A Show to Never Forget Part III

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Jordan slowly exited the room, stopping to gather up his shorts and put them back on. He then walked to the front room and plopped down on the couch. Thinking about what he had just experienced, and how amazing it was, not wanting to wait very long for more fun.

Jennifer looked at Justin, snoring loudly as he slept. “Justin wake up, time for you to get out,” she yelled at him. He didn’t stir at all, sound asleep. Jennifer moved next to him and shook him on the shoulder, “Justin wake up, go to your own room to sleep.” Justin jumped a little and looked at her groggily, “what?” He almost yelled. “Time for you to go to your room, so I can go to bed,” she said sincerely.

Justin slowly rolled off of the bed and stood up, still in a daze. Lindsey smiled at him and then looked at Jennifer. Justin slowly walked to the door, looking back at the nude girls and exited the room. He grabbed his shorts and put them on, then proceeded to the front room where Jordan was, and sat next to him on the couch.

After the door closed Jennifer turned to Lindsey, “what are you thinking?” Lindsey looked at her friend and smiled, “what do you mean?” Jennifer scoffed, “you know exactly what I mean, why did you tell Jordan what you did?” Lindsey shook her head in disgust, “I can’t believe you, who’s idea was it show them our pussies in the first place?”

Jennifer stared at Lindsey sternly, “what does that have to do with what you did when I called them into the room. I was going to scold them and make sure they weren’t going to tell anyone.” Lindsey chuckled lightly, “oh my god, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You expect two teenage boys to be quiet about them watching a girl masturbating.”

Jennifer thought for a bit, “I know but you didn’t need to do what you did, grabbing his dick and all.” Lindsey was almost speechless with how stupid Jennifer was talking now, “hey there was two hard dicks in front of me, I couldn’t help it, besides you seemed to enjoy playing with Jordan.”

Jennifer knew Lindsey had her there, she did have fun with her brother, but not enough to have sex with him. Jennifer looked at her alarm clock, the time was 11:30, “look what we did was wrong all the way around, but we can’t carry it on anymore. It’s getting late anyways, we should get to bed.” Lindsey nodded, “I guess you’re right, they’re young. I’m gonna take a shower then come to bed,” she lied, having other plans.

Jennifer nodded in relief as she put on a black thong and her boy shorts and climbed into bed. Lindsey grabbed a change of clothes and headed for the bathroom, hoping Jennifer would be asleep by the time she got back.

Jordan was watching tv, hoping he would get to have more fun before he fell asleep. Justin had fallen asleep on the couch already, snoring loudly again. Jordan thought about picking on him, since Justin was a hard sleeper, like Jennifer, but he decided to be nice.

Lindsey jumped in the shower, thinking about how she could make her plan work. She wanted to get a dick in her pussy, but she also wanted to watch Jennifer get fucked by one of the boys as well. She quickly soaped up and rinsed off, anxious to put her plan into action. She quickly dried off and put on a red thong and tight gym shorts, and a tight fitting tank top. She exited the bathroom and quietly walked into the bedroom.

“Jennifer, are you awake?” Lindsey asked in a loud whisper. Jennifer didn’t respond, not even moving. “Jennifer?” Lindsey asked a little louder. Again Jennifer didn’t stir or respond. ‘Yes,’ Lindsey thought to herself, her plan may work easier than she thought.

Lindsey walked out of the room, quietly closing the door behind her. She walked into the front room, and saw Jordan was still up, but noticed Justin was sleeping again. “Geez he couldn’t stay awake huh?” Lindsey asked without announcing her presence. Jordan nearly jumped out of the couch when he heard her speak. Lindsey giggled, “did i scare you a little?” Jordan looked back at her and nodded, “I didn’t hear you walk in.”

Lindsey smiled at Jordan as she walked in front of the couch, looking at him, “are you ready to try sex now?” Jordan nodded vigorously. Lindsey laughed at Jordan then looked at Justin, “what about him?” Jordan looked at Justin, “he’s dead to the world, there’s no waking him up now.”

Lindsey looked back at Jordan, “how do you know?” Jordan smiled at her, “because he’s a heavy sleeper, just like Jennifer. Once they’re asleep, it’s hard to wake them up.” Lindsey nodded once as she looked at Justin.

Jordan’s dick began to rise already in his shorts as he stared at her perky tits, and hard nipples poking at her tight top. Lindsey turned back to Jordan, “you’re sure we can’t wake him up?” Jordan shrugged shoulders, “I’m pretty sure it will be hard.” He said as his eyes moved to her crotch, her puffy pussy lips forming a plump cameltoe in her tight shorts.

Lindsey smiled as she noticed him staring and the bulge in his shorts, “you like what you see?” Jordan looked back up at her and nodded vigorously. Lindsey chuckled lightly, “I tell you what, I will teach you all about sex, but first I want see if we can wake up your brother.”

Jordan just stared at her, not really paying attention to what she said. Lindsey got down onto her knees in front of Justin and almost yelled, “hey Justin, wake up, time to learn about sex.” Justin didn’t move, still loudly snoring. Lindsey bit her lower lip, trying to figure out what to do next.

Jordan got off canlı bahis the couch and moved behind Lindsey, he didn’t want to wait any longer, and figured he could do what he had seen in his dad’s magazines. He stared at her firm ass, sticking up in the air, as he pushed his shorts down and moved to his knees behind her. His young dick sticking out proudly as he moved closer to her.

Lindsey decided to try rubbing Justin’s crotch, to see if that did the trick, not paying any attention to what Jordan was doing. As she started to roughly rub against Justin’s covered dick, he still didn’t flinch. She continued to rub it hard, feeling it begin to harden against her hand. Justin let out a soft groan of pleasure, but didn’t wake up.

Jordan grabbed Lindsey’s shorts at the waist and began to pull them down, leaving her thong in place. His dick throbbed harder as he looked at her pussy. Her plump lips were protruding around the thong strap, hugging it tightly. He licked his lips in excitement as he slowly slid a finger between her lips, and tried to push the strap into her hole. Lindsey let out a moan of pleasure, causing him to look up at her.

Lindsey was still rubbing Justin’s, now hard, dick, as she looked back at Jordan. “Oh yes Jordan, get my pussy all wet, lick it for me,” she moaned to him. She turned back to Justin as she moved her hands up to his waist, and started trying to pull his shorts down. With him being asleep it was a struggle, but she eventually was able to move them down. His erection springing up and slapping against against his abdomen. He still was passed out, moving his head the other way, but still asleep.

Jordan wasn’t going to do what she wanted, he only had one thing on his mind, and planned on doing it. He pulled her thong aside, exposing her puckered asshole and wet slit to him. He started to push his middle finger into her slit, sliding easily into her welcoming pussy.

Lindsey let out a louder moan as she felt Jordan slide his finger into her, as she grabbed Justin’s dick and started slowly stroking it. Justin groaned again, as his dick throbbed in her hand. Lindsey looked up at him, but he was still sleeping. She opened her mouth wide and slowly took the head of his dick into her mouth. His dick throbbed even harder, as her warm mouth engulfed half of it.

Jordan moved his finger in and out of her a few times, feeling her pussy sucking at it. His dick was leaking a fair amount of precum already, as it bounced each time he pushed his finger into her. He couldn’t take it anymore and quickly withdrew his finger and moved up on his knees. He held his dick steady, as he moved his hips forward. As the tip of his dick made contact with her slit, he could feel the warmth emitting from it, sending the heat through his body. He looked down at his dick as began to push into her. He watched as her pussy lips opened around the head of his dick, as if welcoming him in.

Lindsey moaned as she felt Jordan penetrating her, but she thought it was his fingers, not knowing it was his dick. She was moving her head up and down on Justin’s dick, as she enjoyed the feeling of Jordan playing with her pussy, and her mouth filled with Justin’s dick.

Jordan’s dick sank easily into her pussy, as his hips rested against her ass. He couldn’t explain how it felt, but all he knew was that it felt incredible. Her warm, wet pussy was squeezing at his invasion, as he already felt the familiar churning in his balls before he came. It took everything he had to prevent himself from cumming right there, taking deep breaths to relax.

Lindsey felt Jordan’s hips pushing against her ass, realizing then that he had buried his dick in her instead of his fingers. She pulled off of Justin’s dick and looked back at Jordan, “what do you think you’re doing?”

Jordan ignored her, concentrating on not blowing his load so quickly. He put his hands on her hips as he slowly began to withdraw his dick from her, looking down at his dick, glistening with her juices. He pulled back until half of dick was still in her, then in one swift stroke, slammed back into her hard.

Lindsey let out a loud groan of pleasure as she involuntarily pushed her hips into him. “Oh god yes, fuck my pussy,” she moaned as she ground her ass into his hips, slowly stroking Justin’s dick at the same time.

Jordan didn’t need any encouragement, as his natural instinct took over and he started moving in and out of her fast and hard, his hips slapping against her ass each time he slammed into her. Lindsey’s body was on fire as she an orgasm already building up inside of her, “yes Jordan you’re going to make me cum, fuck me harder, yes make me fucking cum.” She yelled out as she let go of Justin’s dick to concentrate on her orgasm.

Jordan was fucking her as hard as he could, his ball sack tightening up for their own release. Lindsey was the first to reach her peak, arching her back as pussy tightened around his dick, ” oh yes I’m cumming baby,” she yelled out. Pussy juice was forced out around Jordan’s dick, soaking his balls and thighs. Jordan was fucking her as hard as he could as her pussy squeezed his dick hard. He buried himself inside of her one last time as his dick grew bigger inside of her and cum came rushing up his dick shooting deep into her.

Lindsey felt his cum filling her up as her orgasm subsided, “yes that’s it fill me up with your hot seed, mmm.” Jordan continued slowly moving in and out of her as his dick throbbed each time he shot cum into her. As he finished bahis siteleri cumming he collapsed across her back, breathing heavily and his dick still twitching in her, with a wide smile. Lindsey was breathing heavily as well, holding her head down, trying to recover. She could feel Jordan’s cum seeping out around his softening member and running down her inner thigh.

Jordan finally regained his strength and pushed himself off of Lindsey’s back. He slowly withdrew his limp dick, some of his cum still clinging to his head and her, now swollen, pussy. Lindsey looked at him and smiled, “so how was it?” Jordan could only smile as he stared at the small trickle of his cum running down her inner thigh. “I can’t believe you still had that much cum in you, you really filled me up,” she said, smiling. Jordan shrugged his shoulders, not fully understanding what she meant.

Lindsey lightly laughed at his innocence then turned back to Justin, who was still sleeping, but his dick was still erect. ‘How can he still be sleeping?’ She thought to herself as she slowly stood up. Jordan watched her as she turned around and backed up, spreading her legs apart and moving her ass towards Justin. Lindsey looked at Jordan, “think this will wake him up?” She grabbed Justin’s dick as she started lowering herself down towards it.

Jordan watched intently as the tip of Justin’s dick made contact with Lindsey’s leaking slit. He didn’t know if Justin would wake up or not, but his own dick began to stir again as he watched his brother’s dick slowly begin to disappear into the pussy he had just fucked.

Lindsey slowly lowered herself down onto the thicker dick, her creamy pussy easily accepting it. Justin groaned again as she rested her ass against him, his dick throbbing inside of her. Lindsey let out a long moan as she put her hands back on the couch, on either side of his hips, steadying herself.

Jordan stared at their union, watching his cum being forced out by Justin’s thicker dick, and running down his ball sack. He stared at Lindsey’s stretched pussy lips, wrapped tightly around the invader. “Here we go,” Lindsey moaned as she started to lift her ass up. Jordan watched in amazement as her pussy seemed to cling tightly around Justin’s dick, as if not wanting it to leave.

Lindsey lifted up until just the head of Justin’s dick was in her. Jordan could see his cum covering his brother’s shaft, and running down between his legs. Lindsey then sank back down more quickly, moaning in pleasure as his dick filled her pussy up.

Lindsey then put her hands on Justin’s knees, for balance, then started moving up and down on the sleeping boy’s dick slowly. Jordan’s dick was fully hard once again as he watched Lindsey move faster with each stroke. His erection almost hurt as it throbbed with excitement. He stared at Lindsey’s stretched hole, almost being turned inside out as she lifted herself up.

Lindsey moved as fast as she could, her pussy making farting sounds as air was forced out on each down stroke, and her orgasm building up inside of her. “Play with my clit Jordan, make me cum again. Pleaseeee!” She pleaded as moved harder and faster. Jordan moved closer to them, staring at her stretched pussy and saw her engorged clit, begging for attention.

Before Jordan could put his thumb on it, Justin’s hands grabbed Lindsey’s hips and he started moving his hips into her with her downward strokes. Justin was grunting as he slammed into her hard. Jordan sat back on his heels as he watched his brother fuck her. All of a sudden Lindsey slammed down on his dick and froze, her body was trembling as a low scream started coming from her. “Hollyy shiittt yessss.” She exclaimed as her orgasm exploded through her body.

Justin couldn’t move as she came, her pussy squeezing his throbbing dick as he felt himself getting close too. Lindsey’s body shook as her orgasm coursed through her body, sending jolts throughout her. Pussy juice came flying out of her, soaking the floor below them. Justin tried to keep himself from cumming in her, he wanted this to go on forever. As Lindsey started to come to earth she looked back at Justin, “I see you finally woke up.” She said out of breath. Justin nodded as he continued fighting the urge cum right there.

Lindsey started moving again slowly as looked back at Justin again, “do you wanna cum inside me too? Do you wanna fill me up with your hot seed like your brother did?” Justin groaned at her dirty talk as he pushed her off of him. She stood up and looked at him, dejected.

Justin quickly got off of the couch and pushed her onto the couch. She fell onto the couch in shock of his force as, he quickly got on his knees between her open legs. She didn’t think he could be that forceful, since he seemed so innocent earlier, but it was turning her on. Justin grabbed his dick and guided it into her gaping pussy, in one swift push he buried his dick deep into her. He let out a loud groan as he laid across her. “Come on and fuck me, show my pussy how much you like being buried in it,” she whispered into his ear.

Jordan sat behind them, slowly stroking his dick as he stared at Lindsey’s stretched pussy lips. Justin lifted his ass up in the air withdrawing his dick, then forcefully driving back into her hard. He moved as fast as he could, pounding into her as fast as a rabbit fucking.

Lindsey was crying out in pleasure, “yes fuck me harder, show my pussy who owns it.” Jordan couldn’t figure out what she meant, but he was bahis şirketleri really getting into watching his brother pound her pussy, seeing Justin’s balls beginning to tighten up. Justin felt his impending release growing nearer, “oh fuck I’m gonna shoot.” He groaned as his strokes started slowing down.

Lindsey grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling him into her, “that’s it, fill me up, I want to feel you shoot deep inside of me.” Justin slammed into her and let out a loud, involuntary, growl as his dick surged and fired deep into her. Lindsey squealed as she felt his dick grow bigger and throb, and felt the rush of his hot cum shooting into her. Justin’s hips involuntarily shook as he shot more cum into her welcoming pussy. He made short, jerking, movements a few more times, emptying his load into her. He laid across her, breathing heavily as Jordan watched Justin’s dick continue to throb lightly.

Lindsey used her pussy muscles to try and push Justin’ deflating dick out of her, and felt his cum running down her ass crack. Jordan watched Justin’s cum running out and down her ass, and soaking the edge of the couch cushion. She was finally successful in forcing him out as more cum ran out, and ran down the front of the couch.

Jordan got up and moved up next to his brother, “Justin move, I want another go at her.” Justin looked at him, smiling as he slowly pushed himself up and moved aside. Jordan moved in-between her legs and started guiding his dick towards her gaping pussy. Lindsey looked at him in fear and quickly put her hands on his stomach before he could penetrate her, “please no, my pussy has had enough for a while.” Jordan looked at her with a wanting look. She smiled, “my pussy is sore, if you want more, why don’t go wake up your sister?”

Jordan sat back on his heels again, thinking about it, and a wide grin crossed his face, “you’re right.” He stood up and headed for his sister’s room, Lindsey and Justin still trying to recover on the couch.

As Jordan quietly entered the room, he left the door open, allowing the hallway light to illuminate the room. He saw Jennifer laying on her right side, facing the middle of the bed, almost in a fetal position. He moved next to the bed, looking down at her as he grabbed the blanket and started pulling it back.

As the blanket was pulled off of her, Jordan looked his sleeping sister. Her perky tits were pressed tightly against her tank top, as he pulled it down further, he gazed at her firm ass straining against her tight boy shorts. Her knees were bent straight out from her hips. Jordan’s dick throbbed as he lightly ran his hand over her ass. He knew it was going to be a challenge to get her shorts down enough to give him access to her forbidden treasure, but he only had one thing on his mind, and that was getting off again.

Jordan slid his finger under her waistband and thong strap and struggled to pull them down. He was able to get them off of her left hip, and then used both hands to pull them out from under her right hip. He was able to get them halfway down her thighs, figuring that should work for him. He climbed onto the bed, behind Jennifer’s curvy ass, his erection bouncing in front of him as he moved closer.

Lindsey walked up to the doorway just as Jordan was about ready to penetrate Jennifer. Jordan held his dick steady as he started pushing it against her slit. He fought to find her entrance, moving his dick around until he felt her wet folds begin to accept him. He slowly pushed into her as her pussy squeezed at the intrusion, and her moaning in her sleep. Jordan pushed in until he rested against her hip, then he put his hands on either side of her body as he got ready to fuck her. He pulled back until his dick slipped just out of her, then swiftly pushing back into her, his stomach slapping against her ass. He moved in a steady rhythm, pulling fully out of her, then sinking fully into her pussy.

Lindsey walked into the room, standing at the foot of the bed, watching the young boy fucking his sister like it was just another girl. She watched him pull his dick completely out of Jennifer’s pussy, then sink back in fully. As he pulled out the fifth time, he got ready to push back in, his dick slipped to the right of him and sank into her puckered asshole.

When Jordan entered Jennifer’s asshole, he had no idea, but noticed a different feeling around his dick. It wasn’t quite as wet, but still felt good to him. Lindsey thought about saying something, but remained quiet as she watched Jordan start fucking his sister’s ass. Jordan didn’t pull out anymore as he felt himself getting close to cumming already, and figured he should finish before Jennifer woke up.

Jordan started grunting each time he slammed into Jennifer’s ass, trying to make himself cum faster. As his climax neared he threw his head up, sinking fully into his sister’s asshole and his dick throbbed sending what little cum he had into his sister’s bowells. He jerked his hips into her as his dick hurt with each throb. As his climax faded he fell back on the bed, his spent dick popping out of Jennifer’s ass with a light audible pop and quickly closing back up.

Lindsey could not believe what she had just witnessed, but had to admit it turned her on. Jordan was laying on the bed as she looked down at him, “you know you just fucked your sister’s ass.” Jordan looked at her with confusion, “what do you mean?” Lindsey giggled, “you didn’t cum in her pussy, you came in her butthole.”

Jordan quickly got off of the bed, “what?” Lindsey smiled, “go to bed and I’ll explain later.” Jordan nodded as he exited the room.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20