arm and reached out, grabbing my left arm and putting my hand on the bar. Then, without warning, he let go of me completely and disappeared beneath the water. The next thing I knew, I had the most fantastic sensation around my groin, as I felt the strong grip of his hands on my buttocks and my organ was engulfed by something beautifully soft and warm. How he held himself down under the water, I’ll never know, and how he held his breath that long I’ll never know either but I was now rock-hard and ecstatic. By the time he stopped sucking me and came up for air, I was nearly ready to burst.

“That nice? You want some more?” he asked.

“Oh, yes please!” I answered.

Down he went again and this time, he already had a “head” start! This time, under water I held his head down with one hand, my fingers playing with his wavy fair hair. His nose was buried in my pubic hair, as my whole tool was buried inside his mouth. I had been sucked a few times before but no-one had ever “deep-throated” me before. This was new – and glorious! Within seconds, I was shuddering uncontrollably in the water as a sensation began deep inside me that felt like my whole insides were being sucked out of my body. And then it happened; my insides erupted through my tool and I came into his mouth, as wave after wave of jism rose from my insides and spewed into him and down his warm throat. By God he was good! He was amazing! Any other guy would be gagging by now but his control was incredible! He must have swallowed everything without even breathing!

With a great bahis şirketleri rush of water, his face reappeared in front of me, looking a bit flushed.

“D’you now, I’ve always wanted to try that!” he said, wiping his mouth and grinning widely. He had the loveliest white teeth and I now saw for the first time that his eyes were pale blue. He seemed so genuinely pleased with himself and I was just too stunned to say anything imaginative except, “Wow!” and I smiled back.

“Now, young fella, what d’you think you can do for me?” he asked, looking intently into my eyes.

I was about to say that I didn’t think I could do what he had just done, when he took hold of me firmly and turned me around in the water, putting my other hand on the bar so that my back was now towards him. He then reached over me, pressing his whole body against my back and grabbing the bar with his left hand. With his right hand under the water behind me, he guided his still proud manhood firmly into the cleft of my ass. I now felt his warm hard cock, teasing around my hole, and his hand against the cheeks of my backside, prizing his fingers into my delicate but not quite virgin anus.

With the deftness of an expert, he thrust upwards and into me, as his right hand now reached across for the bar. Meanwhile, I was pressed against the side of the pool, hanging on with both hands! We were at the deep-end, remember, and I think this is what you might call “being deep-ended”! But I was now feeling a bit cold and what with that and a mixture of nerves, I was shivering in the water and my own cock had done its disappearing act again!

But he didn’t take long, bless him! All that confident talk and his controlled action under the water just now would have suggested a guy who might have bashed away at me all-night until he was good and ready but Grant, well he was obviously already very randy and desperate because in just a few thrusts, I heard him cumming. With one last pull with his strong arms, he heaved upwards into me, as he let out a great “Ugh!” and I felt his organ throbbing in my backside as his fluids flowed into my body, as if in replacement for those that had just left it.

Now sated, he slowly withdrew his organ and we climbed out of the water together, saying nothing. All he said was,

“You OK? It’s late. We’d better go now. See you!”

And with that, he just grabbed his swim-shorts and ran off, completely naked, towards the attendants’ back-room, leaving me to ponder on what had just happened. Sitting on the floor by the pool, still filled with his semen, I did feel a bit like a tossed-aside condom, but if I’m honest, I was rather flattered. And it’s not as if I didn’t get anything out of it! Mind you, with incidents like this in my early sexual development, is it any wonder the things I got up to later on! My only real concern at the time, I remember, was that we hadn’t left any accidental “give-away” traces in the water for swimmers to discover the following morning!

I never swam naked in the pool again after that. I did go swimming there though and I did see Grant again of course, lots of times. But it was only in his chair at the top of his ladder, from where he would sometimes grin and wink at me. But the way I prefer to remember Grant, all these years later, is my view of him and his gorgeous naked buttocks, padding away across the tiles, having had his wicked way with me!

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