A Weekend Away

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She wanted to make sure she had his attention.

That wasn’t to say that he didn’t pay attention to her, but sometimes the best way to make sure that you are the focal point is to get rid of any other distractions. She laid out her white corset trimmed with black lace, black thigh high stockings, black lace boy shorts, and a red felt blind fold. She would make sure her chestnut hair was curly and full. The better for him to grab on to. The wrist and ankle straps were already connected to the bed, just like they always were.

They had planned a weekend away from the world. They weren’t going anywhere—except to bed together for days. They had both been working too hard.

She took a long shower, soaping her body thinking about him running his strong hands along the inside of her thighs, thinking about the way his stubble felt on her stomach as he kissed and nibbled his way down to her clit and cunt. He was so good with his lips, teeth and tongue. She leaned against the wall in the shower and let the hot water run down her body, splashing on to her breasts. She ran her hands over her breasts, massaging them. She played with her nipples, twisting one and then the other until she made herself moan. Her right hand trailed down her stomach and down to her cunt. She dipped casino siteleri two fingers inside herself. She was wet again, just thinking about what he might do to her this weekend.

She decided to have a little fun in the shower, to go with her little fantasy. She grabbed the shower head from the wall and changed the setting to massage. She propped one foot on the tub’s edge and placed the shower head against her aching cunt. Slowly she began to rub it back and forth. She continued to play with her nipples while she let the vibrations and fantasy carry her away…

She imagined him in her bedroom, naked, his cock large and hard with wanting her. He would scoop her up, catching her around the waist and tossing her on to the bed. He was so strong; she knew it wasn’t hard for him to do, but she loved it when he took control of her body. He would strip her naked, his eyes looking over every inch of her and before he even touched her she would be panting, wanting him. He’d tug her ass to the edge of the bed and kneel on the floor.

His hands would pry her legs apart and when he leaned in to take the first long slow lick of her pussy, he’d look her right in the eye. He’d make noises deep in his throat, like he was hungry for her wetness, his tongue canlı casino plunging in and out of her cunt. He’d pay attention to how hard he held her legs down, knowing that she got off on being held down but not bruised. He always did it just right.

After making sure she was wet and wanting him, he’d take his middle and ring fingers and force them into her hot wet cunt bit by bit. He loved stretching her and stroking her while his tongue and lips sucked and licked and nibbled on her clit. His strong fingers stroking in and out while he put just the right pressure on her clit to make her squirm and moan. Right when she was on the brink of cumming hard, he’d pull his mouth away, keeping his fingers slowly fucking her while he climbed next to her on the bed. He’d brush his thumb softly against her clit to keep her right on the edge of cumming.

He would nuzzle at her neck biting and sucking gently. “Are you gonna cum for me?” he’d ask.

“Uh-huh” she’d whimper.

He’d bend over her and take one of her diamond-hard nipples into his mouth, licking and sucking then slowly trail hot, wet kisses across to the other nipple. All the while her hands were tugging on his hair, she was moaning and crying out in soft screams, begging him to let her cum. He kept kaçak casino up a hard pace with his fingers still in her, brushing ever so softly against her clit, just like she loved. His middle and ring finger plunged in and out of her dripping wet cunt.

Sometimes he would go slow, pushing his fingers in and out a little bit at a time, to make sure she could really feel him. He loved to hold her orgasm back from her. At one point he would take his fingers out of her wetness and make her suck them clean. While she was sucking those fingers, he’d use his other hand to keep her orgasm building. She loved to suck on anything he gave her. All the while he suckled on her perfect c-cups.

When she was finished licking her wetness off his fingers, he grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled her backwards, forcing her to arch her back. He leaned in, nibbled her neck and whispered in her ear, “Cum for me.”

She would explode around his fingers, her cunt squeezing tight and her legs shaking as she collapsed from pleasure. “Good girl,” he’d say with a smile, petting her hair, kissing her temple.

Back in reality, she could barely hold herself up. Her orgasm was so strong, it was running down her thighs. She put her own fingers to her cunt, then to her lips and licked herself clean. “God I can’t wait ’til he gets here,” she sighed. And all that was just from thinking about him.

She turned off the water, stepped out and started to towel herself off.

It was going to be a perfect weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20